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  1. Kaea Marshall

    I'd use guns to kill zombies.

  2. Ahmed Karam

    clint needs to trim his pits though...

  3. WondersOf DESTINY

    I feel like I’m 30% smarter now

  4. jos3hua6___ pubg mobile

    9:57 The shot gun changed in Grenade launcher

  5. Jorane Aran

    It would be cool to see you guys react to Midsommar, they have a few practical effects but some visual effects too that would be fun to hear you guys talk about!

  6. Andrew Animated

    React to Jurassic galaxy trust me it's ugly

  7. glich games

    Can you tell Steve am sorry for killing Trever on my 5th account

  8. the Dirt block

    Y’all should do speed racer

  9. Tarun Paul


  10. Xuan Yu Lim

    I almost died watching nemo

  11. Jayden Edwards

    Rampage parashoting scene

  12. Shrihari Bhat

    Kichcha ♥️

  13. Karl Patacsil

    I love this reaction series 👌 entertaining for filmmakers

  14. Entertainment Egg

    U guys don't know well, who is SRK...hes not only famous actor in India on behalf him,i would like to introduce him Go to Google and search "Worlds biggest Superstar/moviestar" and here u find the result

  15. Eliana Robinson

    Link to recipe? 👌

  16. Abdul Munam

    Please bring stunt doubles more! Really enjoyed this episode!

  17. Maximus

    hey corridor crew check out this movie for VFX it took them 20 years to make this film! nosel.info/video/video/1YVra4C0rpumu54.html

  18. Alessandro K.

    Shells. They're called shells. Not bullets.

  19. yung clasher

    Spy kids 3

  20. Romain G, Composer

    @Corridor Crew: any chance you could do Who Framed Roger Rabbit? I know it's not CGi but there's probably interesting things to be said? The whole process is amazing and the look they achieved is absolutely timeless and magical.

  21. devilz gaming

    The new GTA 6 looks good

  22. George M

    Omg you had a guy who did Blade 2 and didn't do the faker looking CGI in the spotlight fight, and the better CGI in the final fight?

  23. Maximus

    Red chillies productions is the one of the biggest VFX production houses in the world, that's why they are so good at it!

  24. yung clasher

    I always thought about the hover head in civil war, i knew it felt off

  25. I’m Not Even Sure

    No ones going to talk about how he pored Water on to his pants

  26. Memes Media

    It's tolliwood

  27. AndreGames

    I still don’t understand why he had a Scorpions body

  28. ChypnotiC Pl

    "Snoop does not get angry" ever heard "vato"?


    Imagine Newton watching bollywood

  30. Markus Moi

    React to Love, Death, Robots episode "Sonnies Edge"!

  31. Ronit Bhar

    M.S Dhoni the untold story - vfx breakdown Its Blow ur mind. Its amzing

  32. FreezerBurn90

    Y'all should see the ffxiv: shadowbringers trailer!

  33. Abstark Ramgers

    You didn't mention Mollywood😭

  34. Ayush Singh

    Ramayan Not the animated one but the first one which was made in 90s

  35. India day to day. IDD

    Ultimate starting

  36. LegacyVision

    Revert the title change on The Gravity Gun video, don't be scumbags!

  37. JayantH Bellam

    May be you should check out the "Krish 3" he is kind of Indian superman....and Sahoo ..... staring Prabhas

  38. xrossheartsg

    Please Review A Tv Series Of Hotstar Which's Name Is Yeah Jadu Hai Jinn Kaa..., Compared Being A Small Budget Tv Series It Has Good Vfx...Please Take A Look At It...-Subham Ghoshal

  39. otaku sempai

    Reach to pirates of the Caribbean


    Hey dudes the robo stuff you guys just explained was just amazing. But actually it wasn't from bollywood its a south indian movie Tollywood

  41. Rex Richardson

    That Deadpool cut scene killed me when he landed on his knee😂💀

  42. YouTube authorities

    Do a VFX breakdown for Harry Potter series, starting from the first to the last. 🏰🔮⚡👓

  43. Robert B.

    Now you see me 1 & 2

  44. scattered soul

    5:53 I know this actor... Shahrukh khan (ID of Bollywood)

  45. ShieldShub YT

    Sahho movie very good vfx

  46. Olim P

    react to the first World of Warcraft intro

  47. ShieldShub YT

    Sahho Movies

  48. Patryk Kapczynski


  49. Snarkyboys Offlimits

    The trex in Jurassic park is a robot

  50. Raju Boruah

    React to our Indian Corridor... that is VFX Guy Aman...... He does crazy editing..... Make a video on him..... Like so they can see

  51. udbhav shrivastava

    guys you gotta check out fan It has some REALLY unique vfx techniques in it.

  52. Sanghamitra Deb

    Ajay devgn is not indian tom Tom is American ajay devgn

  53. ShieldShub YT

    Sahho movie

  54. Jose Islas

    Guys take a look at napolean total war intro

  55. WolfsbaneFilms

    Should’ve called Nick Offerman. He would’ve been out there in 30 minutes with a jack hammer and 20 bags of asphalt.

  56. JollyVolt

    disliking the video without watching, he's never wrong

  57. Sidharth Sood

    U have mostly looked at regional cinema....not bollywood

  58. adam nadaf

    Please react to a film called "tumbbad".

  59. Horia Danciu

    Can you react to golden lane studios

  60. hninpan nyunt

    LOL 4:49

  61. Joseph D. Martínez

    Why does the cute one (far left) stay so quiet?

  62. i rishe

    The ra.one movie is a fucking movie

  63. xx xd

    I suggest you to use some sort of circuit using a Arduino to measure the voltage, and if the voltage drops below the limit, it uses a relay(it triggers the relay so that the current flows in the other terminal) and the other terminal is connected to the battery booster, so that you can continue the ride(but you need to also monitor the current voltage and trigger the battery off if it drops.below 30v or you will again get a dead battery) I can help you with the coding required You would understand it easily if you know what a relay is or how it works with 2 terminals, you can even add a dinamo to the wheels so that the more you ride, the more the batters gets charged, and if you do so you definitely need to add diodes in between so that current doesn't flow from battery to dinamo Hope this helps

  64. Elijah Robinette

    Why was this never a movie

  65. Jake Garrett

    Can you look at final fantasy spirits within.

  66. Dream Team

    0:52 You have the cap on your head and next second you don't have it :p

  67. Syed Kaif

    If you make another part of this plz react to krishh 3 or krishh

  68. Jay

    This was AWFUL, HORRIBLE and seriously not funny or Appropriate there’s nothing funny about coronavirus you lose serious subs if this guy keeps coming back

  69. Joseph D. Martínez

    Did you pay him the ten bucks??? He was right.. that's Jamie!

  70. Jackson Dwyer

    What do you think is going to happen when you fully stop the throttle and skid really hard. With 3D printed parts. C’mon disappointing.

  71. Motherload111

    I wish you'd spent some time on the nerf mod itself. theres a whole community around modding blasters

  72. W Butler

    Spider Man game ps4 vs old Spider-Man games

  73. Zzombie119

    I wish I had friends to but damn this is a little much don’t you think

  74. Kush Patel

    Nobody: Not a single soul: not even mee maw: not even Minecraft villagers: Nick: 8:02

  75. Emma Nelson

    The effects from Bloodshot (2020) with Vin Diesel

  76. Tayler Carter

    You guys should react to the Donny scene in Harry Potter 2 in the hospital wing!

  77. Pranav SK

    Bros please react old Indian Hindi serial ramayan old technical effects they have worked that serial is 1990 s

  78. Lorenzo Tumpang

    Can you guys react to demon slayer

  79. Martin Stary

    I have suggestion for you on special react: UWE BOLL Films

  80. arctichare1

    I LOVE this!!!! This NEEDS to be made into a movie, an anime, a k drama, a book, everything. :D

  81. Naman Gupta

    You guys have to learn to differentiate between Bollywood and Tollywood. The movie Zero was Bollywood.

  82. TeAniMate

    This 8 minutes ads is better than 30 seconds ads

  83. Adam Naghavi

    can you react to Spiderman 3 the scene where the sandman gets his powers

  84. __mylifeisameme__ 69

    Why not blue

  85. Crazyviking 666

    3:05, The swarm seeker is actually clip fed not mag fed. Mag fed means the mag does all the work to propel the darts and fire them. The clip holds the bullets but the gun does all the work to propel the darts. True fact from coop772

  86. Kush Patel

    Mechanical Engineer SirWrender Himself is basically Ironman now... because well Tony Stark was also... a Mechanical Engineer.

  87. saiteja pala

    Magadheera is not a Bollywood movie it is tollywood movie

  88. Mayank Yadav

    Inferno 2016 .. its a movie about plague and it has some great VFX shots both good and bad please take a look . 🇮🇳 Everyone please subscribe

  89. DATAR -

    React on Krish 3

    1. chding zuure

      You guys should watch Bollywood movie 'paa'. And you'll know it

  90. #THE BEST EVER #TBE History

    Hate how this dudes feels like they even made a movie once funny

  91. Jasmine Lim

    Tbh Ra.One is my top 1 among the Bollywood Movies It’s good, high quality, perfect ending and of course he’s handsome 😂💕 Ohh, and also good songs

    1. chding zuure

      You guys have hit the views gold mine...enjoy 👍😂

  92. Lazarbeams Son

    Shipping a one wheel there and back is more than 2 brand new swagtron l3!

  93. Jerome Baldsing

    Smash through all of Miyazaki's film's, rinse and repeat

  94. Syed Monu Abbas

    Checkout CGI of FAN! It's shah rukh khan with red chillies VFX again.... And it doesn't disappoint


    Krish 3 plz

  96. I play fortnite Ninja

    Fortnite gamer

  97. Nova Music and Games

    tron legacy dad looking like a fallout 4 character

  98. Nita Katkamwar

    React to 2.0 they are one of the best VFX scenes in decade.

  99. Devansh Soni

    Well RA. ONE is a super hero movie so, everything makes sense 😉

  100. InsaneThe _Real

    Some of them are not bollywood like the thumbnail is Tollywood please correct it