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  1. Miśka

    Can I take Woody home? I just love him 😮

  2. Gracie O

    “I be knowin what I be knowin when I know...ok?”

  3. scarlett evie

    i got mary eleanor gregory and eyerusalem

  4. Christian Lemma

    Eyerusalemmm🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹Ethiopian pride babyyyy yassss👑👑👑

  5. Awkwardly Peachy

    His Russian wasn't the best, but good tryyyyyy! It is REALLY hard to learn Russian so good job.

  6. sour tooth

    Woody is the fucking BEST! But this might be the first time I liked ALLLLLL the guessers!

  7. Zedekiah Fries

    No one going to talk about “push comes to pull”?

  8. QueenNiyah

    Ik yall heard that 8:04

  9. Anwesh K Mohanty

    Meaning how I'd never sleep...

  10. Irelyn Lawrence

    Me be like when i sing this song! LOL 3:44

  11. Moe Chowdhury


  12. orange chicken

    damn she must be really good @ her job

  13. Li Sa


  14. Irish Daze

    "Hanging to the right." That's just wonderful!

  15. P M B

    My wife said if I ever cheat she'll divorce me and make sure my bank account is at zero in the process. I cant believe she'd be willing to pay my overdraft off tbh.

  16. checki kids

    How come you only chose kids that didn't like trump?

  17. PS

    That gay dude with red pants is CRINGE

  18. GAMI OS

    next video idea: kids try heroin for the first time

  19. Tuấn Dũng Phạm

    She's beautiful but her dress feels off...

  20. Medusa Saurus

    45 minutes- I can’t even get a minute.

  21. Nina

    by “drunk alter ego” she means “pornstar nickname”

  22. Ava Meyers

    "who the better looking sibling" Uhh, both?


    The other brother was slowing getting more and more pissed lmao

  24. ecstaticblues

    I love unique names. I named my daughter Sharayah(not pronounced like the Amy Grant song)Grace. At first people we’re people are gonna say her name wrong. But so far no one has. Plus it’s a combo of her dad and my name, but we didn’t make it up. It means friend or more in depth, God is my friend and my song. and use Pronounce Sharayah in English (Australia)

  25. SAM

    i feel like the girl who said she hasnt found someone worth kissing.

  26. JAE2K

    The girl on the very left so fineeeee

  27. SlipWtF

    3:26 white shirt: I don’t need it? (Sarcastically) Also her: buys $200 Nike vapor max shoes 😂

  28. Notrina

    Jesse's cute, just sayin

  29. bibi psz

    *"What's your password?"* *"Something."* *lmaoo*

  30. Venus Blumarine

    I knew immediately she's from mongolia because it sounds very turkic

  31. Jared king

    i hate mikayla

  32. Amit Salam

    that was cool

  33. Rhonda Ashley

    2:02 that guy is so sweaty

  34. Breona Warren

    I was so sure Gregory was a girl 😂

  35. tt

    jesse is so awkward and cute. i love him. we must protect.

  36. Speedwagon

    I’m so sorry but... *KONO DIOR DA!*

  37. Manuela

    Lovely is serving BAWDY and we support that!!

  38. Flower Baroness

    People feeling themselfes

  39. Nafisa Karim

    Love the video...but isn’t this just a cut from a previous vid?

  40. socrlax

    As a translator myself, I was surprised that he didn't lead off with his working language, Chinese... I'm sitting here wondering how he's going to translate when he can only barely speak any of the languages he listing off.

  41. MidnightMaya

    Woody is so great and positive yesss

  42. s

    3:36 lmaoo

  43. Susanna Wise

    i could see eleanore as an elle or ellie

  44. Marty Jewell

    Well, I'll tell ya this. I never sniffed glue or smoked crack. But then again, I'm only 70 so there's still time.

  45. Carolyn Harris

    Lovely is cute!

  46. VoltaGhost

    I don’t think Woody would mind if there was a snake in his boot...

  47. Christopher Rainey

    My dumb self: why didn’t they pick any women donors?

  48. Uruba -

    Kayvon can like, get it

  49. HerRoyalPugness

    I knew Eyerusalem because I know another Ethiopian gal with that name. So pretty ☺️

  50. rosie s

    I feel like I’d be good at this

  51. Zoe Zachariah


  52. bobpopper

    2:59 this😬

  53. Dido Olsen

    Omg kaylon is so fucking handsome😍😍

  54. TheLittlestNut

    When you've run out of ideas

  55. E Ghost

    I love how they're 100% all in for everything

  56. Kermit The toad

    Not trynna flex, but I've seen her naked

  57. elizah 753

    High key attracted to the Jesse dude. The nervous spew of words coming out of his mouth is hilarious

  58. Rigoberto Alcantar

    Oh no that’s that one Asian dude that always puts his foot in his mouth

  59. Makayla Y

    Its funny how many people's names I could figure out in this video just because their facial expressions gave it away

  60. Angie Hernandez

    They should’ve put me in this video because I pretty much guessed most of them lollll

  61. JawaPenguin16

    Is that Chelsea lady a comedian?

  62. Julio Uribe

    The girl with the yellow skirt is FUCKEN FIIIIIINE

  63. ChakAttack8

    Huh, so a nice mix of hot, clever, cringey and "does that actually work?"

  64. Daniela Galdino-Jolly

    I would’ve won fo sho #worldtraveler

  65. G George

    Eyerusalem is a whole goddess

  66. Grizzly X. Mihara

    Has someone started a GoFundMe for Jennifer yet???

  67. Jamall xo

    My name would be perfect for this challenge

  68. Rahul Dhargalkar

    Kayvon's 🔥🤩

  69. Kyra Wilson

    Everyone else: so explain to me about this phobia and why you have it Grey Shirt: WELL I MEAN IT CAN'T HURT YOU SO YOU ARE NOW CURED

  70. iKrunch ASMR

    0:34 That should actually say "Do you love your religion more than you love your partner?"

  71. Kareem Jawhary

    It is pretty cool to guess all the names right im so good in such games, every cut video i watched i was guessing approximately 75% everytime

  72. Anas Hellfire Elghazaoui

    fuck my life , i'm 21 and i'm still lonely

  73. Fatima The bird

    Immediately after I heard kayvon I was like yep it’s that guy he has Iranian vibes to him😂😂😂

  74. Aornum

    This is my 2nd time watching this video and I still can't match them up!

  75. Loba Étoile

    The man who was talking about the time he went to Disney... He seems like a lovely person.

  76. Lukspie

    Isn't this video a reupload? Cause I've seen this video already.. Lime many months before xd..

  77. Mercy S

    ppl think my name is fake but i looooove my name.they think i just use that overwatch characters name but im like pffffft please that b***h stole my name lol

  78. Clubfoot mama

    I love woody 😆

  79. Monstrells F-W

    Carson *is* a boys name

  80. CJ

    Finance has definitely dropped a pill in someones drink.

  81. Disaster7317

    As of that I am Dutch, he insulted us very badly! I DEMAND APOLOGIES!

  82. Henry Smith

    Why the fuck you liein

  83. Ether

    Holy shit that was toxic af, literally everyone who was sitting on the couch at the end deserved the money way more than anyone who was still in the game. The energy was just infuriating, I wonder how their kids would feel, I know I would feel ashamed.

  84. Adagio Borntrager

    Oh man I felt that weird name “It’s different” “It’s unique” Like thank you?😂

  85. Pan con mantequilla

    Jim is so incredibly hot like I-

  86. kenbo beans

    I hope the last guy got his pizza

  87. iKrunch ASMR

    If this were to be more anonymous, the truth would of shined brighter

  88. CJ

    $100 will get you around 17 Little Caesers pizzas. That's two meals a day, with leftovers on some days, for a month!

  89. Julie I

    Okay but lowkey Kayvon is very attractive

  90. tFighterPilot

    The Hebrew speaker was not native. Her Hebrew sounded very bad.

  91. Matilda Sundberg

    I guess everyone right. It was easy.

  92. JDY P

    Guess the name is COOL !!

  93. Andres G Garcia Gutierrez

    Woody should be in an episode of Rick and Morty that guy is trippy

  94. Og Saiah

    Is it bad that I know the second guy from porn😅

  95. Layla Elouizi

    12:25 am i the only one who heard “you re a whore “ by joe

  96. Sogand Karimian

    "My dad's Iranian" ...Kayvon.

  97. Lucien Lachance


  98. Nicole Lambert

    when he said the splendor i immediately out loud said the majesty

  99. No name

    Looks like a gang of anti-fa without the mask

  100. Matty Green

    a guy wearing pants that tight should be seen as sexual harrasment