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  1. Carley Thomas

    Finally you have a heart

  2. Sharonda Lewis

    You get a sin for calling Peter Charlie during the party scene 😂

  3. Claire Rosener

    When being dramatic when you kill someone became a thing

  4. Hiraghm

    This movie is so bad, I couldn't sin a single one of your sins.

  5. Jellybean and Friends

    Sin because without plant eaters all the plants would grown to tomendous amount

  6. Josh Yung

    cinemasins: makes a 15 minute video to say this is sexist 80 times despite thats the point of the movie.

  7. Mr Bluntforce T

    "Godzilla Motherfuckers"!


    ha!!... if your d--- is streamlined, why do you have ex-girlfriends? they should be absolutely rapt...

  9. Kaleb Bruwer

    The main plot was super predictable and the side quests were definitely written by a stoner. I have several questions about the logic of how this station works (how did the primitive, retarded aliens who can't even spell get there, for starters). AND THAT BLOODY VOICE

  10. rodcing

    I think the sin count is accurate

  11. CthulhuFhtagn

    This movie is not canon, despite that its events greatly impact the third movie, and nothing you say will convince me otherwise.

  12. Curran Frank

    I think the benefit of having the liquid and solid parts of the terminator together is fairly simple: more concentrated mass. Both parts are good, but combining them effectively doubles the terminators weight in one spot, allowing more powerful attacks. So separating them is useful for multiple opponents or outmaneuvering opponents, and combining them is good for power attacks.

  13. Wagga Strucid

    He can teleport with his binki

  14. No One

    I’m from Tanzania where Mt. Kilimanjaro is and lemme tell you, taking a nap there doesn’t make any sense at all.

  15. Sam Williams

    How could Michael have left Holly

  16. Suburp212

    Everything is wrong with this movie

  17. NewYork HipHop Style

    CinemaSins you don't know shit how demons work dude get your life together lol,so check it this is how it went down Valak call zozo to posses Irene then Frenchie was posses by valak that's how frenchie helped Irene to get zozo out of irene so when zozo was defeated pazuzu jump in the Nun so when irene spit the blood it was pazuzu then frenchie sold his soul to Valak for one kiss of life Valak couldn't act out because father burke and sister irene would of may the power of Christ compel you, so Valak was like fuck I'm going to London or texas and that's how conjuring and Annabelle begin fuck that's confusing 😂

  18. Sugar Chan

    for magneto flying , he is clearly wearing some sort of steel toes boots

  19. Carley Thomas

    Your garbage litterally

  20. Anthony Fandel

    👁. 👄. 👁

  21. Spaghetti Sauce

    You forgot that charlies father out of nowhere can fix a toothpastecap machine

  22. Carley Thomas

    Random supers Fluffy ear guy: cliffhanger who was super serviel skills Battery twins can multiply Zypher: just like Jack Jack How do I know this played the game

  23. Pannemat

    I just watched the movie (again? I'm not sure There's an extreme zoom shot where you can see Bond and the girl come walking out of the desert LITERALY FROM A MILE AWAY yet not a single bolivian villager turns his head.

  24. Spaghetti Sauce

    You forgot that charlies father files that machine but he never went to a engenering school Or anything

  25. Tanya Goel

    But like the whole point of Ego giving him the “warning” was because he assumed that even with a notice, Linguini would bomb. HOW IS THAT A SIN :///

  26. Pannemat

    Soooooo, the hot "rape-chick" was expendable? The scriptwriters just let her burn? MMmmmoh-kay then.

  27. Carley Thomas

    House owned by eclectic billionaire that has many exits Rich place with a cave with lost of tech Conclusion: house belongs to Batman To stop clue: out in the open

  28. Ahlia Mariam

    Look man, doing this video already justified the fact that you dug your own grave, since all of us know this movie more than you. If you want to be that one random guy who comments on fucking everything about a great movie, then dont call yourself a joke channel, bc while you sin on a lame joke that's what you do in every video

  29. Reaper Rinxi

    Ah yes, this was before the sequel ruined Mushu.

  30. Lexa The Snake

    Just a sudden thought when you were talking about Let It Go... Olaf does an impression of Elsa in the game of charades... Based off a moment from the song... Where Elsa was alone... Even if Olaf somehow knows because he'd just been created and could somehow see her upstairs or is connected to her in some way due to being created by her powers, who told Anna and Kristoff. How did they find out about this one specific moment, she doesn't strut around the palace like that 24/7, she has no reason to tell them about the moment at all. She decided to embrace her powers and get a new dress, castle and hairstyle. That's it, That's all they need to know. Also, I let the whole belting Into the Unknown at 3am slide as the movie acts like the song is non diagetic. And yet in the memory, Elsa hears and sees herself singing Let It Go... So is the soundtrack to Frozen and it's sequel diagetic or not or did Elsa just do what most Theatre kids do when they're alone and start belting songs from musicals like they're, well, Idina Menzel?

  31. Dustin Cumberland

    Olaf was permafrost so I guess that magic was still in place is why he didnt dissolve in the cave?

  32. Raging 828

    I mean your not wrong about public schools sucking

  33. Bianca Acuna

    Margo is supposed to be hot? She looks like a male metal head LMAO

  34. Good Yeoman

    Guaranteed 'that's racist' line in every one of these videos, just to establish the channel's PC credentials.

  35. Troy Evitt

    In the Parallel Solar System "Simian Sins: Everything Wrong With Planet of the Homo Sapiens" on ZooTube.

  36. Wndfhendhxhdh Shsusjshzjcbchdchc

    I’m unsubscribing for this

  37. septemberflowers

    whodunnit? don't you mean... Who Has Done This minutes?

  38. Snowflake comics by Mathew Nicol

    No mention of the fact they never expected how Drago was controlling the dragons, was it just because of his name? 🤣

  39. Mumthaz Kamaldin-Suleiman

    "no ones ever survived a night in the maze" killed me XD i love the maze runner

  40. Leonie Surendorff

    hahaha just way to funny. love your wording :P

  41. Carley Thomas

    For once I'm with you on this

  42. prem john

    3:12 ....... are we all just gonna ignore the fact that his top literally is the find x meme from the funniest test answers??!!??!?!



  44. Troy Evitt

    I want to go to Ellis Island, stare up at the Statue of Liberty and say, "Hey...You madmen have actually done a decent job with the place! Go METS!"

  45. Armando Varillas

    At 0:59, that is not webbing from Spiderman, that is actually plastic placed around the building because it was contaminated. Same with some other buildings if you are watching the movie, those are quarantined high rises. Sorry but that is a sin off.

  46. TheRealSunMoon

    8:57 is this bird darling or zero two from darling in the franxx? If you've seen it you will get the joke those birds are constantly used as a metaphor in the anime

  47. Crawl

    say what they made this shit film based from the great original? SiN SiN SiiiiiiN - DiNG

  48. Carley Thomas

    Activating instant kill i can tell earned a sin off

  49. Skaarxiong1

    piece of woke crap. rather watch porn

  50. Wade Watts

    I am blonde and I go to a grammar school. Wtf

  51. Alarec Scarbrow

    Phallic food is only erotic until they bit into it. Unless you're into vore, I guess...

  52. Janine Brish

    stop being a karen and just watch the movie

  53. Roberto Lopez

    8:57: Cameron Diaz ass? You mean the flat thing between her back and her legs?

  54. Joe Mama

    Not much

  55. pork fang

    Ugh! He imagined Tyler....

  56. Can

    That they even made a movie about phone emojis is a sin itself !

  57. Tony Stink

    +1 sin Dinosaur Jedi 376 sins

  58. Karnage

    Movie sin: the planes talk? How unrealistic

  59. Epic gamer García

    Almost the whole is wrong

  60. RagingNipples

    This movie was hot garbage that thought it was more clever than it actually was.

  61. King of Coolness

    "You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!" Why is hearing that line with no context so hilarious to me?

  62. emp4th

    La Llorona Virus

  63. Yeti bricks

    Bro the movie is a sin itself

  64. Dalia Baldor

    What I always wondered You only get killed by the basilisk if you look it directly in the eyes, but..... *harry wears glasses, so that means he can’t get killed looking it in the eye*

  65. Carley Thomas

    Your awful cinmeany

  66. Greeny Yoshi (RockStoneLee19)

    Also I laugh every time he make a witty pun-like remark to the "Roll Credits" Sins *Roll Carpets*

  67. Ur Mum

    why doesn't the town just ban music! They should all know that when Elsa starts singing, some shit's about to go down! Call it "Disney's Footloose!" I'd watch that, straight up!!!

  68. Carley Thomas

    Your insulting you self ya b*itch

  69. ジギー・MAX

    Is no one gonna sin how they think a male mosquito can sting?

  70. Greeny Yoshi (RockStoneLee19)

    "This movie exists" Welp I guess you know what that means..

  71. Queen of Andriaglatus

    Love how he sins his own bad puns xD

  72. Dávid Izsák

    09:21 - Also: the movie thinks that killing the fiance with a saw would be way too shocking... and then suddenly shows you THIS!

  73. Carley Thomas

    So much longer in the bathroom i hate you

  74. N3BULA V

    11:07 I love how he just sucks it up instead of turning it off

  75. Bonnie The Tattletail

    Judge: and what do you do when ya find a weed? CinemaSins: Smoke it? Me: *YES.*

  76. Mark Norville

    In MINUTES???????? Yeah BLOODY 18 minutes. Far too long, really needs to be a shorter video or at least split into parts. I have the attention span of a goldfish.

  77. Tom Sheehan

    At 6:11 the reason his gun fired 8 bullets was to represent the fact that none of this might be rule that is gonna be 10 sins cinemasins

  78. Jonathan Rivera

    Turbo 🐌

  79. Moe Moe

    The author of this probably never got Laid.

  80. Ninaray DM

    Me and my brother watched this during a family movie night when we were little and both of our parents were asleep during most of it. So two small children were watching this scary behind movie huddled in a corner of a sofa crying.

  81. peanut butter jelly

    If they ate branch would they not change? PLUS 50

  82. Quilted Live

    There’s also Jim from the first one who was a giant

  83. Dainton Hume

    Who else heard Tim say for making babies " you get the cookie and you put it in some cake"? WTF!!!!!

  84. Victoria Dunham

    I died at Friday the 13 mutant ninja turtles

  85. Edgegar GD

    I am willing not to watch this video because of how fucking cringy is the damn movie, sorry CinemaSins xd

  86. Kriss25 Toku

    God I hate batman smirk face here and being cringe edge lord

  87. A day in The life of kelsie

    She's walking on sand not leaves

  88. KYMY93

    If you ask me the biggest sin in this movie was to finally have Alex and Scott in one movie and not even let them have one conversation! But sure let Scott ask for him after Alex dies, to remind the audience that they are supposed to be brothers!

  89. Andreas Rasmussen

    They mean Godzilla existed before the radiation level on the earth went down, because of a thicker atmosphere

  90. Jo Delahay

    Wales is connected to England I know since I I live there

  91. Show Da Di

    7:22 só eu que lembrei de garota de ipanema?

  92. Angel Donoghue

    Shroud Constantine Constantine bollocks The shrouds name is bollocks I’m howling 😂😂

  93. james panek

    Dude you pick this movie apart way to much like damn

    1. james panek

      I watched 3 mins and got annoyed by your narration it was terrible

  94. The Untitled Random Junk


  95. Teia Brown

    What’s really wrong is making this video 2 years after the release 🙄

  96. Jo Delahay

    After watching this movie I started playing guitar two months later I can play my favourite song

  97. Danny Tyson

    I'm sorry, are we just going to completely move past the fact that there was a flor lyric in a CinemaSins video?

  98. Gabriela Martinez

    Percy Jackson movie? Don’t you mean Perry Johnson?

  99. C h e c k y o S e l f

    I'm glad Bird Pitt didn't star in this movie🙏

  100. Chichopuente

    Actually, horses representing water has been a classic association since ancient times: Greek Mythology adopts the dominion of both water and horses under Poseidon. This is referenced on the Trojan Horse story where the decission to make such contraption is based under the assumption that the Trojans worshipped Poseidon as their major god.