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  1. Emma Davis

    Anyone else get an ad for a child modeling career?

  2. I play Pokémon I love Pokémon

    No just no why.

  3. Elias Gååse

    Your name is not Apple.

  4. Ari


  5. Juniper

    What the hell, she looks like Kim Possible

  6. Persephone OwO

    This is litterally 2030 mukbangs

  7. Beatrisse


  8. Jade Hoang


  9. Jade Ezumah

    This girl is a horrible person. She doesn’t deserve either if her parents

  10. Persephone OwO

    Next title: My mom sold my brain to aliens but I lived because I was adopted and my real parents where Mario and Bowsette

  11. SuperLuke

    She sounds so dumb

  12. Sid YouTube

    4:24 she rlly be a lion doe

  13. Deisy Orellana

    This is kim possiples story really

  14. Forever Clubbin?????

    Lol she looks like Kim because the animators did it on purpose

  15. Mizmo

    I love how batman is in every shot

  16. Tes Kennedy

    I fell bad for you.

  17. Brynn Schmitt

    your mom is so mean so so so so so so so mean

  18. Tater_ Chip

    Kim? Is that you

  19. Y301T

    You know Kim possibly that girl litter look like her Haha and her hair and her cheerleader outfit

  20. Zaviyaar Parvez

    Wtf this is Blake lively the famous actress who starred in gossip girl like wtf I never knew this

  21. Shadyshadow

    My friend fell for pyramid and I magically became the head cheerleader

  22. Ronnie Hughes


  23. Braelyn Crumb

    Girl: with a little bit of perfume Me:😳huh...😕😷😋Isn't he a boy not a girl

  24. Azariah Hall

    Kim Posible is that you!?

  25. little gotcha star

    Omg she is so disrespectful action isn't even care that her friend died oranything I think she needs a lesson of how to be more respectful to other peopleI mean like yeah you are stuck on a roller coaster you're angry with the last words you ever said to your friends were very rude like it wasn't their fault that the roller coaster stops like reallyif my friend died I be depressed and crying and I won't even be caring about how cold I was or anyting

  26. xxBig worm_707xx

    She's cry crying and smileing 3:06😂😂😂😂😂😂

  27. Edgar Vargas

    And she eats them with the venom she would be dead

  28. Green Lazer

    The first thing I would have said was “WHERE THE HELL IS MY ONE AND ONLY FRIEND”

  29. Edgar Vargas

    That is impossible

  30. Cooki3_deli 13

    Make sure to pause it Me when bored: 2:21

  31. Young_PlayerGWF

    they are so dumb :/

  32. Ryan and Morgan Robinson

    How the heck does the train start to smoke if there are NO ELECTRONICS on the train

  33. gypsy freak

    I have been hearing rumours that they have found a cure for cancer T cells and it can destroy most if not all cancers

  34. Pearl Jusain

    Stockholm syndrome yeah yeah song of 1d yeah AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  35. Sage Palacios

    I like how this vid is called everyone is jealous of my body and the actual vid Has nobody jealous

  36. Emily Murray

    i love this story my family is not like this

  37. DerpySpxghetti

    Kim possible looks like she got hit by a bus but still fabulous

  38. Green Lazer

    One like is how many people want to know what happened to snowball 👇🏻

  39. nm.bambam30

    It’s just a period week

  40. Gabriel

    You don't deserve your daughter back, neither Lucas deserve her custody because you both are terrible parents and cheaters should never form a family.

  41. Demi

    If kim possible got hit with an ego

  42. Gabe Lovell


  43. JustJolie !

    OMG in the middle of the video, a fitness add came on 😂😂😂

  44. Lindsay Pelham


  45. Boy Kulot

    If i was joe i would do same thing staying away from them. He's still a human and if you don't get why maybe you're not one

  46. galaxy the gamer

    She flicked her hair?!? Such a vsco

  47. Black Window

    Beautiful face or not they would still judge you

  48. Gabriel

    "I know some people think I deserve it for cheating on Jason with his brother but I've learned my lesson" YES, you deserve it and NO, you didn't learn your lesson because you ALWAYS KNEW that cheating is wrong from the start. You got what you f*cking deserve.

  49. Danielle&spirit Nelson

    Him: oh here comes my maid Me: you look gay

  50. Blitzzcris YT

    Me has a rabbit watches bonus story Me after watches bonus story 😭😢😢😭😢😭😢😢😢😭😭

  51. Cadence hamilton

    Your gust sasy

  52. Aidan Alt

    Kim possible?

  53. Wolf Gaming

    "Learned how to defend myself." You fucking punch her in the face.

  54. Get Rest

    What about the boy

  55. melody is happy

    I am the same ;-;

  56. Kids Krew

    Your name is not poop your name is lola

  57. Cassandra Trudel

    Is ben arrested

  58. Minha Conta

    Awwwwww 😢😢😢😢

  59. alayna norwood

    Kim possible mmm yeppp

  60. Aaliyah 10

    I feel so sad for you

  61. Aaliyah 10


  62. TBG Gamer


  63. Sarah MW

    Me: im da queen ♕

  64. Samuel Zenker

    this channel steals animations btw

  65. dunasty7

    This is the best one on here I haven't seen this one yet

  66. Evie Stavropoulos

    I would’ve stabbed my sister right there and then

  67. Kumba Kanu

    Kim possible is that you?

  68. Vaneza Bueno

    Some people never change

  69. Steve Pruitt

    This is cringy as shit

  70. Luna Lovegood

    Is no one talking about 3:39 like wow

  71. Mr Goji The Godzilla


  72. Cheerio Gurls

    kim possible?

  73. Camila M

    3:58 what the heck happened!

    1. Camila M


  74. Mason SRas

    :HER WAAaAaAaAaAaaA I want Gucci 😖😖😫😫😫😭😭😭

  75. Marshmello Animaion

    Bruh the other stister with dyed hair is thicccccc

  76. Mason SRas


  77. Gabriel

    "There's no way I was going to stay with someone who was cheating on me"....SAID THE CHEATER!!!

  78. Elijah Hoar

    You were mean before you got unconscious but now you’re nice OK

  79. ice hot

    Kim possible is that u?

  80. Jack Daniels

    3:59 what the hell

  81. Night Shade

    Selena: I took care of her daughter Me: Oh so we're just gonna forget about the son

  82. Vaneza Bueno


  83. Mason SRas


  84. Savanna Basye

    " i couldnt tell the world and embarrass myself" **post video all over the world**

  85. Mason SRas

    Or something

  86. itz gaillei

    The girl named gail is the same name with me

  87. Mihaela Alblinger I need to see some 1 kill

    It was sad for you and for your sis but at least you did the right thing!

  88. Millie mcmonagle


  89. Kevln Tha

    Most of the comments are talking about how she looked like Kim Possible XD she does look like her tbh.

  90. Elijah Hoar

    So mean of you how are you like I’m the head of the school and the head of everything I just deserve everything you’re just mean

  91. ashorana lupsley

    Cool story

  92. dead meme revival


  93. Mason SRas

    I am DEAD right now 🤨🤨🤨

  94. Mason SRas


  95. Elijah Hoar

    You’re So mean of you be like that

  96. Jaden Sophie

    You look like Kim possible

  97. Christopher Crabtree

    The sister is a mega boomer

  98. dave22331000 YT

    That is literally kim possible lol

  99. Azure w

    It's a Kim possible wannabe! The real kP would've stuck that landing

  100. Natalie

    She was so insufferable I was rooting for the roller coaster.