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  1. abby rose

    Lucas is even more chaotic than Josh and I didn't even know that was possible.

  2. Chris Higgins

    my favorite thing about these donuts is how they both touch each of them without gloves the entire time

  3. Galaxy Vulture

    I had to rewind the beginning so many times

  4. CptMcquacken

    Can we get Lucas his own show? PLEASE?

  5. Cici Woods

    Josh being the lovable doof is adorable

  6. JonFarm

    Josh: "Today I'm the lovable goof" oh Josh, you're always the lovable goof

  7. Tiffany

    What kind of savage eats the crust before the pizza?

  8. CptMcquacken

    "I dont know why people stress so much about hair in their food..." Thank you, let me tell ya, i've been in food service most of my life, I've been a kitchen guy and a manager over 50 employees. I've heard every complaint and soccer mom temper tantrum. I understand hair is from someone elses body, but, a hair is literally LITERALLY the smallest most insignificant thing to complain about, even in units of measurement "A hairs width". There is nothing more trivial to complain over than a hair.

  9. Jordan Nash

    Baby talk, then tapping crotch and saying that's for later.....well played Josh

  10. ImmGeoff

    Why she sound like missy from big mouth

  11. Jourdin Edwards

    😂 how are you guys gonna head into the donut friend kitchen, stop the camera on the "change gloves often" sign, and follow that up with the very first employee you show not wearing gloves???😂😂

  12. Jay Steez

    I’m tired of ppl putting gold on things claiming it more expensive that’s like me putting gold on my biscuit calling it the most expensive same taste biscuit in the country

  13. J Bone

    Josh as an assistant is child Josh in full motion. I kind of like it lol

  14. MageryGuy

    This is the best team-up ever. Since Wizard and Boomstick from Deathbattle.

  15. Mary C.

    take a shot every time he says uterus

  16. Aмrita Sharma

    this feels kinda like jenna and julien cooking

  17. Aмrita Sharma

    okay i need more of this duo, hello, please help

  18. Alyssa Jones

    Can we get an unfancy food, where he makes the cheapest versions of really expensive foods.

  19. Marina Hawkins

    Lucas gives me anxiety 😬

  20. Catrina Tulowiecki

    “I will NOT DISAPPOINT YOU CHEF” I’m laughing out loud I love these two. also “I hate my job” and “you sound like a Charles Dickens orphan” this is too legendary

  21. John

    Man Josh is off the walls today. This is such a messy episode

  22. Robert Livesay

    Rip Kobe

  23. Tyler Craig

    Donut friend is so good

  24. cassykj

    Honestly. She already sounds like a mom! Nervous laughing, encouraging words, celebrating wins!

  25. Angela Li


  26. Jhony Blanco

    Thank you for ditching that annoying guy from the pizza episode

  27. dust sans

    This actually kinda look good

  28. Aeron Gray

    oh hellllll yes. i made pizza from scratch the other week and i have all this yeast, so i was looking up recipes with yeast and i found vegan doughnuts. i was just gonna make some rings but i am FOR SURE making chocolate coated jam/cream/custard filled doughnuts now :O

  29. Nick Miller

    Nicole is my favorite counterpart to Josh. It's nice having another competent person there and they have a great dynamic.

  30. Babatunde

    Thats how you know its done when it hits nicloe in the face- josh

  31. Matthew Enfinger

    I know I'm late to the party and someone may have already pointed this out, but, duck bacon is already a thing. I know because I have some in my freezer. I bought it from a butcher shop a couple weeks ago. I havent tried any yet. But the guy told me to just cook it like regular bacon for breakfast or whenever. Just wanted to mention it. 😇

  32. Brasc

    Show how to make the Grilled Cheese Ramen from the GMM episode _Will It Ramen? Taste Test._

  33. z

    "Is this sand, can I eat it?" Great Lucas impression, Josh.

  34. Westin Tucker

    No machines back there, except this industrial mixer...

  35. YOWLR

    Someone should be compiling all the times josh has used the "that was my nickname in high school" joke

  36. Murphdog

    They need to do a cook off

  37. The Little Renegade

    That Ruby donut tho...

  38. Meike ter Haar

    When your chaotic energy is too much for Josh that's when you know you've won

  39. nosoda pop

    I found the subtle panic attacks to be somewhat endearing and relatable but lost me with the whip nea nea dance. I hope that was the last of that or help me god I will unsubscribe. Still kudos on this recipe.

  40. Ant Says

    They should date!

  41. knaguar

    Yo y he so jacked?

  42. Kayleigh Osborne

    Yesterday, I watched this video first thing in the morning and later remembered that Krispy Kreme was finally opening down the street from my neighborhood that same morning. I have been craving donuts ever since!

  43. Blue Frost03

    Thumb nail look like a 🍩 with condoms packs on it

  44. Dylan Dreisbach

    For anyone who doesn't know why they are freaking out so much about the saffron. You know the little stem thing that's in the center of a flower? Well, saffron is just those, where people spend hours picking the individual saffron stems from a flower. One by one. It's the most expensive spice in the world.

  45. Harry The Ripper

    Matt!!! I love Matt ^^

  46. Ves Canaan

    Nicole needs her own show immediately

  47. Oh my Goodness

    They are both annoying 😑

  48. ShirtlessCubsFan

    This was just a super fun episode to watch.

  49. SESE

    I don’t usually smile watching videos but these videos make me smile all the time whether it’s funny or not I just literally can’t stop smiling :)

  50. jon landkammer

    They should do this together all the time

  51. shalonda anderson


  52. Joshua Alegria



    The chemistry between you to is amazing... maybe actually make her a co-host rather than a guest host

  54. Mike Wojnarowski

    Plant based Donut...ew...

  55. Phillip Hopkins

    You guys are doing a great job on this new channel!

  56. Paxson Bachus

    Now kiss

  57. Karlene Troxler

    “Get that creaming together” 👅

  58. Tim Barnett

    they sexed

  59. Puzzlers100

    Mythical Chef Josh has gone missing after a random person on the internet claimed that he may have out pizza'ed the Hut

  60. RheannaBanana

    Legit had to pause this and go get some donuts to watch this episode.

  61. Samantha Joslin

    I don't like her

  62. Nicole Guerin

    Am I the only one who noticed how much mozzarella Josh just ate at the factory?

  63. real one

    Love this dude! It would be dope AF to hangout with him!

  64. Cody Maris

    cooking with a very attractive woman again God bless America

  65. Michael Wood

    Josh needs to get cotton candy randy on mythical kitchen!

  66. Yasmine Padilla

    Josh is a gift XD.

  67. A Knight in the Dark

    Honestly rn I actually like this channel a lot more than the original gmm. No Cap

  68. Generik Wolf

    In my opinion this episode was so much better than the ones with the staff who don't really know how to cook. Nicole and Josh work well together and it's really entertaining

  69. MeatsDaanCarbs

    did Josh go to culinary school or not? That's intriguing

  70. Klinkiwinki

    ITS A KRAPFEN! or at least a Berliner

  71. voidremoved

    can we see your fancy Beef Stroganoff?

  72. Strain of the Day

    Lucas is the funniest guy ever put him in more episodes

  73. Ann Margarette Sambilay

    Why am I exhausted just watching the video 🤣

  74. Cody Maris

    all the sexaul tension is real and the sexual innuendos

  75. Ivan Shishmanov

    Only a fool would make this

  76. Cody Maris

    I will make you a parent because she's cute and has a nice bod

  77. Cody Maris

    i know this is a cooking show and they both are repected chefs but God bless her muffins a big

  78. Juni Cortez

    So... These two are in love, right??

  79. ABuck420

    You guys should do some cannabis infused dishes

  80. Lintang Wilujeng

    11:52 I love the Disturbed - Down with the Sickness reference and when Josh tried to imitate the weird "scream" 😍😍 I see he's a man of a culture as well

  81. Sternritter

    I like these 2's combination! Please do more together!

  82. Cody Maris

    i would be in heaven in that mozzarella cheese factory

  83. Hollywood redneck

    I get why no one got the chopping broccoli reference.... it's because it from a hundred years ago

  84. ThE BIgDuNk

    “Im making a rosey jam” josh- “im making more salmonella on the counter”

  85. Justin Schmitt

    the first time anyone even mildly chuckled at a "that was my nickname in high school" joke was in this video

  86. Dana Evelyn

    Rhett and Link must be thrilled about the cost of this pizza...specifically the $192 truffle

  87. Trey Sullivan

    I use to like Josh but he's getting annoying...

  88. Adam Flores

    Stevie is probably one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen

  89. Ceecee pg

    Who came here after watching the GMM episode in hopes of scrubbing your mind of the memory. The puppies didn’t work! They just made me remember!

  90. Shane Ozouf

    "WE DON'T HAVE ANY MACHINES BACK THERE" "What's this machine?" "We use it because nobody can sift flour."

  91. Andrew Guerrero

    Aw no Young Frankenstein reference? 6:46

  92. Lock Jaw

    I love their chemistry so much

  93. BLAcKhEArtxFAz3

    She can tongue out my middle 😉😉

  94. Maelene Chan

    josh is a babie 🥺🥺

  95. Myrra Lamb

    Those donuts are a work of art

  96. JimmyJJ 1996

    Uhh level 2 🙌

  97. Katie Murphy

    Josh is the most important person on the planet, he is my favourite and he can do no wrong <3

  98. Ann Margarette Sambilay

    Oh Josh. I am totally late for this episode but are you okay??? I can feel your embarrassment here in my country 🇵🇭

  99. Reina Arana!


  100. Manda K

    These donuts look amazing!