Former NASA engineer. Current NOselr and friend of science.
Answers to some common questions:
1) I studied Mechanical Engineering in School. I did my undergrad at BYU and Masters at USC.
2) I worked for NASA JPL for 9 years, 7 of which were working on the Curiosity Rover (I made a video about it you should def totes watch cause it's probably my favorite of all my videos). I founded a company called Digital Dudz on my nights and weekends while working at NASA (also made some videos about that) and sold it to the guys who make Morphsuits in the UK. As part of the sale I quit my job at NASA and worked for them coming up with all their new costume ideas for 2 years. Recently, I was presented with an opportunity to return to my Engineering roots to come do some ideation type of work for a tech company near San Francisco.
3) Link to free and therefore substandard build plans for my custom workbench can be found below.

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  1. Benjamin Kelly

    People like me whi are allergic to peas and beans can't eat this

  2. Dak Nat

    How about stopping wars to save the world.

  3. StupidLittleBrat

    *68 Cents??* They’re playing us like a fiddle

  4. Nathan Tessitore

    Sorry people, I'm new here, *Why is that other guy half-grey/gray?* I understand how, sort of, makeup, but just *why?*

  5. Distorres

    The annoying thing is that these people laugh at the box like they’re in some sort of prank show totally forgetting they actually stole it off the porch rofl

  6. saver menu cheeseburger at McDonalds

    I see no downside here

  7. TomNitro

    Imagine someone uses that as their main in a nerf battle.

  8. Yancy Cliff

    Awesome videos people, keep up the awesome work people, you're welcome people!

  9. naresh james

    And also gave him 4 phone as a reward lol

  10. Tyson N

    Mark: In plane forgetting to turn it off Ball:YEET News: A plane got shot down just hours before landing

  11. Tyson N

    What if this was used to hit someone in that place

  12. RedPandaHero Gaming

    I don't even like golf but this is awesome

  13. Dragon Ryu

    Can you attach a dynamite or gonorrhea powder?

  14. The Good Samaritan

    Dang... I really want Chik-Fila now

  15. Wtf it’s Caroline-

    Swim away or just run away-

  16. aprilialover125

    make it cheaper and ill buy it 6/10 times I need meat for traditional beef meals

  17. Torenflame 1172

    Dude, when was this video made? The moive for Ready Player One has been out for a years. Edit: Nevermind, I saw the date.

  18. Tyson N

    Mark has a buddy named Mark from the Mark convention in Markvile

  19. The Masked Spoofer

    That was the coolest glitter prank I've ever seen. Well done sir, well done. 👏👏👏

  20. Eduardo PP

    Ban me

  21. Eduardo PP

    Report me

  22. Cadetfalcon 50

    Plot twist What if it wasn’t a veggie burger?

  23. Eduardo PP


  24. Eduardo PP


  25. εrῖͼk sΘͷ

    Finally..... I can now say I'm vegetarian

  26. Eduardo PP

    make me rich

  27. Slikdabber _YT

    Imagine dropping it and it breaks 💀

  28. Eduardo PP


  29. Eduardo PP


  30. Eduardo PP

    I'll comment 9392103302020202020 times

  31. sand

    tis is revolutionary for the Islamic community because its HALAL

  32. Not That much

    16:44 thank me later

  33. bongley guy

    You should have colored all of the liquids the same because red is a “strong” color

  34. Heil Starly

    If I dont hear the screams of multiple animals dying in a slaughterhouse its not a burger so im not eating it

  35. Eduardo PP

    Give me all the money you have or else YES

  36. rainbow noodles

    Do this where you camp in a bush with a ghille suit and a hose so when they come close or even steal it and BLAST them with the hose

  37. Max Lee

    Who else thought of going to 1:09 and slowing it down to 0.25

  38. Eduardo PP

    Bill seems like a nice guy, he should make a company

  39. Eduardo PP

    Bill seems like a nice guy, he should start his own company and have 69 employees and 420k reviews

  40. Timon White

    But like the main ingredient is soy and that's bad for testosterone right?

  41. PutrIsCool

    Most valid vegan argument ive seen

  42. Cupcake Man

    The board it’s self is on steroids

  43. John McCarthy

    0:00 looks like a thunderbolt 1000t siren

  44. James Cockerham

    All this tells me is that the price of land is going to go down over the course of my lifetime.

  45. Eduardo PP

    Guys lik dis comunt if yur mom loves yu Lats get to 42069 liks

    1. Eduardo PP

      This is a joke comment

  46. Not That much

    11:35 mark just wasted a pool of water by putting it on a dirty floor

  47. Griffer Csgo

    Mark Rober: As demand goes up, the price comes down. That’s basic economics WRONG.

  48. JustChillin'

    Imagine this : Good bowler: strike Him: strike Good Bowler: I thought you didn't have experience Him: Ya I don't *Wink Wink*

  49. Jiether Secretaria

    " *ASPIRING ENGINEERS ARE MY PEOPLE* " welp, you just earned a Sub 👍

  50. Ryan Kinnin

    Is it just me or is it sped up???

  51. C H E Z

    If it’s good enough for Bill it’s good enough for me.

  52. Mustaali Carbaidwala

    Mark, I'm disappointed you're using the amazing platform you built for commercialization. You were bought out by the "agenda"... I have officially lost faith in humanity. F.

  53. Rich Wojehowski

    Nice reporting on this! And if we can get Don "the turd" Trumpelstiltskin out of office the planet might actually make it.

  54. wps_ chief

    Lol that soccer highlight was great

  55. Pyro Bricks

    As a Canadian beef producer I think you skipped quite alot about the process, while factory farms can and mostly are not a very free live for the animals, the other is fighting for life. Coyotes, disease and birth problems are all something wild raised animals have to worry about. While they do not have the typical space needed for happy animals, they are well fed, protected and vaccinated. Thank you for the well produced video mark, keep it coming.

  56. ImpuLse Luna

    It can't be just me who is wondering how he got the packaging for the Impossible burgers at home. They don't sell them so you can have them at home.

  57. Jacob Guerrero

    You cool

  58. Dave

    If everyone switched and it was easy to order vegan at restaurants I’d have no problem switching

  59. Area 51 Alien

    Jeff Bezos is definitely poorer than bill gates?

  60. Duckymolmol


  61. Liza Holly


  62. Bbqdoc

    1000% rigged video Look at his work shop, to perfect.. This guy doesn't even know how to use a screw driver.

  63. Sneakman Pete

    The beyond burger tastes like fish

  64. Dip YT

    I met rick smith jr irl

  65. dsonk

    15:16 the kobe jersey in the background

  66. Adrian Luna

    If only it weren't anywhere between 3/4 times the price of regular beef. If the price was matched id go ahead and just make the switch. MAYBE if it was a little more expensive because of the whole cholesterol thing. As it is now i still seldom buy beef. Mostly pork and chicken because its cheaper.

  67. ugandan knuckles

    forgot to mention the fact that the soy literally makes your balls fall off

  68. That One Dude

    How can you save 51 billion lives, if only 7 billion people exist on Earth? Is there some secret civilization no one telling me about?

  69. Well Great 16

    Now we just need to know about fish and how good that stuff is

  70. Aquiver

    I would be screwed, allergic to nuts :/

  71. OhSoUnicornly

    I really hope you'll consider continuing to reduce your meat consumption! Really, reducing by 90% shouldn't be difficult at all (since you can still have treats if you miss it) and will make a big difference. Don't forget the impacts of dairy, too - and the awful conditions imposed upon chickens and cows that are kept for eggs/dairy. In my opinion, their lives are worse than meat animals' lives.

  72. jbee02

    They should've rigged it so once you opened it you couldn't close it

  73. ihang u

    This video is my go-to from now on when someone talks trash about me being vegan...

  74. Shane Sellman

    hes not the richest man in the world its jeff bezos your orginal first sentence is incorrect

  75. A&A Productions

    I wish Mark was my uncle

  76. dark

    That nostalgic Zelda oracle of ages/seasons soubdtrack.

  77. Joshua Charlery

    I swear this channel is so dope!!!

  78. Krish Khatri

    Now turn this into a yearly tradition and make one in 2020

  79. Angel Doll Avakin

    I wish you would've included the game where you have the pole with the ring hanging on the end & you have to pick up the glass bottles & make them upright

  80. Mitc Hhh

    I like how he shows his music in description

  81. KJ P

    Hiw amazing is the view and location of their home!

  82. Aggrobiscuit

    Just imagine a future where we can eat cruelty free meat. There will be no need for cows, so the only cows will be in zoos. Except zoos won't exist, because keeping animals in captivity is obviously unethical. Bye bye cows, pigs and all other livestock. You're going to become extinct so we can protect you .

  83. Rick 3

    "Mother earth" how about GOD. You know, the one who CREATED Earth?

  84. Ocean

    sharks remind me of cats for some reason.

  85. Freckle The Rainwing-Mudwing Hybrid

    Bruh, how he balance with that shovel? I dropped my chicken nuggets just by holding them normally-

  86. Armenian Highland

    The future is vegan 🌱

  87. Sara Crist

    hE's sMaRt!

  88. Panda Guy

    If you never "opened" the door with the force, then try, you'll feel cool.

  89. 1 1

    Not trying to scare away anyone from switching to plant based diets but someone I know had switched to a vegan diet which caused an intestinal blockage and it sent him to the hospital for surgery. If you have any stomach pain or stool changes please see a doctor as abrupt dietary changes can cause some problems.

  90. Sardine Squad

    i feel like the trampolines gonna break

  91. Jose Ortiz

    Mark Rober

  92. Jose Ortiz


  93. BaseBallGamer360

    Does it make me a vegan If the steak I eat is only fed plants?

  94. Sardine Squad

    is that counter restaurant close to coconut fish?

  95. Luis Villarreal

    Next, you need to do a "Leaning to Make a Golf Ball into the Hole Everytime" during a putt from a good distance, at a putt putt golf course. "You're cheating again Mawk Rova!"

  96. Davey Socks *

    I just want to smash yum yums down my eat zone

  97. Jaden Weng

    I love meat but this might be better..............

  98. saippuakivikauppias

    Let's not forget Nintendo . . . -Bill Gates, XBOX

  99. Mike Weng

    9:54 lol mark gave the classic jim halpert look