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  1. Brittley Ashcraft

    This is #2 on trendinggggg!!! Woohoooooo 🥳👏🏻

  2. Ilike MemeCats

    Danny i want you to watch ben phillips its just something feels off from all of his videos I think his pranks are a "little" to far

  3. スペンサー

    You’re above drew on the trending page

  4. Carl Gustaf Erin Emmerheim

    That "sand" seems a lot like saw dust, you should just put some saw dust in someones mouth and say, "HAHA, you got TROOM TROOM pranked!!!"

  5. breathing.fluid

    12/10 - H20 was better

  6. Static Zero

    I'm still not convince that mermaids are real :V

  7. Logan Harden

    I’ve seen that man die two different ways: Stabbed-Pretty Little Liars 65% of water in his body drained-Scales.

  8. - Helo -

    Why do I keep watching this?

  9. sans the skeleton

    Him:sees a shadow Also him: *this is an avengers level threat*

  10. Abigail

    23:32 well I guess he was right about naming her siren

  11. Milk

    He’s really getting into it😂

  12. Robyn Nyam

    They gotta heal covid19 in the Florida water

  13. Thyme Heath-Lovell

    22:44 sounds like someone was in choir

  14. Scooby Snacks

    i used to watch this movie when i was younger and i’m not gonna lie, the manners song was kind of a bop

  15. Adrien Alice


  16. Eko Yeet

    There fighting hackers or some shit now

  17. Jordan Bell

    1m views in 11 hours corona really got us bored

  18. Darya Gusarova

    I'm a f*cking wizard!

  19. Bumblebee

    Update corner

  20. Mr. FancyMan

    Check out babysitters beware it’s pretty funky

  21. Scarlett Star

    God, I remember watching this movie and just thinking "That's kid with brittle bones only breaks his bones when it's convenient to the plot (He rides a bike but can't open a door??) even though he has BRITTLE BONES WHAT?"

  22. Paradox In Yo Socks

    It's pretty lucky they adopted that mom befor hers passed away

  23. Brianna Samuels

    My my boo boo...

  24. dehydratedcactus

    ok ngl adam's dad's voice kinda hot 🥵

  25. Rubber ball man


  26. Dylan Shackelford

    Clothes+Water=1 whole person High School Biology Danny

  27. Hannah Phelan

    My My Poo Poo

  28. Thatcher

    The fact that I’m watching this at midnight is funny to me

  29. iPea Mani

    Lmao I saw scales and I knew instantly it was a low budget movie

  30. MegavidÆos

    Yes, you were the dork the whole time.

  31. BatCat

    Uh isnt it 70% water...

  32. Andrew Reidandger

    Tic tacs are always an option

  33. Aiden Newell

    By by booboo

  34. Juliet Temporal

    My cousin watch the sharer family and chad wild clay too both of them is fucking trash i dont judge him

  35. Aditya Yadav

    Me about 65% of the time watching this video: "Whaaaattttt?!!" .. P. s. Thank God The creepy Guy is Dead

  36. Not Furry

    Stiff mass

  37. Anna Vogel

    I need that "hug kiss breath" mug

  38. Winnie Bosecker

    It's 1:40 am. Ik it's fake, but I should NOT be watching this

  39. izabel

    ahhhh i’m literally dying laughingggg keep doing these pleaseeee!!!!!

  40. Ashley Santiago

    oml that x ray animation of his bones breaking has me sent

  41. Leafy

    These people didn't do there research

  42. Jake Harshbarger

    Bruh you forgot the Bye! at the end😪

  43. Winnie Bosecker

    Bro the first clip gave me heart palpitations

  44. Flappin Feather

    Danny: I’ve never herd humans talk that way towards air before... Me: The Lorax

  45. hello i'm neon

    Shut up clitnipples!

  46. Lex Marie

    the ten seconds of danny being speechless needs to be a gif bc i will use it always

  47. Samuri2724

    Is it weird that I live in Minnesota and is watching this on April 1st???

  48. Yari Abigail X3

    LOL UM K

  49. IcecreamKing - Roblox

    I seen it and I regret it 0-0

  50. emmaloujia

    I am CRYING at the noise Adam made when he fell. *cRoNCH* 21:09

    1. Hannah Phelan


  51. Paul Sackaroff

    Rhyming Clause with Clause *epic gamer moments*

  52. Huni B Draws

    Danny you look more like Lil huddy then drew

  53. Ruby Nichols

    When Danny is #2 on trending and Drew is #3... 😃😃

  54. MalloryKateLife


  55. The Craft Addict

    I really like this angle of the room you filmed at.

  56. Guld Hunden ny

    She is made of 65% water

  57. hello i'm neon

    Anyone else go out of their way to email these companies that advertise thru youtubers and tell them you're never going to buy their product because of their sponsors? Lol

  58. Peachysaurus

    The dad at the 10 minute mark looks almost exactly like my store manager and I feel like I need answers

  59. Korbyn Swafford

    I feel like every time a commentary NOselr films a weird skit, they lose a tiny piece of their souls to the devil.

  60. Family Alcaraz

    8:26 I wish I could say this isnt true but my teacher is like that or at least makes us wait till the end of the whole period to get help with our injuries or whatever

  61. Otilia Miramontes

    Bro are you wearing lipstick 😂

  62. Virginia Marastoni

    the first G in greg is too close to the R compared to the rest of the letters

  63. Allie g


  64. Eli Lockwood

    Just turned on notifications and sacrificed my eyes to lord G R E G

  65. Bree B


  66. hey girlies

    18:49 fish: 😭

  67. Alyssa Kerttula

    A dad shirt? Really Danny cmon you're 12 years old

  68. James1225


  69. Aysia Broadnax

    so nobody's gonna talk about how she murdered someone and has no remorse 😂😂😂

  70. oX3aMeRXo

    So her name is siren and she’s a mermaid, very subtle if you ask me.

  71. Simone Rode

    I feel like he’s talking to me when he says Greg cause my friends call me that to be mean

  72. Joonie’s lil nose

    I low key wish all sponsors were like that...

  73. Gabby :3

    Depends how much blood I mean.. too much. Get murderd and I have a feeling the hunters have never really asked also SIRENS SING TO MURDER PEOPLE mermaids literly have no lore to ever sing >:(

  74. Bailey Hamilton

    13:00 is the chaotic neutral of just straight vibeing.

  75. Flizerina

    S T I F F M A S S

  76. Petar

    You only upload when drew uploads

  77. Josie Geraghty

    Where did you get that ratatoing swag tho

  78. Ya.Kno.Its. BABS

    I honestly miss when our only worries were the clowns behind our school 🙄💀

  79. mads

    Man mermaids?? Excuse me I think u mean merMEN

  80. Hapydude101

    I don't remember this adaption of shadow over innsmouth

  81. Taylor Harris

    I love the gross joke police..... Lmao

  82. malcolm champion

    5:21 Something my girlfriend has never said

  83. Olivia Perez

    but like doesn't she shower? like how wouldn't she know about is sooner????

  84. TopCat 101

    Girl: *talks about how sexy water is in the first 10 seconds of the movie* Also girl: *proceeds to drown in it*

  85. That Guy

    Has your dog met Drew’s cat

  86. Snek Is Here

    That man is female. Nothing makes sense

  87. Aaron Walls

    Isn’t this the exact plot of The Thirteenth Year?

  88. Jass Singh

    They didnt even call animal control so you know its fake

  89. dr chipmunk

    Dude with the murderous eyes straight up looks like Chris d’elia

  90. Gamecloner :

    My guy your 2nd trending

  91. MWolf Speedbuilds

    We kinda need those healing powers rn in the corona virus 🦠😂

  92. Jesse McCaughey

    I have cancer god damnit and your telling me I could have gotten a shot of mermaid blood and that'd be it. I'm coming for you Arial. Selfish Bit-

  93. Gaming With friends

    Jack Dylan grazer is the best actor ever

  94. Pai Otsu

    Fucken 18:05 extracted my soul into the nether realm

  95. Probable

    The scene where it goes xray to show his bones breaking is mortal Kombat

  96. FC_SCRE33N

    I’m a kid what am I watching? You.

  97. It’s The Cookie

    I imagine seeing this live without editing 😂😂

  98. Jimin's Queen

    My my boo boo

  99. Megan Kelley

    jack Dylan grazer is punching the air rn

  100. Sucky Ducky

    Mermaid blood could rid us of corona