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  1. samarth Math

    Please don't introduce new characters.....



  3. Travis Wallace

    Damn, y’all had all of lockdown to release this...

  4. Nelson Torres

    Amo los gritos de la millie



  6. Kafkasyali

    the series does not show the occupation of palestine; Why are the Palestinians fighting? what makes people angry? What would you do if your brother and your family were killed?

  7. candela cueto

    I am only excited for fuller house and Alexa and Katie

  8. Nandana H Kumar

    I should be happy that this confusing series is ending. Why am I sad now? !!!

  9. MrsTuppence

    Uncle netflix, this is one of your best series, is gold. I'm so ready for June 27.

  10. Ivan Andres Gomez Bernal

    Netflix when season 4 comes out of 3%

  11. Anuj Murmu

    With English language, you actually need to know/see the word in order to spell it correctly.

  12. Yasar Beg

    Guys this series is it worth watching??

  13. Blurr


  14. ranjan shishu

    After watching this series, every other tv series is childish to me✋

  15. Nikki Power

    Who had black slaves that he sold for half the price as non black slaves?Who said the devil looks like a black man? Can you guys guess? Hint: it is the same man

  16. Onkar More

    TENET trailer and now this My mind is pretty messed up right now

  17. Gilbert Meng

    Oh god. Finally WE NEED THIS

  18. Robert Downey Jr.


  19. Ivan Andres Gomez Bernal

    Netflix when season 4 comes out of 3%

  20. bleidejj

    poha é essa o negao la beijando a casada do baki e serio???

  21. Maliha Razi

    If it does we I really really really don’t want it to end

  22. Anuj Murmu

    All these information from the trailer, clues from the directors insta still we couldn't figure out shit!

  23. Tiago

    Imagine when this cycle is over, there is an infinite number of cycles taking place in infinite parallel universes. And they are all connected, so to start one of these cycles in another universe, a cycle must end. So Jonas is the key to make this happen, he is the one who ends the cycle and his arrival in another universe will start a new cycle. Martha is also important because she is the one who has the ability to move between universe. I'm just saying, it would be nice.

  24. Vanda Topolska

    I’m top comment for no reason

  25. devansh tanwar

    Why is martha wearing Jonah's jacket??

  26. Being Honest

    All I saw was no new horror ....

  27. --

    This is porno acting

  28. Saphire Vera

    I don't even remember what happened in season 1&2

  29. Amanda Ngema

    You guys need to make more episodes,I have finished watching the whole season and I enjoyed it,I wanted more nje

  30. EJM3

    For those who discovered this show on their own and saw it the day it released, you are a part of my family, I love you guys. And everyone else who saw this from a recommendation... you're welcome!

  31. 傭兵Cloud

    I just grow some chest hair after seeing this!!

  32. • mtholen •

    I loved this!! it was so fun!! awesome actors! 😂

  33. R Gibson

    This show 9 too hot) is the epitome of what i loathe about this world. Especially now that we are going through this nightmare. They are all so redick.

  34. Google Viewer

    nolan : dream inside a dream inside a dream dark : present hidden in future created by past and destroy in present ...a realm connect with another realm.the begining is the end and the end is the begining. nolan : I wants to know your location mother*******....

  35. RaZmataZ

    and season 3?

  36. Caroline Naluca

    Can we get season 2 already,I enjoyed myself watching season 1 and please can the episodes in season 2 be alot not 6

  37. Jonathan Stroud


  38. Sahil Arora

    0:40 hukumkapata

  39. Johnny MacLeod

    ok, soooo... WTF?

  40. Tech For Geeks

    Stranger Things 4 Plz

  41. Nelson Torres

    Amo los gritos de milllie

  42. Mikayleeツ

    Yesss!!! The help!!!

  43. professor C

    Obama ain't our ppls he's not a negro decent go look it up.

  44. Virgo jo6

    I want family guy back on Netflix

  45. Flip Flop

    Because men work more, and don’t take as much sick days and holidays and take more shifts. There are bonus’s for those who take a less than an amount of holidays and sick days. The only reason they making nothing is because they do almost nothing. Those girls couldn’t have imagined engineers, WTF are they talking about after WW2 there nothing but woman engineers. These explained episodes sound like an episode from AOC Vox. Being an mother is not a job, it is human nature. If a woman is losing money while pregnant it is because woman can’t work while being pregnant and a year after being pregnant which is by the doctor saying you work while going through this time you could get a stroke, so they shouldn’t be counting that as work, when they are not supposed to work.

  46. Sofia Kephart

    fullest house


    “WHO ELSE IS STUCK AT HOME BECAUSE OF CORONAVIRUS?”🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️ ( ɪ’ᴍ ɢɪ𝙵ᴛɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ 𝘚ᴜʙ𝘚 ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ )💟

  48. Chris P. Baken

    can you guy do a real housewives edition?

  49. Genesis Qui

    Remake movie.... Still I'll watch for Jennifer...

  50. Kevin Adrianus Engel

    The orangutan piece had brought me to tears. What a deep message they have delivered to us, that we, human, are the beast. 🦧

  51. Shrikant Kamble

    I’m waiting of professor die

  52. Yasmin Yasim

    That homeless man pretending to be all deep and interesting, as if he wasn’t on Americas Next Top Model a few years back 😂

  53. Siddharth borman

    Best comment section ever😂😂

  54. Sanskaar Patni

    Good.. But what's the use?

  55. Jennifer Reyes

    Deberían ir pensando en una segunda temporada pronto.

  56. Avinash Kumar Singh

    Is it a giant crossover no one asked for?

  57. Rosemarie Rodriguez


  58. Onkar More

    This series should also get same recognition as Money Heist and Stranger Things This is freaking masterpiece

  59. Damani Mcnish

    Will this be in English for the 3rd season?

  60. Alex Burnashev

    Why Netflix originals are so trashy?

  61. Ophelia Sadie

    We get like one shot of Paris, Logan and Lane. Those characters were important! Especially Paris, man.

  62. Tenzin Tsekyi

    I like mike ❤️

  63. amanda barros

    OMG they look absolutely BEAUTIFUL

  64. K9

    It’s been a while year!!!!! WHERE IS SEASON 2

  65. Sterling P

    All I want this season is more Sheri and less Ani...a whole lot less Ani

  66. yorby david

    George LOPEZZZZZ

  67. Aliens Hate Humans

    All World:- Coronavirus Indian Colleges:- Submit your assignment till you are alive

  68. Holographic Citizen

    The three new ppl in the trailer are the same person in the show, but who is it?. It has to be someone from the old photograph of sic mundus. Thoughts on who y'all think it might be.

  69. A Jellyfish


  70. A Ella P

    This show has been frustratingly the death of me with the TOO MANY FOOKIN NAMES TO REMEMBER AND TOO MANY CLONES but i still am pretty damn excited for this so YAAAAAAAAAASSSS

  71. Moleboge Mokgosi

    Katya has beautiful teeth

  72. vikram kumar

    Indian's 😎😎😎

  73. tiana molala

    So proud if SA 😭

  74. Haniel Mez

    I immediately thought of Akeelah and the bee

  75. Justin Stone

    Best show ever

  76. Benjamin Scordamaglia

    Well only if it was up now

  77. Harish Shan

    Trending 2 in Tamilnadu 😍😍

  78. Nikki Power

    This show seems to be racist. I haven't seen it but i've seen a few trailers and in one scene one of those women say she doesn't like white people because of black slavery. Well what about white slavery. No one talks about that. Ever.

  79. Sean Donatello

    Wow, the parallels featured throughout this teaser are jaw dropping. I’m assuming Martha is the Jonah of her alternative universe.

  80. Hotdog

    The resemblance between the actors counterparts is perfect

  81. Sterling P

    Hannah did it

  82. Chanel’s Angel

    Is this ever coming out its been three years

  83. afrin muhammed

    There will be no way to fix the cycle insted of letting it happen as the same every time. if this is the ending then i hate dark

  84. aruinlav


  85. R M

    I love Star Trek discovery. But I don’t like this awful trailer.

  86. Josephi Krakowski

    I read the manga, and I absolutely cannot wait to watch Jack Hanma Vs Mohammad Ali

  87. Priyanka Parajulee

    Who didn't understand the trailer?😂😂

  88. Shruti G

    People have negative attitudes for spellers or their parents but if a child puts in same amount of time in football, basketball, or any other sports, these same people would admire the person or their parents' dedication. And for all those who think it is parents forcing, try forcing your child to do anything day in and day out. Has it worked for you? NO.. I admire these amazing families. I could never put in that kind of effort even if my kids were that talented because I am lazy that way, I guess.

  89. deba_singha

    Just waiting for it..

  90. Abhayjyoti Nath

    Half of them are indians damn man. My parents also want me to spell every word fluently

  91. Rashune Knight

    So it's just like the good doctor except it's not about a doctor

  92. Berechet Ionut

    A great show, to bad is underrated.

  93. Mickey A

    The best show on Netflix

  94. Hadyn Hughes

    I really wish Fuller House wasn’t ending :(

  95. Yoga Love

    Damn Netflix, what’s going wrong 🤯🤯🤯

  96. Sharas Adrianna

    netflix be planting seeds of good actors and now is harvesting it

  97. Nicole Vieira

    I thought season 3 was the final season

  98. dini sidampoy

    season 3 please