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  1. Fernando Almanza

    The 2012 called, they want the ¡¡REAL SMOSH BACK!!

  2. Rachel Vining

    The baby thing is more facebook for me. I don't follow those people on Instagram lolololol

  3. Ozora Tsubasa Official

    Don’t say shut up! Okay Ian?

  4. Agon Games

    Im 13 and know period yet

  5. DarkNight Evade

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  6. * a u t u m n *

    The voicing for Greg was Shane right? But he was at the funeral...... How.

  7. wilmer chabla

    This is still funny in 2020 😭

  8. Paul L Cake 2

    I’m in 2020

  9. Carson X

    That is one creepy ass baby

  10. Kyrsten Lane

    Tbh I would love to see Jacklyn come on as a guest on something in Smosh Pit or SmoshCast

  11. zheng bing rui

    A real anime fan would know more words than "hello" and "goodbye".

  12. Madison Rose Torres


  13. pebbs Lewis

    I’m always lonely but who cares tho

  14. ItsJGMusic

    I thought adding stevie to this video was a nice touch

  15. fujin playz

    Man it’s 2020 now when is Anthony coming back

  16. ZMG

    𝔻𝕠𝕔𝕜 𝕤𝕥𝕚𝕝𝕝 𝕙𝕒𝕧𝕖 𝕒 𝕗𝕠𝕟𝕥 𝕠𝕟?

  17. Electrickid _227

    eat your cereal

  18. See Onaga

    I miss Ian and Anthony Smosh.

  19. xXGalaxy MaverickXx

    At 3:10 isn't the girl on the right next to courtney from the show Shameless

  20. The Souls Music


  21. TheSovietUnionbutnot 119

    1:32 I would’ve been pissed if Stevie was there

  22. Rachel From Staples

    Can we get James on Smosh to do everyone’s makeup, or people of smosh to do James makeup

  23. Rachel From Staples

    Hi sister

  24. Jason Mandap

    Hot girl waring. A 👙

  25. Electrickid _227

    eat your cereal

  26. XGoldLlama72 ZzxX

    1:17 Lmao

  27. lonesome coast

    Eat your cereal

  28. Ella Scharosch

    The Alexa bit set off the Alexa in my room and it told me what the weather was 😂😂😂

  29. the grab


  30. Mykal

    The name of this video is bothering me... incorrect grammar bruh

  31. Gage 2k3

    Netflix actually made a movie on this

  32. Electrickid _227

    eat your cereal

  33. Electrickid _227

    eat your cereal

  34. Rainnonveil Thorne

    Sometimes I worry about you Courtney

  35. Gamer tank 13

    0:10 no

  36. ColeCreatedContent

    “Hoes these days”😂😂😂😂 that got me


    Literal no one is Megalovania

  38. cesar Palmerin

    Do you guys remember when Chad wild clay roasted Anthony and Ian

  39. Small Melanie

    Peep someone reading twilight in the back

  40. Deshaun Bunn


  41. NJASZN

    Ladies and gentleman, this is essentially how NOsel began.

  42. Deshaun Bunn


  43. I Make Videos

    2060 anyone?

  44. Noob 454

    This make 2007 we are and

  45. Absolute Carnage

    I'm pretty sure that normies are real.

  46. Jake Mendes

    Hahaha 😂

  47. Carrie Reagler

    Why is courtney a hot guy?

  48. Ian Seeger

    hello im from the future and um black widow is getting her own movie and hawkies daughter is getting a show called hawkeye

  49. Jay Kellin

    Didn't realize how good of a salesman Courtney was

  50. PolarPlays

    Did anyone notice when Anthony was looking at the dead guys Id some ones 🍆 was out

  51. Avelyn Salero

    1:20 Anyone realized Ian's straw looked like a p*nis?

  52. crownless octo

    2:38 smart

  53. Collins Camera

    Look at my BABY

  54. Jordan Keeley

    omg this is very not kid friendly but its funny

  55. The Joey and Sal Variety Show

    1:05 siblings when you swear in front of your parents.

  56. Ava Grottis

    where have Keith and noah been?

    1. ZzZ Neon wolfe ZzZ


  57. Maribel Palomo Wilson


  58. Deegzx rtrd

    But Instagram is real I have it downloaded

  59. Trevor Young

    That’s a creepy baby

  60. The Sauce God 183

    Bro in the bag of so called drugs they were those little sausages

  61. Sarah Day

    Please do ever tiktok ever


    Never mind it’s 2.00


    If you put it at 1.50 speed it give the normal speed

  64. Shea Laurin 25

    Brianna boho was clearly in the window reflection

  65. B Bouldrey

    I really enjoyed the blooper reel at the end

  66. Strange Ray

    Shayne wasnt scared of the baby he was scared of it because it was a doll

  67. AlyMetz

    Why does Noah look so good in makeup lol

  68. Matthew Swaino

    When Ian said Balls,I put it on German and it said “EIER”

  69. Cass Nic Adventures

    The girl with the baby:LOOK AT THE FRICKING BABY The guy: NO I DONT WANNA LOOK

  70. ace gaming


  71. Lucy Tovey

    That baby scene make me feel so uncomfortable

  72. Fr0z3n

    He is

  73. AwesomeDude Productions

    S E X Y L E A F ⊙_⊙

  74. Winter Animations

    Smosh has 9 BILLION VIEWS

  75. spin spinner spinner idiot stupid

    I'm going out

  76. Faze_ Spawnjk

    Where’s Fortnite

  77. Legend The

    Po dokoukání tohohle videa sem přestal trpět alkoholismem díky tomu že Cortny řekla že Bůh to zakazuje. After i watched this video i stoped having problems with alkohol bcs Cortny said the god prohibits it. Thanks smosh :)

  78. Justin Kelly

    Please find any excuse to bring back Salesperson Courtney.

  79. Kirill Belyaev

    Surprised there were no meme page reference

  80. Victoria Losch

    Hey why is ur store called 7 11 oh wait what time is it 7:11

  81. Mason blob fish

    2:35 rickys board has five points


    Is max ian's other twin?

  83. Aurora Dalton

    If you love me you’ll bone me Also dose this have an age restriction on it

  84. Joseph Lockard

    My Alexa told me the weather in Lowell, Mass. at 4:09.

  85. Kirill Belyaev

    If Instagram was real I would have been dead 4 times (deleted as a meme page)

  86. z


  87. spin spinner spinner idiot stupid

    You can get the movie tickets for power rangers

  88. Bace Check


  89. Dave2801epic

    Shout out to Stevie for that Glow up

  90. Gage 2k3

    I miss old smosh

  91. YoMoGamer

    More plz

  92. Jeremiah Muniz

    I didn’t know kids sound like dark Vader

  93. Jeremiah Muniz

    Nvm every store I went to had a bathroom

  94. Jeremiah Muniz

    There’s always that store with no bathroom

  95. Adam Dudley

    Salesman Courtney is just Princess Carolyn

  96. Jeremiah goff

    Lol and awesome video

  97. Weirdo08 08

    Every fan ever

  98. nikki feely

    Poor anthony

  99. Miss Rose

    "look at my baby" 😂😂 Thats the one from Facebook video u guys make right? 😂😂