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  1. Daryl Kigen

    You should make one about the new power rangers

  2. okow tina

    Selena Gomez really should've pursued more of an acting career, than a music career

  3. Gabriel Divina

    Your eyes are gorgeous

  4. Katherine Mejia

    You should watch Starstruck, most people and adults actually like it

  5. Adele Aslan

    “So Hiram is going to quarantine the town so he can rule it or whatever” Well coronavirus did it for him

  6. The Duos

    I dont really like this person

  7. Ineza Nyce

    This guy is dumb I'm sorry ..I'm really trying to respect his opinion but he is just wrong . I don't even like such shows but this one was perfect

  8. Luciano

    season 4 is miles better than 3 and 2.

  9. Olivia Vitelli

    Do the circle next

    1. okow tina

      Please do the movie!!!! For some reason I was obsessed with it when I was like 6.

  10. Kiss Lea

    I loved the abs own solo😂❤️

  11. Saniyah R

    The tickle thing is obviously supposed to be a "pg" version of porn but seriously? Tickling? FREAKING TICKLING? You really cannot make this stuff up😂🤦‍♀️

  12. Marie Plattner

    I loved it when I was 9 years, everyone was talking about it😂😂😂

  13. Steph

    Hey, Alex, I really enjoy your videos, and I have a question: why don't you also talk about TV shows and movies that are not so dumb and cringe? I mean, I know this is part of the identity of your channel, but I think it would be interesting to see your videos about, I don't know, V for Vendetta or something.

  14. ciao_fiv

    “what don’t you buy?” shirts. he doesnt buy shirts.

  15. Lineo molefe live

    Please do Blood and water

  16. Imakepancakes

    7:57 I thought people were throwing up gang signs I was like huh?

  17. James Gardner

    Um her hair is white not just more blonde

  18. Arianna N. Peskey

    I know that this movie is pretty old, but I think you should react to the Titanic, with Leo DeCaprio. If you havent reacted to it yet, sorry I'm new to this chanel

  19. Nishtha Singh

    What's with all the audible breathing though lmao

  20. Precious Quaison

    Have you talked about Stranger Things yet???

  21. Everything YouTube

    We need to make the real: Abs The musical!

  22. Kristyna Stankova

    the good ol' DEEEVILS TAAANGO

  23. Dante's Disco Inferno

    Bro, carrot cake is very persuasive...

  24. Ashlynn Smith

    If Alex doesn’t already have another video on Jane the virgin, I would absolutely love to see another video on it.

  25. Sydney Slevin

    Isn't this like a more child-friendly version of "Warm Bodies"?

  26. JuT4LYFE

    Hey Alex how do you get to talk about the whole movie but then keeps it under 20 minutes long How do you do it??

  27. Innovative Business Decisions, LLC

    Wait until he finds out Wyatt(wolf) is the canadain movie guy, is the dude from My babysitter is a Vampire dude............SO YEAH

  28. Kristyna Stankova

    I absolutely loved the show (except for the violence) can't wait for season 2

  29. Ava The Squid

    Why don’t you just enjoy the show, it’s amazing

  30. Kristyna Stankova

    I might watch One Tree Hill now...what hunks

  31. Aayushi Kapse

    How did girls not like u in high school???? UR SO PRETTY!!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  32. Dante's Disco Inferno

    That song about abs was beautiful

  33. S G

    2:56 DDLC background!! sorry its unrelated ik but holy heck

  34. JELLO X_X

    best vid ever

  35. Salsabyla

    "Making out with pencil" I never even watch it, but lmao 😂😂😂

  36. Zelinkshipper 101

    Your a legend! It’s two dayyyyyyys!

  37. Angela Wintering

    Alex you should do a Draw My Life!!!

  38. Gia Artist

    It’s the greatest show

  39. The Doctor

    Unpopular opinion, I liked the show as a kid

  40. Isla Maatta

    and it ISNT WIERD

  41. Isla Maatta

    anyway keep ur opinion to your self

  42. Clariza Buama

    People should stop writing/making movies with a main female lead that is supposed to be "smart" but still falls for the "broken bad boy" and then suddenly starts doing dumb things like cheating on her boyfriend and cutting classes. Ps. Recommended for review: The Half of It. This was the one movie that reversed the headache I felt after watching After.

  43. Isla Maatta

    i dont think its wierd

    1. Marie Plattner

      And your age is probably 8...

  44. B L ¡ S S

    Fifty Shades of Grey is literally the most inaccurate representation of a "lovey and healthy" bdsm relationship.

  45. esaba wdw

    I just started watching The Vampire Diaries and finished all 8 seasons in 1 week.. BITCH ITS A MASTERPIECE. If anything i want them to make 1 million more seasons

  46. Alfaomegabravo

    Saved an hour of my life watching this review

  47. Afro Turtle

    Boy are you Dense

  48. ടḥį𝖓𝕪 ۸𝖓į𝗺𝖺𝞘 :D

    Uhm it did make since!!!

  49. Jayden Sheard

    What did u watch it on

  50. Amariyana Blair

    *i just don’t get why he did all that running away towards the end🤦🏾‍♀️, if he know he did not do it, he could have cooperated*

  51. cOrOnAvIrUs

    How's the weather up there? Oh, it's pretty rainy. *Spits* (unoriginal)

  52. 박석진

    W-w-wait a Second. You're telling me that you're being rejected in HS? You? YOU?! Hmhm

  53. Stephanie Carter

    Everyone's response to Riverdale: " WHAT THE F***!

  54. That spicy KFC

    Michael Jackson had his own tv show?

  55. Ele chapa

    Imagine being a security guard there and see on the camera werewolves dancing to some music 🤣😂🤣😂