I like memes
All memes on this channel are my own creations.
- grande1899 is my second channel (used to be my main even).
- I use Vegas Pro, and sometimes After Effects, for video editing, and FL Studio for most audio / music editing.
- I learned most of my editing skills on my own and from the internet.
- Yes I am actually a doctor with a medical degree (but I don't work as a doctor).
- Witcher 3 best game.
- I do play those note blocks nicely.
Btw email is probably the best way to contact me
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  1. Savage Stephen

    New slogan "bernieblowjobs"

  2. Sebastian Uparela

    I miss this kind of memes

  3. red slayer

    why is this alive

  4. Jack • 39 years ago • edited

    96:22:58 😅😅😂

  5. Ding Bian

    I'm dead serious what is that sound fx at the end called I stg I've forgotten

  6. CoolJirazelf 101

    🥗 🥒 🍀 🥑 *lettuce* 🥝 🌱 🌿 🍃

  7. JohnSepticEye


  8. Jonathan Lima

    Nathan Doan/Ging Ging "Brings the broomstick!"

  9. Nick Abbott


  10. Evan Wilson

    *b e l i e v e m e*

  11. rob walsh

    It is cool

  12. 2000 subscribers without a video


  13. Lucky Ramirez

    The weather today: WOAH STORM

  14. Bazic GamingAccount


  15. Benny Booster

    *”here’s a big lesson in honesty”* *”this is gonna be forgotten immediately “*

  16. Mariocap4 CEC Morales


  17. Harumi Kagaya

    PLAY THIS ON MY FUNERAL and i will die in peace 😂

  18. BlueToxicPlays

    I laughed hard when i saw the title

  19. Skyler Quotez

    I enter the dark side of NOsel.

  20. Damián Morales

    Me gusta Sonic siiiiiii

  21. Han goes Crazy


  22. Maxim Chau

    Change da world....free health potions for all

  23. Batty The Fruit Bat

    We are number WOAHNE if you wanna beat that awful bandicoot, You're gonna need to put up a live pursuit! If ya wanna be the cortex neo You're gonna need to make a whole army of cloneos To put up a fight against those two bandifools, NO,NOT MY TIME TWISTER TOOLS!!!

  24. Pusheenosaurous 328

    Vsauce bath water

  25. CYBER2.0!

    Best combination ever

  26. Holly Lamovsky

    me: YEET!

  27. Plastassin

    rap number one

  28. creeperbrofist2002

    Damn this video was legit funny until the lava bit

  29. Minecraft Master

    Da soviets

  30. GLiTCH-Rpersonal

    Grandayy likes vore, confirmed



  32. CommanderThunder

    Why i have a feeling this don't look like Donald Trump but look like Donald Duck

  33. SnowyStar

    Why am I just now discovering this

  34. *Christine* mielkiel

    what do you see? - see your girl in the park..the girl is uckers.. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  35. Ondrae The Great

    lol I got a Mike Bloomberg ad

  36. Sham Mafia

    "Captain, move!" "Movin dem corn flakes"

  37. MJP Trickshots

    That was bad


    I remember when he posted this 4 years ago on my birthday. god it’s been awhile since I’ve been here

  39. FrontLine Tactical

    Me: *Doesn't invest in any perfectly profitable stonks* Meme Man: Negative stonks 📉

  40. AlterNate

    this.. was ahead of its time. sorta.

  41. BibiBosh

    Trump 2020!!!!

  42. Woof!

    Watchin this for the 1.000.000× time now at 2:21 am Help?

  43. Jaidev Escoto

    Sonic was slim then he became cubes wow

  44. Eli H

    this. is. glorious

  45. CommunistBall TheDemocratic

    should of added *all* of them (including ones from different countries)

  46. spoog

    wait why does this go so hard

  47. Depressionbomb

    God is number 1!

  48. Tenzin Choyang

    This was recommended I’m glad I watched it

  49. Benjamin the Pigeon

    How uncomfortable was it to make this?

  50. Harumi Kagaya


  51. Reza Aghajani

    movie name btw

  52. Shrek Wazowski

    MOLOT EE SERP!!!!! (МОЛОТ И СЕРП!!!!!)

  53. Jaime Benavidez

    believe me, believe me

  54. TheSinoftheTin

    screw Bernie Sanders

    1. Londonyes

      Screw you.



  56. DonutFace

    This is now my favorite president.

  57. The Medic

    It is 3AM and I got a school 3 hours later

  58. Yoni C

    Try to play the entire song without stopping with this pack.

  59. Celest JK

    1:03 What did he just said?

  60. 5 second Videos

    ♥️♥️♥️♥️ our next president 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  61. Juniorz

    Wait he said rice crispys while hitting the sun is that where coco cripys came from

  62. Papa Robotnik

    This is an important lesson for all mankind. Man Should Never Be Hot.

  63. o o p s i e

    I’m not normal...

  64. Griffswagger

    This is... Fucking gross. I love it.

  65. Jomar Diaz

    You bought a donald trump impersonator on fiverr, how do you feel?

    1. Mohammad Abdul Sayed Ahmed

      It cost him $125 to book this guy

  66. Francisca palma


  67. sonof beep

    The Song In The Background Is *"Sandstorm"*

  68. Bailes Sauce

    It's our swamp now.

  69. Adam 802

    3 new photos received

  70. Kakyoin

    Ha nothing 0:51 kid -Trump 2020

  71. Foxy

    Thats was magical. Truely magical.

  72. KBack329


  73. Pro du JD et Wii fit plus

    Ime oof

    1. Pro du JD et Wii fit plus

      Nooooooooooooooob HDEt MI

  74. Oli blade

    Best 3 minutes of my life

  75. Melbourne_train Fluffy knight

    Don’t Y troom

  76. darklordoof

    Nah Flyingkitty is the best Wait.......

  77. Ender Ben

    Why is this so ASMRy? lol

  78. Minecraft Fam

    Does anyone know where lazabeam is

  79. Michał Krzyżanowski


  80. Anne Brandt

    Sob sob sob

  81. Sanchit Desai

    Who else felt the Bern

  82. Medacek

    Oh god, its already two years..

  83. ScreenieYT

    For Deji should’ve wrote comedyshortsgamer.

  84. RealStell2005

    He looks like my computer science teacher (except that he's got hair)

  85. Beeg Yoshi

    I’m humbly asking for your diamonds

  86. xxx gaming pad xxx egg

    Top 5 youtubers you will miss 5 angry grandpa 4 Dillon the hacker 3 Toby tuner 2 ekika 1 ninja

  87. B E A N O S

    Footage of Bernie breaking Donald trumps wall

  88. David Pfeifer

    that song is from romania,ma country and its called dragostea din tei by ozone if you ask

  89. CreeperRuss

    I found a Bernie ad here lol.

  90. eqeqd

    In all three of where is laserbeam

  91. ok overlord the second


  92. Shao Yu Mai Wang

    Needs more hammer and sickle.

  93. Gamer_3000 GG


  94. Doctor infinite

    If memes ever became illegal. This should be the last meme

  95. Charlie Ferme

    Gold: Im the fastest Diamond: Im the strongest Netherite: *H e y*

  96. Adamo Marcelli

    The dream is collapsing

  97. Thanos

    We all struggled at making cakes 😂😂

  98. Angie Guerra

    Gotta fall damage fast OOF watch the burr trailer roblox

  99. Ye Boi

    You didn’t search for this and you know it

  100. Mr. Sserpent

    i don't get it