For every question that they field from host Sean Evans, guests must join him in eating a progressively spicy chicken wing.
The Burger Show explores everything about modern burger culture through the eyes of Eggslut chef, Alvin Cailan.
Joji and Rich Brian are celebrating the summer by partying in L.A. and are determined to feed their friends by any means necessary.
Discover untold stories from the culinary world’s most exciting personalities in First We Feast’s James Beard Award-winning Food Skills.
Food Grails, explores America’s underground food icons through the eyes of reporter Miss Info.
We dive headfirst into the delicious world of Japanese comfort cooking. Hosted by NOsel star and anime pro Reina Scully

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  1. Dawn Duckson

    There are a few actors that Black ppl immediately love abs invite to the cookout. Shia is one of them.

  2. Midnight Toker

    I can't take this girl seriously knowing just how red raw her arse must be and how stingy her shits must be.

  3. Gregory Bell

    Thoroughly enjoyed this. Nice to see her without a script to get a glimpse of her personality. So damn HOT!!!

  4. Robb Garrett

    I live on a lake I love to

  5. Let's Talk

    Hey, I'm a hogwarts fan and I'm a hufflepuff and they are loyal and kind

  6. William Grabowski

    Rest ye well, Sean.

  7. Pooya Pkz

    I need to learn how to burp dubstep Jesus like him

  8. Hayley Carter

    Pleaaz do one with Zayn

  9. Ed1 Black

    We truly missed out on what he had to say about Kanye's quote! I wanna hear it!

  10. Hal Hucks

    That's not how to cook scrambled eggs!

  11. Todobroki 09

    Why is it lowkey asmr

  12. Scott Richardson

    Is coronavirus fake news or are republicans trying to fool us?

  13. Jethro Karl Amancio

    I am genuinely concerned about Sean's well being. We need to protect this man at all cost.

  14. Reuben Morales

    I've been to this's all hype....there a definitely better burgers out n out is one for example....the chili is good tho I'll give em that....

  15. Brian Walter

    God what a pussy

  16. Annabella Pezzlo

    1:48 😂

  17. Mike Donovan

    such a good episode

  18. Enosh Shrestha

    But isn't Billie Vegan???🤔🤔

  19. sdfghjj

    Of course he is a pussy, he doesn’t eat pussy.

  20. Christian Robeson

    Best episode in a long time. Love Big Sean and his energy


    19:27 "CORONAVIRUS!!!"

  22. Inaki Lasa

    Ashly Burch for Hot ones?

  23. Isaac Competente

    Imagine if nardwuar is on this show? Hahahaha he and sean would dig some deep ass secret of each other hahaha nardwuar be like you’re sean evans we have to know hahaha

  24. Wiley E. Coyote

    What a cool guy! 5/7 would love to chill with beer and hotdogs together with Shia!

  25. Anthony Yalon

    That last monologue from trevor at the end gets a guy thinking tho.. inspiring shit. #2 reference pun-intended.

  26. Leahan Gallon

    i waiting on megan thee stallion

  27. Mo Mohamed

    “Imma hit em with the things. THAT MEANS MY GUNS!” Rotfl 😂

  28. Sandra Cheeks

    Is this where it all ends? 😂🤣

  29. joey alfaro

    There some taco truck that just don't get it and they die out. Tripas that are not crunchy, salsa that's not on point, rice is stale with no flavor, prices are to high, portions have to be exact. It has to hit stop every single time. Learn to grill, marinate cheap meat. Put your twist on it. Best beans I ever had they put whole chicken in pot gross but good till seen chicken meat.

  30. Krittat 10

    Girl: Do you want to see my assignment? Kid named ignmeant: 11:21

  31. Miamifins Fan4life

    Why does Bill Burr look like a ginger Billy Corgan

  32. Sap Sap

    Any big boys eating spicy lamb sauce with moms spaghetti and sweet donuts as desert while watching Gordon Ramsay cry ?

  33. cidney noiz

    Best UK Rappers and he dont mention Roots Manuva.............Come on iddy!!!!!

  34. harjot singh

    5:30 *Me and the homies starin at our friend who turned out to be gay*

  35. James Daniel

    It also takes toxins out your body.

  36. Cecilia Fernández


  37. Name Last name

    i wonder how alvin is doing right now, i hope he’s healthy

  38. joey alfaro

    I never seen my favorite border town food anywhere. We make it to this day basically it's taco meat in torta diced tomatoes, onion, cabbage or lettuce. Torta has to be toasted on grill. The named bread is bolyos. We're wierd in that we only eat corn tortillas as last resort.

  39. Bill Fairfield

    "Did that come out of Portand?" lol

  40. music by Ali J

    What a simp


    I think these wings be spiked lol.

  42. glibbergloop

    Umm what's with this mismatched background music at the beginning XD

  43. Goran Šečić

    F. Y. PUT TUMBS DOWN ON THIS ,you dont have to look THE SHOW OR this. YOU KNOW?! NOBODY GOONA MISS YA. It's not best SHOW but it's fun. Love to c assholles sweet swet


    Get ice cube on here

  45. Cody B

    Didn't the same thing happen to deadpool?🤔

  46. sorekid

    Really wanna see Will Ferrell or John C Reilly on this show

  47. bla blabla Tick Tock

  48. bla blabla Tick Tock

  49. Prasun

    this guy just fed chicken, bhindi and rice.. and Sean mind's blown.. I'm dying laughing

  50. Josh J

    Getting some straight-up weirdos on that game show.

  51. T4K3SH1

    the example for trapmusic was lil john right? im not sure about that :D

  52. Darcy Cornish 2.0

    You could figure it out and it would be sick.

  53. Taylor Gonzales

    Ne one here for second time?? Its my second time, mainly for the sweat lmao

  54. Ku812 Fubar

    Wow;wtf!!be well!!!

  55. Master CC

    Rolling dough makes the crust too hard. Shame the crust doesn't get a chance to spring back. Decent pizza but its cooked at 500 instead of 1000 so you have crunchy or soft. Not both. Not a bad regional pie.

  56. MrCubensis420

    Bro I love this show so much but there should be a new rule finish the whole wing or don't do it at all so much waste

  57. 李超怡

    I can't help being attracted when jackson wang talks

  58. supplyfupply

    the dislikes are just brainless.

  59. 李超怡

    The dumplings !!!Dumplings are mouth watering

  60. Hayden Ettesvold

    I've never seen someone so angry while eating a donut

  61. Cy Cyril

    Seems like you can do this show remotely. Ship the sauces, have the guest buy their own wings and do the interview via skype. I would guess you will have a higher abandonment rate than in studio but it could work.

  62. Tristan Savage

    When your parents make you play with the neighbors kid, Me, I can’t I can I can’t I can no I can’t,

  63. Albert Merchant

    Excellent Video thank you guys

  64. Angel Trejo

    He didn’t look at any of the cameras at the end

  65. 90sbud Rares


  66. Sid Ander

    I remember eating a spoonful of Da Bomb for $2 made me cry

  67. Jose Zavala Castro


  68. vivek sharma

    Fuckin Donut 😂😂😂

  69. AintWorried BoutNothing

    I think I have mail , hotmail 😂😂😂😂

  70. 90sbud Rares


  71. Sleeze

    Crazy how the Dominicans ricans AfghAns Yemenis all kind look similar Like that mixed look they all have it for some reason I wonder why that is

  72. 90sbud Rares


  73. John Hampton

    What a champ!

  74. Kyle Ressler

    Thumbnail looked like he has Matt Lauer as a guest real quick haha

  75. tegsar88

    Kristen always seemed uncomfortable in interviews back then. She is so comfortable and relaxed here. So happy to see her this way 😁

  76. tyler hawkins

    this was an awesome episode

  77. Aqismeusreveluv FxmeusRvreveluv

    To this point, I really need Jackson Wang to be my boyfriend 😭


    What are those glasses? Q has on

  79. Sebastian Ullrich

    "shit... fuck..." repeat.

  80. mahavirsinh parmar

    callllllllllll pewdiepie

  81. joetabasco

    Dude that’s scary weird. What was the cause? Really hope you get better. Need you and hot ones!

  82. MaddLagger

    Nearly 2 years later due to the quarantine. Alton and his wife were doing a live stream from home on his phone . For her birthday they had a bottle of champagne and went to saber it. Well, it was good effort Alton. :)

  83. Michael Weisensee

    Paul Rudd is the f'in champ!

  84. El Sanchez

    Loved it! Under pressure heat and all, you are awesome! <3

  85. wepz

    God damn juice had small ears lol

  86. Cherise Wallace

    Dude! Nore has the best one!

  87. Andi Williams

    Man ur bring the top notch guest, how u gonna keep it up? This is gonna b such an awesome series i hope u get many seasons amigo

  88. Dosing Psychedelics

    He is just sweating from the cocaine 🤣

  89. Katariina Lehtosaari

    It’s Peter at the End 😜 who she end up with together :3

  90. TheBlueWind GD

    You guys should play Uno together!

  91. Soren Brockdorf

    Going back and watching the older ones, this might be the best one ever.

  92. Just a simple box of milk

    14 yr olds have entered the chat

  93. Jacob Martinez

    Somebody just trying to eat a bat soup in china: 19:28

  94. Κώστας Ανατολίτης

    10:17 I saw a filthyfrank vibe coming out of him

    1. Nothing Nothing

      But its 2 years ago

  95. Kaillen Dee

    Does anyone else think she looks like Demi Moore from Ghost?

  96. taeqz

    have they got chief keef on here yet

  97. Snowy

    22:40 best compliment

  98. Scott Blackwell

    I’ve had a crush on her forever. So cute!

  99. Snowy

    Hands down, best story teller ever.

  100. marcovanhattum

    Fair enough. Stay safe!