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  1. p247

    0:13 This hits home hard. Threw away 4 years and a good chunk of mental health to this. All for some chick I deep down knew I couldn't have, but hoped would be delivered to me through some miracle.

  2. Salem Andreus

    I used to manage a small luxury hotel in the mountains, in the middle of an estate where people had holiday homes. In the off-season there was nobody there except me and the security guard.That was way too quiet. I used to put Disney Channel on in the lounge because that big empty old-fashioned hotel full of curved antique furniture was way too creepy and it was the only channel available on their cable plan that wasn't intense (action/news/violent nature documentaries/history) lol. So I became way too familiar with Disney Channel.

  3. crutksdub

    I hate that women can do Lesbian acts but not considered to be a lesbian

  4. Arthur Popovich

    Dudes feel for their dogs. It’s like losing your own testies

  5. Dark Wolf Lord

    Frick the no tolerance policy it’s unfair and ridiculous! There is something very wrong with the education system it impossible not to get in trouble because of some ridiculous rule and they think the reason we hate school is because it’s boring no it’s because the rules are very fricken stupid!

  6. Bruce Wayne

    It cracks me up that no matter what the topic, they’re always pornstars in the thumbnail. Like - “Ex-cons, what was the hardest thing to get used to in prison?” Thumbnail: Pornstar drinking a Capri-Sun

  7. Holl Cadman

    I caught my ex cheating when I was 19-20. He was such a gaslighter and abusive he tried to convince me he hadn't been cheating despite me providing numourous pieces of evidence. Him and the woman he cheated on me with are still together. They stalked and harassed me for 10 years - even though I've been in a happy relationship with someone else for 5 years of that time. It stopped suddenly about 18 months ago and it turns out they've had a baby daughter. I hope their kid doesn't have the same experience at the hand of my ex because man, he was toxic AF.

  8. v42o

    Printing industry dumps left over ink to landfill and down the drain.

  9. I eat teeth

    Australia: Respect. The. Land. If an area is fenced off and says don't touch, whether it be in a park or it's just a tree, do not touch. It's most likely an aboriginal site or a wildlife area. By going in there you are either risking an encounter with an animal that might try to get rid of you or disrespecting an important piece of land to the native people of our country. Even if it's just a tree or a small area of bushes, it can carry a lot of significance.

  10. Ghost Ray

    I've Always Wondered If I Killed My Annoying Dog Would Me And My Cat Have Better Lives?

  11. Jamie West

    i have RCD BPD PTSD ADHD BIpoler and some more how i got most of mine i was in care i was abused in care i was abused before care i live with a lot of demons over time i worked out how to manage them kinda O_O

  12. Matt McSherry

    I found out my grandpa (dads dad) did 30 (if I remember correctly) years in prison for attempting to smuggle millions worth of marijuana into the US (Oregon). He got out when I was young but wasn't around much until he OD'd on heroin, my parents had lied and said he had a heart attack. Didn't find this out until I was a bit older. He was a good grandpa the times I'd see him, but from my dads recollection he was a pretty awful father. I think about him sometimes, and what kind of relationship we could have had if he was a better person.

  13. Teodora

    This video helped me find any toxic traits in myself and try to fix them and avoid other traits as much as possible. These r/askreddit videos are literal therapy.

  14. Hellhound Dead

    My grandfather was a cop and was great friends with the chief of police. Well, the mayor screwed the chief over and my grandfather got revenge for it. In the middle of the night my grandfather and grandmother went to the mayor's house. While my grandmother was driving, my grandfather shot the windshield of the mayor's car. They were never caught cause this was like 70's or 80's.

  15. Atlas

    And there goes my faith in humanity

  16. Roxana Harding

    I have a boyfriend who's literally draining me! I live with him and I've always been providing for him and my 5year old son.i do everything in that house and when I complain about anything he says that I'm stressing him.we don't even have sex nowadays because he says he's stressed.a few days ago I told him I want to go back home and he went on and on about how I'm abandoning him during this trying time,he says I'm an evil person and uncaring. He literally guilted me into staying. He's going to be the end of me

  17. Igor Kralnova

    Deep down, we are all monkeys

  18. Blake Johnson

    All milk is the same, just buy the cheapest option.

  19. Estonianrebel

    I did the first one a lot :D

  20. Karmal R

    I met my boyfriend in a, get this, JoJo Rp chat in a generic ass school rp where my OC and Rohan started fighting over His OC. And considering our OCs were half self inserts and we ended up keeping the two OCs as a couple, the stage was set. It's been about 7 months now, and we're both still teens lol.

  21. _jeff _

    2:36 was she hot

  22. schrodinger's channel

    Could swear I've seen this exact video on Radio TTS.



  24. Shafat Labib

  25. Cooper Edwards

    The theory at 0:41 is literally the exact plot of the Rick and Morty Vat of Acid episode lol

  26. C T

    Friend is a physical therapist. He gets hit on by grandmas and women whos just been through a harsh accident all the time. Despite having a golden band on his hand.

  27. Alex Merrill

    As a thalassophile, this is my favorite video ever

  28. TraffeN

    Printing dads signature dude were actually quite smart!

  29. Georg Mtb

    Aight I'm scared.

  30. Heidi Timmons

    2:20 how did he screw up bikelane?

  31. James Smith


  32. FBI

    Kid got caught with knife so he stuck it up his ass A whole stealing rig got busted; people were stealing hella shit from a store near the school My good friend commuted suicide we think because he was extremely high and in his feels Some of my friends threw up in class because they drank lean before class Oh this is on a military base as well

  33. Risa Lockwood

    my high school is so small (less than 200 students) that no one ever bullies anyone... it’s a nice life there...

  34. MikeHawke83

    Bigfoot, saw him using a computer, still don't know how he got internet access.

  35. Viking Power

    Not a Doctor, I spent 32 years married to a Bi-Polor Paranoid delusional Schizophrenic Manic Depressive Chemically Imbalanced wife. Take your pick they all, her mental problems, suck. I don't know which is worse but the combination of all the above is devistating. She went from a 105 pound 5'7" beautiful church going great person and better mother to a 400 pound monster that tried to give my youngest daughter to a pedifile she met online and when confronted with that she lost her mind and tried to kill me with a butcher knife. Believe me that divorce was much needed and long overdue and I have full and permanent custody of both my girls. We are finally safe and I can sleep with both eyes closed. If your in a relationship with someone who has mental health issues you may want to cut your losses and get out. Nothing, not even love, is worth being hacked to death. Otherwise, good luck, watch your 6, and peace.

  36. CRz gangster

    I could see someone at my school who acts exactly like the guy at 8:06 ending up like that guy.

  37. keanu deleon

    I do think like I am in different realms or a multiverse lol not a new world tho so I think I am fine but I know what I think is fake so I am good like I have super powers lol but dw I can tell the difference between real and fake

  38. Devil

    I don't have friends.

  39. Andy Macias


  40. Keoni Bird


  41. Ewa Sadowski

    I like Vitamin Water😃. I never believed in their claims but tried their different flavors and still got a few ones I love.

  42. Hoshimiya Ichigo

    is this like gakkou gurashi? (Schoo live) 5:45

  43. Tristan Lam

    I got a gf

  44. mei mei

    A few days into the relationship, he got angry, threw a childish tantrum, gaslighted me, all because I went to the mall without 'telling' him. Typical controlling abusive narcissist red flag. Wasted 6 months on that jerk.

  45. MysMiranda M.

    The HIPAA one. I can relate. I dont understand how people think i can talk about someone other than their medical info without verification.

  46. malone jirkans

    4:20 googled the guy and found out that I lived right near him when the murder happened... Now I'm freaking out

  47. Myem

    "you cant jump into lava" very incorrect there are several videos of people dropping things into lava and it going under the surface. That's like saying you can't submerge in water cause its the same as ice. Also depends on the temputure. If its half molten lava sure but if its completely liquidified and you fall from a reasonable distance you'll go below the surface

  48. Crab Nachos

    😌I bet most people here are teens

  49. bob bob

    honestly the first one sounds great. 4 fun loving old lady cooks come to your house and make you a homemade breakfast, i honestly think that might be better than meeting the actual spice girls

  50. chase christian

    Chugged a entire bottle of vodka for $20

  51. Jotaro Kujo

    50% Teenagers watching sex vids 50% Teenagers Masturbating 100% Thats teenagers do that they wont tell to their parents

  52. Samsqantch

    A biker gang in Canada... Oh you mean Satan’s Bastards

  53. Vendo Pan

    Im just gonna share a little story. When i was in 2nd of secondary ( not from usa so for u thats 8th grade i think) i escaped from home to go to a friends house and leave them a random bottle in their window, why? Idk i just felt like it i have a very noisy front door so in order to do it i had to go to the balcony and go to a little roof that you can make it outside so i did that but i scrapped my leg. I just told my psrents i got it from school so they belived me :v

  54. Vendo Pan

    Im just gonna share a little story. When i was in 2nd of secondary ( not from usa so for u thats 8th grade i think) i escaped from home to go to a friends house and leave them a random bottle in their window, why? Idk i just felt like it i have a very noisy front door so in order to do it i had to go to the balcony and go to a little roof that you can make it outside so i did that but i scrapped my leg. I just told my psrents i got it from school so they belived me :v

  55. Pink Steven

    she did the floss.

  56. Evan Van Ryder

    My great, great, great, great grandpa founded Colt firearms company. Not a secret but just recently found out about it.

  57. Kelsea Nova

    Using religion to manipulate people is despicable.

  58. Dylan Casey

    It was my last english class for year 8. My class was having a little celebration, for me i just grabbed some food and headed to the back of the room sat on a chair and ate my food. After i finished i decided to take a nap. BAD IDEA. To sum it up fellow classmates punched me in the dick, poured water on my groin and head and kicked me multiple times in the leg. I was awake the whole time pretending to sleep. My teacher had no idea and halfway through the class another came in didn't notice me at first then asked someone nearby if i was asleep. They said yes cause they didn't know i was awake

  59. Liliang Sun

    that was hard to watch :/

  60. ᴘᴀᴜʟ ᴍ

    I feel especially bad for that 15 year old rape/abuse victim :(

  61. Chocolate Sugar-Lovage

    This is my mom's secret: My mom's first-born son died at birth because nobody was in the room to help her, the nurse and doctor left her alone and the baby died. This traumatic moment in my mom's life is why she's *SO* overprotective of my sister and I. As annoying as it is having a helicopter parent, I can only accept it. The thing is, I've been asking her who the father of her first-born was (she tells me to "mind my own business") and I'd hate to ask my grandmom (her mom) in fear that I'll get a "your mother was raped" story. I doubt she'll ever tell me, so I can only guess. <3

  62. Kaydence Leonardi

    I don’t have a twin but I do remember sophomore year I switched out of my English class to get away from an awful teacher. I requested a certain teacher because I had a friend say that she enjoyed having her. First day in class and I was confused as to what was going on because I had missed the lesson the day before. I went up to her to ask her what we were doing and what they assignment was because I didn’t understand what was going on. She proceeded to get very angry at me and say loudly well now I have to do your work?! She put together the assignment that we were doing angrily in front of me and I just stand there confused. She gives it to me and I go back to my desk and try to hold tears back but a few still roll down my face. Later she calls me up and apologized saying that she thought I was another girl that had been slacking hardcore and it was only the first week.

  63. Chayse McLean

    lol why do people hide smoking weed? Majourity of peoples parents let them do it

  64. Redassassin8750

    Yes a serious tag

  65. come into my van

    i genuinly cant make friends cause i cant make friends with how i usually act

  66. Yubi K.


  67. Megan Green

    If you touch a baby rabbit I promise you the mom will eat it I know are used to raise rabbits. (If the mom isn’t Familiar with you)

  68. C a n t R e l a t e

    some of these were WILD 😭

  69. Samantha Weidner

    6:36 Charlotte was a princess for Mardi Gras and Mardi Gras only. That ended at midnight so after midnight she wasn’t a princess anymore. Naveen had to be kissed by a princess regardless. After midnight Charlotte didn’t count. But when Tiana married him, she became a princess and broke the curse on both of them.

  70. Gods Big toe

    When I was a sophomore the seniors in my high school really went over board with their senior prank. There were of course the typical pranks like toilet papering the building and trees and stuff, and pelting underclassmen with water balloons. But the next day when we showed up for school was when we saw the real damage. They had put Vaseline all over the halls, broke into classrooms and trashed them, spray painted giant dicks everywhere, and I guess a couple people broke into the bathrooms and somehow got a toilet onto the roof after taking a shit in it. There was even more than that but a lot of it was way more harmless. A couple kids actually got arrested for destruction of property and expelled. After that no class was allowed to do a senior prank anymore and if we did we got threatened with expulsion...

  71. Michelle N

    I worked with a girl that would disassociate on a regular basis. She had no control over herself and would attack herself, staff, and other residents. By the end of my time there we had suspected she had dissasociateve identity disorder (multiple personalities) but as that's a controversial diagnosis and her being a teenager it wasn't being diagnosed at the time.

  72. Mariah beecham

    Had a friend that I was friends with since 7th grade. After we graduated she got married and chose another one of our friends as her maid of honor. Said she thought I would take away from her "special day". Her husband was military and was going to be shipped off for basic training. Fast forward like two years later, she's living in DC but comes home because he was shipped to Iraq to guard a bomb cache. She's staying at her parents and wants to see me BC we had missed each other. I was in college and we all got invited to a frat party. So we drove 45 minutes away to UTM and met up with some people she was friends with and we went to school with. I had recently got out of a relationship and she tried hooking me up with some guy at the party. (Note before this party, she asked me to make sure she didn't get too drunk and wild BC she didn't want to cheat on her husband.) So they go to the bartender and get drinks but I saw the guy slip something in there drink so I knocked it out of their hand. They got super mad at me. A little later they ran off with some other guys and left me with this guy I didn't know! I'm freaking out because he keeps trying to feed me drinks and get me back to his dorm. Finally I get them to come back, she yells at me the whole ride home. We never spoke after that. Turns out she cheated on her husband that night. A man who was fighting for his life and our country...what a horrible person.

  73. Yubi K.

    The flaming hand bit sounded super cool. 😂

  74. IamEggy

    my uncle has schizophrenia and does a ton of drugs and i try not to speak to him since he’s really not ok

  75. LoveAnimeLikeCrazy

    Nevernude is by far the worst