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  1. Clare Smith

    Why does Trump literally disagree with every suggestion? I’m not sure how I feel about everybody wearing masks because health care workers REALLY need them, but HE’s disagreeing with it. Same guy who doesn’t want to give the money, resources and ventilators to hospitals. It’s fuckin weird.

  2. tye l jackson

    Jack Black is soo energetic comedically uplifting THE WORLD'S FACES INTO LAUGHTER.

  3. {Dude}

    youre right jimmy its not a green screen its a professional visual effects ..hahah :)

  4. Brad S. Barreau

    I love that man

  5. Lilly Blue

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Trump is so trump..

  6. Jake Philip

    A vlog idea: Jimmy's wife cuts his hair at home. I'd watch that.

  7. Johnny

    haha 😂 Stay the F at home

  8. jon lincoln

    Burn Jimmy burn ...ha ha ha

  9. Rachit Goel

    Imagine...!! Jimmy made so many efforts to air this show and then he goes after Trump speaking hatred. Evil!

  10. Subaru wrx

    i need non beeping version

  11. Pearly


  12. Jenna Lam

    Our baby got rabies 😂😂😂

  13. lilly brooks

    my mom literally used to read that book to me a night

  14. Lily Val

    Pornos, space omg. Lol

  15. 0 FøX

    Jimmy tell us another story about how great Joe Biden is 😂😂😂

  16. The Super Viewer

    I'm watching "Kingdom" too! Just so everyone knows Im writing a story about zombies in colonial time "really why the French sold us the land of the Louisiana purchase"! Also the line about MJ alive today so damn funny.

  17. Jared O Lantern

    Maybe people think it's a green screen of the UGLIEST wallpaper in the history of wall decor.

  18. Pcheruka

    So all news is fake unless he likes what he hears..

  19. Jeff Williams

    The caff from the seed need I say more wake up China going to take over the world

  20. Tomahawk Arts

    Tool ^

  21. Diabetic Honeybee

    Any chance I can exchange my stimulus check for a corporate bailout check instead?

  22. Philip B

    Anna Kendrick @6:11

  23. J Baldwin

    It still looks like a green screen. Just go back to low production, it was better.

  24. Andy Krauser

    I gave this a like after the Christmas Tradishes joke.

  25. Amber 180

    He would be doing a great job if he would have started sending more supplies to hospitals and rushing a Covid-19 vaccine two months ago behind the scenes. He also needs to stop instigating arguments with the press and then dominating the mic even though this is supposed to be Mike Pence's operation. He also could have never eliminated the existing federal pandemic task force.

  26. Johnathan Mejia

    Jimmy Kimmel spittin' facts!!!

  27. Murmz

    "this is ridiculous" makes me soo happy! 💛💛

  28. Chase Long

    Putz Kimmel, you suck! Really

  29. harlow jean 1975 deymonaz

    Can we buy the book?? The money can help the food banks

  30. roger peet

    I was clapping and laughing the whole time ! I love Jamie

  31. Windglide Angeldragon

    Hahaha I love Sam's books

  32. A Lost YouTube Comment

    Omg yes

  33. Enrique Munguía

    Is it me or Jimmy is looking pretty hot lately?? 👌😈😈👌

  34. drsiiiiin

    The house is terrible thats why we were saying its GREEN screen Giving you the benefit of doubt

  35. mike ables

    His house is ugly

  36. Mariko True

    For an April 1st prank, none of which would probably go over well, but it may break up the combination of tedium and fear we all now live with. However, just friendly advice, NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER even joke about canceling Netflix or any other streaming service. No one in anyone's family has enough self-control at this point to manage that news sanely. I still think that Jimmy Kimmel has paid some CGI graphics freelancer to green screen the heck out of that backdrop.

  37. Jo MW

    Did Jimmy just break into his own house? And his wife didn't call the cops?

  38. WorldRewind

    His daughters opening should be his permanent Father’s Day Friday opening.

  39. kyoko703

    "My man!" - The way Denzel Washington says it.

  40. Mike Draper

    People are stealing them my brother is one

  41. Oodles A Noodles

    lmao i gotta get that book

  42. Miguel Nava

    Samuel ignorant He ain't worried about rent and feeding his kids like the rest of us 🤬

  43. David Bowman

    What a tiny baby trump :( is (also an idiot!)

  44. Michael Pipkin

    Hi from Vegas, Jimmy. Its very weird here. Not one poker machine is on a where. Its eerily quiet.

  45. Debbie - One Love

    Omg I from India and this place that they show I love near by . Internet is crazy. Please stay home stay safe.

  46. harlow jean 1975 deymonaz

    6:09 you're welcome

  47. Maudie Icrochet

    trump has nothing useful to say. Just don't listen or watch him. Being ignored would drive him over the edge.

  48. Jared Richards

    This is the coolest thing ever. Please Samuel start your own NOsel channel. Hanging out with you is awesome!


    6:50 the only part we came here to hear...

  50. Windglide Angeldragon

    Yo phone is ringin Sam

  51. TJBEATS97

    Honestly, Jimmy. Add a laugh track. I feel like I'm waiting for the laughter between the pauses in your jokes.

    1. Sierra Suz

      I hate those things but live lafing is worse. Comedy shows with drunks .

  52. the actual bajmahal

    worst first day at work: Ben Sliney's first day as US Federal Aviation Administration National Operations Manager -- on September 11, 2001.

  53. Mirror Man

    she’s so adorable. what i would do to be her man😍

  54. b n

    CNN didn't even show Trump today. They just showed the doctors when they talked

  55. Byron Kennedy

    Samuel M***** F****** Jackson

  56. Bike Ninja

    this is better than your REAL show!

  57. de chenmo

    Trump said one thing right. Nobody likes CNN.

  58. Life of Patty

    Baby monitor on rearview camera on the car

  59. Aravind krishnan


  60. nguquaxa nguyen

    for perspective, twaiwan, which borders china, didn't think it was a hoax like trump, and prepared ahead. They have 5 deaths and never had to crash their economy with mass stay at home order.

  61. Kilal Googlestaffers

    Now we know how Marty's Dance Quintet is progressing. When are they going to make The Little Lebowski?

  62. harlow jean 1975 deymonaz

    Tiger king. When meth smokes meth

  63. Sameer Sharma

    Or maybe You could call Jimmy Kimmel's wife up and tell her that her husband just got squashed by a giant truck.

  64. ItsPolo Bro

    So is aubry the new leo for her?

  65. Aref E

    "Minor league player!" :)))))

  66. Dudie

    I really enjoyed Samuel's poem, I needed the laugh. Why?? Cause I'm bored from staying the [email protected]%k home!

  67. nana na

    Omg! Samuel is watching Kingdom!! So do I! 😭😭❤ he seems like a really sweet guy irl. Awwnn

  68. Pharoah Editz

    I know him from black panther....

  69. Mike Draper

    You should be ashamed

  70. indie_rocknroll18

    Still looks like a green screen lol

  71. tatikto

    King of Swag... THE KING I said!!!

  72. Bats Gochanour

    This is only proof that your ankle monitor let's you leave the inside of your house. . . . Careful outside though, the storm is coming. Q

  73. EwWhoIsTHAT

    I actually think the longer hair suits Jimmy

  74. Nick Trainor

    Samuel L Jackson looking a little Grimmisy lol

  75. Tim O'Brien

    Oh my god that wallpaper is hideous.

  76. BlackMuddyRiver

    I thought it was a green screen because who would pick that wallpaper in real life.

  77. Rene Robyn

    So it's not a greenscreen...ok.. but you have a terrible decorating taste. It looks like Granny's house

  78. Adrian Nalundasan

    If he was living in Rhode Island, he’d be a cop magnet.

  79. Mace

    Jimmy! I can't believe you stepped on your couch with your diseased shoes! Lol

  80. serafin nieves

    How about we cancel April fools day and start getting serious.We have had plenty of fools for three years straight .I thing we had enough of fools day.

  81. Joseph Hernandez

    Jimmy, you gotta lock your windows. Some stranger looking like you just came through the window and did your show for you.

  82. Danette Cowan

    😁❤ frickin love Samuel L Jackson!

  83. E Kennedy

    Samuel L. Jackson= GOAT

  84. Tran Sugar

    I love my dad more

  85. EA B

    samuel jackson seems like such a happy dude.

  86. Kristy Hwang

    Media should STOP covering trump.

  87. GroovingPict

    Well I mean... I dont exactly disagree with the Paltrow one...

  88. Crypto Spin

    Anyone got a link to that phil collins cabinet vid?

  89. Elaine D

    This is too polished now!

  90. Aleksa809

    Why is the video glitchy

  91. sammhy ramzzz

    It's mind blowing that we're all going threw this and should be strong and fight this crisis

  92. bpxl53yewz

    Is that really his house? Must be a separate guest house or something. Who has floral wallpaper these days? Looks so 80s. LOL

  93. Frebutje

    I Clicked twice on the subscribe botton that is two enemies destroyed

  94. Austin Luhtala

    A greenscreen? The background looks like every grandmother's house in the 1940s and 1950s, featuring a lovely 5 seater sofa.

    1. Sierra Suz

      I said the 90's. Homey tho.

  95. B mac

    Since trump loves giving out nicknames let's give him one how bout "Donny do nothing" or "do nothing Donny" whatever u prefer!!

  96. Peta Pan 88

    Okay, Now that we know this is your actual lounge room, you really need to talk us through the design choices.

  97. Cactus Girl

    I didn’t think the opening could get any better. Thank YOU for making this country great again!

  98. Katman0224

    64 Million veiws WOW


    CGI :) possible stunt double

  100. JennyWinters

    Plus I'm not sure I like that couch , it's ugly. Why, you have money ,why is it ugly? Who decorated that? And Why did they decorate that whey. it 's just arghh. uck spit help.