UFC Superstar Chael Sonnen speaks his mind and gives his unique perspective from the world of mixed martial arts on his official NOsel channel.

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  1. jon doe

    Story time with uncle Chael.

  2. Trevor William

    Love your Channel Chael never sugar coats anything tells it how it is 💪✊👊

  3. Hellonheels618

    Nick Diaz & he got robbed

  4. J Spoolz

    HGH head 😂😂😂

  5. Ian Anthony


  6. Satan_Neil

    Stipe would destroy Jon Jones and Israel Adesanya! I would bet every dime I have on it.

  7. M O

    Spoiler they offered him Johny Walker. Outside the top ten coming off a loss. Go figure if that's a good fight to take but he's got a bit of hype around him still...

  8. Vegans Suck

    The UFC is rigged. Why won't you admit it?

  9. P.J1776 LibertarianProtUSA

    I don't blame Chael for being a "company guy" but a DQ or interference or cheat shot or accident would have settled all that. I'm the best choreographer in the word guys. Ref gets ko'ed accidentally, a neutral enemy atomic drops me nuts first on a chair, You come to my aid, I cheap shot You on accident because I thought You did that. I go to elbow drop you, my new hernia work makes me slip balls first on the turnbuckle, you're charging up your super kick, I lose 👍

  10. Enzo Bertolo

    Hey Chael, I don't mind if you want to start taking steroids again.

  11. Badenoir

    Can someone tell me if everyone in the community all know each other?

  12. pokerace420

    Reyes vs santos

  13. Jay Rex

    "Joanna Wannabe Champion". That's gold. I'm forevermore calling her this.

  14. Fu Updaass

    It will be great to hear tito talk trash since he can barely mange to speak coherently

  15. Jake

    Volkanovski is from a gym in nsw, Australia not in nz. He just goes over to city kickboxing sometimes to train like other fighters do in the states

  16. Cody Roberts

    Now if they do the 170 thing then get a 155 title shot dont make sence for any body but Conner who gets to make his own rules cus he is such a draw

  17. Progressives R Dumb

    Easy, for the same reason Conor will fight 155ers at 170 until he is gifted a title shot by Dana. It allows them to stay active until Khabib and Tony sort it out and IF THEY LOSE(which is why they're gaming the rankings) they don't lose their spot in the line. It's scummy but Conor started this trend, so it's to be expected. The fact that they won't have to make a weight cut is the excuse or the cover. The real reason is so that if they lose, they don't drop in ranking.



  19. king bibibear

    Conor has one single win at 155....marinate on that

  20. Cody Roberts

    You know jon jones waits years before rematches dude why you even talking about it

  21. Cody Roberts

    All dominic reaz has to do is cardio to keep that pace 1 more round he has jon beat easy. Cardio that's it

  22. TK McEachin

    Outstanding commentary.

  23. DecoyAardvark

    So basically....the more time you spend doing the actual task (Fighting)...is where you get the most skill. So I'd say if you are starting old then make sure to get more fights than the younger guys in a short amount of time. So older guys take as many fights as you can...fight every week if you can (and if you are able to recover)...and don't spend too long preparing in the gym.

  24. Xeno Blast

    Conor is rhe only guy i think that can take out kabib. A really focused conor can do it. The fight that conor faught was not the best version of conor and a conor at his best can knock out kabib. I see conor can improve but kabibs game will not adjust.

  25. Curry man

    It's the same judge that gave Jon Jones a 49-46 vs Reyes

  26. Σπυρος Κακος

    But where does Kevin lee fit into all of this ?

  27. Ilya B

    Diego Sanchez betrayed himself and proved that he's actually a fake ass hypocrite. How are you not embarrassed celebrating having your hand raised after getting your ass beat for 2+ rounds?

  28. Sourlis 123

    Top 3: Shields, Moussasi and Benavidez (All have great records, over great fighters and only got beat by fluke or the very best). I was going to say Bisping but I've realized that over the last year or so we've all looked back on his career and realized he was a killer

  29. Doug Russell

    Based on how he judged that round I'd say it was definitely a conflict.

  30. David Wilson

    As a qualified ESL tutor, I just want to offer my services in exchange for training to any gym lol

  31. Cazimir Silkovich

    BAHAHAHA "HGH Head"!!! Acromegaly calcium on the jaw and brow because Tito's bone ends had already capped off when he too the human growth hormone. No getting taller, just big knuckles and a giant melon head. Oh, potentially getting cancer at an accelerated rate if the Somatatropin came from a cadaver with cancer in it's gene alleles. Nasty business, BUT, it's less detectable than Roids. Together they have massive synergy. Chael's fans are the smartest in MMA !!!🥇🎖🏆🏅

  32. ¿

    I think everyone is misunderstanding why Izzy “walks around” at 180-190. I think it’s because fighting at weight has it’s advantages. We’ve seen many fighters cut weight and lose conditioning, have glass chins, etc. Izzy has fought at around 100kg, he looked big in those fights compared to now. I think it’s just all part of the strategy in the end. But who knows? Only them really

  33. Val Z

    You say yourself that the first round is not up for debate, JK won it. Yet, after having a judge fail at scoring it appropriately, your not in favour of taking action that would not only ensure that doesn't happen again but improve the optics of similiar situations going forward? Come on bro. I love ya Chael, follow alot of your media, but dude, be fair, you gotta take some action on this one.

  34. Bada Boom

    "246" "split decision" Seems legit

  35. Jeremy Mcmullen

    Connor does what he wants you hippy now shut up

  36. Jeremy Mcmullen

    But I am mad at you go ahead and get that money player ha ha

  37. Jeremy Mcmullen

    Chael let’s be honest dude the only help for testosteroneIs straight injections

  38. Supa CG

    I'd never thought I'd say this but I actually love uncle chael post fight career. These vids are a highlight of my day

  39. james paterson

    Can anyone tell me how to send a video to uncle Chael please

  40. Instinct Matters

    Are all these dislikes Connor’s dick suckers? Ali is loyal to his fighters and that’s why he’s most successful MMA manager now.

  41. Xou Vang

    Let's give them more money via a go fund me

  42. Joshua Stevens

    Look at history. Jon isn’t scared of rematches. He’s 2-0. Jackson Wink MMA is the best team when it comes to rematches. Jon finishes fights in the rematch

  43. Brandon Moss

    Very respectful and thoughtful for someone of Chaels caliber to even respond to a fan !!! Got my respect 💯

  44. munib waheed

    Massive respect for khabib

  45. Snafu

    CM Punk for sure!! with out a doubt!

  46. KissMyCons

    Hooker is 1 tuff MoFo after I watched him get literally destroyed by Barboza and Barboza leg kicks

  47. Erick Miranda

    Sal D'Amatto....Chris Lee.....same judges all the time

  48. andrew R

    most people think like this. Just americans with this dream of becoming super rich.. Funny because the system is set up to keep the money with the rich people

  49. John Smith

    I feel Jon and Chael must have squashed their been after the Reyes fight. Nothing but praise for him since

  50. Ryan Bizarro

    I would love to see Thiago vs Reyes

  51. Brett Morris

    "Thats called .....a van"

  52. Spactx

    I think that santos is getting a bit above his head cause jon didn’t use his wrestling against him he wanted to prove ppl wrong by keeping it on feet against him ( and he did ) but in a rematch jon will use his wrestling it will be a long night for santos so he shouldn’t be expecting the same jon as the first fight

  53. bout dum'

    Felder vs Poirier and Hooker Gaetjhe

  54. Brandon Brehmer

    Reyes and Santos neither one should want any part of fighting one another they can both get a title fight without having to fight each othe

  55. John Smith

    Chael why are you always getting your facts wrong man. Diego clearly asked what happens if he can't continue. Love your videos but come on man need to keep it 💯

  56. P B

    Chael for President!

  57. Ian Fleischhacker

    Carlos Newton

  58. Matthew Hamill

    This guy is dumb. He has no reason to be scared. Hes the most skilked fighter in mma no cap. Even before the drugs he was

  59. Matthew Hamill

    This guy is dumb. He has no reason to be scared. Hes the most skilked fighter in mma no cap. Even before the drugs he was

  60. Ob

    1. Blades vs Ngannou for interim title 2. Stipe vs DC 3 3. Unify the two titles

  61. Ob

    1. Blades vs Ngannou for interim title 2. Stipe vs DC 3 3. Unify the two titles

  62. Trigger some Liberals

    I need some peds

  63. Niklas Starow

    Ilir Lost, no argue there. Unanimus? That can be debated. Atleast we can all agree he did way better than expected.

  64. Clark LeBlanc

    Who da fook is "alaquinta"

  65. Walker TexasRanger

    10-9 must system? Same as a 10 point must system i assume?? Except it can be 10-8 or 10-7...

  66. benjonsonify

    Jan vs Jones and Santos vs Reyes to get the next contender - that's the way to do it

  67. Ben Muzzey

    I’m from the Pacific Northwest too big ups Chris

  68. Arnold Jenkins

    Who’s this angry manlet

  69. jeremy Johnson

    😂🤣 I love how u give Tito compliments while digging at him at the same time 🤣😂 classic bad guy!👍

  70. Mike Webber

    I came for a tito burial session

  71. KidNato

    "Company Man Inc"

  72. Manoj Jhajharia

    CONOR Is starting taking interest in Paul felder. I think if he wins Conor gonna call him out|or Paul fleder gonna call Conor out. Conor need to wait till Oct for Khabib fight and he gonna fight one more time before that because he said he gonna fight 3 times this year and we know Conor is man of his words.

  73. Lars Marius sivertsvik

    Because Poirier dont see the reason to loose weight to crush Al. Al is dellusional cuz he got the Lee W. Hooker crushed him.. And he thinks the Nr2 contender Poirier wants to go all-in to fight nr 10, on a 2 fight loosing streak.

  74. Looted Corpse

    take the weakest scrub offered, then try to earn that knockout/submission of the night bonus money.

  75. Hondude

    How the judges mustered up a split decision for this fight but had all the score cards for Jones in the Reyes match up baffles me honestly. lol Can't wait for Santos return.

  76. Bobby Light

    McGregor would be next for the winner, the winner of the would be the next title contenders. Conor is ranked 3 but hasn’t shown enough in his time back to throw him in there with tony or khabib. But he is ranked just above hooker and fielder.

  77. Pedro Roman

    We have seen bad judging even when there is no conflict of interest. The real question is was he paying attention to the fight?

  78. Sean O'Connor

    The Weidman Mousasi fight was different because the KNEE WAS COMPLETELY LEGAL. Weidman tried to play the game and milk the DQ. Ref asks if he is ok to continue, Chris says no. Ref says knee was legal, Chris says he is ok to continue

  79. MR ME

    Of no Reyes / Jones rematch, then Reyes / Santos Marreta would have beaten Jones if he didn’t tear up his knee.

  80. art Carrasco

    Blowing 2 things way out of proportion. Travel and disclosure. It's much easier to setup group travel than he makes it out to be. And top level fighters pay their own rooms anyway. Judges and ref's are mostly locals. Disclosure is as simple as adding a box to an application. Any and all affiliations to gyms, clubs, teams or fighters in any capacity (student, coach, instructor, owner, etc.) But I have no clue what I'm talking about so, grain of salt.

  81. Umair Ramzan

    Rory Macdonald was a war machine. He fought Nate Diaz, Paul Daley, Robbie Lawler twice , Douglas Lima twice, Gegard Moussasi, Stephen Thompson, Tyron Woodley.


    Soundtrack at the end was dope

  83. cody heather

    Chael, if Felder wins , he needs a number one contender fight with a good win...gaejtche, or Dustin p. , Same goes for hooker...and or one more fight before #1 contender fight..kevin Lee than #1 contender fight with Dustin or justin

  84. Man Zample

    Don’t fight to win points. Fight to win. Like on the street. Judging is subjective. It is just an opinion. Knock somebody out. TKO them. Submit them. If the judgement doesn’t go your way, it’s on you for not winning.

  85. newspaperface

    In Ireland gee is a slang word for a vagina and is pronounced exactly the same as gi. Eddie bravo doesn't like gi is funny over here

  86. FZappa20

    A comedian, DC and Dominick Cruz walk into a bar

  87. Carlos Acevedo

    Yes, sharing a plane and sharing a gym is exactly the same, Chael

  88. Jorge Rogan

    AKA would run through these gentlemen.

  89. Phil Newhouse

    “If you guys ever met Arthur Jones”

  90. Luke Heinen

    Dont forget about poirier!!!!!

  91. Silver XSai

    Jon soliz had Giles (his friend ) taking the first round despite him losing it clearly

  92. metrA voboL


  93. allen rader

    chael were you drinking an rc cola in one of your interviews?

  94. neil doran

    Because you can’t have a bunch of ufc veterans do it cuz they all have cte and would be making even worse decisions

  95. Arash Shah

    I fucking love you Chael

  96. David Ramirez

    I say Santos vs Anderson

  97. Fred Minville

    Chael’s advice is always spot on. The best mma non reporter reporter

  98. Will Sas

    I liked how this ended 😂

  99. asinisasin

    Problem is, if Joe Soliz has a black belt in jiu-jitsu and gave the first round to Giles , it's even worst. Just really shows how biased he was because if you know jiu-jitsu , even at the most basic level, you know for damn sure that the first round was a 10-9 for Krause.

  100. BrotherBoresIsBest

    Cain may work harder, but he doesn't have the same look and charisma as Tito. Cain looks like a typical fighter, whereas Tito can pass for a superstar.