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  1. Bryan Merchant

    Who would be dumb enough to put a trampoline near a short fence!!!!!🙄

  2. John Bravo

    First guy was awesome!😂🤣

  3. Nezuko Vang

    Imagine the end was a girl taking her shirt off ..

  4. Andrea Dt


  5. francheska


  6. whutzat

    The opening clip was so great I had to watch it three times!!

  7. CooLin1stPlace

    I saw atleast 3 W's.

  8. Mediocre Hero

    Peanut butter jelly time people need to do less missions for the LDS church and live a little. Fucking weak.

  9. Celso Benitez

    Me suscribo al canal gracias al Majes

  10. • AnimatedToby •

    1:50 His head is so shiny that even mr clean couldn't clean that well

  11. The Neurolect

    Little man @1:34 😂😂

  12. Andrew Terrell

    Am I the only one who thinks the bathroom girls laughing sounds like a whistling teapot?

  13. isrofi yusuf

    Taken now technical I'm never maturity fully Spock Hailey

  14. Kostakis Penev

    I need that bear costume

  15. Peter

    Woman - If you catch the card I’ll give you $20 Boy - 10 That kid is going places

  16. Da Bluntamentalz

    :32 is how I enter a party

  17. David Perrone

    2:40 “You deserve to be bit” Throw her over board and find a new one

  18. Smitty Werben Man Jensen

    the quality of the content it´s decreasing

  19. benji borland

    For the parkour you did some freerunning clips

  20. Vanessa Annabelle Lockhart

    Can someone please explain to me why the timestamps in the comments section don't make sense. People are making references to funny parts of the video but their timestamps don't lead to what they're referencing

  21. Tyler Andersen

    The remote control helicopter that hit and broke from that pole, I was laughing so hard!!! 2:47 - 2:55

  22. Noel Villarreal

    Ohhhh my god...ohhhhh my. Weird how a razor works. Ohhhhh 🙄🙄🙄

  23. Vineeth Samala

    4:50 happened with me😅

  24. MIK3 SATEK

    3:20 that face says everything

  25. David Mowatt

    What is the song called near the end

  26. Nick Koolen

    3:10 WABLIEFT 😂

  27. Jason Halverson

    yay, you finally fixed your sound!

  28. Anna Hozana Biscuit


  29. MadPaperPeople

    5.35 how stupid do you look...those boots ....ha ha do you think it looks sexy? naaah about as sexy a dead fish

  30. Jillian Myerly

    That first one is great, and it gets even better when you realize it just might have taken place in a college dorm... and there were most definitely people who saw it happen that weren't in the shot...

  31. Lyle Waller

    Dang! Did that first guy know his mom was behind him?

  32. professionalgamerobviously

    The second one had me laughing

  33. Глеб Жеглов

    Смешно епта

  34. TheChattounet

    3:26 ... huh? is that b**** dumb ?

  35. cygnustsp

    My favorite is the bag of cement, i totally have to remember to do that

  36. Valdis

    Sport ist Mord!

  37. Erin Williams

    How did that dude at the very beginning out run the other one?

  38. Maskim Galgo

    3:38 ah question : was that a dude in the toilet, or is it she in a dude toilet

  39. Mozzy Quodo

    2:42 The guy looks like Lee Mack

  40. Reinaldo Sabb

    Bro, mad disappointed at man fucking that song up at 4:50

  41. The world of stuff

    That rabbit is an absolute savage 3:56

  42. Sxicxdal

    5:30 god damn she got cakes 🤭

  43. Davis Schina

    5:19 Why would he ask for less lmao

  44. thermobaric

    2:42 is that American Lee Mack?

  45. zhoutong yang

    Nobody: Toddlers: AAAAAAAAAAAAA! The toddler in the second clip: a a a a aaaaaaAaaAaaAaaAaAAaAAaAAaAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

  46. DSC MAX

    How to use a katana in 2020 5:54

  47. Bud Friesel

    The start of this was PERFECT!

  48. Jens Møller Nielsen

    5:19 The negotiator

  49. Nathaniel Roess

    Dave don't tape it No I have to tap it

  50. Leonardo Bianco

    Dio canaglia la prima clip mi ha fatto sbregare

  51. Iron Maiden

    In Australia.. We are the future. It's April 1st...

  52. Tronald Dump

    Don't you just love how all the guys in the toilet stalls shared the same amount of joy about such an elegant joke.

  53. Ginger Stover

    Those kids reactions are so funny

  54. Standoff 2

    Well, it's 12AM in Eastern Europe! )) Happy April Fools Day!

  55. Samya Rajkumari

    4:22 that's surely me after the quarantine period.

  56. OG Freezzy

    1:26 thats the pussy we all want to see

  57. POV Adventures

    He keeps $10 after tax

  58. Texas STAR

    Thank you it's so boring at home sometimes 😂

  59. meixo

    annoying censorship, what is this?? the 3rd reich?

  60. You'd Look Better In Red

    I just realized we’re gonna start seeing a lot of fails coming from inside of people’s homes. Ooooo boy

  61. The Ultra Dragon

    like: failarmy 2 comment: co vines

  62. kaholic YT

    Peanut butter jelly time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....

  63. Ericha

    Lmao first one was hilarious