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  1. Joseph White

    Paul Pogba, The GOAT of midfield! He even skilled Leo Messi!!!!!!!!🤟🏿⚽️🇫🇷❤🤩

  2. Aries Diaz

    Neymar shoulda got an acting career after all the flops

  3. akshay jadhav

    I highly suspect this guy is a utd fan 😂

  4. Ari Subara


  5. Zakir Hussain

    He isa good striker but only thing which will hinder him to become the best is his first touch!

  6. Devi sara Luplunge

    They all are good actor.

  7. TheKiwiGamer

    Messi vs. USA in Copa America 2016? Otherwise damn good video.

  8. Libertadores De america

    You known the copa libertadores????

  9. กูว่าแล้ว พรือ


  10. FAB FB A2Z

    An art

  11. Danniel Chick

    So sad that as a Chelsea fan I see what we’ve lost as a club 😂😭

  12. Thuta K.Soe

    clubs like PSG cant play as it has players like neymar

  13. Last to Best

    Mohd Faiz Subri puskas winner free kick should have been here

  14. Kazuya II

    I don't think he'll be that good in ucl

  15. AH Ollie rocker

    Even when Cristiano Ronaldo loses he can still be nice and help

  16. Rosko Metodiew

    Iniesta vs Netherland,Chelsea,Real Madrid?

  17. Ghost INT

    I hate chealsea


    "Nothing can beat a header from a defender to give his team the title of the greatest of all time"

  19. Myles Hall

    Dude change the music next time

  20. Dahiana Urrego

    7:33 This is Colombia 💛💙❤

  21. NoobMaster 69

    If there were no injuries, he wouldve been the best player in the world bar none

  22. Flory Nkole


  23. Adu Baah Prince

    every footballer must have this amzn.to/2XKj2hT

  24. Furtuna Kebede

    that was a dive

  25. جزائري وأفتخر

    Respect to reus from algeria .

  26. Zac Hyrish

    lol, some look as they forgot they have to put the ball on the other net

  27. Sali&Rahmi 11

    The future of football is right here! 👍m.nosel.info/video/video/xnCskKOqZmqgxt0.html

  28. Oliver Wollgien

    What is wrong with Luis Suarez...?!

  29. Cabdiraxiin Key11

    Unstoble edan hazard wooow🥰

  30. Somebody Said

    i love the background sound can anyone plz tell me that song

  31. Carson Lecky

    great moments

  32. Jose 2blek

    Mertens is not a dive it happened to me alot when you try to kick the ball but you kick the ground it hurts

  33. Pi2pooo

    he's not world-class, he's bundes-class that's all

  34. Goutam Kundu

    4:05 nitro activated ! 😂😂

  35. Goutam Kundu

    2:46 dybala looks like Spider-Man 1 guys 🤔🤔🤔😮

  36. Crazycrafter 171


  37. gyorgy bordas

    Niiice!I love soccer!Just got this T-shirt,check it out!teespring.com/soccer-6891?pid=389&cid=103462

  38. Bert Hamoen

    Pitt about the music.

  39. Adam Imran Amran

    1:30 i hope that kid become a great footballer like his idol ❤️


    Areanal touchs just wow

  41. Lil MarkT

    He ain’t world class 😭😭


    this is not man soccer this is pu*sy cat soccer....

  43. Bogdan P

    where is real vs manu 3-4, one of the most classic own goals

  44. Akshay Sasidharan

    lot of them are barca😮

  45. Zaidh Vifaz

    Neymar he is great

  46. Le stuff 2 belga

    M’y y’a no anglich ayme algerie 🇩🇿 Fock you anglich 🖕🏿

  47. Le stuff 2 belga

    Oh no please no fifa 14

  48. Le stuff 2 belga

    Yesssssssssss thek you boy

  49. Subash Chandra Prusty

    Ronaldos bicycle kick was a goal....

  50. The best shots


  51. e

    2:13 apperantly this wasnt a fault, this referee was so fucking blind he is standing next to it

  52. Dj Quaresma

    You didn't include Pelé in this video? What a crime!

  53. Arief Firmansyah

    Welcome to chelsea

  54. Caretaker - H1Z1

    lmao he's dogshit

  55. J_ HYPE04

    I hope I see Germany vs Brazil (before I Watch the video) Edit: 👀tf

  56. Madin

    Suarez shouldn't be allowed to play anymore


    De bruyne is my favourite singer. His voice is very beautiful. I wish he wins a bbma award. But I never knew he was a soccer player, I guess it is his part time job

  58. Rizky Fahrudinnur

    the winner is barcelona players, suarez, busquets, alba, alves, neymar, mascherano

  59. 박혜숙


  60. ChadarMode

    Notice how many time barca appears? They didn't play *tiki-taka* they played *whining-bitching* 🤣

  61. Sameerah Muhammad Garba

    Rest in peace Emiliano Sala

  62. Sameerah Muhammad Garba

    RIP Leicester boss rest in.peace

  63. Sameerah Muhammad Garba

    Love you Neymar

  64. Sameerah Muhammad Garba

    Respect to Neymar RIP Kobe Bryant

  65. Latest Videos


  66. Dziki Skurwiel Czernidła i Wody

    all best teamwork arsenal with WILSHERE.. Where is he now ? ;/

  67. Saber

    Was world class

  68. Hudair Ul Haq

    Who Is Best? Like : Ronaldo Comment : Messi

  69. Dostain Rodini

    I think football rules should be a little more strict for attackers.

  70. Jodie Masterson

    Is grat

  71. Anggi Sasmito

    Tinggal nunggu umpan lambung, umpan terobosan. Spriiintt daah terus shoot and goal 🤗

  72. Ibtesam sr sanghaar

    Your video songs is very beutifull , i love your videos and thier songs 😍😍😍

  73. LitKing Mobile

    Arsenal great passing

  74. Qolumbia

    lol the reason they cover the face when the area they got touched isnt always the face is because they cant stop from smiling their ass off, experienced divers like neymar dont always cover their face tho because they've trained themself to not smile

  75. Kiwi Fruit

    5:21 phil jones once again shows us that he is the real GOAT

  76. terryanddominic

    when ever you argue that Charlton, Pele , and players of that era were better players than the overpaid idiots of today its often said its impossible to compare. Well try to find any footage of Bobby Charlton or Pele or any player of that era diving like a big baby,you wont find it cos it didnt happen.This is how you compare players,they played the game hard but fair the way it should be played.We never got infuriated by players diving we just were in awe of their skill and dedication. Neymar ,Ronaldo and suck like are pathetic to the greats of the pre diving era

  77. SIEИИA

    Puyol is a legend🔥 Captain


    you also have to name the teams

  79. REKY 97

    Really enjoyed it!

  80. Rakan Fahmawi

    1:36 best part thrust me

  81. Caleb

    Lol they put football instead of soccer 🤣🤣🤣 dumbasses....

  82. Fredrick Paul Kipsang


  83. Александр

    Иногда думаешь, а это точно спорт для мужиков? 🤣👎

  84. Guizin Animations

    7:20 two goalkeeper!!

  85. ramana kamesh

    God’s hand??! ~Maradonna

  86. Rumpel JA

    Impeccable vision and skills, one of my favorite player to watch.

  87. Dr.T.L.Xavier

    Great. Pls Watch My videos Share and Subscribe too. Thank you.

  88. Kevin Espinoza

    Canción de wily

  89. Jose 2blek

    The Suarez one wait a minute 😂😂

  90. Jose 2blek

    I had already forgotten of Robben vs Mexico and you putting lemon on my cuts 😭

  91. Gustav ETC

    authentic warriors

  92. Bhagyadhar Baskey


  93. Joyo PGH

    He is world class, he only has mediocre teammates and manager

  94. rahil1971

    2:05 was a dinosaur HAHAHHAHAHAH

  95. bro bro

    Everybody go subscribe to bro bro on NOsel

  96. delci.p.2107 Alves

    Yes game

  97. Gaye Soumare

    Celle d'Arsenal c fantastique

  98. E Aguirre

    En 2018 Hazard era el 2do mejor del mundo después de Messi, solo que a Ronaldo lo ayudan sus fans niños y el marketing.

  99. Christian Silva from hediman elmantry school 2010

    Why is this the top comment???