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  1. TheRealTraumatize

    cop out

  2. Jill !

    From bats just like in the movie Contagion.

  3. Paul Seale

    I do not trust anything Trump has said. Now he wants to blame a virus on the Democrats. He will do anything, say anything to deflect away from him. He is so pathetic.

  4. Curtis Grissom

    Ha ha ha 😜

  5. Soggy Jungle

    "...ani't gonna happen in the usa"...hmmmm that has frump thinking.

  6. peter blood

    Well, tRump said. I believe him.🙄

  7. Gyrene_asea

    Please remember that tRump is not the cause, he is the symptom. The system that we have created in the last 40 or so years made this almost inevitable, change it.

  8. David J

    Trump knows a lot about defaulting on bank loans, filing for bankruptcy, and lying......and that's about it.

  9. siulbarra


  10. phillip st


  11. S Torres

    I'm sure Pence thinks his imaginary god will cure everyone of this disease.

  12. gary

    up lift shoes- wigs- false teeth -colour tan -girdle =false president


    Don't quite believe the hype here. The market was over bought for a long time. It needed a correction, and they always need some event like a hurricane or earthquake to correct it. Corona virus is just a reason to correct the market to unsuspecting investors. At such a top heavy market the charts have been pointing to a correction, the big boys always needs a catalyst to go deep.

  14. Simon Few

    I’m just surprised this wasn’t thrown onto Jared’s to-do list.... he’s been soooooo good so far

  15. Fil Ge

    He is just another old out of touch do nothing for blacks sellout. Wish his old butt retire. The black caucus is mostly bought out. They work for establishment the have not and are not doing anything for black people. The support LGBT and Immigrant, and women's rights but have no black Agenda. They are useless sellouts, shameful

  16. viewome

    45 lies like a rug!

  17. Real Paranormal Oahu

    So, wait... Trump lied?

  18. R McElhaney

    If folks start catching the coronavirus in Walton County, FL, this could hurt Trump's chances of winning Walton County and all of Florida.

  19. Joseph Inman

    Older Doctors with good retirement plans. 👴✈️🏝️

  20. Potomacstud

    Don't worry about that i got a perfect plan against the virus , believe me nobody knows how to negotiate with viruses better than me I know all about viruses , i have been dealing with them all my life , its gonna be a amazing plan , BELIEVEEEEE ME !

  21. bluecappy

    Let's see if he'll continue to have his rallys

  22. Perciple Flavius

    An "alternate reality?" Stop putting lipstick on a pig. Just say "he's lying as usual or again..." Call it what it is. If my kid lies to me he's not giving me an alternative reality, he's lying, just like this president*.

  23. Moscow Mitch

    SO we're going to pray for the bad to go away,...i already tried that with Trump ...everyday!

  24. bridge dells

    blah blah blah I could talk better then James Carville

  25. Random Workshop

    Yeah you idiots dont want him because he doesnt agree with your fake science.

  26. DiDi Goldberg

    How do we know this isn't a designer virus unleashed to see its full effects on a soon overpopulated world! it's really strange that a "novel virus" just practically jumped out of nowhere and now spreading like a plaque?

  27. Eder Ruiz

    Funny he says being a class traitor is noble. I know he meant Bc he was betraying the upperclass but that statement out of context is a hoot

  28. CBDMiracles

    Yeah, great, the BLIND leading the BLIND! Perfect... We are FU*KED...

  29. J. C.

    Trump does not care about anything but the stocks. He has no interest in participating in helping with this situation, and has a horrible track record for times of crisis, unless it's about him. Each hospital should be setting up for an area for quarantine in case of severe cases. They should offer free testing for the virus if people show symptoms, just to start. This is precisely why cutting funds to the CDC can be harmful to Americans, because Mike Pence has no ability to handle this.

  30. Jose Ramos

    Exactly, you don't replace one Oligarch with another Oligarch. Nor our democracy or presidency is for sale.

  31. Donald Smith

    Trump doesn't know about anything or anyone especially about the stock market he wouldn't has dismantled Obamas health care safety system if he had any form of competency or morality or compassion for his fellow Americans he's a Russian asset the only thing he cares about is money and power he doesn't even really care about his own family or his cabinet members or those supporting him in his biased and racist policies as is obvious by the amount of his closest allies that have already been indicted and imprisoned and those that are still facing that future possibility including himself.

  32. Amsterdam Calling

    The biggest problem of corporate sponsored news: ratings. It’s great that he points this out, but why doesn’t he and all of his celebrity reporter colleagues confront their bosses and board. Good luck with that.

  33. Edward Mazur

    He is incapable of dealing with a crisis .and this proof he is unfit to run this country.he is way in over his head

  34. Dori_M

    Sorry Joe Biden, new generations are not feeling the Malarky campaign. Older people like him, but the young people just aren't gonna vote for him.

  35. Imp Slayer


  36. Faqm Mall

    It’s under control, just like “Mission Accomplished!”, Katrina, and Benghazi, etc....our government is more concerned with the markets, the 1% etc...most of these people have bunkers with enough food and water for months if not years.... Finally, google Harvard Professor, Wuhan Chinese Government and arrest see what you get...

  37. mark vines

    Well done America, you did this!!

  38. Eric Thompson

    Debate made a lot of folks loose money

  39. R McElhaney

    Trump is more to blame for the stock market decline than the Democrats. Trump takes the credit when the market fares well, so he has to face the blame when it doesn't do so well.

  40. Baxter Powel There Is No One ‘Better Suited’ Than BERNIE For President!

  41. Macho Man Randy Savage

    oh god, this is going to be a pandemic, isn’t it? I wasn’t worried before this headline.....

  42. Espen Pettersen

    The man who thinks windmills cause cancer is in charge & can’t even spell coronavirus. "Caronavirus"

  43. Dan M


  44. IsThatTrue OrDidYouHearItOnFOX

    It's a good thing we're not going to worry about things like the national debt again until a democrat gets elected.

  45. mtronix

    bc trump is a full-on idiotic pos

  46. Martiens Bezuidenhout

    Maybe it's time MSNBC considers one of those "Entertainment" disclaimers for their "news" shows. I hate it when people prove Trump right when he should be wrong... Trump might have used the term incorrectly to suit his purpose, but you guys sure seem fake (bought) now....

  47. Jellyfish


  48. You Tube

    Firemarshall Bill is back! Lemme telll ya somthin!!!

  49. Mario Da Cunt

    Community spread in Northern California...isn't there a huge Asian community in NorCal? There you go...

  50. Remus Lupin


  51. Dan M


  52. james baxter

    OMG that guy literally just came out and told a bald faced lie about Bernie calling for a primary on Obama! Is there no depth to which msnbc will not sink? The sooner this network is driven out of business the better!

  53. DuderDude

    Medicare For All

  54. theWZZA

    We're screwed.

  55. Real Talk76

    Maybe he should raise tariffs on China to help boost the economy. Makes just as much sense now as it did then.

  56. 100MPH Selfies

    2020 started pretty spectacularly. Wow.

  57. Susan Stebila

    Their are people that Carry the virus and have no symptoms, I think that’s why it’s spreading so fast.

  58. สาระ และความบรรเทิง

    Lots of rumours - yeah comin' from you you f***ing moron.

  59. CBDMiracles

    *Trump is as stupid as the day is long.. He never takes the blame for anything.. Typical CHILD, blame it on someone else when all else fails... Typical trump MO...Now we got to deal with a global pandemic with a Moron and a Bible beater in charge... I sure hope GOD does help us, cause these dorks cant..*

  60. Imp Slayer


  61. Dan M

    Democrats using the virus as a political weapon. Very sad. Stock market will drop like a rock if democrats get in.

  62. Wes Blood

    No cover-up? Has any President in past put the Vice-President in power of the CDC? Outbreak going to be HUGE, worse them Spanish Flu. Get Ready for many friends, family and neighbors dieing.

  63. Ro G

    t'rump's answer to wildfires was that we need to rake the forest floor. So, I'm guessing his answer to the virus will be wearing two pairs of socks to stay warm. 🤷‍♂️

  64. Dave Ponsford

    Its always the same with Trump, stock market rises are down to him alone, falls down to anyone but him.

  65. Ged Bryant

    I know this thought is sick, but i can only hope that Trump catches the Virus and spreads it to his seemingly brainless Minions. Ship 'em all to Guantanamo.

  66. sclogse1

    Chuck, Ari, and the rest of MSNBC also get my thanks. Chris Wallace just needs to display his Bernie intake over the years to help explain his take on Sanders. And, have a chat with him.

  67. สาระ และความบรรเทิง

    98% get better, 98% often have mild symptoms. This is factually incorrect. It is not true.

  68. Lotta Sunshine

    When he blamed the Democrats for the stock market losses, did the reporter point out that the market dropped even more before the debate? More reporters need to call Trump out the way Jim Acosta does. The S&P increased by 166% under Obama and the Dow tripled. Yet Trump lies all the time and says the stock market has performed much better during his presidency. He lies about the job numbers, since fewer jobs have been created in his first 3 years than in Obama's last 3. Even if he told the truth tomorrow, it would be very difficult for me to believe anything that comes out of his mouth. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a president who has zero credibility, except to the cultists who worship him.

  69. Ismael Lugo

    This is like a movie when the government down plays what professionals say otherwise

  70. Timelord2001

    No wonder "Crossfire" went away. James Carville is clearly in the pay of big media, just like Bill Maher; although Bill still sometimes makes sense. But *neither* they nor anyone who thinks like them does when rooting for Biden or against Bernie. People need to *ignore* not only Fox but also CNN and MSNBC as well. Instead, watch or podcast The Young Turks, Thom Hartmann, Mike Malloy, David Pakman, Randi Rhodes, Stephanie Miller and Jesse Dollemore. Institutional, corporatist politics-as-usual from DNC apologists will never repair the damage done by repubelickons, let alone make any real progress like we all need. And Bernie Sanders is *not* even as far to the Left as FDR, LBJ, Jack Kennedy, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson or Jimmy Carter were. And every one of *those* Presidents did no end of Good for America and the world. As far as I and any truly thinking person (with a halfway decent appreciation for *real* History) is concerned, Biden needs to *loose* South Carolina, and Bernie Sanders needs to *win* South Carolina and *all* of Super Tuesday.

  71. Larry Lee

    If you are a Fox News watcher 24/7, then you are being manipulated by way of being subliminally messaged. And sad part about it is you know it's being done.

  72. KShugyo

    c'mon repukelicans. this should infuriate you since you'll get sick too

  73. สาระ และความบรรเทิง

    Check out the song "The Fourth Wise Man."

  74. Wigit

    "Mikey, you're in charge of this Mexican beer virus." "Um....Sir? I don't think I'm qual...." "Shut up, Mark."

  75. Fail Zero

    So a woman's word is automatically true? Typical feminist. Warren can't be trusted.

  76. Michael Mitchell

    Trump is stupid and a liar.

  77. Debra de Roos

    We won't get the truth from Trump. He doesn't know how to do that. If someone is a pathological liar, it's just that pathological. Time for a new administration.

  78. Jean GALARNEAU

    Fake panic Rachael Maddox


    Read Daniel Defoe's " The Journal of the Plague Year". About what was observed in London, 1665. Describes quite clearly how and why quarantine just doesn't seem to work....then or now.

  80. Rice Crash

    The stock markets up, it’s Trump, the stock markets down it’s the democrats. This man should own the economy. It’s a basket case and the record debt, record deficits, the lowest job numbers since 2010 are his. It’s the Trump economy like all of his businesses, a complete failure.


    I got a feeling that Bernie will win SC. Everyone I know from SC is voting Bernie

  82. Jorge Couttolenc

    Ice melting in the north and south poles, permafrost disintegration and it's effects, may be the cause, since many old viruses and chemical compounds are being liberated because of it... Maybe...??

  83. Stephen Enders

    I am skeptical now of MSNBC regardless of what they say . They have already shown how they operate.

  84. Ro G

    But, didn't the market start tanking before the Democratic debate? 🤔 I guess the little details aren't t'rump's thing! 😄😆

  85. Projectile

    This guy seems braindead, he didn't even blink for the first 2 minutes

  86. Dan M

    Democrats trying to use the virus as a political weapon. Sad.

    1. David Drake

      Well after 8 years of the GOP doing the same thing one would expect this to happen. I mean it is only fair.

    2. mtronix

      Dan M go eat dirt ... enjoy your pandemic chaos courtesy of your stupid fat orange drag queen leader

  87. David J

    But Isn't this a problem for Jared to solve? I guess Jared still has his hands full with trying to achieve peace in the Middle-East, along with trying to solve the mystery of time travel.

  88. Kevin Nelson

    It strikes as ironic that trump said I quote " jesus left and no one knows where he went...I done more for christianity than anyone " now if you look at trump now since he made that statement,he is being exposed for the truly evil force he has been on the world stage....he is going to be brought down from a bad case of the flu and he is powerless to do anything about it!!!! Jesus never left and trump is going to find out that there us a God and it ain't him...nuff said!

  89. Imp Slayer


  90. KShugyo

    oh yeah I trust Pence with my health, about as much as i trust trump with it. OF COURSE they know better than the CDC

    1. verseolgy

      KShugyo there are plenty of other countries if you don’t like this one.

  91. Jean GALARNEAU

    Same same same

  92. สาระ และความบรรเทิง

    "Ground zero really Singapore and of course and.. and.. China and all those Asian countries where it all started." Wow, give that stoopid bint a job with the CDC.

  93. Samou Semana

    These so called journalists are a disgrace, hypocrite, manipulative, liars, ....they make millions to play with people's mind .. evil

  94. jzilla1234


  95. Moscow Mitch

    Trumpannzzees think the Dems. invented it to get Trump out of office...those SAPS will believe any bogus conspiracy that comes along!

  96. jeff more

    You base these stats off of how much money they have spent.

  97. msw7qw11

    This amazing women became president of ABC in 2016. The Roseann show first aired in 1988 and ran thru 1997. It became the top rated comedy show for ABC, a full 20 years before this woman “shepherded” it in. Mr. O’Donnell must think his audience are the biggest bunch of know nothing rubes. How does his audience feel about being talked to like grade school children?

  98. Fail Zero

    Dems looking like a comedy show. Warren's son in law has his work funded by Iranians. This lady is the epitome of a SJW feminazi.

  99. rick obrien

    Kell Trump!

  100. Henry HYMC

    Not sure why the panic in USA? Flu kills more Americans than this COVID-19 virus. Don't waste time worrying as the Trump administration will have the medicines ready should there be a pandemic.