Top of the mornin’ to ya, laddies! Welcome to my channel, my name is jacksepticeye. I am a very energetic let's player with a big heart who just wants to have fun and make people happy. Subscribe if you are into daily gameplay videos as well as live action and sketch comedy videos.

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  1. Full camp Oezdemir

    I'd like to thank ID for leveling up the FPS gerne

  2. Dharmesh Mistry

    Judging by the description of a Rock Puncher, it sounds like it would be literally impossible to survive a single punch from one. So every time Jack pulls up like: “Heya Rocky!” I’m just expecting him to be literally shot into oblivion.

  3. Net Personas

    He confused May with Caise on the radio, “your voice sound deeper on the radio”.. . Haha Then thinks the drawing was a self portrait? Lol he is so lost on the walker apocalypse

  4. m1st3r_m1sch13f


  5. Master of gaming

    Jack: tagging everything "We have a dream" People next morning: So what IS your dream???

  6. Bobby's Show

    He should just go to the desert and pick up all that sand

  7. SunBeam Operator

    12:02 Look to the right of the screen next to one of the plants pause it first.

    1. SunBeam Operator


  8. Alexandra Skootsky

    Here's the answer to a question what Jack does when he's bored

  9. Jacob Drust

    I'm just now watching this...president evil is actually a fictional game in the grim adventures of billy and mandy

  10. Rad gamer

    das nais

  11. Danger Chicken Dc

    The Wales are jacks new reef backs

  12. Lucky Toons

    The glitch slimes is the slimes whit ditto faces and save the debug spray when the tars appear because you can kill them with it and if you get hit you lose your glitch slimes. You don’t want that to happen😉😉(hint,hint)

  13. Nightmaretwenty18

    Lol sorry I actually love ur vids

  14. TitsMcGee __

    16:02 has the phrase that tells us everything about grass and dirt

  15. rmx killer

    "It be really cool if the VR game could see you go like this *nods*" Me: Hello puppets... that's what he missed... please play hello puppets

  16. Mateo Kustera

    You didn't tried a ballon troop

  17. MrQuacklingz

    Jack if u love shadow of the colossus you should play monster hunter world well its not like the sotc but atleast it has monsters you can hunt

  18. MakiPlayz

    please install css

  19. Help I'm Lost

    just wanted to thank jacksepticeye for giving that hint to lazerbeam, he ended up donating 10,000 USD, all of you guys are just such a blessing, really thank you

  20. Joon Ong

    It kinda scares me because what Teddy is going through is happening to me right now... Getting stressed about finding new job after redundency, confusing about where I wanna go... Yeah, better pick the pieces up

  21. Beckanally

    Oh, come on Jack. You missed the sillohettes at the end

  22. Bella Lane

    Keep those episodes coming Jack!

  23. Ashish Pradhan

    Narrator from Joshdub's channel: no, jack, you are a dick

  24. Ethan Felix

    16 years old

  25. Bella Lane

    Man thats a dope game!!

  26. Cal Racing

    When is the next subnautica vid man

  27. y eおよびt e

    A because its on tvvvvvv

  28. DarthInVader8

    13:25 Hell yeah

  29. Potatochu OwO

    19:23 "....I loved him like my son."

  30. Danger Chicken Dc

    Jacks most used words are good lord and I’m a big liar

  31. Soul Play

    I think Jack should focus on the game if he has to, its easier on him than having his mind split with trying to talk to us too. I think its just fun to watch him focus and play fully really. :)

  32. TheMaverick007

    if jack is the main character of The Walking Dead, WD would become a comedy horror😂

  33. Undistinguished Gamer

    I am not even done watching this video and I already love it. You one of the best Jack.

  34. Blizzard Wave

    I had my volume on max.........Forgot i clicked on a Jacksepticeye video

  35. Xans Virus

    I had to *wheeze* when he tried to speak german 😂

  36. Cade Rippon

    Love how jack did the classic horror movie thing of running up the stairs in the house rather than straight out the door haha

  37. The Burger Guy

    To be honest, candlehead’s fire balls look like flying sperm

  38. The Dark Queen


  39. Isaac Lima

    Props robin, cam placement is amazing.

  40. Conrad Larson

    Poor monkeys

  41. Darkmonger

    So Jack speaks to kangaroos.

  42. Mr.PantGR

    Best aong to wake you up ??? This intro

  43. ItzmeLogan


  44. spider venom


  45. mamata gour

    Who knows w.d gaster?

  46. The Dark Queen


  47. Umi Abdirahman

    If you name is sean then you spell it Shawn AND SEAN

  48. Chance Knutson

    On the monstermon cards at the bottom on every card there is a nuget

  49. Random Events

    Im in class but still not looking at the teacher lmao and watching this

  50. Kukki Manga


  51. The Dark Queen


  52. name last name

    never structure your videos, the chaos is clearly the paradise in the Jacksepticeye variety channel

  53. softedino

    Oh god yes this is my favourite video holy fuck

  54. Ayden Heagy

    Did it echo before or is it just editing

  55. Iron Eyan 2

    The "You've meet a terrible fate haven't you" and "you shouldn't have done that" is references to Ben Drowned and the fourth day glich is when they said "You've meet a terrible fate haven't you"


    When are you goin to finish sonic mania ( like to see)

  57. CorbinCoyote_998

    Anyone else still waiting for part 7 in 2020?

  58. Ryder Curtsinger


  59. Nightmaretwenty18

    VIEWER:Jack you suck JACK: "he's I do that's how the food goes in my mouth" ME: you mean sperm

  60. spider 123


  61. William Benitez

    any one notice that he couldve just crawled to the end of the first challenege

  62. Johnny Parsnips


  63. blazeheff 1

    Double wide surprise.

  64. Mr Whatever

    The leviathan:do you have 90 minutes Jack:okay okay

  65. Sonia Bonilla

    How you get so lucky i never get a scar


    Jack you didn’t know kratos is 150 years old

  67. Smiling Lemon

    Ok boomer

  68. 〘 LT〙EnchantedDiamond [TSDA] LCX

    *Me and the boys ready to destroy the city*

  69. Ivangaming666

    11:45 screen 3

  70. Rafael Deven

    Ahh the NOsel algorithms unites us again boys. Hello there

  71. domacleod

    Imagine him actually in a zombie apocalypse just dancing around and talking to zombies he killed. Would anyone not shoot him?

  72. XPeeps HAHA

    evry time i watch ur vids it brings a happy day to me thx for that jack

  73. Tyler Mclean

    I cant believe you missed todd walking out of the police station cause you were checkin out the robots lining the wall


    You Should watch Phil swift has a mental breakdown its pretty funny

  75. Braeden Delaney

    It’s over anikin I have the high ground you underestimate my powers master don’t try it you where the chosen one it was said that you would destroy the sith not join them bring balance to the force not leave it in darkness I hate you you where my brother anikin I loved you (and then anikin burns)

  76. Anonymous guy

    How did he not realize he saw the second video before


    Were you tripping on ascid

  78. HighkeyHijinks

    26:36 Jack: "Just call me deepthroat" Me: "J-Jack. No..."


    🔥🔥🔥 0:35 💛🔥🧡 👇 👇 👇🖤

  80. Ev Johnson

    watched every single episode on this, Connor is soooo cute!

  81. Olivia Denise

    Rip Phil swift (ik it was in 2011 but idc)

  82. WeliAJ

    Man the stormy night mission can really leave you shocked. it can affect in so many ways, gotta just love this game!


    Well here we go this gonna be a long series get some snacks we’re ready to watch the 1 hour video

  84. Game Channel_51

    I'm an Italian of 12 years old. My dad is from London but I understand you better than my cousin that is from London too

  85. Tristan Connor

    1:55:00 look at jack when he sees the pork pond sign

  86. Andrew Jones

    It said focus, not that you could only do one thing.

  87. Koda B

    I’m not sure you read that first conversation correctly

  88. Ridankulous

    2:29 I don’t remember Clem having her hood up when she ate the apple...

  89. Mr.Cake

    All the levels pleeeeasse

  90. candyhouse1928

    In a weird way I miss Jack's green hair, but at the same time, I can pay more attention to what he's doing without focusing on his hair

  91. Villedenlille Den minsta

    Please make more videos on this game Please make more videos on this gamePlease make more videos on this gamePlease make more videos on this gamePlease make more videos on this game Please make more videos on this gamePlease make more videos on this game... cause its fun

  92. da oof side

    im a gen z and i drink milk right out of the carton which means its cold but not all the time

  93. Mason ryan

    If your green and red color blind then does that mean you can't see most of your logo?

  94. Person Person

    Jack: Don't say bad words! **literally 1 second later** Jack: You son of a bitch!!!! 😂😂😂

  95. Sandijs 4645

    Youre the best!!!