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  1. NRW0415

    12:06 would be awesome if it was a signature

  2. Mesatallic

    “You’re allowed to model your own asses!” @ 2:03 😂

  3. JediJo 18

    Corridor Crew: bro’s i saw this insane video where they did some high quality deep fakes. Look at this guy’s channel if you don’t want to do this entire video plz nosel.info/video/video/moZ-pJ6up5-pzNU.html

  4. Ptao Tom

    React to Bjork: "All is Full of Love" and other great music videos.

  5. Clayton Dailey

    Ip man guys fight seen

  6. Mezmerized4Life Jay

    So hyped for Avatar 2

  7. Nachinno

    12:40 look at the neck

  8. Soren Stein

    look at the planet of the apes movies! those things are so good and the vfx are incredible.

    1. Ptao Tom

      I’d like a fun breakdown of the Big Lebowski’s scene where the camera appears to be in the bowling ball hole, also when he floats down the lane. I believe it is the same sce

  9. carlos cuyas

    Godzilla King of the Monsters

  10. SamtheMan

    "Mumbo Jumbo reacts to bad and great redstone"


    please look at the classic practical/digital effects of the godzilla films

  12. Matthew Rube

    Pirates of the Caribbean at worlds end, when the Black Pearl and flying Dutchman blow up the main villain's ship. The explosion effects and characters on board look flawless. Please explain how they did that.

  13. Matthew Machart

    please react to BRAVESTORM trailer/movie

  14. Labida

    Can we get some commentary on the live action Jojo's Bizarre Adventure movie?

  15. Chuck Kaslow

    I distinctly remember the guy in the theatre seat next to me was crying when Kong died.

  16. Chris Lee

    Wren - Carbon Fiber Denier

  17. zook420000

    skin sleeve

  18. Seamus Swift

    Are we just not gonna talk about the sponsored segment?

  19. Ernesto Pulido

    2:56 "4.7" lol

  20. no ping

    Request for Bad CGI Review - early Doctor who series (not black and white) eg - Christopher Eccleston, maybe early David Tennant before the series got a nice budget. I kinda feel like I'm betraying my childhood, but some of those effects were incredibly rough!

  21. Bryan Harley

    “The Wright Brothers, their first plane... well, actually it was pretty good.”

  22. Laguna Munta

    Dune 1984 please

  23. Fred Getkate

    Can you guys do a episode on Tom Cruise. The dude is mental and has so many amazing stunts. He gets a lot of hate but personally I think he is amazing. Thanks for all the amazing videos guys . Cheers from New Zealand.

  24. Aditya P

    Ready Player One, The Race.

  25. Liam Silva

    Ages of a guillotine guillkid guilloteen guilloadult

  26. Niranjan Kumar

    31.7 years

  27. Pickle Rick


  28. Zkeleton Z

    100+ controls for Golems face? That's nightmarish.

  29. Zkeleton Z

    C'mon, do the Mandalorian already!

  30. SoulGaming

    Ripp wren

  31. kshamwhizzle

    those fucking worm things from King Kong need a goddamn trigger warning. I quite liked the movie but those mother fuckers are the SOLE REASON I never watched it again. *swears for emphasis*

  32. Husky Petersen

    2:07 real big eyeballs 👍

  33. Hunter Olson

    Robert Downey Jr. deep fake in Back to The Future with Tom Holland. It's pretty stellar

  34. TheNewJackSlaggie


  35. Weaboo Scum

    Rip Sam

  36. Aaron Boothe

    I’d like a fun breakdown of the Big Lebowski’s scene where the camera appears to be in the bowling ball hole, also when he floats down the lane. I believe it is the same scene

  37. Cre8tvMG

    Great restoration but that chain is either as dull as an eraser, or that's a block of ironwood. You have this massive rock music montage and the saw is nibbling tiny bits off the log. When that chain is right it will slice through that like butter.

  38. Jaxon Voyles

    Whenever you guys are allowed to... You HAVE to do the new war movie 1917!! The entire movie looks like a One-take

  39. puppy


  40. molu222

    Video about bollywood views: Ight imma head in...

  41. Kari Krummi


  42. Filmic Star Production

    I will Say the Nigeria Flash. Please Do a VFX React on it....the world is waiting to see your rate please Nigeria Flash

  43. Jon S

    Hmm I can't remember but did you guys already do Mortal Kombat II Annihilation? That movie is hilariously terrible.

  44. Benjamin Franklin

    Yall should watch Narnia. Creatures and Aslan and stuff!!

  45. Thronos Records

    14:16 that's exactly how I drink water!! We have more things in common than I thought!

  46. UltraDragon Inc.

    What 3D modeling system are you using?

  47. huskytzu

    So much of movie making is just tech mumbo jumbo holy shit

  48. huskytzu

    So much of movie making is just tech mumbo jumbo holy shit

  49. David

    VFX Request: The Narnia movies, particularly in the first one there's some pretty janky green screen effects.

  50. MGvidtests

    Do a special on "hidden edits", where effects are used to make multiple shots look like one continuous take.

  51. brianNOTryan 123

    The thing about the graphic card with a screen just doesn’t make sense.

  52. P T

    I recently saw Roland Emmerich's Midway and I couldn't help but notice the extensive use of blue screen which didn't immerse me within the environment one bit. Compare this to Michael Bay's Pearl Harbor (2001) where location shooting was used extensively and I felt as if I was transported to the base on the day of the attack. Is natural-looking lighting very difficult to create/simulate? If the technology does exist then what's keeping the VFX artists from fully implementing it? Fantastic channel, btw.

  53. blackpanther8716

    bruh, Corridor changing the ad game forever

  54. Paul Whiteford

    You guys should look at the bike race/fight from Torque....It's quite terrible.

  55. Josef Widdifield

    This went from fine to islamophobic in just a few seconds. They could've dressed the terrorists up as normal dudes in jeans and a t-shirt with a bomb. They didn't need to make them distinctly Islamic.

  56. Lautaro Quiroga

    Yes Wren, I do! So nice of you to ask- I want you to react to John Wick 3; Horse kick scene and ending falling scene specifically.

  57. Joey Echols

    Eat your cereal

  58. daphne cutlip

    See if you can do one of your videos about Arena it was a 2011 movie that had a lot of really good fighting scenes.

  59. Trenton Rush

    6 underground

  60. Eros Elizondo

    Ready Player One the shining scene

  61. gonzalo huerta

    reaact to the netflix adapatation of the witcher

  62. pig

    2:03 when I’m come in late drunk and my Parents are there waiting.

  63. Johnny Leal

    Can they do Mighty Morphin Movie CGI

  64. Thanos the wale

    Rip Wesley and Wesley

  65. MainlineDnB

    Obviously a lot of respect is due to WETA’s work over the years, but I was quite disappointed that you guys not only left out any "bad" CGI (and yes, i know that’s just become the general title for the series at this point, but it was called that for a reason) but you had the perfect chance to analyse the cave run / bug attack sequence in King Kong that is occasionally mentioned because of how the human characters don’t quite blend with the CG creatures running around them. Seriously missed opportunity. I get that the guy is a legend and all, but come on, I’m sure he’s humble enough to comment on a less-than-perfect shot.

  66. Caleb V.

    The one good thing Sarah McLaughlin did was give a Near timeless template for spoofing, memes and parodies

  67. Rikin Thakkar

    I’m 500 million seconds old

  68. Jason Alligood

    I would love to see you guys break down the train wreck scene from Super 8.

  69. Tomáš N.

    Boo 180 twice? cant think of anything else that onewheel cant do but shitty "hoverboard" can. Wren won this, but I guess you need to look good on camera.

  70. Lohoydo

    I'd like to see you guys take a look at Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, and perhaps compare it to the original Jumanji

  71. Joda Trevena

    You guys should get Keanu on to talk about his scenes on the actors side of the camera, as well as the CG side of the shots. (matrix, speed, 47 ronin, bill n ted, john wick)!

  72. sailor waved

    I would love to see your guys thoughts on Upgrade (2018) ! Its one of my fav films that I wish got more love. Best wishes.

  73. BelieveInMatter

    Damn so Weta is basically responsible for all the best CGI scenes in like every single big CGI movie for the past 20 years haha


    Randy's nuts

  75. Mr Baller

    the turret is actually attached to it by a complex chain of metal

  76. Really Boring

    Hi danny

  77. Nathan K.

    10:50-11:30 Someone replace all the Lego Star Wars death sounds with these please

  78. Mr Baller

    more than dozens of aircraft man

  79. Mr Baller

    please stop it man you are hurting anyone who has ever studied these man at least name the aircraft from WWll in respect

  80. Lukas Törnqvist

    i’d like to see you react to the scene from john wick 3 where he falls off of the building

  81. wuv03

    Would still love to see Paddington (1&2) in an episode.

  82. Mr Baller

    um, not all ships are battleships, there are different classes of them , just to name a few, carrier cruiser destroyer

  83. Steve g

    4:03 - rest of the video, is how me and the boys play nerf, sound effects, music, and all

  84. Elizabeth Baumann

    You should do the movie Dinosaur!

  85. Louie DZ

    So much ads

  86. Pitchfork Studios

    Check this Harry Potter rip off Indian movie called 'Aabra ka daabra.' It's the allgeded first ever 3D Indian movie.

  87. MegaCityPatrol

    Yeah - probably should have postponed the 8am King Kong meeting for a couple of years

  88. JustGamingBOT

    Can you do The Harry Potter / Fantastic beasts series? :)

  89. Radiated Leader

    What's the movie at the start?

  90. huskytzu

    I thought those magics were real wtf

  91. Charlie C

    Check out primeval from bbc! One of my fav shows I watched as a kid. The cgi gets significantly better from the 1st episode to the last season

  92. Trae Cano

    I know the video is kinda old, but when you guys reacted to the VFX for the Star Wars prequels you forgot to react to any Revenge of the Sith footage(specifically the intro space battle). I would love to see that for your next video.


    I am from India... Those are not awesome CGI... They are something we feel really shy about those are embaraassing moments for us in the eyes of the world!.. except singham scenes. Our movies just defy science in general and not just physics. There is a fuckin movie in which a guy creates a heart (not normally sized but size of an elephants heart) with thermocol and paint it red and then he fucking throws it in air..and it flyes to a nearby hospital straight to a patient who was having an open heart surgery and that heart somehow gets shrunk and lands on that patient's chest and thats it.. that patient starts breathing immediately! I repeat! These moments embarrased us!

  94. brr.its.cold

    god dammit, King Kong traumatized me and OOF the first shot of this episode is the worst part without warning. Thanks Corridor

  95. Jacob Adkins

    When Mickey mouse comes in XD

  96. Blake Farron

    I’d love to see your take on episode 6 of Haunting of Hill House, where it’s done all in one take. When my dad and I were watching we were stumped on how they did some of it. (1917 would also be cool for the same reasons)