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  1. Tapiwa Muza

    "This is what would've happened if he didn't become a millionaire" 🤣🤣🤣...

  2. Jesus here

    That girl is ugly as fuck

  3. Thomas Thor

    you guys have to check out Towtrucker

  4. YoutubeAccount

    Holy Fuck The Conor part of the video was fuckin hilarious ! HAHAHA !

  5. Elizabeth Gilbert

    What’s going on with The Kick Off? It’s been 4 weeks since the last upload.

  6. my G

    First time i seen Laurence laugh so hard

  7. Amanda Anderson

    What does it matter if we are offended you don't read the comments anyway.

  8. David Goblins

    "I've been playing for months now" *game starts off with tutorial arrows and basic heroes* XD

  9. Sketchorama

    You guys need to go back to titling these videos as "True News". I almost didnt click on the video.

  10. Nick Marchak

    I literally despise raid ads but I love Brian and Lawrence so much I hit the link bc I knew it would support the boys. I recommend others do the same

  11. Arthur Fleck

    Lol..... Grinner is the shittest champion EVER!!!!! Honestly, you will sacrifice him within 3 nanoseconds of using him - he is dogshite!!! Fortunately, you cut off his head and put his juju/mana or whatever towards raising one of the better champion's level up by 0.00000000000000000001%.... So join the game - cut Grinner's head off - then play the game 24/7 for 18 months before realizing you have wasted a part of your life you will never get back!!!!!!

  12. Lenz

    Lol I downloaded that game for y’all, and god damn its addictive

  13. kassi420

    Retired? Not according to Lana Rhodes SnapChat...

  14. Lettuce Season

    3:00 min raid shadow legends come on now

  15. Nicholas Palandra

    This is the best fuckin podcast I've heard in a while

  16. Mika

    on the stella lad bloooody hell

  17. Lucas Strezos

    Brian’s a simp

  18. Sam Dunn

    Am I the only one who when The Legend Himself, The Food Reviewer, even comes on if I’m looking at my phone I instantly begin singing the intro too?

  19. Colin Hamm

    5:11 has me crying fuck me im in tears with the laughter funny cunts, keep up the good work from DUBLIN IRELAND

  20. Ethan Shrapnel

    19:30 have you not seen "The Joker?"

  21. Zak

    Longest 3 minutes of my life

  22. Angel

    Conor is such a cheap dude ☹️☹️☹️

  23. Jonathon Snow

    The woman cleaning the house quote from Brian was spot on

  24. Your Dad

    This guy fucking triggered all the feminists 😂

  25. gunnerslane

    what a bunch of wankers including you 2 iv seen it all now lmfao

  26. Callum Kenny

    Purely judging the poor girl on her looks Geordie. Absolutely disgusting from you! How do you know she doesn’t bring other things to the table? Like good deals on crack or some nawty garage bars when the speaker dies

  27. Ho Hohoho

    Talks about domestic abuse. *DRINKING STELLA*

  28. Leo Romero

    The intro was the hole fucking point haha

  29. Jeffrey Goodman

    The last few minutes were a reaction video to a cowboy cookie monster kid. That’s hilarious, and it was hilarious. 😂

  30. Tommy Taylor

    Why would you cheat on *LANA* fucking *RHOADES* for fuck sake man!

  31. Anthony scott

    Obviously its not conor wrong colour beard , not full tattoo , no collyflower ear , this guy has receding hairline and who just stays still with music blasting😴

  32. TheDeanAhern

    The worst Dublin accent ever😂😂😂😂

  33. Anthony scott

    Major Lawsuit coming for defamation of character people having to sell there house to pay for lawyer and Lawsuit 😵

  34. Artisbishop Of twatbury

    True geordie id love to see a video on what you think ab love island and whether you think it should carry on and also about the 3 love island people who have died to suicide .... want to see your view and maybe even go into detail ab each individual person

  35. Josh Smith

    When you have an android and it doesn't allow you to click the link to Google play store

  36. Edward Bird

    Before anyone says it and lets them being offended be a reason to shame Brian and Loz, there IS a difference between the Sun doing an article on the child show guy calling him a serial killer, and True News featuring a five minute section where they call the child show guy a serial killer. True News is a show where they take the piss, and Brian and Loz are both pisstakers and you know not to take their words seriously, there is lore than enough context to suggest and reinforce the idea that they’re are joking. Whereas if the Sun did an article calling him a serial killer, there is no context whatsoever to suggest they’re joking and people will take it as gospel. Minutes before that section Brian was joking about stereotypical and “ideal” female values ffs. They even JOKE and glance over the Phillip Schofield situation, because it’s not they’re real views and they’re obviously joking.

  37. Zsht

    I only watch this channel for the Raid Shadow Legends adverts

  38. Dave Kennedy

    I usually find it funny when you laugh at Food Reviewer etc, usually because you point out some of their charm and good qualities while also pointing out the ridiculous. However, the kids stars segment of this made me uncomfortable. Nothing but constant digs at a vulnerable guy who clearly has some mental issues. Maybe you need another opinion before you upload some of these..

  39. Evan Farrelly

    Trust me no one in crumlin talks like that 😭😭

  40. PLH Soccer

    That’s not Conor 😂😂

  41. XR7_ NV3

    Why the fascination with mcgregor? He’s really not that interesting, not at all. Also, watching a lot of fights on the tv does not make you a fight professional.

  42. Kyle Cassidy

    Conor went from Rita Ora to Body Oder🤣

  43. Dinesh WXI

    Wow mike is an idiot😂

  44. Oh Yeah Yeah

    come to skate park after school al slap your fat little head all over the shop

  45. Oh Yeah Yeah

    pure werewolf

  46. Oh Yeah Yeah

    pure hairmonster

  47. Oh Yeah Yeah

    you look like a hairy guy

  48. Oh Yeah Yeah

    al strike you

  49. Oh Yeah Yeah

    you're a knob you pure fat boy

  50. Cameron Vance

    Should really edit out with that guy doing the kids entertaining thing... whilst I generally enjoy bit of banter. Think he might have an issue and giving expousure to the channel might not be the best thing to do... Might have some kind of mental issue...

  51. Jack Scully

    Great vid

  52. br1234

    Really need to title this True News, almost didn’t click

  53. A Ghetto Christmas Carol

    All jokes aside. Raid shadow legends is dogshit. Awful game.

  54. Jay Bruce

    “Sorry, if expecting to clean houses is old school then consider me fucking pre war” 😂👏

  55. Mohamad life

    I wonder how many accents Lawrence knows how to imitate

  56. chen Wang

    check his left trap in the comparison, theres no wing coming off the spiral thing going up the neck

  57. chen Wang

    the tattoos dont match up

  58. GMG News

    I love these guys but let's be fair t. I don't play the game neither do we were here for the bids not the adds lol

  59. Q is legit. Don't trust the media.

    That pornstar is a 5 tops, especially without makeup and taking her lifestyle into account 🤣

  60. Q is legit. Don't trust the media.

    I'd stuff a pornstar...but the bitch would never meet my mom or ever eat a meal I pay for

  61. Q is legit. Don't trust the media. guys are gonna make the girl kill herself. Lol

  62. Massi823

    did connor actually cheat?? or is it just a joke? please some1 tell me

  63. andy lambert

    Great to see you two lads back tbh...........

  64. Matthew Dillon

    Jaysis Lawrence that was not funny when you were trying to make a joke about Crumlin, one of the worst places in the country

  65. Blue

    Why is everything about sex, looks and money with these two its hard to watch tbh. It's like listening to two under developed, small minded teenagers who just found out about porn.

  66. Kingy

    Geordie talking about not hitting women but drinking a can of Stella has completely threw me off

  67. Jxyy FN

    Jonny needs sectioning

  68. Alex

    I think I know were Madeline McCann is Johnny has her

  69. Devin

    Cmmon fam slow tai is awesome the dude has a classic album under his belt already, am surprised tbh dude is usually chill as 🤷🏻‍♂️

    1. Jack Jones

      Devin shut up

  70. Kristian Løvstad

    No one; Laurence: Cover your eyes children, Daddy's masturbating

  71. Mr Big D*ck

    Jesus Christ that’s the 2 worse Americans voices i have ever heard in my life it actually hurt

  72. X Emma X

    Maybe a little less booze next time

  73. Just a hot dog

    Ok so in this video, Brian and Lawrence have managed to: 1. Shamelessly promote a shitty unethical mobile app. 2. Body shame some random woman 3. Slut shame some other random woman 4. Laugh at and criticise some harmless you tuber for having a developmental disability

  74. Josh Ramsaywack

    nah dont like this, you guys need to realise that you could ruin this guys mental health instantly by featuring him...

    1. Jack Jones

      Josh Ramsaywack snowflake

  75. Emily Salinas

    Ahhh one of the episodes where Geordie talks about a woman’s job being to clean the house 😴

    1. Jack Jones

      Emily Salinas spot on

  76. Fitz Empire

    19:08 😂😂😂😂 crusty the clown

  77. Colman96

    Sometimes True Geordie tries far to hard to be funny & it’s just doesn’t work, sorry.. not sorry Brian ya big creepy jobbie😂👀

    1. Jack Jones

      Colman96 fuck you

  78. Caitlin K

    i usually really like your videos, but i feel the comments made about the "kids stars" man were just uncalled for and unnecessary. he seems like a sweet guy who isn't doing any harm to anyone. you have a very big audience and to mock a clearly vulnerable person so publically is a really careless thing to do, this could have a massive effect on him.

    1. Caitlin K

      Kids Stars you're welcome, i'm so sorry that you've had to deal with this. you seem like a lovely person and i really hope this doesn't get you too down. i'm glad that your friends are sticking up for you. just know that you didn't deserve this, please keep doing what you enjoy.

    2. Kids Stars

      Caitlin K thank you for your kind comments. All of my friends who know me would tell you I would never ever harm or speak bad of anybody! I suffer with autism but I don’t let it get me down and I haven’t watched this video but I’ve shared with friends and they’re not happy / Johnny

  79. ChloeCarey1

    If that’s true that McGregor it’s so sad poor dee I honestly thought they were such a good couple it’s awful

    1. Jack Jones

      ChloeCarey1 awful

  80. ColinCurran

    1.8m subs and you've just called a guy a "serial killer in the making" after reading out his channel name. A guy who potentially has some kind of disability. Hopefully you have caused any issues for them.

    1. Frank.D

      Let's be honest he does seem like a serial killer

  81. rispagulji

    The way yous are talking about the woman with mcgregor is very disrespectful, imagine how she’d feel if she watched this

  82. Code Crawford

    Watch the pizza reviewer

  83. Use code Cheese

    he puts his money where his mouth is and his mouth is normally in the kitchen

  84. Henry Brooks

    that's not Conor in my opinion.... where is the muscle definition? and tattoos can be faked, could just be someone playing off of past controversy and looking for fame

  85. Kelan Browne Music

    I thought geordies shirt said corona virus 😂

  86. Scatter TheWinds

    YES THE FOOD REVIEWR. I watched the entire cookie review when it came out - was a good watch.

  87. CDplayer 96flames yt

    A minky is a sponge

  88. Just a hot dog

    Raid shadow legends sponsor ends at 3:20

    1. Jack Jones

      Just a hot dog you are the legend

  89. Niall Cottonn

    The fact that we don't have to pay for this content

  90. Milkshake! Fans

    I am a friend of Johnny, who does the Kids Stars channel. Can I just say anyone who knows him personally knows how much he is loved and cared for by all his friends including me and he would never harm anybody. My children love watching him and he is there favourite presenter. He has a deep passion and enthusiasm for presenting. He has autism but because his own childhood was really cruel he wanted to make a channel for children to re-live it, this time more happily. You two done a podcast on mental health a few weeks ago, what a joke, have you learned nothing from this weekend?

  91. dl CRIXUS lb

    18:30 I know this kid! He's always had this weather man persona since school! I'm 22 now so I think he's the same age?

  92. apexperfection619

    I love the smile Bryan gives at 4:51 in response to Loz, u can tell they’re bros lol

  93. AB 18

    You can talk about mental health all you like but you can’t then proceed to slate some girls looks for about 5 minutes, then also laugh and make fun of someone who evidently has learning difficulties.

    1. Jack Jones

      AB 18 uncle was at the 96 so no not really

    2. AB 18

      Jack Jones you definitely buy the sun

    3. Jack Jones

      AB 18 snowflake

  94. Clement Millane

    Review the tame impala album

  95. Fiachra Scallan

    If anyone thinks that was a good Irish accent then they’ve never been to Ireland


    Why is everyone bitching in the comments

  97. Matthew Roe

    Usually like the videos but a bit disappointed with this one. The guy you were mocking clearly has mental health issues, not cool. You let yourselves down I’m afraid :(

  98. The ScanLegend

    Please name these true news

  99. See Saw

    Calling a woman "That" has got to be right up there as the most judgemental, misogynistic & unnecessary statements there is. The way you guys talk about women is truly disgusting and the comment section is a sausage fest of approving men just like you.

  100. GuessWhoDrewitt

    ''Rita Ora to Rita Whatthefuckisthis'' lmaoooo