Hi my name is Chris, welcome to my channel :) it's a place where I can share my passion for my favorite instrument "THE VOICE". Via my Music and reaction videos about other amazing artists (only the best:)

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  1. Frandi hsb

    Lyodra Is amazing...

  2. Damestipintu Batu


  3. Roberto Daniel Vargas Pizurno

    From Paraguay Lo mejor de lo mejor Dimash!!!

  4. Sizwan Abu Bakar

    I totally agree with u her style is more to Lara Fabian performing Caruso. Facial expression blew me away. EARGASMIC!!!

  5. Robert Knight

    I've watched this moment numerous times when you listen to Dimash as he moves into his higher registers at the end and still thrill to your reaction, utterly astonished by his pitch and trills. Thank you, Chris.

  6. Сергей Курылёв

    Если ее часто слушать, все мурашки разбегутся.

  7. Sunshine

    она только орёт, пением это не назовёшь

  8. My name

    Polina is the best, i love her💕🧡💗

  9. Vicacell Morbelli

    Vocal coach чуть не упал со стула,такого супер исполнения он не ожидал. Интересно, что он француз,но по английски говорит отлично ,без акцента.

  10. Belyash !

    Я подумала, что это Дарин сначала

  11. Sotred Yurkin

    Цой Жив!

  12. Mariano Tendean

    Lyodra the best

  13. Андрей Мартынов

    Боже какой шлак...то Лирику обосрали, теперь ещё Кукушку, ебаная попсня.

  14. adelyn marq

    Btw Ernie zakri is also a vocal coach in malaysia 😅😊

  15. adelyn marq

    Thanks for reacting my idol😍

  16. G-URAL

    Ничего выдающегося.

  17. Rahmat Hidayat

    Lyodra juara 1st go go go

  18. Suryadana Ginting

    Lyodra Oke

  19. Den Titor

    Поёт хуёво

  20. riski putra.a

    Please reaction AGNEZMO Diamonds And Nanana at Billboard indonesia RCTI

  21. Kaki Tiub

    Thankss for the reaction!

  22. Harry Halvstiv

    To much POP-filter and compression in the mix. The mixers did a really bad job here.....

  23. Selena Gomez

    siapa yang berusaha allah akan tunjuk effort dia

  24. Yesera Laowo

    Lyodraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa The next indonesia Idol nd a new Diva... Oh God, Lyli you is the best.

  25. Michael Melainous

    Lyodra deserves to be Winner of Indonesian Idol 2020.

  26. Nytaa 28


  27. Tugu Catur

    Lyodra Indonesia keren

  28. johnson paul

    Her choice of lines from both this song and Bohemian Rhapsody was her announcement to Simon and the rest of the music leeches in the world that she is doing this her way. The First example by Angelina Jordan INC nosel.info/video/video/r4pmjpfKnX2kzJY.html

  29. Melly Mo s

    Lyly 🔥❤

  30. Sofia Rahmadani

    Thankyou to comment our Indonesia Idol, she is one of the best contestant from indonesian idol and the winner singger at Italia

  31. Valena Theresia

    Lyoodraa, thank you so much to making reaction for lyodra

  32. Muhamad Nuryaman

    Wohooo 😎🤘lyodra still the Best

  33. Dakini 108

    Sry dude are you gone nuts?😂 don’t judge before you know more facts...she can’t do high notes? her range is ???WTF? 😂Go check out f.e. Her cover Whitney s „I have nothing „. and then come back and apologize😂LOL

  34. Avidus

    Actually it speaks like "q q shku"

  35. Drongorius

    This is a rock song from legend Victor Tsoi . Poling actually ruined it .

  36. Seftiansyah F


  37. Just Fet It

    Russian subtitles would really help for those who don`t understand Russian. The song is called 'Kukushka" which is cuckoo (coucou in French). In Russia there`s a folk saying: "Cuckoo, cuckoo, how long will I live?" and the bird will supposedly answer by shouting right amount of times. So this song has an existential meaning and originally it was written as a rock song.

  38. Hendriyanto Bongon

    Awesome👍🏻 Love it....

  39. manalu1640


  40. Mike G

    Was actually surprised about Polina. In Russia we usually associate here with pop trash music.

  41. Jamal Ludin

    Please reaction into the unknown Frozen, amazing high note

  42. Yosafat Putra

    nosel.info/video/video/pYqIe6ezj4uq2Jo.html this the drummer

  43. Bakha Juraev

    Victor Coy's better

  44. laskrisiel humble

    lyodra is 16 yo.

  45. Magyar

    This song in english. nosel.info/video/video/mYODjYu8b5ifqdE.html

  46. moonlight vibe

    Can you make a song for lyodra? Haha I just ask you lol

  47. Marck lorence M Gamban

    nosel.info/video/video/sWlqr3rPjJdjmq8.html Hello sir. Pls watch and react Marcelito pomoy Never Enough

  48. Рустам Алиуллов


  49. Angga Saputra

    Please react to AGNEZMO

  50. zaki nasir

    Ku bersuara = i speak out Story of the victim of violence

  51. Hana Atoa

    Yea he should stand up

  52. Helmi Mohamad

    Hye.. Please react to 'selamatkan aku' from aweera, aepul roza and fiq halim. They are Malaysian rockers that are so talented

  53. Andy Ginting

    lyodra supporters, thank you very much we continue to support lyodra ...

  54. Jennylyn Solarte

    Try to check Marcelino pomoy power of love

  55. Michael cyprianus wa

    Lyodra professional singer... I agree about this statement bro

  56. J Christian

    Agree with ur comment about the band, minute 6:35 those are good to support the singers🙌🏻 Anw. Lyodra is a good singer she deserved to be a winner rhis session👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  57. Yuan Nita

    indonesia insyaallah have amazing singer

  58. abib nakes

    Lets we vote her together.. In order she will be winner on this season Indonesian idol..

  59. Danny Tiong

    Ni kali ke brpe ratus siak aku tgk reaction dari luar negara....ernie...walaupun you tak menang....you kena ingat...ramai lagi org hargai bakat awak

  60. DeNpAsAr MoOn

    I like yr comment, mon ami

  61. Faisan Sarumaha

    Yang bisa dipetik dari reaction lyodra dari video tersebut bahwa lyodra adalah seorang "Threatical Singer"

  62. Gabriel Winsat

    16Yo girl like professional singer 😭

  63. helmi ibrahim

    React too this nosel.info/video/video/0amqZmaWpWZgm6s.html

  64. winda thresia

    lyodra sampai orang luar suka dengar suara kamu

  65. shalsa amalia

    Please react to another video of lyodra's, especially 'into the unknown'

  66. Faizul Siamat

    Kalau aku jd Hafiz Suip, aku dh bg diam2 piala vocal terbaek tu kat ernie.

  67. Kevin Thompson

    "... when she was six years old, Angelina met a homeless, shoeless girl. After they talked for a long time, she gave the girl her shoes and vowed never to appear on stage again wearing shoes until all the world’s children had them. Since that time, Angelina has always performed barefoot in public." (from her website)

  68. Missylovelys forever

    For rock I will suggest Xpose or Azlan Typewriter. Their highnotes are amazing. 💜💜

  69. Bea Guardo

    You are correct americas Got Talent is only in america...lol

  70. Gia Airlangga Malik

    React to the other contestants Novia - Desert Rose Mahalini - Jar Of Heart Agseisa - idontwannabeyouanymore Mirabeth - Somewhere Only We Know Tiara - Lily Lyodra - It's All Coming Back To Me

  71. Kevin Thompson

    I'm not a person that will normally listen to hard rock. It's just not my thing. But I've always said, if you love ballads, no one ever does ballads better than hard rock bands. Seriously this is amazing and one of the best I personally have ever heard! It's fantastic! So where can I purchase and download this song? :) Thank you so much for this wonderful piece of musical art!


    Love your reaction so much, next please reaction another singer from Malaysia she sing Beyonce song Listen by shila amzah

  73. Pasha 822

    Лохушка скорее всего) а тут прям все обоссались от умения человека одну ноту орать

  74. Александр Крамер

    Цой - жив!

  75. Risma Endang

    Lyodra is the best bro,,she is 16 years old

  76. John Rambo

    Очень круто!

  77. Rahmawati Anum


  78. Fransisko Suryanto


  79. Nina Klymenko

    Орет как ненормальная. Такая манера исполнения мне не нравится. У нее хороший голос, почему его не использовать красиво, по-другому. Шепот, крик - игра на контрасте, но она на меня не производит никакого впечатления, кроме раздражения.

  80. Erlita Agustia

    First single LYODRA "Gemintang Hatiku" nosel.info/video/video/sp2rZ3rVq5Nlmpo.html Lets go to watching, dont forget comment, like and subscribe Thankyou, dont forget share

  81. Hilda Berliana Kansil

    Lyodra is the best, yes you were true @ANJOCAINE MUSIC, she was still young. She was 16th years old

  82. Chandra Purba

    Lyodra, her voice likes a water in sahara...

  83. Aldy Alfons

    Perfect, good performance and fantastis!!

  84. Russian Girl

    He plays multiple instruments. Like very very well.

  85. Russian Girl

    Yeah his English was better because the other song was like a year or so after this one. He has gotten much much better now.

  86. Miney Yoo

    Thank you for the reaction.. btw is always live bro.. You can check it the Behind the scene on ECHA SOEMANTRI VLOG ( The Drumer of Indonesian Idol Home band ) and Please react to LYODRA X JUDIKA - THE PRAYER.. and LYODRA - INTO THE UNKNOWN.. Bless you

  87. Asu Jancok

    Reaction agnez mo thing will get better indonesian idol

  88. Nisya gfa

    Please next reaction When you believe - Lyodra feat Tiara 👌

  89. Suzielyn William

    #LyodraTrendingNo1 #IndonesianIdol2020

  90. sariyanto yanto

    nexts react The prayer Lyodra vs Judika ....Please..

  91. Farhan Dab

    Thnkyuuu sirr for reaction lyodraa Pleasea again reaction LYODRA S JUDIKA = THE PRAYER and support the vote tokepedia app

  92. Nina Chaudhry

    Amazing! 🥰💥🇨🇦❤️

  93. 5 cm

    6:05 drumernya dipuji nih @echasoemantri

  94. Geo Militer

    Lyodra is sanremo champions in italy

  95. DraggorLecanth

    From what I can see and hear, it's more about controlling the warble in one's vocal cords than air control. Obviously both matter, but using less air at a time is very beneficial. At the same time, understanding and exercising one's lung capacity is a factor.

  96. Esbe Production

    Chanel echasoemantri in youtube, and you can see band behind Indonesian Idol

  97. Billy Bongo

    Dude, be quite

  98. Maudy Telly

    Lyodra... next indonesia idol 2020....

  99. Олег Бархатный

    Кому-то нужно получить нормальное вокальное образование, лол

  100. Ade Arpindo

    Lyodra br ginting