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  1. Stephanie Gerkensmeyer

    Lmao 😂 🤣 this is me and my little sister!!! 🥰🥰

  2. jesus g jesus g

    Pls help meket.to/my-sister-is-suffering-from-accident-we-need-your-help-to-provide-for-her-treatment-165219

  3. Rashad Suleymanli

    Kim's face tho... took me down to the floor.

  4. Yâzrah b

    More vlogs peaaaase

  5. Merjema Graco

    Cute girl🦋👶🏻🍭🍬

  6. Alisha Playz

    I have got ur lipsticks and scan care

  7. haha haha

    That play house is bigger than my future ☺

  8. крутая тянка

    Наташа и Мама

  9. Ruthie

    Stormi is really smart and well coordinated. Kylie is a great Mom. She talks so well too. Amazing! Beautiful cookies too.

  10. Inaya Ali

    Such a cute sister relationship!❤️👯‍♀️

  11. muamer redžepović

    muamer redzepovic from tuzla is with JK FOR SUUN

  12. Can I have some Tae with suga with Kookies pls

    And I think Kylie Is actually really nice in real Life

  13. Bangtwice.Armyonce Only

    My office is black and pink Me : omgg blackpink aye aye

  14. Can I have some Tae with suga with Kookies pls

    Kylie:wakes up at 8:00 am Meh:wakes up at 3:00 am in the morning to get ready for school even tho my bus comes at 7:30

  15. KayfaKanal: 1


  16. Ayesha Sayyed

    Plastic sisters


    Kylie is so nice stormi is really cute

  18. Ветреный/ᕼEᖇᑕᗩI


  19. Ariane Quenard

    Ahhhh. Cutest video ever. It was so cute when Kris got emotional about the house Kylie used to have. Stormi is so cut. 😍😍😍😍😍

  20. Mo MisterVlog

    This was in m’y Birthday

  21. Елена Симонова

    So sweet baby :)

  22. JhoeyAn Grajo

    they are so close that means kylie is really hands on to her child

  23. A Banerjee

    Kylie is a great mom..Just loved to see their interaction ....It was so adorable .😊😊😊

  24. 8ov9__

    ابك كيف لو انا بنتك اخخ بس

  25. Lesleyxox

    WE've seen a video with khloe and kim now we need a video with KOURTNEY!!!!

  26. Your Related Sister

    I wish kylie is my mom😂

  27. Jime Leal

    Se nota que nunca estuvo en la cocina. Y que no sábe como Compartir con la hija.

  28. RR - 06HR - Great Lakes PS (1476)

    Stormi busting out those dance moves. Also I genuinely think Kyle is a awesome mom to Stormi. And Stormi is the c u t e s t 2 year old ever.

  29. ναlєяια

    1:58 mi mama ya me hubiese pegado y botado de la casa ahre

  30. Ayman Abd Elglil


  31. gail gill

    I wish I was stormi bff

  32. Delluxic

    omg 1:58 shes still adorable

  33. alicia spence

    Part 2!!!!!

  34. Zoe Landis

    kylie trying to convince us that santa is putting the presents in the sled 😂😂😂

  35. Khloe Kardasim

    hey sister

  36. Anittaqueen

    listen to favela rave major lazer Mc Lan and anitta 💕

  37. parul legmond

    They are individually so rich so successful they dont neeed each others support of love but still they all share such a great bond which is even not there in the middle family. Its so fascinating Kardashians jenners sisters love n support each other

  38. Elle Small

    When your job title is your own name

  39. naina lais o. medeiros

    This is such amazing, God bless you and your family,kisses from Brazil

  40. Cloe Fackler

    I love this!!!🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍

  41. Beed Almaghraby

    Please people add me in my new challenge 😩♥️♥️♥️

    1. Beed Almaghraby

      Me Snapchat: beed.a 🍓🍓🍓🍓

  42. Cutie Potato

    You guys should well do a vid with kaitlyn jenner

  43. obiad kher


  44. Maxim Anguelov

    Plastik babie

  45. KHRA ARE

    so lovely,kids are most cutest and adroble 😙😙😙

  46. a_ person

    Y’all should do more cooking vids with stormi....cuteness overload

  47. a_ person

    She is actually a good child...good job Kylie

    1. Shanice Bruintjies

      a_ person she really is

  48. Carly Vermillion

    Me learning to bake was difficult because my big sister made it super morbid. She literally said, “Pretend to chop the ginger-head off. No, the other head.” 😂

  49. ther ese

    Kylie is legit tone deaf. Please dont sing 😂🙈

  50. Lana Golusin

    2:08 aww she soo cute

  51. your_ideal_bitch

    *GLOG* just *GLOG*

  52. Harley Quinn

    Khloe is so funny🤣

  53. gacha coco

    hate Kylie or not she is a really good mom.

  54. Melike Türköz


  55. Aida Morales

    Kylie is a good person has a very good heart and loves people

  56. Maria Franc


  57. Halle Jankey

    Ok but it was so cute when she said come on little goose

  58. Alejandro Davila

    No entiendo ni madres

  59. Alejandra Ríos Pérez


  60. christian d :pensive:

    Stormi has a self driving toy car, let that sink in


    Kylie- stormi take a hand full of flour and just phphshhhhhhhhh Stormi- 3:51 does it Kylie- Ooooo you might be a baker Or chef "chef stormi"😍 ADORABLE

  62. Fran Pike

    Carly you should really be ashamed of yourself you’re supposed to represent young teenage girls all you represent is girls that want to be just like you there’s so many things going on in this world that you could be a positive influence and help young girls and you help me understand how important is to be kind and help other people instead you just look for a way to try to make more money instead of using that money impossible ways to help young teenagers to make this a better world you instead go the opposite direction


    Kylie: you can dip your finger in it... just a little bit. Stormi: *Shoves her whole hand in and grabs it .*😂

  64. lar baabii

    Khloe sounds like she cant get air out through her nose ?

  65. Ariane Quenard

    Kylie is so sweet with her friends, her family, her daughter, her employees, basically all her entourage.

  66. აჩიკო აჩიკო

    ქართველები ვინ ხართპ

  67. Official Tenise

    She is so cute & smart! 😍😍😍

  68. Yvonne Zamora

    Kylie Jenner really need someone to do her makeup like she literally can’t do it herself like no boo

  69. Shatha Al Abdulla

    I think it would be a good idea if Kylie names her new collection of lip kits Penelope, Reign, True, North, Chicago and SW(Stormi Webster)........

  70. outman nassiri

    سلام اذا كنتي تريدين ان تستمتعي بالراحة داخلية مع نفسك ولم تحس بها قبلا عليك ان تعاوني فقراء ولاكن دون ان يعرف احدا بذالك وعندما تقومين بذالك ستتحسين بالمشاعر لم تشعري بها اصلا ولاكن للاسف انت تتبرعين بالمال للناس الذين لا يحتجونه وتتبرعين بالالماس والذهب هل تعلمين ان هناك بعض الناس لايملكون قوت يومهم واعلمي انني لا اغير عليكي وانما اقصد اذاكنتي تريدين ان ترتاحين وتحسين بالمشاعر الجيدة والسلام على من اتبع الهوى

  71. Jaelyn Tot

    Kim looks SO PRETTY without makeup. Can she, like, tell me how that's possible?

  72. D B

    Im Mother 🤱🏾

  73. •Kimikø Chan•

    Okay you all need to stop insulting Kylie and Stormy! Kylie is an amazing mother, she is beautiful, and she's the sweetest person on NOsel. I bet most of you haven't even focused on her videos and just click on them to hate so stop judging her when you don't even know her. 😠

  74. ᴍᴇʟɪsᴀ ᴘʟᴀʏ

    Это её дочь? Скажете мне пожалуйста

  75. Emma Maxwell

    4:02 😂😂

  76. krysta smiley

    omygosh my mom always getting mad at me when i spill any food but stormi u so lucky :<

  77. Haider loves planes

    Girl I love your car seats

  78. Lincoln Cheung

    Kylie you are going to love my chihuahua video :) nosel.info/video/video/qW-upq2-Y2xdrNE.html

  79. Illyria Adyne

    I love THAT look.

  80. Lysol Gets rid of 99.8% of germs

    Kylie looks 37, but it's the hair outfit nails

  81. eryxxlyn

    My god shes too much!!!! She reminds me of my 7 year old when he was 2/3 years old!!!!! Love love love children with manners! You can tell kylie is a good mom 💜💜

  82. Angeth Mayom

    stormi's so cute aww

  83. Belén Pimentel

    I loved Stormy's glasses

  84. sarah marie

    All I learned was khloe has a thing for bald men like Mr.Clean.

  85. sarah marie

    PrEtEnD wE arE SoBeR RiGhT nOw

  86. dulce toral

    si hubiera regado yo mi mama ufff mi mama ya estuviera con la chancleta

  87. SoloSlump

    When kris said “get that doorbell disconnected” i choked😭

  88. Laylove 39

    I like the Jenner sisters, they are more in to real life.

  89. Evelyn Davila

    I love how calm there voices are 😍😍

  90. Geo Boy

    sadly to know dont have people like them to support my way to FAME acting and rapping

  91. Daniel Guerra

    to everybody in this video does your asshole ever get jealous at the amount of shit that comes out of that plastic mouth

  92. Oakley Franklin

    Kim looks like Megan fox after it's all finished ♥️ way cute

  93. Tortimasa

    She got inspired from faze rug

  94. trinity tumarae

    Nikita dragun ruined this video 👎🏼 Desi yeeeeesss ❤️

  95. Buddy Archuleta

    Jihane almira indonesiaaa

  96. Elena Alvarado

    I love kim and Kylie ❤

  97. Duli Star

    No entiendo nada pero aquí ando😂 más latinos? :(

  98. Nathan Pilgrim-Howe

    I want to get married to her just so that I can then divorce her. I needs some of that cash yo. ✌🏽💵💰🏦

  99. Nathan Pilgrim-Howe

    I want to get married to her and then divorce her. I’m broke. I need some of that cash yo.

  100. CallumPlayz Roblox

    Anybody else sad because we don't have celebrity parents *literally calls my mom out* My mom *gets the wooden spoon* Me oop