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FlightTeam Stand Up!

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  1. Matt Val

    He da god of ``You know wham sayin``

  2. Angelica ll


  3. AmorGod 777

    Flight be actin I think he’s actually good at basketball 😂

  4. Mason Jones

    He sucks at basketball he didnt even score

  5. PSGamerz

    I swear every song of this nigga he repeats the same shit for like 5 minutes straight 😂

  6. Elijah Woods

    His faceeee

  7. Jae Frrr


  8. Cayden Hurt

    Damn this go diffrent

  9. AdamFromThe864

    13:55 😂chihuahua reacts😂

  10. vexo

    I think this shit fire lowkey if this nigga wasn’t a NOselr I’d bump

  11. JonnyTheGoat

    Why is there 37 ads😭

  12. thatone peep

    23:34 yo that had me dead but flight you that nigga u cool af and 🔥

  13. VibeZ FN

    The reason why his stamina is high is because he only took like 4 shots because he was getting locked down lol flight sucks at basketball 😂😂

  14. Big Frosty

    We just gon ignore that he just said: hairy ass bitch like my ass Crack wow 😭

  15. Chad Beech

    flight is rlly dumb

  16. 1 & done

    0:35 to 1:00 is 🔥🔥🔥

  17. Аce - CoD mobile

    i cried coz of his reactions 😂

  18. Sammy Spann

    11:52 i’m sorry bro in that picture i can kinda see it😭but jus that picture don’t worry

  19. Kenneth McGill

    why do i feel like that’s not an nba trainer lmao

  20. doel

    0:29 this nigga flight

  21. jeshua williams

    The 6 is just upside down 💀💀

  22. Jordan Morton

    4:49 My Boy flight then took ✈️😂

  23. swedz 2drippy

    Nothing is gonna change in june

  24. Frederick Liu

    Kenny said on the line, then “it’s to bouncy” bruh stfu

  25. Qt Verxcy

    Why they laughing

  26. Qt Verxcy

    Lowkey fire tho

  27. Char

    They were way too tired at the end

  28. Camad Lakewood

    We need music video

  29. iimconfused

    4:58 when my mom tell me we are going to mcdonald

  30. TTV_Maff

    He ended the green and purple war but the cams weren’t on

  31. TruePotency

    Who else realizes that lowkey flex?😂

  32. ChiLLy

    Imagine flight become the best basketball player of all time

  33. Caleb Shattock

    Beautiful lyrics u genius ohh wait disangenious

  34. Prxnce2K

    When u buy the off brand AirPods 0:15

  35. StuuDudeッ

    You’ll get them by june

  36. Shrek

    Flight actually created the universe but it’s just that the cameras weren’t on

  37. GREENING -

    Flight drop day 3


    I don’t understand the people who watch his videos to hate and leave dislikes u don’t effect his pay u wasting ur time but I don’t understand u he funny

  39. RIGGLE

    Actually I was laughing so hard from one of your other videos I’m still crying

  40. C6Jan

    You ain’t nothing but a broke bOInG boING BOinG

  41. Yea Ight

    me bout to tell flight her name jaden curls Him: 6:22 8:25 demon is back tho

  42. Smyrian Smith

    U are an bitch flight

  43. Fernando Bermudez

    They some broke boys

  44. Poop Deals

    23:00 when the teacher tells u to move your seat from your friend

    1. Jason _713

      Poop Deals DDG runs the LA group

  45. Diego Carrillo

    He said on the road to 3 Milli Milli only two months ago now he’s almost at 4... Good shit Flight 💪

  46. DB3 BallinSince07

    When u three years late😭😂

  47. Jeff Griggs

    Whys is solluminati being such an ass

  48. Sprayzzz

    Flight:“If you cross someone and you miss it don’t count” Me: if you do good defense and they make it then it ain’t good defense

  49. ChiebukaSoGroovy

    4:57 Flight:😐😯😝

  50. Ari

    This is straight ass. So bad it’s slaps

  51. TK 3

    Glad you finally getting better lol 💯

  52. YoBoiiiAlexx

    Like for Heat Cheaque music video

  53. Lorne Fishburn

    He’s improving so much. Just needs to start doing some cardio to improve that stamina

  54. Alexys Granderson

    Did he say 12 months

  55. Livity smackz-_-

    6 more days


    U can tell when cash was saying he’s attracted to L’s it hurt flights feelings

  57. pullohs

    ngl they kinda suck at fixing your jump shot lmao i could probably get it fixed in a week max. you're still using that left thumb and not cocking the wrist causing for inefficiency. keep working tho ✨

  58. VB Adventurist


  59. Kristen Peters

    You should react to Golden hoops newest most heated moments

  60. Iamurmom Iamurdad

    “60 + 90 that’s like three hundred dollars”

  61. SportsThreat

    Bro kobe almost guarded Michael Jordan

  62. SportsThreat

    Kobe r.i.p mannnn

  63. Chris Azor

    Woah Vicky look regarded

  64. Daniel Deborin

    Anyone with a 🧠 would say 1 for Sid the Sloth

  65. дёмыч вяль

    A 3😭😭😭

  66. Angel Ramos

    cant tell if yall clowin but this shii does go hard

  67. astcy

    5,7 Playmaking Shot Creator 93ovr vs 6,0 Offenisve threat 60ovr

  68. Yo Laz TNG

    Who listening in 2020? 😤🤞🏽😈🔥

  69. JTkrisp

    Who else is waiting for day 3 training

  70. Wistful _Zzz

    Ahis behind the back look weird as hell

  71. Father of Fifa

    Where’s curry man


    3!?!?!?!?!?! Demon reacts activated 👺

  73. Alex Carvalho Boner

    Can’t wait for So to react 😂

  74. Da Fortnite God

    I’m not a question

  75. Danny Boiii

    FLIGHT TEAM sit down...............

  76. deepvxbess

    Stayyy off the weeeeeed

  77. Dreddy

    8:28 DemonReacts is a child😨

  78. vibe .

    this nigga flight gotta be off sum with that much energy😂😂

  79. Jonathan Ventura

    Hey flight you should rewatch the videos you post be cause every time u shoot u change your from a little just saying

  80. Rage SZN_

    Stephen A Smith really got on his head

  81. Kareem Anderson


  82. marko herrera

    I did the dishes before watching so ur good

  83. prod. Faygo

    TBH I'm a producer and I will remake this to make this better

  84. Michael holcomb

    man doesn't even know his lineup and saying he a loyal fan

  85. Markjames James

    33:40 lmaooooo continue to post shit LOL


    3:17 flight dance move was fire no cap! 👌🏾🔥😂💯

    1. SMAGGY23LAW


  87. Topper House

    At 3:30 what was that damn and 1 for 😂

  88. MKD stealer

    Am I the only one who realized that it says Italia on his Shirt but the actual Flag is France LOOOL.

  89. David Boatman

    When you gamble with Michael Jordan and he wins all yo money

  90. J.P INK

    Yo nobody makes themselves look this dumb on purpose because there is always a limit to it but this nigga is actually believing this is a real commentary on his game by famous commentators

  91. cGSoLdUOUT

    ANYONE THAT CAN RELATE TO MY PAIN go watch the last video posted on here and tell me if u can relate to my fucking pain

  92. TCE ragie

    Don’t this sound like play boi cardi or is it just me (the beat)

  93. EaZy Jxy

    flight is such a fucking hypocrit “that wasnt even a cross on curry” *curry pretty much spins on lebron* “look at curry man, so inspirational” 🤦🏻‍♂️

  94. A-Boogz

    Flight dressed like a pizza delivery guy

  95. Curtis Pronk

    Imagine it being silent at night and hearing this 8:27 . Flight be making my boring quarentine so much better

  96. gvdly

    flight is a real disingenuous

  97. Iguana Man

    If flight dies on june im gonna commit suicide

  98. Hunter Lyons

    Yo this is when he didn’t say “Look At Curry Man Such An Inspiration” and this is pre 2020 flight

  99. Ytt Jordan

    Dang man😢

  100. David Luze

    He is always protecting curry for no reason