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  1. Georgia Merrick

    I love your r

  2. Jesse Streeter

    or travel size toothpaste you can get couple for cheap

  3. Anonymous 666

    4:39 wouldn't work because they would notice already..... it's quite obvious

  4. Stella Huang


  5. Jesse Streeter

    you can cut the cable ties

  6. Semawon Hosu

  7. Annamaria Cruz

    This is mean

  8. Dolores Altamirano

    My hair is longer and that is normal

  9. Chl03 Gamer

    You can buy rainbow lashes.............

  10. mr swag

    is 2030

  11. Diep Angelina

    Aim fire the flying Broccoli

  12. Staceylynn44

    0:50 *T H A N O S*

  13. lestrange

    Dip the ends of your cheap synthetic wig into colored hair toner. Results: so much lighter than the photoshopped thumbnail because hair dye is made for actual human hair!

  14. Francisco Smith


  15. ajm contact


  16. Lillian Pfister

    11:25 you can't put small things in the bag.

  17. TaylorVlogzzz

    i don't live in a dorm

  18. Semetrius Nixon

    Fake airpods

  19. chefmasden

    What is the silver and gold taste like

  20. chefmasden

    Why don't they like each other but they are really good but I don't really get it because it's just really weird because and not in the video like behind the scenes they really like each other but not in the video that you not like each other

  21. ruby rinehart

    I always watch 123 go I'm a big fan

  22. Michaela Elliott

    Sweetheart why you still got this video

  23. kitten kit

    Tokyo ghoul mask cough sarcastically kaneki's mask

  24. PacinoKat

    She is fat

  25. Kayla Lee Siddon


  26. Lizeth Melgar

    I wish I can eat that chocolate doughnut

  27. brokenthumb dude

    Oh god 0:48

  28. abhigyan gogoi


  29. Mysorebabu Bandaru

    Which country

  30. Kayla Slette

    Did no one else realize she had two different boyfriends

  31. Destiny Ledezma


  32. Destiny Ledezma

    Show us ur real voice or else I'm going to be a devil

  33. Elizabeth Nyakato

    I really liked it

  34. Gisselle Pacheco

    Ma’m this is a Wendy’s drive through-

  35. Grace Leep

    Wtf is a cutical oil vial paint

  36. Ysa Republic

    These are awesome videos guys. How do you edit them? What software do you use? Does anyone on here know how Troom Troom does it. #ysarepublic

  37. Brett White

    those wheels tho.

  38. Jesse Streeter

    I know your not allowed to do stuff to your student id because if something happens they have to identify you

  39. Olivia S

    her: use more don't be shy tik toker me: don't be shy put some more!!!

  40. Lynne Smith

    “How to keep monsters away” but why they monster theme ;-; (you here spooky scary skeletons playing nearby)

  41. Zhang Zixin

    Not fun, my teacher caught me


    Long hair I have

  43. Mistura Asunramu

    U always craft s for kids and I love it but this one is for adults and kids both of them are sooooooo ooooooooooo cute.I love you guys just like the crafts.like if you think that is cute.👇

  44. Trista Perpetua

    5:00 she looked ridiculous

  45. Delmy Rojas

    Did u guys know that troom troom copies 5 minute crafts?

  46. Trista Perpetua

    ...because everyone has makeup pigment & containers on hand...

  47. KittyD Roblox

    Who actually uses these hacks 👇🏼

  48. Yoda Boy

    Kjkkhjrkdjkfkfkjfifkfjiforjr?.,jkoukjh nmjunhh gn jkjlkhkjjjnnjmnhdnjkk! Ldkfkflkkf!d!!!df!ff!f!ff!ppp KO Jjnmmrnnrmrjrmd! knocking jdjndjs! Njkjhjojhdxggwhrhurgv bynn jjrt 😂 jkhiu 😂 hub 😂 jhuhgihgirhj., ?km?ghhihhjbj. ?kkml

  49. kdragon919


  50. Andrea Smith

    F 🔽🚥🚥⛴🚦🚦🚦🚦🚦⛰🚦🚢⚓️⚓️🚏🛺🦯

  51. Garetly Hernandez

    I like minecraft

  52. JulieandMel SpewhaBoy

    they use humans as pigons lol

  53. DM4l-Besties HPDM

    🎛⬛⬛ ⬛🍏⬛ ⬛⬛⬛ iPhone 11

  54. I Kim

    Boooooooooooooooo i hate tromtrom

  55. rawan nsheiwat


  56. Marius Bestea

    I have a pet hamster. His name is Baloo.

  57. Bella Duddle

    omg that is animal abuse the fish is just swing in surcles im discusted

  58. Kap Cop

    A lot of kids whatch troom troom

  59. Bella Duddle

    did she say plastic glass container ahahahaha lol

  60. Kemeisha Forrester

    Sorry rosie

  61. Jolene Goeson


  62. emerald diamond

    I think i saw clementina's uhh thing

  63. Jesse Streeter

    if you use more of Rosey is your videos they would be a lot better

  64. Flippin Flamingo

    Ah, yes. There is always an oven in ELA. (or any class)

  65. brienna sullivan

    Qwsddcfdfg. Drvccdd9 r d3scec👔👠👠👠👠🥿👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠🥿🥿👠👠🥿🥿🥿🥿👠👠👠👠d. Dxssertrefexsxwxeexcedfdceddededededederdefvfe Ccrrdedef fis fr2sxeweeeee fttgtftvgtvtggttbgbgvgvsdrrrf4rfrffr

  66. Night Roku


  67. Bella Duddle

    the airpods are ot real

  68. Bella Duddle

    omg its just makup stop siriusle

  69. Zoey Kogelmann

    I can have gum in class and the water and spray paint is called HYDRO DIPPING u didnt make it

  70. Night Roku


  71. Twan Real


  72. Nancy Vong

    When the guy paid with leaves that was money because leaves are made of trees and money is made out of trees

  73. Fhany Mendiola

    Watching that made me feel hungry.

  74. Gina S

    Troom troom you are fake because my sister told me that dummies I need to be thrown down the stairs

  75. Carl Eddings

    I bont like it be cause you are ugly

  76. Paty Jimenez

    Ventalatin means air

  77. Niko Chan

    For the eye lash prank they said take out the outer layer even tho they removed the inner layer =.=

  78. Rhaul Freemantle

    Maybe you could do a poop prank with playdough and melted chocolate

  79. Belle the Hamster

    Im no pet expert but.. 1) That Guinea Pig doesn't have enough air or space. 2) The fish needs a filteration system. 3) That tarantula needs more space, and that box is definitely to cold. 4) That hamster is going to get stressed and will hurt his back and legs in that maze. 5)The parrot one just doesnt make sense. 6) That coakroache doeant have enough space or air. Also he could escape. 7) That snail doesnt have enough room or air. Thank you for listening for this Ted Talk.

  80. Nayee Aguilar

    No no

  81. rockypinson

    My bubble was That big one time but 55.k times bigger

  82. LPSPushypop Love

    Ahhh so Awesome 😁😁

  83. Tynachious Billie

    I have long hair and it is hard

  84. Gracie B

    What the heck

  85. Landon Williford


  86. Saydee Santos


  87. Olivia is a savage Smith-Hernandez

    What the heck is at the end

  88. keyah sky dreamer

    I love you r video

  89. Ella-jayne Duke

    .......... OW 🧢 👀 👕 👖

  90. jiovani mondragon


  91. Samantha Brandt

    That's a wig

  92. bebe khasieya

    Omg did they get poisoned from the bubbles!? Hope not hope it’s edible bubbles😧😥 (At the start) Edit: i will never get likes btw I’m not begging for likes.. *im not*

  93. Dadrian Jenkins

    I love the Addams family

  94. Noelle Laureano

    Evil mermaid

  95. Lillie Winesburg


  96. Thao Nguyen

    Zzz I’m in dream land I don’t know how he got rainbow 🌈 hair but rainbow 🌈 more like rain

  97. rae camat

    Me the good unicorn sorry bad unicorn be good next time

  98. Dya'monday dyamond Inniss

    I'm literally wearing man air pod pro's

    1. Dya'monday dyamond Inniss

      Don't judge me by meh air pods

  99. Dya'monday dyamond Inniss


  100. rae camat

    Me the good mermaid sorry bad mermaid be good next time