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  1. Gary Taylor

    I love it when some white people feel the need to be offended for me and try to dictate what they feel I should be offended by. My heroes, my knights in shining armor. Here to protect me from all things racist in this world.

  2. Michael Farley

    Only reason I used the Stadia free trial was for the free season pass in Destiny 2. Definitely going to be cancelling the Stadia subscription and heavily looking into xCloud.

  3. grimxrist

    just delete stadia

  4. Quintin Sweat

    I really want PlayStation Now (it’s close, but not all the way there yet) to get to the level of Xbox Game Pass. I would really love that! It would definitely give me a reason to use my PlayStation more between their exclusives

  5. Red Lamp

    I have played so many games that I never thought I would play because of Game Pass. Excellent value, and honestly good for small developers to. Check out void bastards

  6. celeroon89

    I have xcloud preview on my phone and it works amazing!

  7. PsychoKillz_YT

    I wish they add nba2k20

  8. Eliot Wilde

    "Long range plans" is such a gamer way to put it lmfao

  9. MAXKILLER 215

    Its almost like gangs are made up of predominantly 1 race.

  10. Russell White

    Please research the series, this video hurt my brain. Worried about the like ratio too, looks like alot of people just hit like without even watching or even thinking about the content. They see "Stadia Exclusive" and just get pissed.

  11. QuillFlash ENG

    Via Game Pass, I've got to know that Hollow Knight isn't my kind of a game and Halo made me appreciate FPS games again. I'm also downloading Streets of Rage 4, Mother Russia Bleeds, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, My Friend Pedro, Broforce and Superhot in the background. It's THIS convenient to test out games you want to buy full-price with this service. The best is that if you liked the games, you can then buy them with an exclusive Game Pass discount on the Windows Store and keep them until the Windows Store closes.

  12. StronkiVods

    Everyone talking about this "feature" that enables you to get a game for your current system, while also getting it for free for your potential next system. Meanwhile I can just log in to my Steam account on any PC that can run games, and I'll always have access to all my games no matter what. Lmao

  13. Felodur

    you can download the games with psnow!

  14. Yahegao

    Stadia is getting destroyed by other companies? In other news, the Ouya flopped and water is still wet.

  15. E M

    During the last holiday, Xcloud beta came out, I took my Note9 and a USB C HDMI dongle, and we play with family World War Z, soo much fun. Phil Spencer said that now XCLOUD runs on Xbox One but when X Series comes out they will phase out the One X to be part of the XCloud server farm. The idea is One X 1080p with all the super sampling and effects. You can preview this as the Xcloud app offers "Console Streaming" and like World War Z, runs great, all the decals and signs are still the same as the One X just 720p. I think when they upgrade the farm to One X, well they can say all our games have High Settings and great frame rate.

  16. Mighty Orc

    Stadia... That's a name I didn't hear for a very long time.... 😂😂🤣

  17. SpagelSmegal

    I actually love game pass cause I get to play a bunch of games with my friends without having to pay for all of them individually

  18. Alex Wawroski

    Yeahhh this is what console exclusives feel like from the outside. Exclusivity needs to become less of a thing in general, but it only seems to be growing

  19. Russell White

    It's coming out on pc so I really couldn't care less. If it was ONLY stadia that would be exclusive, it is not. Remember the first 2 games (First and second encounter) were pc exclusive for ages before they got a console release. SS3 took over a year to come out on consoles, not sure about 2 but the xbox version I am sure was also released later. This is completely normal for serious sam games. They have always been PC first titles.

  20. real morphious

    Ubisoft half assed games but some are fun repetitive gameplay ubisoft and half the resolution it could be farcry 5 was horrible not even cause the story just the gameplay felt so easy and boring kinda creepy. Cyberpunk 2077 let me show you how a game actually works.

  21. Sase The Riftmaker

    I have over 200 games on steam from them 100 games were bought on g2a and kinguin other 150 from humble bundle not a single issue

  22. Jacob Kisselback

    Oh I don't know maybe because the console is for the most part [email protected]# compared to microsoft and Sony consoles and services they offer 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  23. G H

    For AAA games I have no problem w g2a but for indies yea I I got the og black ops w all dlc for 1/3 of the proce for PC even when it's on sale on steam

  24. Brandon Johnson

    I'm glad you mentioned google glass because I saw apple is launching their own form of glass that (considering it's Apple), is actually going to be significantly cheaper than what google was asking for. That's some twilight zone ish right there.

  25. therealHorto

    This low-key feels like a advertisement of xcloud

  26. John Amador

    I Also think is the name (stadia) is the down fall of the idea fore Google

  27. John Amador

    I enjoy game pass recently downloaded red Dead redemption 2 and I played it before from PlayStation 4 and I did not like it on PlayStation and didn't make it pass charter one one PlayStation but on Xbox x already on charter 5 Good video I like the game more on Xbox x

  28. Sorry, this name is restricted.

    Still better than any other battle royale on the market. That's the real tragedy here.

  29. CalleSGDK

    Stadia is a good thing for the same reason the console wars are good: Competition! Without the Xbox 360, Sony wouldn't have learned from the terrible PS3 decisions and changed course with PS4. Without the hugely successful PS4, Microsoft wouldn't be upping their game. Stadia is part of that, it keeps Microsoft on their toes because with Google behind it'll always be a threat. Who wins? We, the gamers do!

  30. Brandon Johnson

    Dan Mattrick didn't almost completely botch the launch, he absolutely succeeded in botching the launch.

  31. Picasso Black

    Dude, the stadia is killing the stadia.

  32. tiberius africanus

    gamepass is total win.....

  33. ebola9717

    So where are all those people complaining that Yong only does pro-Sony videos now?

  34. B Mac

    Gamepass ultimate made me want to blow the dust off my one S. A dollar a month for the first three months. 16$ canadian after that is much better than buying a game and being disappointed

  35. BigBoi

    Id is just creating controversies at this point so they can resolve them for good PR haha

  36. potato_sniper00

    I have access to xcloud and it is really good

  37. sgomez8194

    if PSNow wants to compete they will have to: 1. allow games to be downloaded to console or streamed 2. make platform available to download games on PC 3. lower price to $4.99 4. add all of their playstation hits/most popular games

  38. BigBoi

    Id may be taking responsibility but it would be irresponsible to discount the possibility that Bethesda is responsible for Id's responsible responsibility taking 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔

  39. xenonim2013

    Xbox is unique with game pass, PS4 unique with 1st party game, Nintendo unique with portable console + fantastic 1st party game. STADIA unique with Horrable graphic and always lag when low internet connection.

  40. Fiwz

    Well, it will be an entire day spent in customization again, then I'll play an hour, feel unsatisfied with the character and spend another hour in cc :)

  41. tien5tri

    How does this work? Do i need an xbox one? Can i just play their games on my pc 😬?

  42. Obamathanosgoku -Obamanosoku the final memélord

    Game pass is like Netflix for video games. But you know... Worth the money.

  43. Borna Asi

    Community: Donated 200 million to make the game happen SC developers: “does $27 sound fair to you? Yes? Okay so we want $27,000 for this”

  44. Miles October

    Google is still new to the gaming industry ( not mobile) so trying to find a audience in this world and services to match what they want, was a huge undertake for them but to say that x cloud better ;we need to think about time scale it took Xbox to get to were they are compare to the competition

  45. Naruku2121

    Gotta say, Xbox isn't my brand, but a lot of what I heard of Game Pass is pretty great.

  46. CL

    I've been with game pass since it came out almost and I still ask myself how do they even make money off it. There are so many new great games or 1 year old games I passed on that ingot to play because of Game Pass.

  47. Corn POP

    Stadia will fail and Google knows this. They knew it before revealing the project. They just don't care. Google literally serves no one but itself. Its yearly ventures into new markets are nothing but a farse to make it seem like a legitimate corporation. Hence why their business decisions seem so disconnected from consumer desires. They simply don't care. It's not their priority. They're a black-budget organization. Nothing more, nothing less.

  48. Number767

    This shit sounds like its right out of China.

  49. Fiwz


  50. skskMethodical

    It's kinda funny how long G2A tried to weasel out of this, it's about damn time they got what was coming to them.

  51. Andy Ward

    I’ve been so impressed by gamepass. I still buy games that I know I want but I’ve gotten to try so many games I would have never bought thanks to gamepass. Xcloud being part of the service pretty much ensures it will succeed.

  52. LunaMane

    "It feels like Stadia already lost". YongYea, I commend you for giving game tech the benefit of the doubt. But the fact is that Google Stadia lost before they were even announced. Just because you're a multi-billion dollar company doesn't mean you can be into everything.

  53. John Doe

    I saw the title of this video and I had that blinking man gif reaction. Ah bethesda, when will you learn.

  54. kippers

    Like this so people can see it. i bought xbox live gold for 3 years and then just paid a one off fee of £1 to change from gold to ultimate which includes pc game pass and xbox game pass

  55. The Dharamundi

    As someone who uses both Xbox and PlayStation. I found game pass to be a useful service as I’ve started to play games that either I wouldn’t of bought or never really considered getting

  56. Chamber20

    Don't have an Xbox how is this different than PSNow?

  57. Kate Black

    PlayStation is way better then xbox game pass so get PlayStation now instead.

  58. Billy Causey

    You pay for the game, you pay for a subscription, you pay for microtransactions, you now pay to unlock stuff. I’m going back to my snes.

  59. skskMethodical

    You know, being in possession of stolen goods and selling them is a crime... Someone could very well make a legal case out of this against G2A. Also, can someone pls inform MxR that he needs to stop promoting literal theives? XD

  60. drunkredninja

    gamepass blows because it requires enabled windows telemetry. most non normie tech people run a stripped down version of windows 10, windows 7 or linux. why get an xbox when a pc is superior? just wish it didn't require a revolving door of windows 10 updates.

  61. FaTe Uzzy

    Sony has and always will have the sales numbers, but Xbox..... Xbox has a large and dedicated fan base. Microsoft doesn’t have to shove their hardware or exclusives down your throat like Sony does. Xbox has a long term and dedicated fan base. It is what it is but even if Microsoft doesn’t have the sales numbers, they flourish off the dedicated fan base that Sony only gets increments of.

  62. Hanzo Main

    you mean *DESTROYED*

  63. Titan

    I don’t have the Xbox game pass, but 100% know that none of the fifa games are on there. Why? Because no one plays the dogshit game that hasnt improved since 2013

  64. Holy Hues

    I use the ultimate pass because it includes gold. Best service ever ngl.

  65. Tyler P

    Xbox figured out gamers like games instead of Kinect and TV shit

  66. Jofe_co

    My only complain about game pass is that the pc client is kinda shitty

  67. LoL Darth Ynot

    Xbox: “I am the SENATE!”

    1. jman7481


  68. MiztarBriteCide

    Microsoft about to hire Yong Yea. Just don't try selling me a vaccine.

  69. Russell Hadden

    I had to purchase a external hard drive just to keep up with the awesome games that comes to Game Pass.

  70. Russell Hadden

    Not to mention that Game Pass is not only a Stadia killer, But I believe that it will kill off GameStop as well.

  71. Jonathan Morgan

    There isn't enough on Xbox to get me to buy a console. I already had a PS4 Pro, Switch and an older PC. I built a higherish end PC about a month ago (3700X & 2070 Super) and learned about the access to XGP. Love the service and the games I want to play real bad (FH4 and MCC) are on there. Glad Microsoft made this decision! Now I basically have all the systems, it's great. And I caught a lot of shit for saying this early on but Stadia was DOA. Not arrival, announcement.

  72. spacemanjupiter

    Game pass and Live is the ultimate game service. It just works, and people want it. MS went from doing everything wrong at the beginning of this gen to doing everything right the past 2 or 3 years. If only their recent 'gameplay' event was better. They are going to pay for that when Sony shows them up next month, but I'm hoping Xbox guns will be blazing come July-August.

  73. Kona Kr33d

    So to boil this video down, The xbox game pass alone makes stadia's existence 100% irrelevant, gg snoogle.

  74. His Holiness Pope Salty I

    I see the problem here . . . You're expecting people in the outrage culture to consider context. If they did that, they'd be out of a job. Context doesn't generate clicks. What do you expect these people to do? Get a real job?

  75. mtndew314

    Things like the game pass is just not something I can get behind. I wanna be able to own my games of if pay. but there isn't really another option for console . but Something like Humble Choice (humble monthly) is a great option on pc. pay and get games at a steep discount, plus a 20% discount their store. and a portion of your money goes to charity. and you get steam key instead of having to use another shitty launcher. . not sponsored, just enjoy the service.

  76. XPpoint

    I got into the xCloud beta, and I have to say it's pretty damn great. My only issue with it at the moment is the delay. I mean, it's better than Stadia at launch, but it's still a bit too much. The future of xCloud is pretty bright.

  77. Ancient Of Days


  78. Maxumilli0n

    Been a GP and GPU holder since both launched. The best thing about this I can save money for actual releases I want to own like RDR2 or save for DLC to buy on games in the service. Second best thing is finding hidden gems I would've never purchased like Frostpunk, Vambrace, Smoke & Sacrifice, Subnautica etc I could go on how many I enjoyed through this service. No other game sub service comes close.

  79. That Japanese Guy

    I hope Xbox keeps doing good, and going strong. If they keep this up, maybe there might be another “Golden Age” for Xbox.

  80. Woot Neorage-X

    Yong if you use auto translate in your videos it puts weird things like 5:20 "world sheep juice eel foil akene nao cancer treatment enthusiasts dont know more boxes"

  81. AndresLionheart

    I just found out that the Game Pass also has regional pricing over here in Argentina. It's a little under half of the US price. I don't have an Xbox so I checked the PC lineup and it has several good games in there. I would like to try it out but I'm busy with other games at this point (which I have to finish before Xenoblade Chronicles DE comes out). I will give this thing a try as soon as I am free.

  82. WHISKEY OPS on PS4

    Stadia destroyed itself day one.

  83. D E V O I D

    Stop simping for Xbox, there is a catch, it's that games get removed from it regularly

  84. Don Pepe

    Minecraft Dungeons comes out tomorrow

  85. Isumaeru 117

    Nvidia now and Xbox killed Stadia, no chance.

  86. anny the humanitarian

    I remember getting an original Xbox solely for playing halo. As a long time Xbox fanboy, I can say that Microsoft has definitely struggled against Sony and Nintendo. Thanks to game pass, I feel like Xbox is finally going in the right direction. Another thing about game pass is that you can buy a game with a 20% discount if you have it. one last point against stadia is that unlike stadia, you're not gonna eat all your data in one sitting.

  87. Isumaeru 117

    Seems Xbox will be the no. 1 starting next gen.

  88. SirBoomerang

    Google should stick to being a search engine

  89. Tj Mussen

    Plus the Game Pass Ultimate, which includes PC ports and your Xbox live subscription. For only $15 a month!

  90. Steven Milare

    I signed up for Gamepass for a month just to try out some games. It's a great concept, probably will keep it up when my income becomes stable again. Stadia though.. never.

  91. Neil Wu

    Interestingly my local news talked about how games' in-store currency could be used to launder illegal money...

  92. John Nemesh

    People are still playing this dumpster fire???

  93. chileanpokemaster

    12:27 "reason" is the exact word. Unfortunetly "game pass" is not for us collectors. We still want our physical games , to put them on a shelf.

  94. kamil khalili

    When Microsoft said Sony and Nintendo is not their competition anymore, this is what they mean.

  95. Iliaan Plays

    at this point i dont even know if i want elders scrolls 6

  96. clawofthefallen

    I remember when they first showed the gameplay behind closed doors and there WERE Haitians in that room and they got ultra hyped. THEN THIS GUY comes along and wanna call it offensive to those who loved it.

  97. KevinGame3

    Why can't Bethesda use the Id tech engine from id software

  98. Ricky pugh

    I mean It’s so great they put the yakuza series in the game pass

  99. Hehaw

    Why the hell is Stadia still a thing? Anyone with even a small amount of brain power realizes it's a total failure

  100. BladeDaRazor

    I need to find the twitter accounts for Stadia stans