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  1. ecorp13


  2. Emanuele Bignone

    watched more than half of this video... is there anything this guy doesnt like about this laptop? it seems like a commercial.


    I have Xbox 1 X and I’m going to trade it in for the Xbox series X

  4. Spek

    so with all these frames it being able to pull im guessing theyre going to have displayport?

  5. Thomas Crown

    Not funny, just cringe.

  6. Imafan imafan

    Anyone else waiting for a 13inch beast ? That sounds a bit mad

  7. Karsten Playz and entertainment

    Will there be more games released to the Xbox One after the release of the Xbox Series X (box)?

  8. HipHopisArt

    "we wanted people to just go in and say i want the latest xbox so thats why we called it just xbox" i hate when i go to gamestop and say I want the latest playstation and they give me a ps1. THANK YOU

  9. Bryan

    Austin in Austin. How Austintatious.

  10. se_th

    how was that monitor worth anywhere near that price

  11. skip scannell

    Let’s take a look at these amazing graphics *decides to play Minecraft*.........

  12. Sub2zyylac

    PLEASE DO A GIVEAWAY i need one of those. my crappy laptop can hardly load minecraft

  13. meatwad74

    ummm a mini pc . not liking the shape at all

  14. Noublives Gaming

    Thxs for the last scene

  15. NAS Games

    6:00 too bad switches cost upwards of 400$ nowadays, ohh nintendo and their famous shortages

  16. Pete Johnson

    stop cutting off your friend while hes talking. youre being a bully lol

  17. Siege

    PlayStation people : ok so we can’t play old games but we can play faster Xbox people :WE DID IT WE HAVE SOMETHING BETTER FINALLY

  18. Wolfgang Trixl

    Is it just me or does the Gears gameplay look wonky as shit? Also these graphics aren’t really anything special too

  19. Sandy BoleYT

    And the display is not 1080p

  20. Caiden Boettcher

    But does it have Bluetooth?

  21. Caiden Boettcher

    But does it have Bluetooth?

  22. Yzos

    There is literally no point for any console to be faster, devs just wont bother with making seperate versions of a game with better graphics for one console. The xbox series x might get better looking exclusives, but those will probably come to pc anyways. I think that people just need to stop defending one side and just admit that both consoles perform pretty much the same in most cases.

  23. XxFireBlzxX Games And Vlogs


  24. connor arnold

    Why is he still playing fortnite

  25. Sandy BoleYT

    And I swapped to a galaxy s10+

  26. Salty 76 Lax

    Happy to see you’re safe man love you God bless praying for everyone.

  27. ChillySilkHood

    I use laptops lmao

  28. Kiwi

    This guy looks like he blows on hot cheetos before he eats them

  29. L00peey

    is it me or has Austin's testosterone quadrupled? lol.

  30. Pini Moo

    "0 chance this is going to be worth it, even if it's completely worth this even comes with a screen protector!"

  31. Codyy

    Could you plug this into a monitor using hdmi and play off a monitor screen ??

  32. Nathan Stewart

    you didn't get here by searching for it.

  33. Alec Boucher

    As a person who uses CAD, CFD, and FEA a lot, this seems awesome. The best part is how low-key the styling is. I wouldn't want to show up to a meeting with rgb blaring and "gamer" written all over it. Might cop 🤔🤔🤔

  34. Ramazan Durmaz

    I can barely shoot through my trash mouse.. it's certainly not meant for gaming.. actually it's not meant for anything!

  35. James Crook

    I just got a ad that said RGB lighting will improve your pc specs by 200% lol what the heck.

  36. Kubab the Breadseal

    1:08 he’s a stork

  37. GamE FrEak

    This freaking laptop will cost probably 1.5k. N outside US it's will cost 2k

  38. MotoZest

    3:56 32GB, obviously... 16GB×2...

  39. gs biggs

    Xbox straight beast mode

  40. X

    this gen passed so quickly, damn

  41. River Hayes

    pay a ton of money for a laptop with light leak keys...

  42. XYZTrooper

    Man! The air flow is eerily reminiscent of a turbine engine. It essentially has swirl chambers, I assume the holes on the separating plates inside are carefully placed to create the 'tornado' shape. It even has a diverging exhaust cone! Very well done, Microsoft.

  43. Gwrightproductions1

    It's a living broom PC. There you go lol

  44. Glitchless

    Dude the slide door ps3 was lit smh

  45. BerwickPkr

    This video helped me, I wanted to get a different pc case and didn't have a clue to rebuild anything lol

  46. GamE FrEak

    3:24 WTF is happening to the windows logo

  47. Mikail Aisy Ulum

    i had too but WIndows XP (Vista Powered?)

  48. Deetroiter

    Just hopefully they did something with the coil whine that plagued so many ROG in the past. Very awesome laptops and a great price, just the coil whine is atrocious!

  49. aaBerant

    amd is garbage

  50. Brawl Dock

    Its good for a trash can to throw the controller away 💁

  51. Jaden Tube

    The xbox series x looks small

  52. Ian C

    Honestly I wish more companies showed the inner workings of their products as X-box has done here. For someone like me who loves seeing how things work and were engineered this transparency is very much appreciated.

  53. Gladiator Spear

    Wow how u get that??

  54. Jesse Lawson

    I just watched the most annoying NOsel.

  55. Jck Daniel

    What would be the best tv to play on?

  56. venkata sreekanth bhagavatula

    How do stop NOsel from showing this channel?

  57. Jesus Aragon diaz

    I would pay Austin money to see this play Grand Theft Auto 4

  58. ToXicVolk

    Tiktok-Console war is over ps4 won😂😂😂😂

  59. Shadeshots

    Ken looks like a frog 😂

  60. Xoron

    I thought that was screen glare when you told us that this was supposed to be black...

  61. ToXicVolk

    All those dislikes are ps5 fans😂

  62. matthias bretonnier

    I think that this machine is made to run everything via a compagny server, because of the specs

  63. Aaron Carr

    Ahh yes. Technology

  64. Jay Son

    Pro gamer? Ken: I’m a pro spender 😂 This man is a legend 👏

  65. Ganesh and Gita Kashyap

    Wait, there’s a Xbox Series S?

  66. D-.-RAiL Gaming

    If you want to get into PC gaming...don't buy a Laptop

  67. EthansmithGamezzoffical

    H A Y G U Y S

  68. Recep Aydemir

    Such shitty video

  69. Mike Chrys

    What about the response time of the screen thow ? More than 10 ms ? Then i go meeeehh

  70. HNTOSH

    Xbox 😴😴😴😴

  71. Tyler Hanley

    One thing I’ve never understood: why tf are windows manufacturers so hell bent on stickers on the laptops?? It cheapens it so much, especially paired with a plastic laptop

  72. Fabian Bayer

    Camera ist good, but I'm mostly interested in RAM and display

  73. M B

    Austin saying high its austin while in austin texas.

  74. Oh no no

    I don’t like the switch lite bc you can’t take the joy cons on the side off

  75. Cali's Spoken

    Ugliest box of trash ever

  76. Mr.Broccoli

    The switch have a dock , can put on a TV and have a detachable joycon but the lite don't , that's the only difference you need to know , if you have a ps4 or an xbox then just go for the lite ..

  77. CallMeFelipe

    Bro i have a $830 and it only has 4 ram and it dose not even run good and it sad

  78. Dileep Rajan

    Austin: look how thin and light it is MacBook: hold my intel chip

  79. Feedsomefood

    16 times the details

  80. op


  81. Oliver Garandza

    I miss the hey guys

  82. MS_Office_ 95

    Sony needs to remove the royalties so more manufacturers include it in their devices

  83. Feedsomefood

    How much 4 it? I really wanna know?

  84. Lwazi S

    The white sheep

  85. Aimal Khan

    Will the dashboard look like that?

  86. Milana & Bogdan Maslovskiy

    Ps5 simps have been real quit ever since the release of this video

  87. Fair

    The future is here Austin

  88. Axel Alvarado

    But power doesn’t matter if there’s no games to play on Xbox

  89. BasicOppa

    4:11 that koya blindfold caught me off guard lmao

  90. Mr Ehab Adel


  91. KingKaran YT

    Ken: this is the most jurk off keyboard you can get. Me: Wait I have that keyboard 😂😂😂

  92. Ronald Aiello

    I’m taking bets on release date. $100 November 6th was original release date and because of COVID I’m sure it’s November 20 2020.

  93. GhostNinja65

    That’s kinda funny. Austin travels to Austin Texas.

  94. Johannes Wetzler

    The PS5 have a UHD blu ray drive

  95. LxyDxy

    My last 3 brain cells in math class are thinking HeY gUyEs ThiS Is AuSteN

  96. OliSR

    Am I seriously watching someone talking about graphics of mine craft?? Next video.

  97. The everything Channel

    Not a good way to promote your sponsor

  98. Hao Ruan

    Does any of the output support G-Sync?

  99. Ronald Aiello

    They should make controllers is sizes SM MED and LRG

  100. ws ws

    How much is it all together?