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  1. Zoe D

    u guys are so pretty :)

  2. Eva Espinoza

    15:58 LMAOO “I was bored”

  3. gracefully unknown

    They're the cutest mom and daughter ever

  4. Ledjona Kastrati

    Jemand Deutsch?😂❤

  5. JoJo Vlogs

    I love kylie Such an inspiring mother ❤❤❤❤❤❤😘😘

  6. Lulz 0872

    Khloé broke the mic

  7. 宝贝itsyahbitchxi


  8. pixie stix hoe

    im u

  9. Kpop Gamer

    Honestly I love when Kylie flaunts her richness ❤️😍😘 (Btw her net worth is 1 billion USD)

  10. rad_but_sad

    y'all are dumb af sayin like "oH mY gOd ShEs SuCh A gOoD moM fOr nOt YeLLiNg At StOrMi WheN sHe sPiLLeD SoMeTHiNg" like wtf did u expect this is a fucking NOsel video like all planned and shit i think she knows what a shitstorm it would cause if she'd be yelling at her daughter in a video... wtf lil disclaimer: im not sayin she's a bad mom or anything i just feel kinda sad seeing all these comments comparing your mother's to kylie like stop it pls this is only a 6 minutes video you literally know nothing about them actually

  11. Anonymous Nomore

    She’s a good mother

  12. merisaa durmisi

    stormi will be a good kid and teenager 💘

  13. pretty boss

    I love seeing them drunk,they look so real 😅

  14. Christina Z.

    my mother would have whooped my ass if i spilled the vanilla

  15. Kpop Gamer

    Lmfao they are so freakin funny when they’re drunk 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  16. Halla Alfin

    They are adorable

  17. Зуля Сулейманова

    Госпадиии, а учитель мой говорил учить английский


    A love you kylie

  19. Bella Yu

    How do u look good when u just wake up.... or after u take a shower I-

  20. angelie mae almen

    When ever they shout i turn my volume low

  21. mom me and moo

    Stormi's cute

  22. Faith Mazana

    RisE and SHinE!

  23. unicornio unicornio

    I lo e you

  24. Supersupersuper

    Um the bee sound really be sounding real

  25. Roma Kumari

    O my god her bags collection

  26. Selly Agustin

    They're the sisters with the best voice 🥺🥺

  27. Oscar Millard

    can we get travis in your vids

  28. Benny Bees

    with all your billions of dollars, I be you haven't donated or helped the pandemic in any way, shape or form. why people buy your stuff, I will never know. Just awful. and sad.

  29. Kim Brown

    Do you want me Kylie Jenner yes or no

  30. Lawd Help

    And we can all agree. That was wholesome as hell

  31. Fatima Raza

    Even that baby is richer thn me!!😥

  32. Lana Smith

    Jazz et sa fille ont fait la même vidéo

  33. Isaiah mp4

    AT 3:56 DID I HERE MELANIE 👁️👄👁️

  34. Tezeta Nishan

    God bless

  35. Tezeta Nishan

    Wow she did a 👍 job

  36. Andrew Liu

    She chooses cars like she chooses clothes

  37. Natalia Lainez

    I feel like you favorite sister would be Kim

  38. Sir Babz

    I'm not trying to be mean but when I saw her face at the beginning I was shocked that this is the same Kylie Jenner that we used to see from the old Kardashian episodes.... her face is almost Michael Jackson level creepy... like I said I'm not trying to be mean but I'm keeping it honest

  39. skaberchlyn

    Kylie is lowkey a good mom

  40. Sage Scribner

    She has a house at 2 and its bigger than my dorm

  41. Miranda Tran

    Kylies got talent from how she can do all that with stormi in her hands

  42. Anagha Sumathi

    She is so young,but still she acts so mature....she is a good mother

  43. Lily playz!

    Kylie u are so pretty

  44. Fatima Rahman

    You are my inspiration


    OMG you are such a wonderful mother you are so sweet and gentle. I Love the way you treat your daughter.

  46. Safiyya Aminu

    Khloe is big sister goals. They’re so cute together

  47. Hannah Said

    " gEt tHat dOor bEll diconEd" - Kris Jenner 2019

  48. Nathan

    Kylie: “oh she doesn’t have a car can I call you an uber?” My friends: “oh you don’t have a car? Oh alright”

  49. autumn jimenez


  50. Sibel Biner

    Kim looks sun burnt 😬

  51. Lilia Hiz

    I tryed to order the gel liner years ago and it never came :(

  52. Beautifull Delight

    Nikita Dragun... This blog wasn't about you so.. GTFOH

  53. Christian Jay Sanchez


  54. Nicole Dahianna Narvaez Galindez

    Nose inglés 😥

  55. majo rodriguez

    te quiero love !!!!!!

  56. Thoima Tamang Lama

    Subscribe bitch ❤❤❤

  57. Laima

    where did she buy that ring from? yummmmm

  58. Bryan Enriquez

    can someone tell me the name of the song Khloe was listening to on ft?? 1:16

  59. Kiara Rios

    I need subtitules in Spanish :v

  60. Alora Gonzales

    Kylie -“Are you okay” Khloe: 👁👄👁“no”

  61. Aslan Basnett

    I love you so much can I get a shoutout

  62. Mariana Ojeda Gohlitz

    Kim looks like a bit like Cher Beauty 😍😍😍

  63. mia simpson

    basically the whole video: kylie: lets just focus on the makeup khloe: how bout no

  64. Damaris Pena

    I love your lips and your makeup kily

  65. Alexis Aimbez

    Hi Kylie and team❤️ You guys should do a money giveaway to those really struggling right now with everything going on, with people being unemployed, myself included, and schools being shut down there’s really a lot of people making no sort of income, and to think some even have children they have to feed😔 it’s just a suggestion🙏🏼❤️ love you!

  66. Rose_Delamort


  67. Jocelin Briones Mcklasving

    Hello Kimberly wets

  68. Lauren Allen

    Kylie: stormi I have a surprise for you!!! Stormie AS A CHILD: the berkins??!! Me second guessing my whole childhood😓

  69. adelay y samuel rivero

    I love Stormi I want to try those cookies ♥️♥️

  70. LeeLah xBuu

    Kylie took that one shot right after Khloe arrive & we can tell by them pink ass cheeks she already feeling it 😂😂😂😂😂 my cheeks be fking pink asf everytime I be drinking booze 😂 Well I used to drink & being a party bitch every wkend when I was single & young. Damn those were them wild ass days! Now I feel like an old fck 😩😒

  71. joelius john

    And i am cute unicorn kylie jenner is pretty beauty

  72. joelius john

    I feel like kylie jenner i am just 11 years old and i use my father phone i think i am not kylie jenner

  73. Sephora Mangombi

    Family fake

  74. Tehya Moore

    Motherhood really suits Kylie. She’s an amazing mom, some kids don’t have that.

  75. Kpop Gamer

    This is so precious ❤️ I love you both so much

  76. Princess Priya

    You guys are so cute together your daughter is adorable I love you Kylie so much

  77. Jennifer Castro


  78. TheVelvetCactus

    Oh shiiit lmaoooo

  79. Josiah Montanez

    honestly, shes such a good mom, very forgiving, very interactive. she would be a great preschool teacher since shes interactive and hands on

  80. D'Andrea Anderson

    kylie your scream tho 19:42



  82. anime gurlll

    Good job Kylie I respect you

  83. Geraldine Jaramillo T

    El comentario que buscaban en español

  84. Savannah Delonia

    Can you show me Kylie cosmetics the fuck is it for every kind of phone just a thought

  85. tina plays

    I woud watch this as a daily vlog series...😳 Who else thinks she shoud make this a vlog series | |

  86. Bárbara Nuñez

    Enserio creen que Kylie hace sus propias galletas ??🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  87. Bárbara Nuñez

    Algún mexicano por aquí??

  88. Saleh Bayahya

    couple of gorgeous sluts

  89. Areini Joseph

    i think that people should stop hating on Kylie because she is a hardworking mother, and business entreprenur.

    1. Areini Joseph

      and also, who wouldnt give their child the best of the best? Kylie dosent deserve the hate she gets

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  91. Hannah Bernal


  92. Sun Flowerzzxx

    omg your such a great mom, so cute

  93. HomerJ Simpson

    So funny love this video! <3

  94. Zlata Vector

    Я бы жила даже в таком доме, мать выгонят из кв хD

  95. My Favorite Bloggers

    Kylie you should do a day in the life of stormi, I bet it would be so adorable 😍 and cute ❤️

  96. Issa_M3_JHONNY 144

    Since u turned off comments ......6FT APART!!!!! CEO of The coronavirus is real

  97. ANNIE G.

    Don’t miss out on this awesomeness m.nosel.info/video/video/lZ2HonqrlaWe3dk.html

  98. Reagan Caverly

    I love Kylie mom she so funny when she says glog

  99. yERalie bRiSEtTe

    I never get tired of watching this video Stormi is so beautiful😍

  100. Marta& Wera

    Ktoś z Polski