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  1. Kelly

    Thank goodness they did bc it’s such a bop🤩

  2. WilliamYang

    All these people shading Taylor becuase they wish they were in her "squad"

  3. Adrian Potulski


  4. ItsDanFrogoso iii

    is there really a harry potter and the cursed child?please answer me if there is a harry potter and the cursed child where can i watch or read it and please clear it to me is daniel radcliffe will return being harry potter or not?

  5. Wil GDP

    Why is it controversial?

  6. Revai Premium

    Honestly wasn't her fault sooo.... keep the money honey 😂 I wish I had 90k let alone 10k rn

  7. Chanvira TEA

    Serena Van Der Woodson For life! I love Blake Lively!

  8. My life as Valentina


  9. My life as Valentina


  10. My life as Valentina


  11. My life as Valentina


  12. Chris Sturkenboom

    Maybe it's about time the USA and the UK are going to show respect to Kpop. BTS is good at what they do. Give BTS an award. They deserve it. For a long time the english music is dominating. I respect BTS altough I don't speak the language BTS can musically reach you.

  13. Seljan Akhmedzadeh

    Dom's lovers after her: Halsey's lovers after him:Ahhh, I need to breathe

  14. Marie Ecker

    Cole did nothing bad he tried and the girl did not listen so he went out to

  15. Corey Butler නල, උග්ර ය. ගේබ්රියෙල් McNamara ඉසිය, panting, වමනෙ දැම්මා කියලා, පසුව,

  16. Beren B.

    shut the fuck up u smarty-pants

  17. Rose Cheeks

    His neighbor is only his problem

  18. Lia Gilor

    How is Jesy’s story relevant here? Plus, they said that Leigh anne is most likely to forget the lyrics. Leigh anne is a queen. Say something nice about her!

  19. Dr. Clarkson

    A movie? Ummm yes please

  20. A

    Man that Jake guy acts like an annoying teenager.

  21. n erfanipour

    R you kidding me? Lol😂 you can not compare the best group all over THE world with BTS.Actually bts is nothing

  22. Axel Rodríguez

    She layed on My bed Tapped with blanket

  23. Jacqueline Lutaaya


  24. Dennis Golesz

    For real record one podcast a week and make 500k wtf is wrong with that chick Sofia. she’s going to regret it becuase she had the best job in the world and fucked it up becuase of greed

  25. bigbaba1111

    He is 100% right you stupid feminists. Guys must avoid any relationship with this new, crazy western women. Just fuck them and leave the next morning. There are more than enough desperate bitches out there.

  26. *_*Hannah*_*

    My friend just started reading the series. She’s never read or watched the series before, so this is the first time. She’s on book three, and she text me the other day saying ‘I LOVE this! And my favourite characters are Lupin, Dumbledore and Dobby.’ I don’t have the heart to tell her...

  27. mah boo

    I didn’t know charles and cami broke upppp

  28. erika kronvold


  29. Anthony Colon

    They are actors after all

  30. Dulyn Thompson

    LMAO but ya'll still get crazy in the club when nice for what comes on, STFU

  31. Holly Razzel

    this should be 26years long

  32. Liss G

    Put him back into the cell

  33. Mika Johnson

    It could be about SELENA 🤷🏾‍♀️

  34. Funnel Plays

    Twan watching punching the air xD

  35. ishita

    Karma is a boomerang....when it comes it hits hard

  36. Dulyn Thompson

    People saying he needing to say her name is wild af, Drake the top artist of the decade, corona got ya'll wilding

  37. Alexander Games

    Really Billie And Me Are Almost The Same Person Except For The Literal Things, And She Really Did The Right Thing And I Would Have Made The Exact Same Reaction

    1. Alexander Games

      Also, Im so so so sure that billie eilish isnt lil pumps ' love of life ' . Be strong billie!

  38. Yee

    My friends have a disabilities! I am highly offended by this new trend! Thank god Charli is being the queen she is! I joined tik tok when it wasn’t so toxic. Everyone was just Vibing and having fun with each other! Now it’s a toxic hell!

  39. Feliz Anne.

    I thought stelena would’ve been the endgame if nina hadn’t left

  40. Masterx Official


  41. Julia Klein

    It’s 2020 and this still upsets me. Are they still friends??

  42. Tori Walker

    Ya I stopped watching Tati the moment she posted that video. So happy for James. He deserved more then that video and he got it.

  43. Mar J

    I dnt mind if they dnt get together. I jus want them to go bak to bein bestfriends and not giv a damn wat people say bout them

  44. Prasad Ck

    Gonna miss falice!

  45. daisydayy

    ok but that music in the background

  46. Noli KH

    Lmfao his full of himself i really don't like his wings 😏 wanna cut them of

  47. Mandy Hutchinson

    Taylor has a big platform. I wish she would adopt a cat also.

  48. carol

    addison rae had a _massive_ glow up she should've made it to the list even though she isn't a legitimate celebrity

  49. Anindita Halder

    Demi.. u cannot throw ur frustration around on other ppl.. everybody's lives are moving on.. u cannot expect ppl to drag u out of ur own misery all the time.. I watched ur story on your NOsel docu series and it seems to me now that all those things about being grateful and family was a sham.. how can u expect ppl to be loyal when u turn on everyone because of ur insecurities? Just accept it ur troubles with ur life.. it's all u.. ppl cannot babysit u.. if things don't work out with ur frnds it's not who are to be blamed alone.. ur in this too.. Just move on and focus on ur recovery

  50. Molly Mcmenimen

    You forgot pink

  51. A. Cláudia Silva

    God, the public is so stupid. Lana’s post is clear.

  52. Joshua Inocencio

    This deserve an award for #CollabOfTheYear2020 and #VideoOfTheYear2020 shout out MTV #SongOfTheYear2020 no t no shade, the Remixes of Say So and Savage was a bop but this one is the ultimate shocker

  53. Project Zorgo

    Aye its alan jonah from king of the monsters and he looks the same in 2019

  54. joons moon

    James has come so far he literally had more subs than Tati and Jeffery! We're so proud of him 💜

  55. Yash K

    The thumbnail made me think Selena and Noah were getting together. Now I realize how awesome they would be together 😍

  56. skylercake438 Essiaw


  57. Palak Chowdhury

    Im kind of triggered by "The eilish family" eilish is just billies middle name! Not the family last name its oconnell but yes that fan aint a fan

  58. I’m bored 101

    Imagine having Justin as your brother in general 😭

  59. Horse.gymnastics.swim.repeat

    Can’t even breathe before someone comments it’s too much !!!!! Let him be

  60. Hugo Ruiz

    “You did this for what”

  61. Mary Pigott

    Kylie has enough money to use Flake, oops, Drake, as a side piece.

  62. Siam Hilsia

    Hell yeah I'm all for it!!! THE BIGGEST GIRL BAND IN THE WORLD, say no more! They're gonna slay it!!! But it would've been fair if you talked about Leigh as well

  63. Melina Galano

    I love how justin is about to put the gum in his mouth and then takes it back out

  64. Dominic

    Kids on cod say worse

  65. Iliana’s Life

    Oh so that’s who those kids were in that Tik tok

  66. NX Seone

    It’s gonna be a new film ?

  67. Kingkong

    Who tf is Cody Simpson?

  68. Perrie Jesy

    4:58 for yall mixers dont waste ur time......thank me later Hun

  69. Poppie Eyre

    This is not true

  70. Al Wa

    Why none of it is real, Put her in a rowing comp and let her compete at elite level. Who wants to be known for something you can’t truly even do

  71. Darell Holmes

    Looks lik Alester Crowley....

  72. Lucy Helena

    I think they should do a movie or series. But years later. So Spencer and Toby could have kids and Aria and Ezra could be a book writing duo. I just want to see the cast members in another movie or series. Especially Janel Parrish (Mona) and Troian Bellisario (Spencer)

  73. Reg Watson

    You're kidding right - Jimmy Fallon was an embarrassment. As much as that weird dress she is wearing.

  74. Emily Asprofta

    Hi 👋

  75. ZJL Clips

    Thats actually so sweet. damn. I wish someone wish me happy birthday ever.

  76. Al Wa

    Imagine getting into college only learning your parents paid for you.

  77. aniya

    why is sister fister not part of this video

  78. Krystle Araceli

    For the cyrus and Christina one-- they said they'd have a big wedding someday yet they are "taking a break"🤔

  79. costco freezer

    i’m sorry but did this man just say “the eilish’s family property” he really don’t know do he 😔✋

  80. Luke Kingdon

    so, a 19 year old boy who has never really had the opportunity to “grow up” in a normal way is classified as a predator because he advertised another brand of vitamins? that’s messed up. tati is old enough to be his mother.......

  81. Vanini Krishna

    Why is harry not included! He is single and ready for the summer with his mv!

  82. Teodora Pavic


  83. coco fio

    Try me 😂 Knew I'd get them all 🥳

  84. chloe taggart

    c’mon the bloke deserves his privacy! and in my opinion (not wanting to offend any swifties or whatever u call yourselves , taylors fans) , I think Taylor just used him like she did with Calvin and god knows how many more before that. Everyone assumed that Calvin Harris was the bad guy , but I really believe that she only gets with these men to gain fame... it’s sick and disgusting , and Tom truly loved her whilst he was being used. Horrible little girl.

  85. Abbie Webb

    Am I like the only one who is literally always on tik tok but have never seen this trend before?

  86. FilipMarbella

    Anyone here in quarantine? Just Me? Ok!

  87. Mira Geha

    baby virgo

  88. Jen

    When he said “ahahahhaahahahahahahaha” i felt that

  89. ThecrazylifeofCollin

    I have a very close friend of mine and he has a defect. I am not going to say as which I don't have his word in saying this. But aside from that he would be very mad to see that this trend actually is trending. He is a very sweet person but when he gets mad he is mad. That is coming from the most kind person ever. So whoever posted this trend and started it, needs to leave this app. Block me and everyone else. And go start living under a rock so No one sees them. I am deeply sorry to anyone who got hurt and am sorry to @charlidamelio for having to say something and not anyone else. Having a friend who has a defect isn't easy and you have to know to take care of them every step of the way. Please be kind everyone. Love you!💛💙💚

  90. Pawz

    They tried to put him down but he came out on top. I stan a queen👑

  91. Christine Abegail

    ryland sounds manly in here

  92. Teakook Love you

    I didn’t know Suga would come out with a solo song like that it’s very cool and it shows his skills and shows who he is and I’m proud that he actually came out with it because it shows where he wants to be😁

  93. Tanissha _b

    Awwww....... it is so sweet of him

  94. ThecrazylifeofCollin

    Why is Charli the only one saying this. Addison or Lil Huddy could have said something and she is getting all the hate. Wow. Great world

  95. Anais Jordaan

    Im gonna watch the video of tom holland wishing her a happy birthday on my birthday😏😌

  96. Pauline Baton

    Daniel Radcliffe

  97. ThecrazylifeofCollin

    Can people stop being rude already. She is a 16 year old (I think) and she is just having fun on the app. She is in guidelines so don't come for her. Leave her alone please. She is absolutely fine. Go away.

  98. Helena Raudik

    I feel so sad that ppl are doing this. Ppl don't know what it feels like to live with disabled people. I am a sister to two autistic boys and when I would bring them to school I would see disabled people and they are nothing but good! I don't see why people make these trends and think that they are cool. I got dirty looks for having my very nice autistic brothers at my school contserts and stuff like that I don't see why people do this trend.

  99. Hrishita Patar

    2020 anyone still feels the pain🙂?