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  1. Shun Gowens

    💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 the movie is shit, thanks sims!

  2. star love

    I actually loved the movie.

  3. __lilhomie__

    Me wow this is a nice tree Cinema sins: *how can trees be nice plus the air's the wrong color* *DING*

  4. Oscar Diaz

    1:34 I heard that voice crack mr sinboy

  5. Seb 28

    Why are you so fat “that’s racist’’

  6. Milton77

    I feel like this movie would have been a bit better if it had nothing to do with Batman and the Joker. It would have made that run up to the riot finale much less predictable. Incidentally, it would have also meant that I’d have gone to see this movie much earlier: I don’t want to have a backstory to the Joker - that’s part of the brilliance to the Joker character in the Dark Knight: it refuses to give him a backstory except complete lies and the enigma just makes the character so much more interesting

  7. tylor stewart

    These sins were a stretch, you don’t know LA lingo if you never heard someone say they’ll tax someone, white ppl need to stop dismissing shit just cuz they don’t understand it

  8. Kpop Gamer

    4:26 *”I imprinted on my best friend’s newborn daughter” sandwich* 🤣🤣🤣


    Can't wait for Th3Birdman version of this video

  10. Lady Onikara

    Man it's awesome that Mel Gibson has such bright blue eyes. Just hypnotic.

  11. theboredbrowser

    How did the plane lands or take off of a Nimitz class carrier??

  12. crownmich 101

    Dude. It’s a meme movie☠️

  13. K- potato

    11:53 Love the movie but I hated her voice acting so much 😭

  14. Logan Mannke

    Sins aside... the shrek franchise is awesome...

  15. Jake Soelberg

    Everything wrong with... abbreviated is... wait for it... eww

  16. Milton77

    Why does Arthur suddenly turn into a little too affectedly guy woke zer in the middle of that late night show interview??? I can’t be the only one who had this reaction

  17. Creeppergamer-525

    I love marvel but this is my least favourite film like if you agree

  18. codemiesterbeats

    well, to be fair I also noticed the "movie-ception" in these movies lol

  19. Juan Correa

    On the 4th sin. Forrest says those are the the first pair of shoes HE REMEMBERS, not the first ones he got

  20. J S

    Oh wow... this is a first: CinemaSins made a funny little video about a vvitchcraft movie and now all the self styled vvitches, goths, pagans, and practitioners are champing at the bit as if they were Jordan Peterson followers and someone said something about their drug addicted Lobster Boi Prime. It's a terrible movie. I don't care how much detail or subtle nuances you claim it has and think is brilliant, it's just a slow, tedious thing to get through, and fails to deliver any kind of actual entertainment, And when I or anyone else pointed that out, the wanna be's get into a tizzy and cry persecution, or make accusations. I never brought up religion or used it to make a point, but I've been accused of being some kind of religious fanatic who hates paganism. LOL No, I just hate bad movies, but thanks for reaching so far to defend your interests. I'm sure you can reach everything off the high shelves in your mom's house.

  21. Hertor Diaz

    Ok now this is a wrong video

  22. Omar Malek

    This movie is ass

  23. toamaori

    I'd be interested to see a movie with a record low could like 3... but It doesn't exist xD

  24. Milton77

    Mattresside 🤣🤣🤣 that’s funny

  25. Brakey draws stuff

    Scar wanted to nicknamed Scar, his name is Taka.

  26. MarStoryTime

    It's jus dumb cuz the bad guys r EVIL! Even Marvel doesn't do that anymore.

  27. Kool Gamez

    This film was corny and poorly written

  28. Milton77

    De Niro being crap at delivering ‘funny’ lines is what makes him perfect at portraying a late night show host. Also, can we get a sin off for De Niro finally having come to his senses (or having finally paid off his bar tab?) and stop doing Focker-movies

  29. Jon Gaiser

    CinemaSins back in top form! Funniest vid I've seen in 6 months! (Or eleventy thousand hours)

  30. Jinu Chang

    That train in korea is obviously a fake train... there is no train that has those seat configuration for reality/railfan sake

  31. Olu Sholeye

    11:45 uhhhh I think that’s the whole point 😒

  32. Kip Buck

    These aren’t even sins at this point

  33. Milton77

    Aaah, I see what you did there: all clocks showing 11:11 is a sin...the 11th sin 👈😉

  34. Everest 89

    Twilight is just a big sin. For every second it’s playing just give it 20 sins

  35. NaVi -Cardigan


  36. Coochie Copter The Great Studios

    We all know what we were thinking when linguini put ratatouille into the jar

  37. Galaxy Potato

    Fyi, the books and total series were amazing and still are.

  38. Braxton Stegall

    Who else noticed that at 16:32 Jax had regular arms because his shoulders weren’t metal.

  39. mike murgidi


  40. Alex Cooper

    The Teen Wolf clip is a nice touch.

  41. Galactic Pirate

    Just realised the guy who voices remme also voices jessie from minecraft story mode Uuuuurgghghguuedggh.....

  42. mike murgidi

    fuck you for making this

  43. Syrus

    Im at 9:43 and not enough sins have been taken off !!!! Great video as always tho good sir.

  44. Butters Scotch

    28 jeez

  45. Johnny Guillen

    The movie should have 99999999999999999999 sins for existing

  46. RJ Gentry

    OVER 9000?!?!

  47. sir lee

    Yes.... good

  48. Don Seaton

    Biggest sin of this movie.....little Tommy can't act. Hahaha....douche bag

  49. Scott Sharp

    4:34 ryan reynolds def peeps the babysitter, in real life lol.!.

  50. Nukem 010

    Why did you say racist soo much

  51. stormz media

    how old was Anya Taylor in this movie?

  52. Harry

    And know 2 million people know about your party

  53. Raichu753 Siordia

    Wait doesn't Hercules appear in marvel marvel dc crossover another sin

  54. p1cha

    If I was in the purge I would take 3 multi vitamins instead of two

  55. Fatty0666

    "That is a ROCK HARD MURDER BONER RIGHT THERE!" I am like 1000% sure that there isn't a "Rock Hard" anything down there for that boy now.

  56. CROSH

    Um, dude, you're wrong about the needle thing. They do squirt a little bit out to make sure no air bubbles are trapped in the syringe. If a big enough bubble gets into your veins it could kill you, so you better freaking hope they do that.

  57. WarriorDobby457

    actually, sid is a garbage collector.

  58. Coco and her coconuts

    Here's another sin: she has long hair right? So shouldnt the carpet match the drapes?

  59. gixxerman 11

    No sins... some sins dont make sense because this is Hollywood... you should make a movie and see how many sins you have...

  60. Kelley Case-Harper

    ahahahahahahahah hare stylist

  61. dranelemakol

    Liked for "footage footage"

  62. who else likes memes


  63. ChiefChuck 1029

    what the fuck is this shit? lmao why is he nit-picking for the tiniest things these arent even things wrong with the movie they sre just things that happen

  64. 内田ガネシュ

    Radio Ga Ga

  65. Doferkiin

    8:36 soo like where did the worms go? And if the Orcs were behind the worms the whole time shouldn’t they all have been killed from the worms backing up back into their holes and then going somewhere else?

  66. ViEThUmB - Games, Review, Animations

    You forgot to mention how Gru wouldn't even be able to hold the goddamn moon and also that it'd probably act as it's own black hole, considering he's not really taking any part of the moon's mass away, making it still weigh the same it did before he stole it, albeit in a very concentrated manner considering how small he shrunk it down.

  67. Jesska Cvijanovic

    I see you haven’t done Green Inferno yet! I apologize if this isn’t how you request things but I’d love to see that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  68. Stewart Bowers

    Can we sin how many times Cap had to call the hammer to him during that battle? Like, are you really worthy of it if you just keep laying it around everywhere?

  69. billy hill

    it sucked

  70. ChiefChuck 1029

    this is retarded...

  71. eec

    Should've spliced "It's not who I am underneath" from Batman Begins into the rooftop garden scene at the end of the sins.

  72. Tavo .D

    Temnator 4 was good

  73. SlimeVids MAX

    BTW in the original milkshake pancake game they pop and get replaced with a different character

  74. Tavo .D

    Temenator 3 is bad

  75. big bear

    If those kids are smart enough to know sign language because of whats going on, why doesn't that kid know he can't use the batteries in that toy

  76. Tavo .D

    Thums up t2 the end i well reaneber you no mor when peapl see thar is more 🤔 t3 was bad t4 was good t5 was ok t6 bbad and good

  77. Mario Rangel

    This movie was trash

  78. Google User


  79. Todd Stephens

    It didn’t rip off movies that came out way after it did

  80. The Goat Wesley

    Bootleg crypt


    There is nothing wrong with BTTF!

  82. Nene Gama-Serrato

    10:12 this nearly happend

  83. codemiesterbeats

    I always like to play devils advocate but I like the videos lol SO at 0:20 I would assume that he went through the drive thru but Will Smith did not think the food would leave the to-go bag... so he whips it out while they are driving and this is when he is upset about it.

  84. Fortnite and Minecraft Fun

    5:01 Bank angle

  85. David Medina

    Why is there no sins for the moment where Dom freaking lifts up the sports car with nothing but his hands?!

  86. Cutie3054

    You should do 47 meters down uncaged👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  87. Mirc Mircx

    As good as Groundhog day in my opinion.

  88. Charis Smith

    I really didn't like that Aladdin didn't technically trick the genie into getting him out of the cave. I mean, all he did was not rub the lamp. That seemed stupid to me, and really didn't establish Aladdin as a smart street rat.

  89. Nobody's Nobody

    12:04 i swear if you're referencing the book currently sitting on my bedroom floor i am going to scream

  90. LegoManiac101 /ScarAndShereKhanFTWMufasaFTL

    If I were to remake The Woman In Black (2012), I would cast Jeremy Irons as Arthur Kipps.

  91. Dale McCarthy

    Dr pepper is good

  92. MelonLord1997 paul san diego

    I read the title as "Everything is wrong with The Last Airbender" ... you know what? nevermind.

  93. Kaitlyn Brouwer

    I'm sinning Cinema Sins for dissing Jasmine's song. That song is awesome and empowering!

  94. FYS_MilYT

    7:55 did this mans spell happiness wrong

  95. Twood

    Clerks. typist. Coffee vendors😂😂😂😂😂

  96. lil gee

    Ashoka: “Jedi don’t run!” Also Ashoka: *runs*

  97. Matthew Bensemann

    3:27 That's where you're wrong buddy

  98. Adam Bandurak

    The "We are Farmers, bum a dum dum dum dum" made me laugh pretty hard. Thanks.

  99. kori uk

    The Smith that fights neo isn't the original Smith... the reason Smith gets visions now is because he absorbed the Oracle... you saw this... then you see the Oracle laying in the crater after neo and smith die... You spent too long looking at those fridge magnets lol

  100. Erik Torbjørn Bjørnsson

    Say what you want but Ruby Roundhouse is smoldering