If you want to see videos with 'KSI', 'my girlfriend' and 'the Sidemen' in titles, you've come to the right place!

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  1. Jake Ashurst

    Harry scared me

  2. Innocent Cat


  3. random uploads

    when KSI said he wants Maltesers without the Chocolate I didn't think of using a microwave

  4. xblad3 221

    Wait till DEJI finds out that Denis the menace had a slingshot

  5. ItsML_GamingYT,Roblox & More

    JJ literally aint scared on fighting But 4:29 he nearly cried cuz an egg got in his eye 👁 HAHAHA JJ:AHHH ITS IN MY EYE AH ITS IN MY EYEE!

  6. Liv Xoxo

    Love how happy JJ is

  7. Alpha_ AM-KILLZ

    Somehow deji made an Eminem line sound bad idk how

  8. Matty Meirkat11

    3:25 great save 3:30 this goalie is terrible

  9. Matty Meirkat11

    2:45 mintergasm

  10. matthew hill

    Ksi's parents were right he used Simon uses him look at the thumbnail and title

  11. YA YEET!!


  12. Twild123

    We want moreeeee! (1 word interview

  13. • YåømiAñgėl •

    ℐ𝒻 𝓎ℴ𝓊 𝒽𝒶𝓉ℯ 𝒟ℯ𝒿𝒾 𝓎ℴ𝓊 𝒽𝒶𝓉ℯ 𝒥𝒥 🇴 🇲 🇬 !

  14. Jackywacky Doodah

    You should do a video where you spin the wheel and whatever it lands on you have to do.

  15. Jackywacky Doodah

    You should do a video where you spin the wheel and whatever it lands on you have to do.

  16. JackBianchi ._.

    James: I’ll bet on your fight gib! Four months later James: ahhh

  17. Jgill 369

    well done

  18. Sa625sha _

    The Best beer is in Bavaria

  19. kirk Hammett

    More videos with manny

  20. Max McGoldrick

    They both have the corona virus

  21. W1LL1AMPA1N

    why is this in my recommeded now?

  22. Oliver Campbell

    Who else is Australian and got so mad about simon not understanding the slange

  23. the Aeson

    2020 still waiting......

  24. Theminioreos

    Miniminter is the best i have taken some of his advice in his videos and he has made me come out of my comfort zone i am due to drop my next video in exactly 24 hours and i would love some support and subscribers. thank you so much Miniminter

  25. Bloke Jr

    I think Harry should do TikTok His dark humor would kill🤣

  26. santoryuuzoro

    Can we have 2014 miniminter content again

  27. Will San

    1:28 it is michael keane


    DA FUQ

  29. Arcticlion YT!!!

    9:27 dudes dying in roblox

  30. Atlantic 31

    Miniminter freestyle is fire🔥🔥🔥

  31. eristdummsowiedu

    Still one of the best videos

  32. Skrebz

    And ksi has lived with 8 assholes since

  33. Skrebz

    Simon was right Harry will and did rip him a new asshole for exposing things

  34. blooberiee

    4 19 what is that music

  35. XXLS K1NG


  36. Holly Marie

    I miss thisss

  37. Wes Hoolahan

    I refuse to believe that one large dominos pizza is 3800 calories.

  38. Kenal68

    Who disliked the video because they say Karius? 😂

  39. hayden horstman

    Sidemen tik tok

  40. Atlantic 31

    5:20 RIP Vik at the back

  41. Herahum  Rafeu

    One of the most genuine and fun friend group imo.

  42. Joel Rincon

    2022 anyone

  43. Alex King

    Look at KSI FACE 😂😂

  44. TBornBoss -

    I just realized this was making fun of Morgz lmao

  45. The Atrocious Disaster

    rip will

  46. Gerard nolan

    This is my favourite video by Simon

  47. Empire

    this is one of my favorite sidemen videos

  48. Rangers 1872

    anyone here on pancake day

  49. Lorcan

    At 2:0 talia looks at him loks again and licks her lips simon watch ur girl

  50. Mushe Brain


    1. A.S.H

      Maybe just maybe you should read the description

  51. Devastator Doom

    Who here misses The Sidemen House 2020

  52. Sam Gallagher

    Should of asked "are you a golddigger" she would of said no and she would of got a shock 🤦‍♂️

  53. Brody

    Isn’t it normally 2 truths one lie? May be wrong, but I thought it was the other way around

  54. rougeketchup 702

    randolph won

  55. Bambi Louise

    Aw harry looks so cute here🥺😂😂

  56. Horus Avenger

    The disrespect to Burnley lol

  57. iron man

    Does anyone know what taz did with the money

  58. Jack Davison

    Fly to gurnsey and be Harry’s sisters assistant for 24 hrs

  59. DurjanKop

    What did people get on their pancakes today?

  60. Rowan Moir


  61. Sam Maley

    Rest in Peace Kobe

  62. Findlay Bennett

    Why on earth os this comment section 2,01 5,33 and tons of them

  63. Zacherry

    Rip Kong tho

  64. RossYT 83

    anyone get this on recommended today?

  65. Idk lol

    “i’m never working with disney” 😂

  66. Scarlett Ashton

    i’m 13 and i found most of these dirty 😂

  67. Jameson Bowen

    Ksi saying where you at bro , sidemen taking the shots idfk bro

  68. Leo Bond

    damn,ethan was so fucking fat

  69. 1111 subscriber with 1 stupid video

    *Kick?!!* You're a boxer

  70. Lavy Num2

    hello people fans or whatever pet

  71. jade

    9:42 did not age welllllll

  72. Tahlia marten

    Omg someone finally has the same name as meeeeee x

  73. The Real Harlz

    7:59 smaller than Donald trumps it was halarious

  74. Nathan Hayne

    Can you do a video with Nick and your other brother vs Tobi,Manny and Jed

  75. Aleisha Robinson

    5 shirts could stop KSI

  76. Daire Walsh

    One of Simon's goals went in and dosent counted

  77. Dogstero po-op

    Be the assistant of you're assistant

  78. sam football

    Who else is watching this in 2020 on pancake day. coz I am

  79. Anay Gandhi

    where is vik

  80. Jo Yeates

    Where is hey again it’s me

  81. Paulo Pires

    22 gays you said to ethan

  82. ejaz79en

    0:38 Ethan's laugh and he said. Mummy

  83. Raixx

    *i want juice*

  84. James Stirland

    It just seems a little staged.

    1. A.S.H


  85. Lux 60hz

    Fold fold fold

  86. John Arthur

    Why did they have a zebra mask in their fridge tho🥴

  87. Theo Le Tissier

    I’m a man united fan but the guards are little penises and don’t let you anywhere

  88. karen wren


  89. YouTube Hacker Hacker


  90. Random Opinion

    Roadman frozen 😂😂😂

  91. First name Last name

    For all the English ppl out there “Who is smarter than a year 6?”

  92. kitkat kit kat

    I was just thinking what was going through jays mind during the

  93. Ronan Oneill_

    5:59 simon b spittin bars

  94. Yt_Operator

    I need to see the full trampoline video

  95. RainyM808

    Now I edited this comment so no one can see what I said HA GOt EM.

  96. Can this woMAN GET 50 subscribers with no videos ?

    Who watching on pancake day 2020?

  97. cherubi

    I've watched this video so many times but I still love it And at 7:07 if you watch Bones' hand with the signed card you can see him switch it with another card

  98. Mariii A

    I’m sick of nerds Wait Wait Wait Is that all the nerds he got me? Nerds are peng though

  99. Mariii A

    I’m sick of nerds Wait Wait Wait Is that all the nerds he got me? Nerds are peng though

  100. Kevin

    Who else is watching this on pancake day or 2020?

    1. Can this woMAN GET 50 subscribers with no videos ?

      Kevin meeee I was about to comment this