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  1. Mohan Thapa magar

    Jaya nepal jaya gorkha

  2. orientaldog

    Why has channel 4 put Trump on the video cover he is not in the it to associate him for the cause of New Yorks problem? Is ch4 part of the fake new brigade?

  3. burim zejnullahu

    Man: It is a man's world Women: world it is nothing without me World: Try me

  4. Ma Sato

    Let's try Waking Dead bgm

  5. Samit Kafle

  6. Glinkling Smearnops

    Concrete sheds. I've seen those for camping sites. For the Roma, it should do very well, Central water, toil, and shower facilities. Easy to build and maintain.

  7. Gamingdragon

    I can't believe people are complaining about a paid stay at home vacation . It's only tough for people not at home .

  8. Natural Druid

    How many have died today from cancer? Bet it's many times more than cv19.. enough with the fear mongering and end this farce. 3000 in hospital in a city of 10,000,000... it's all paranoid delerium. And you don't need more ventilators, you need to give people blood transfusions from survivors.. and cure them directly.

  9. Colin Yuan

    wow, i'm looking closely on UK's "herd immunity" plan, seems your primer minister is sacrificing himself to push the plan

  10. Natural Druid

    7:20 that woman has no clue.. it seems to me.. she has no idea what she's talking about C4.. this is fake news.

  11. Nick Phillips

    I cannot believe how much my life has changed, even knowing it was coming. My family of six went from go go go to stay stay stay. We have each other and love getting outside where we can. We even got a rescue dog.

  12. PHOBIX


  13. Fuad Efendi [2]

    Yes someone has to be above the virus. Is that possible?

  14. Jen .P

    Be interesting to see JRM go to Jess Phillips constituency and see how well he comes across there.

  15. Bill Stephens

    R.I.P. kobe and the Gaye that fell.🤕😬😰😱😵👉👈

  16. Goodgirldogoodtingz freak

    Lock him up

  17. Jolliebearfor Christ


  18. Joe Jr

    Why in the world was this video recommend for me?? I only watch crypto currency videos and penguins

  19. Natural Druid

    To test everyone in the Uk will take 128 yrs at the current testing rate. We need to be testing 2-3 million per day.. not 25k per day or 10k or 2k.. the latter which is the current number. This farce needs to end.. even if 20k die.. it'll be substantially less than those who die from cancer every year.. Cv19 was an exercise in crowd control over people.. nothing to do with a virus.

  20. Justin Smith

    Learn a language? How long is this lockdown going to be? I can barely speak Spanish after 4 years lol

  21. eberhard maus

    He is a terrorist and should be handed over to the syrian government for sentencing.

  22. Susantha Bandara

    dam-it chanel 4

  23. Jokapeti Vula

    Rest in Peace Dr Li Weiliang may Our Lord Jesus Christ bring peace at your home.

  24. E.L Wisty

    Lots of empty beds and more medical personnel than patients in their new hospital.

  25. jg 1992

    While the US govt was enjoying that random dropping of bombs in the middle east , I wonder if they did realize that karma was already on its way ready to do a job without an explosion.

  26. Emmanuel Goldstein

    Watch North Korea have the #1 economy when this is over.

  27. HollyNihon

    Don't imitate what S. Korea is doing. Learn from Japan, the only super advanced nation in the world.

  28. Tony B

    Thats great, we should do that to everyone. Should have sniped them.

  29. mark tony lindo

    WHAT a strange man


    Where is Turkey-İstanbul ????????

  31. Mehmet Adanır

    High degree body &enviroment temperatures can kill Coronavirus.Thats why pozitive people have fever and South coountries which are now in Summer have few number of cases. We should increase our body temperature for short periods and always have Summer conditions in our rooms Coronavirus behave such as influenza virus which die and disappear in summers

  32. Luke A

    They haven't been transparent. They lied. The BBC needs to go. So so biased.

  33. HollyNihon

    S. Korea (pop 51 mil) has 162 Corona virus deaths. Japan (pop 126 mil) has 66 Corona virus deaths. S. Korea's Corona virus death rate is 6.064 times higher than Japan's. Compared with Japan, S. Korea's situation is a disaster.

  34. Maiva La

    Listen to his words not judge his credibility based on his appearance. This is why humanity is stupid. We don’t listen to the content of speech were extremely superficial distracted things


    Honestly no matter where you are it’s happening on all four concerns of the world

  36. Maiva La

    Enter generation z triggered children who love social media (I’m in gen z)

  37. precious j

    Terribly sad. He SELFISHLY and VOLUNTARILY gave up on his parents, people and country, unfortunately his the people and country are not as FORGETFUL and FORGIVING as his parents are and it REMAINS selfish of him and his parents to expect the people he turned his back to to come to the rescue

  38. Eusoff Abu Samah

    What happened to the wildlife at huanan wet market after it was closed down?

  39. Vincent Sabatini

    Perhaps you should have been better parents

  40. C H

    MASKS , KOREANS wore MASKS ; You Need To Listen To This Leading COVID-19 Expert From South Korea

  41. Chris Rockwell

    Why is the name so long?

  42. GaslitWorld f. Melissa B

    The English fellow actually fits the physical German ideal: blonde, blue eyed, young, healthy and handsome, even more so than the German soldier. Life's tricky. (Of course, I know that many English have German ancestry as their name suggests Anglo from which we derive the word English.

  43. K O

    This guy gets so defensive. He has no respect for woman either. He should be stopped from making movies. He is part of the reason for violence in the world. His arrogance is out of control. He is what's wrong with men.


    no need religions ,only need Science !

  45. M/M M/M

    So super cool of you to invite us, the whole world, into your home and to introduce us to your grandmother and your mother. Seeing you and listening to you speak shows us that we're all, no matter where we're from, basically the same, we just want to be healthy and happy! I'm praying for you, for your family, and for your country, God Bless from the USA! 😃 ❤️ 🙏 🇺🇸

  46. ratna palupi

    It's all coronavirus from Cina

  47. Cyka Blyat

    This is like what happened after when Thanos snaps his fingers.

  48. Lee Willcox

    Q: The Coronavirus conspiracy: Is there a coverup in China ? Answer: YES ! Doh ! Trump "We will have the best death tolls in the history of death tolls. More people will die than ever before, more than ever before. And we have the best mortuaries in the world to look after the dead. No one in the history of the dead has looked after the dead as great as America. We are making new mortuaries, at a great time, more mortuaries than has ever been made before and as fast. We have the best mortuaries in history. We are building the best mortuaries now. People do not know that in the past there were no mortuaries, now we have the best ones and we will keep making them faster than anyone has done before. We are making America great again."

  49. Paul The Merciful

    Dont worry Boris has a grip of this crisis.. he is and expert on how this virus transmits from person to person.

  50. ThatDumbass

    Oh the innocent time of last month

  51. quantum entanglement

    If the population are disciplined, actually it’s not difficult to control the spreading

  52. USA Rugby League Fan

    I didn't read anything in this about Orange Man Bad. Did I miss something?

  53. Scott Lonsdale

    Can't beleive it. In the past they have always said we are prepared for any situation no matter what and when it comes to it, they are not at all. They should have

  54. guyranting

    This fuckin idiot is even dumber than trump

  55. bill li

    Sadly my country (Canada) was stupid enough to take back Khadr and even giving him over 10 million dollars compensation. That was my biggest disappointment in Canada.

  56. S StevenSuperbike

    The 2 Russian spies left themselves wide open as decorated Russian gru... everyone knows when you visit a cathedral you come back with a tea towel or sparkly pens and rubbers from gift shop

  57. A B

    Playback speed @ 1.5 🤯

  58. Radical Rainbow

    Trump is f*cking this up,I’m not surprised

  59. Neofolis

    So the people seeing the patients most likely to have COVID-19 were all sat right next to each other with no PPE waving at the camera. I'm not convinced that's the way anyone should be doing it. It's fine to not be wearing the PPE when they are not with patients, but not if they are all sat right next to each other. To make it worse, it looked like they were on a break or something eating and drinking, so putting their hands to their faces, while all sat right next to each other. Good plan.

  60. Ursula Widawska

    It is highly LIKELY that the UK created the coronavirus in Salisbury and the US planted it in Wuhan China The Americans also used poisoning gas in Syria. The greatest criminals and KILLERS are the US and UK! Countess Ursula Widawska

  61. bill li

    Bravo, every country should do the same and revoke citizenship of people who chose to leave and join a terrorist organization. It is a no brainer these people deserve what they get.

  62. Rainy J


  63. Philip Ting

    Look at the PPE Chinese doctors and nurses wear. Initially, many of them were infected and some died because they did not use the PPE.

  64. Absolute Longplay

    What China did is an act of war and it needs to be punished.

  65. Sarah Seabrook

    What are the reasons your son did WHAT he did, is the bigger question. And if he is being tortured so be it!

  66. Facepalm Fauci

    The moment you realise North Korea has more accurate media than our own. Wow, have things changed over a month.

  67. Robert James

    You seem to have forgotten to mention the really young girls 9-10-11 who are sold over and over again as "virgins". How these girls are trained to act as virgins, to fight and to cry over and over so that the customer is completely fooled till the size of their breast give them away.

  68. M G

    America.. please think twice before the next election. 😩

  69. English for You

    Looks more beautiful like this

  70. SirenOfMorning13

    My high school history teacher was born in this town. He said that children born in Wales often had their birth town as their middle name. Guess what his was. 😬

  71. DZ DZ


  72. m m

    I enjoy watching him family suffering

  73. isaac chipparis

    Always be remembered 2020

  74. Mr Potato

    Hey trump... where is your army? Nuclear weapons? Who can help you now.... hhahaha USA ARE DYING... LOVE TO SEE THAT 😘🌹👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  75. Vlad Armstrong

    Play at 0.25 speed and listen the difference. Not sure about nailing that but anyway whoever made up this "name" was having a lot of mental issues.

  76. Bro. Chronicles

    You want 8 years to undo 400+ years of slavery, stop being unrealistic! It takes way more undoing if ever. This country is founded upon racism and slavery. Don’t blame one person

  77. Andrew C

    Why? I think I know why. People who go to university and sit medical exams and the like, have to write essays, and the clueless have fooled the examiner with waffle, such as stating the bleedin' obvious. These useless idiots who never read the books have gone on to develop highly paid careers out of this skill in the NHS, and now we can see what they are like through TV interviews. I see the one above is doing the hand-waving routine. It's another NHS skill practised by the manageress. Wave your hands more and the reagent will arrive.

  78. Tycoon Tchung

    Please wear masks!

  79. Archie Boy

    If you wrestle with a chimney sweep you’re going to get mucky.... simple as that. Jack and his dad both need knocking out

  80. Tony Yu

    I can’t wait till Boris Johnson privatizes Channel 4 - a pile of human waste.

  81. ayana bourseaux

    my great grandpas brother died from ww2 also he was the doctor and soldier and he died from an explosion in a train :/

  82. Magnus Soevgaard

    Disgusting for Coumo who is sitting on 4000 respirators to blame President Trump for his stupidity.

  83. 123

    Apocalyptic scenes

  84. ttv.blurryface

    He is speaking the language of the gods

  85. GabbyMo

    Oh c’mon they don’t even feel it when they die, stop being dramatic.

  86. GEORGE A

    When I see this, I remember the game "the division". Some people here won't know what I mean, but gamers do know what I mean.

  87. Pamela Grosvenor-Murray

    Give hospital workers proper PPE or else many will quit when we need them most

  88. queen africa

    Does anyone know what happen to his case

  89. Drew Peacock

    This virus is just being used to cover up the banksters crimes, global depression, forced vaccination, NWO, brave new world. You know the score.

  90. sharan50000

    Heart breaking- apologies for the spelling mistake earlier

  91. Rob old dog new tricks

    This presenter is a nob and a serious downfall for channel 4

  92. sharan50000

    Heat breaking

  93. Sizzling Grill

    The government was like: what should we name this place Person starts firing broken machine gun

  94. Canadian Neo-Frontiersmen

    What a oxymoron...completely irresponsible....

  95. Jerry Rogersome

    I'm confused. Why not execute him?

  96. GEORGE A

    I think we all got a wake up call to reality. We should allow the earth continue to heal itself from the pollution we created. In a way I am happy this happened, because we needed a fresh start in life and we all need to change our habits. Let's start today. We need change.

  97. Nspnspker

    Americans incoming and praising a dictatorship because of how bad their own news reporting is and because they wrongly assume this must be the same in every western country.

  98. Amara Evelyn

    USA : We're always dominating

  99. R. W.

    hang the fucker

  100. nebojsa borkovich

    Hope this MF'er gags and that finger drops off.