My name's Alec Steele and here you'll find near-daily videos documenting the process of building some awesome projects here in the shop. As a blacksmith, most of the projects start as lumps of steel, or stacks of different alloys for making damascus, that I forge out into blades, sculpture, art or tools before taking the project to the machining equipment or into the grinding room for finishing. Each project teaches me a lot and stretches the bounds of my knowledge. I make a lot of mistakes but they serve as an excellent teacher. There's always something important for me to learn in the shop!
I want my work to be the spark that ignites the desire for you to get into your shop (or kitchen/basement/garage) and make something too! Whether it's stitching a leather wallet or forging a giant sword, you'll love the creative process.
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  1. MrSF247

    Forged in Fire allows a 10-min design window before the 3-hr forging time. If you all ever do some more Forged in Fire style competitions.

  2. Hunter Gaspari

    your gas bill is gonna be crazy

  3. J H

    How about holes for cables?...

  4. DT DT

    Will made steel ramen

  5. Cory Tenhundfeld

    Most blower motors need a certain amount of resistance or it’s less effective. Or could burn itself out that’s why your not seeing a huge difference between open and closed with the baffle.

  6. Sanjeev Kapoor

    You should make Thor a new hammer dude.

  7. N1RKW

    Have you considered the effect of the size of the air pipe going into the forge? To get more air flow, you either need to increase the volume or the pressure. Blowers are great for large volumes of air at low pressure, not the other way around. Perhaps increasing the size of the air pipe going into the burner would help?

  8. mountainman kustomgraphics

    Simple fix reduce the size of the blower pipe going into the burner it will compress the air density giving you a hotter flame

  9. Zakiry

    Genuinely don't understand why it's so complicated, a door what pull up on a chair would work instead of a handle you pull with your hands make it long and put a foot pedal on it

  10. Sab Xander

    Tbh, who thinks this Alec is like that guy from LTT but a blacksmith which is very cool c:

  11. Crunch

    Wow you guys nailed it

  12. Samuel J Weber

    That JoJo reference was perfect

  13. Charl Fasching

    It does look Rustic, reminiscent of when NJ was still Steam powered. Definitely call it old no 7

  14. Nathan McClary

    That’s definitely a repurposed turbo

  15. Donnie Akin

    well, the layers don't look as cool as most Damascus does. a million is too many layers

  16. T Sasso

    Must be nice to be a rich kid

  17. Mr. High school locksmith

    4:50 that's his face for (I'm tired of you being a smart ass on video).

  18. MrSF247

    Loved the editing on this vid: especially with the handle forging hammer blows and the cut to the broken off ball. All that was missing was a slow-mo shot of Alec on his knees (in the rain?), arms opened wide, shouting "Noooooo!" toward the heavens before dropping his head and hands down in near defeat.

  19. kittenclaws

    My reaction "Did he really bring a truck to the US all the way from-" *sees buildings in back* "Oh okay this is old. nvm."

  20. Andrew Piche

    Monte Python reference was the best part.

  21. MrSF247

    14:40 Alec: I've been ill... with the plague. Will: And I have been Will... without the plague. Nice! And that side glance that Alec does waiting to see where Will is going with his, "And I have been Will..."

  22. Daniel Tower

    Someone else already stated it but increase your burner inlet piping size to 3" or 4" (you should be able to cut these threads on your lathe easily) and reduce at the ribbon burner inlet. You should be able to increase airflow substantially. As far as the blower damper, remember that you can restrict fans on either inlet or outlet sides. Your flow restriction was the outlet and once the fans reached their limit of airflow and pressure it will not matter how much you increase the inlet as the airflow cannot change, the fan is at it's limit with the setup you have. Open up the outlet fan piping and burner inlet piping and it will work a treat!!!

  23. MD GP

    Focus on flow rate, the 90deg bends you’ve got are really causing a lot of pressure loss, try to get the flow more uniform by creating more gentle bends. Then you can reap the benefits of the extra power

  24. David Canfield

    Hook up some nitrous to it!!

  25. Pete Lasko

    It isn’t the blower it’s the ribbon burner if you can hook a 350 Chevy engine to an 8 foot blower and it’s only going to allow a certain amount of air to go through that ribbon burner! Bigger burner

  26. BengalBoy16

    Alec you are running out of space xD

  27. Charlie Redford

    Increase the size of the outlet pipe coming from fan. Your problem I believe is flow rate, not pressure. As indicated by the same amount of air to the burner whether the door is open, or closed.

  28. blackirn

    need more air volume in /s a. attach and additional blower or b. more powerful blower (consider the diameter of the pipe, big enough to not create a resistance to the air feed) or c. maybe an air compressor? very interesting and super fun channel, keep forging guys!

  29. Hamish Kent

    Super talented

  30. Hamish Kent

    Why inches mate what about metric?!

  31. Gideon Botha

    Soooo, is Alec going to be making armour soon?

  32. Hashirama Senju

    next time: powerhammer dye for meat tenderising

  33. super raar

    can i have youre old forge? im trying to get started but i cant buy anything says my dad because we need to spend money on food an keep it as long as possible so im yeah :)

  34. EPIC MRNUTT808 gt

    Up next supercharged forge

  35. Rich

    You need to increase the size of your air pipe.. having the same size pipe and bigger blower wont help at all, it will just increase back pressure on the blower and therefore you wont be adding any more air. You need to increase the width of the pipe.

  36. The Fixer

    Alec, since you went to a 2 psi gas supple system from a 8 inch water column pressure system(0.25 psi) you may need to get a regulator to bring it back down to this and use your original blower that came with the forge. I would check to see what gas pressure they were using at the other location.

  37. Kai Trigg-Graynoth

    shins have left the chat

  38. Ahmed Atef

    If no one's saying it I'll say it Britains best blacksmith

  39. Matthew Brough

    The second end mill became a Forbidden croissant

  40. Menukaart 24

    This is so high energy

  41. Ramiz Johansson

    Wtf this dude Only makes crap now!! Make a blade out of it no one want to see ur FUKKEN comercial clips anymore

  42. Jason R

    On the small forge did you change the jets in the burner? Typically I'd expect them to be different with natural gas.

  43. henkslaaf

    American: 8.4 inches of water column of pressure! European: 🤣

  44. armando ramirez

    9:26 * Mildly chuckled *

  45. Vojta Marek

    What about tank with Oxygen - to help ratio :-)

  46. Izotope Studio

    Козел очкастый. Метеорит уничтожил. Нихуя не сделал. Вызвал другого очкастого козла, чтоб выпилить ножик из полосы 🤦‍♂️ Тупой олень...

  47. Franz-Christian Neufeld

    Hey Alec, the bigger blower might dont do so well, because the cup you made is narrowing down to fast. You shouldn't go faster than 3° down to the little diameter (I mean 3° if you meassure the angle on one side of the Pipe). Your angle is just too big and that couses air flowing issues in the pipe with a lot of pressure loss.

  48. Red Eyes

    nice! Matts left handed!

  49. Ronald Woodhouse

    you can take the tap handle off and put it back on 180 deg which would of worked. How would using bigger pipe for the mixing chamber go? I don't know how these burners work just throwing thoughts. Love your work

  50. Alex Robertson

    @1.50 RIP old motor

  51. Victor de Bont

    Hey Alex, I see you are trying to implement Lean into your company. Very nice and needed when rolling the ball of continuous improvement. Although, I would suggest working out the continuous improvement program called 5S BEFORE you start on implement Lean. Also, for you it is maybe worthwhile to look into TPM (Total Productive Maintenance), it helps organising your machines and optimises your processes. But 5S first and then Lean and TPM. LOVE what you are doing mate, cheers!

  52. Logan Cloete

    A sgian dubh is very different to a dirk.

  53. DG

    Where do you live, why is there snow and shouldn’t everyone be in quarantine

  54. DG

    I love how you can just work doing what you enjoy, not many people can do that.

  55. Goodybyepie 364

    Use two

  56. wibbledee

    wifi gas supply, gas solenoid? Probably a spectacularly bad idea!

    1. wibbledee

      Nope definitely stay manual, much safer

  57. Charli’s Channel

    Being this back. Best format

  58. Alessandro Iero

    did they just discover how useful is the metrical system? XD

  59. Prax Zimmerman

    When my bargain basement Tormach mill gets shipped from china on a nicer pallet than yours did, I think the packager should have taken a lot more care.

  60. steven turner

    We don't have an adapter for the new blower! Screw it! Use tape!

  61. Ender Lord

    That's is s beautiful ring. I love the surface texture

  62. Leighthen Johnson

    So another one

  63. VitalGaming

    Look at Alec’s eyes at the start of the video he looks high as a kite

  64. Vladimire Mason

    Rings on wrong side and should be held open ends down not edge down.....buuuuut good work chaps

  65. Makin Waves

    Thhhhhh I’m a thnake... tttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhiiiii’m a thnakkkke...

  66. Makin Waves

    “We will tease you if you wear gloves” as he says while literally single handedly wearing a glove... I suppose it doesn’t quite count tho since he said “gloves” as in more than one, and since he only has one on any way I suppose he is exempt from this “teasing” in which he speaks.

  67. Praxtra_

    Unetched Damascus? What a waste.. should have allowed a period after it’s done for you both to etch them.

  68. SternLX

    Man.. you've some a long way since Mr. Pilkington.

  69. KillerWolf_1805

    the pipes going from the blower to the forge is the problem, the diameter of the pipe is choking out the blower

  70. Blaze O'Glory

    That freakin' forge is large enough to sleep in! I dig it...

  71. Kelly Carner

    Inlet pipe needs to be bigger you can only push so much through that size pipe, same Idea as having bigger exhaust you have a bottle neck reducing flow.

  72. Constantin Padure

    Just cut the valve handle an inch and it would have cleared the pipe!?

  73. Paul Aguirre

    Here is a question you might be able to help with. I am currently creating a anvil from leftover track. welded two 15 inch pieces at the center. capped the ends with 1/4 inch plate. filled the center with pure lead. made a box at the base and filled the box with lead as well. I am about to weld a fork lift tine almost two inches thick to the top. and later a horn. its weight now without the top face plate and horn is around 245lbs. Now to the question... is all this effort worth the price of free so far? it would be nice to shed some light on this situation. thanks.

  74. Kazz York

    Use both of the blowers at once

  75. Matthew McDonnell

    What if you take the smaller blower and attach its outlet to the intake of the larger oneand then turn them on? Should increase the pressure a lot right?

  76. Paul Aguirre

    Here is a question you might be able to help with. I am currently creating a anvil from leftover track. welded two 15 inch pieces at the center. capped the ends with 1/4 inch plate. filled the center with pure lead. made a box at the base and filled the box with lead as well. I am about to weld a fork lift tine almost two inches thick to the top. and later a horn. its weight now without the top face plate and horn is around 245lbs. Now to the question... is all this effort worth the price of free so far? it would be nice to shed some light on this situation. thanks.

  77. Teddy Johansson

    alec can't you try to get on the tv serie forged in fire i think you would have been amazing

  78. Jason Aguirre

    I don't understand the appeal of time trials. How about pick something and see who can make the best one. Give yourself a realistic time, like a day. Whatever it takes. Watching you cut corners is amusing but well beneath your talent.

  79. Angelita Moore

    we americanize him bois he starting to use just duck tape and zip ties

  80. Ethan Marshall

    Lowe’s will have the spider bit

  81. Eric Livesay

    Use both blowers

  82. Wahyundi Sahputra

    please making keris from indonesia

  83. CollectPanda33

    Slap a turbo on that feller

  84. Andrew Chudyk

    "Will is getting some wood"... LOL

  85. Jackson Litz

    put a small block v8 under the forge, fit a turbo, have the compressed side feed into the blower inlet. problem solved

  86. luke waller

    When the valve cutoff at 9:38 didn’t fit, could it be easier to just cut the lever

  87. li7in6

    On the big force ball valve gas feed, why didn't you just flip the red handle around on the valve instead of all the trouble of altering that plumbing. You can easily swap the handles on those valves 180 degrees.

    1. li7in6

      also, the problem with your air volume on your blowers has to do with the static pressure capability of the housing. Your evacuation blower likely is rated much lower in static pressure despite having a higher flow volume rating. Both of these things need to be taken into account given that in the usage case of the forge you are pushing against and creating a larger pressure delta in order to achieve the desired mass flow. When that evacuation blower was used in its original usage case it was not required to generate much static pressure.

  88. meadowshd29

    Watching somebody running CAD on a track pad of a laptop kills me inside.

  89. Isaac Moody

    As soon as you cut those pieces you should be up to break it much like cast iron

  90. Justin ingalls

    Love those days in the little old shop.

  91. Donovan Fay

    I love that you have duck tape just chilling on your blower

  92. Collin McLean

    So I'm just a small trinket and knife smith... and an amateur one at that... so feel free to disregard my idea entirely. But what if you had tried to draw out material for the cutting edge at the start... like I'm not sure if this would work but when you were offsetting it at the start, instead of flattening it out you made two thinned out points along the vertical axis and then started drawing out the middle part along the vertical axis... like with a plus sign + or a crucifix shape... but make it thicker on the arms of the piece... instead of trying to draw out the edge from the already narrowed out piece of steel... I may not be explaining it well enough...

  93. Yuuki Blake

    The pipe connecting the gas and the air from the blower is causing too much of a restriction, no matter how big of a blower you put on it won't be able to push the air through that little pipe. Or the restriction through the tiny pipe will reduce the increase in cfm from the upgraded blower

  94. Robert Foedisch

    Create a web site for each project and include details please share

  95. Wupme

    Only having three live wires connected can work and its called delta-connected motor. Which is actually quite common with industrial equipment, since you get more voltage, and therefore power, out of it. They don't need a neutral. But the Ground should still have been connected for safety. Also using flexibel wire without a lug is just dangerous. Please let a trained electrician do such things in the future Aec....

  96. Robert Foedisch


  97. scoobtoober29

    The blower needs more static pressure not cfm. Thats just my dumb opinion.

  98. scoobtoober29

    So you can pound the metal, work the wewd and now shape the plasdick.

  99. Robert Foedisch

    You are having more than your American share of fun 😎😎😎

  100. The Car Studio

    Try forging tantalum