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  1. Joshua Burgess

    Find out your mom is your dad

  2. Ramiek Oglesby

    That funny he said 1:17

  3. Albert Su

    Can’t divorce me if we’re not married *taps head*

  4. ShiroPlayz

    1:44 my mom at whataburger asks for a *mushroom* swiss burger without *mushrooms*

  5. Tarecia Jones

    Ok I’m just Got Out is a way for us too and you can call me and tell me wats Yo is a tw day for the day you have a great night and I will come

  6. AlrightThen

    Don’t mind me making this simple bookmark timestamp 1:58

  7. internet_stranger 1f3

    This was made 2 days after I was born bruh 😲😳 woah crazy wow

  8. Itsthat midget


  9. Ahmad Faris

    Why this is on my recommended

  10. Strawberry_101 **Isabella Prater**

    If Matt Rob likes WWE, I feel like I just saw him in the back ground of one of “battles”...I feel like I’m going insane.. (It’s 3:30am...)

  11. warrentan831

    pause at 3:15

  12. SA Tahaa

    what an accurate representation

  13. Allie

    mark was bullied the whole time then won. what a legend

  14. Box Man

    Finn and fern be like: 0:46

  15. oreo cloud

    every buzzfeed ever

  16. Me I’m cool

    I wanna be the master Mail guy: bastard

  17. Xx_cool_ D00d_xX

    Boyfriend, more like simp

  18. team beyblade warrior

    But I'm watching this in Android

  19. Frostbite Sweat

    I wouldn’t mind having the csi toilet paper rn

  20. Athena Edwards

    Someone needs to do this to me


    seriously thats so awesome and awkward

  22. David Quintanilla

    Is anyone remembering those bees more real

  23. lolmaster65


  24. lolmaster65


  25. Legolas Old Games

    Best non Antony smosh video!!

  26. Pink Bandit

    Thank you for supporting Girl Scouts

  27. Scarfon

    Can we just acknowledge olivia's great acting in the tgi Friday part

  28. Kristina Nagaran

    The cats are so cute!!!!!!

  29. Lynnea Hoefling-Piercy

    You can hear shaynes laugh in the audience

  30. Ohafi Faruk

    Dwight looks like Jim playing Dwight

  31. Roberto Cantu

    I know who looks like shayne it’s Alex Bregman

  32. Looney bird studios and Billy bob

    🌚 🌚 🌚 who will die?

  33. dragonfurydaily

    This video has 666k views

  34. The Random channel

    In sweden they has not even closed the schools.

  35. Renee Ferguson

    Yo I just realized that Sam used to voice an old cartoon that I was in love with. The Secret Saturday’s.

  36. Asubie


  37. HorseWorld 2000

    9:51 ???

  38. Flasia Lucas Gabriel Surio

    In a world where there are no ads in all of NOsel...

  39. Kiara Spinks

    2:06 I’m an Aussie and I’m dying

  40. Nick The AntiClause

    Sometimes I wonder if people worry when making these if for some reason, some one out there is going to masturbate to it...and then Tommy Bones is like "God I fucking hope so" with the foot in the rice. Like, that's not my fetish, but I know some of you are out their blasting one to it right now, and I'm not judging.

  41. Raven

    As an asian I agree 💯💯💯💯

  42. HorseWorld 2000

    6:10 the end of Food Battle :’(

  43. SuperMarioFabian 914

    Anthony was playing tamagotchi

  44. Lynx Lynx

    If you survived coronavirus, you'll see this 🙂

  45. Laura Dorn

    Are you really from Wisconsin bc you said it like southern people say it soo... in other words u said it wrong.... good job

  46. Jessbo1218

    Someone please take me back :’(

  47. Flasia Lucas Gabriel Surio

    Video: **has blood** Rating: *no mature content*

  48. Raka Mandala

    Noah looks a little different

  49. Matea Kolar

    Ooooh maaaan. 13 years ago😬🙈

  50. Eloise Garcia

    Eat the meat son 2:06

  51. brandonator13

    Remember food battle 2012?

  52. Martin Eclarino

    Im still waiting for my bra

  53. Dann Junaid plays

    You f****** b****

  54. Clark

    I guess shayne is the new spiderman

  55. warrentan831

    we need food battle 2020 with anthony back

  56. erikson cruz

    y u guys using torchwood soundtrack tho xD

  57. Kenzo Mattheo Funtanares

    Who else wants to make videos like these to make YT fun again?

  58. Thebeastnine 4

    Box man is a balla

  59. Yes

    Are you saying staying inside all spring isn't a good spring break?

  60. JustinKervin Leon

    I miss the good old days😢😢

  61. Zo0oM 390

    TO SEE BEHIND THE SCENES FOOTAGE, AND BLOOPERS. CLICK THE LINK IN THE DESCRIPTION BELOWWW. *insert sum weird yet super funny gag that connects w the video*

  62. Minding My Business

    Ian is sooo gorgeous 😍😍🥰🥰

  63. InfiniteBasic

    Did anybody realise that in 2:51 his number plate is Fart ass

  64. Vincent Zhao

    I’m 1000000000000000% that if Anthony comes back to to smosh smosh will get twice the subs and views

  65. Jenna isela

    This was my favorite thing to watch. They are the og youtuber kings. I miss these kinds of videos☹️

  66. AJ Gameing

    this video is so hotter and sexy 100%

  67. gavin macdonald


  68. Metal Sonic234

    This was mad in 2009 that's when I was born Edit:a month later

  69. Danajah Stillwell


  70. Pundah

    This traumatised me as a kid. Also isn't the demon the friend in their videos now 😂😂

  71. Ian Titus

    4 of my favorite NOsel's in one video

  72. Wyatt Plawman

    I did the same with the peanut butter and acted like weenie the pouh and smeared it all over my face and the walls

  73. Pundah

    3:12 wait 11 year old me had no idea what this meant 💀💀

  74. Mariah Waldroup

    Anthony’s hobby: Stripper Oh my god😳😳

  75. Licon the one BOY


  76. Braddah Leeks

    As someone who’s never been to a Chipotle, how is it?

  77. freak 10

    whos watching this in 2020?

  78. Garbagecan69

    Remember when smosh wasn’t a company? Honestly i don’t think Ian likes Smosh anymore either.

  79. Patrick142099


  80. clrity

    who else watching in 2020

  81. Bryan Flores

    Every NOselr in this video is washed up 😂 except for PewDiePie 😂😂

  82. Pundah

    This and magic keyboard were my fucking childhood

  83. L Ham

    That voldemort

  84. Jackie Abdo

    He got shot 100 time’s then had 1 shot in his body Me: 😑😳WHAT?!?!

  85. KIRA


  86. clrity

    who else watching in 2020

  87. Peter Zenik

    How about naruto

  88. Life En Pointe

    This is so weird for me to see them pumping their own gas because I live in Oregon and they pump it for you

  89. Felix Wang

    25.1 million subs 25.6 million views


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  91. TheItsmemaya

    anyone else just watching old school youtube videos during quarantine just to *feel alive again*

  92. Pundah

    7:49 American police officers took note.

  93. Marcelo Gajsek

    fuck. oops F ire tr UCK

  94. Enzo Takerian

    1. Breadbasket 2. Clogs 3. Eagle 4. Face totem 5. Bed posts

  95. clrity

    who else watching in 2020

  96. ninja swager52

    Triplet dudes

  97. XelA SelleugrA

    Wow, 20k people are dicks

  98. Yoshimitsu

    I watched this anime.

  99. Îvy wølf

    I’m a Leo and idk why but I act nothing like in the videos or the articles🤷‍♀️