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  1. Karina_ Animal_crossing

    There was an add for that exact blender before this

  2. Freeblade

    On todays episode of: It's a Knife....

  3. Erdnussbuttertoast

    can't believe that Brad said "100 % One Direction" but the picture only showed 80 % of One Direction :/

  4. Tibor Roussou

    0:31 is the fastest way to dull a knife!

  5. Morgan

    why does this give me déjà vu

  6. Ginny N

    What's going to happen if I try to sharpen a knife using the dremel tool I have for my jewelry making hobby? :P

  7. Connor Hatcher

    Brad I'm not famous, but I am in love with Bon Appetit and your vids, can I please come and be in a video with you???

  8. May Flowers

    the last bit is just Design Tips with Brad

  9. sbssez

    Around the :34 mark, what does Gaby say her dislike is? After the 4th listening, I was finally satisfied that it wasn't "dog food." It sounds like da-fume.

  10. Aileen Whitty

    Chris Morocco: spoon sun, knife rising DEAD

  11. Margaret Cronan

    The phonetic captions kill me!

  12. Exploring The Explored.

    Here doesn't really read all of these...

  13. JugPan

    Hey Brad please share name of each item you used in this video

  14. Richard Winter

    Who immediately thought of Dwight Shrute when you heard her say "Nikiri Knives"?

  15. Jesse

    I’m really gonna watch this boring video.......... yup

  16. sansaesque

    hi brad!

  17. Allison Blood

    The apron. The hat. The shirt. The watch. I’m living for a Brad Leone fashion line.

  18. Mink Subliminals

    4:24 brad kinda laughed like the joker lol

  19. Bone Lad

    I've waited at least 12 lifetimes just to see this video

  20. yeinhorn

    I spot some new color grading in this video

  21. Damarie Kondner

    literally moved to the city a week ago and ran into brad last night on the subway, very nice guy!

  22. Adrian Joel Palafox

    How to season cast iron next, please

  23. Jerome


  24. Nacho71 AR

    How about a next vid on kitchen safety, those knives look mighty sharp. Surely someone has already cut themselves.

  25. Donna DiPaola

    Wourder: It's a Jersey thing, like pork roll.

  26. TkrZ

    misophonia is the opposite of ASMR!

  27. suna 173.6jm

    no offense i love how informative these videos are n how amiel presents it in a fun way but it really makes u think how disgusting raw egg whites are

  28. Christian Carroll

    Century eggs on avacado toast?

  29. jb42jb

    Have brad make a Chicago dog where he has to make all of the ingredients. There are a lot of “it’s alive” focused ingredients that he can make.

  30. Whipasnaper HD

    You can’t label brad

  31. May Flowers

    Gaby, to brad shaving his arm with a knife: Ew, dont do that! Kids, dont do that! also gaby, with a bowl on her head and a sliver jacket: Guess who I am!!

  32. Jess S

    I felt like he was cutting me 12:19 lol

  33. Matthew Aparte

    the cut to sola beating her meat 😂😂😂

  34. Anna Owen

    I've always wanted to sharpen my knives properly, I'm sure that microscopically they are a mess. Great info, I'm so glad you didn't cut yourself!

  35. Puppy681Nuff

    I like making my eggs crispy

  36. Kate McIndoe

    Is anyone going to talk about how it says add water to flour and then use honey instead of water lmao

  37. Kelli Kline

    so y’all are telling me Rambo took the strop? i believe it.

  38. Marc Wong

    Never ever blend onions to make a curry-like paste, that just cause the onion juice and acid to come out and that makes a dish bitter. Use a mortar and pound it into a paste.

  39. Rocealin Racert

    Why is this show so addictive?? Like on an unprecedented level

  40. Pajo Lee

    I may or may not be now follow @3wooddesign.... O.k, I am.

  41. PanEtRosa

    A lot of knife sharpening videos give highly technical information like precise angles, number of strokes, etc. I really appreciate this video for describing *what to look for* instead, teaching how to develop a sense for the skill so you can make adjustments when needed instead of just following instructions.

  42. Greavous Skoger

    Burr, its call the burr. Brad.

  43. Sad-is- Dick

    Do not wash your knife or stone like Brad suggests, you want the water to be murky as that helps the sharpening process.

  44. Gammas

    Idea: Claire makes gourmet Quaker rice crisps, specifically the caramel. They’re soooo good

  45. Angel T

    Claire’s face at 26:19 sums up her and brad’s relationship real quick

  46. Esther

    “we have no choice but to -stan- *sand” KILLED ME

  47. A

    In the event of a zombie apocalypse...🧟🧟 *Carla* : would eat Tuna 🐶 (Molly's dog) *Molly* : would take revenge for Tuna's death by throwing Carla to the zombies. *Brad* : will live off his fermentation station (toot! toot!) While stocking up on very sharp knives to save mankind. *Claire* : While living off a *huge bowl* of coffee☕ prefers getting her brain eaten by zombies than going through another Gourmet Makes...(think jelly bellies) *Chris* : Goes mad cuz' all of his delicate senses are on overdrive due to the bad smell of all of that rotting flesh👃🏻👅 *Andy* : Will survive. He will smell a plant he found growing in some random place and make his diagnosis: 🌱🌿"yup, safe to eat, 1st planted in the yr ____ was typically used for medicinal purposes by cave men, who had just discovered fire the previous day. He will then proceed to give a recipe for said plant, claiming it can be turned into a delicious pesto like item." *Gaby* : will be the cheerleader telling everyone to hang in there just one more day, while consoling Molly over Tuna's "demise".

    1. coffee addict

      So accurate for andy!

  48. Eralen00

    I've been sharpening all the knives for my household for years, but I'll still watch anyway cause Brad

  49. Cats12SomthingOrAnother cats

    That chicken sandwich does look good though

  50. IamS33Squar3d

    Brad! Do you have any tips or tricks on how to straighten a knife that has a slight curve?

  51. Peter Hurley

    I think the best part might have been the sliotar at the end. Good job Mr editor!

  52. calin ramnarain

    Thank god ive been looking for this

  53. Sarah Fowler

    I thought everyone tested knife sharpness by shaving arm hair....

  54. J S

    I needed a knife sharpening video but I still don't think this will help me

  55. cavespider6665

    Where's the bacon burger that we were shown

  56. Jade's Vlogs

    Brad pls sharpen a knife asmr style again

  57. Ostkreutz Rox

    Please show how to sharpen curved knives. I'm pretty comfortable with sharpening a flat edge, but a chef's knife is a different story...

  58. Vulpes Inculta

    I was thinking what's he gonna do blend the egg and guy straight done it

  59. Isadora Colpo

    HOW can you dislike phish food and half baked. cursed.

  60. shaunofthadead

    Hello Bradley, I hope you're having a swell day.

  61. slowburner1


  62. Anne Tanoh

    I'm binge-watching this like it's some Netflix series♥️

  63. Jess S

    You know i do love myself some wourder no hate lolol

  64. MWATomek

    How many times you can sharpen knife on this stones before they dissapear?

  65. Namz Namz

    Super helpful Brad! I have been a meat cutter for over twenty years and I keep a sharp knife. Now I can just send the greenhorn cutters this video to help teach them. Your explanation is much better than mine!

  66. Aimee Roberge

    Okay but gourmet gold fish!!

  67. Unknown

    How do I convince waffle to get back to zwift? and add PepegaPedal.. it's been months.

  68. Reflexology52 Welsh

    This was straight off the Hallmark Channel .... a real tear jerker, j k, it’s stuff every ok should know how to do!

  69. Dustin Rodriguez

    Excellent info, thanks. However, for this past Xmas a friend got me a very nice (to me anyways) Japanese knife. I have never experienced anything as sharp as this knife, it's frankly unnerving. One thing I do know about it is that it is more brittle than typical American knives or even like a Victorinox or whatnot, and also that the angle on the edge is different. It should be awhile until I need to sharpen it (the hardness that makes it brittle also helps it hold its edge longer) but when I do, I want to be sure I don't screw it up. I'd appreciate a video on how to sharpen knives like that if you wish to do another!

  70. Not me

    I love how fast Gaby says Goodbye 👋 Many Latinos take FOREVER 😂💀

  71. flourchylde49

    Molly is worrying about the garlic like a Mama with her ducklings.

  72. Jared C

    Burrfection is an excellent resource for more in-depth sharpening.

  73. Job van Veen

    I like it fresh and raw Straight outta the river like the Bush man i am

  74. AeonClock

    Ah geeze man. Would love to know where I can get some of them nice wooden whetstone brackets. Brad: come on over to 3 dot wood design

  75. neyan

    do they not know the word stracciatella or what

  76. Juliana Karasawa

    I HATE liver with a passion. And now I know it is mostly because of the texture. I liked deer meat (which tastes very much like liver)

  77. Hung Su

    What happened to Alex' curls?

  78. Giu Alonso

    Real question though: those sharpeners you buy like on Amazon with the vertical slits you pass your knife through... are those OK? Am I messing up my knives with them?

  79. Noah Steezy

    Love these videos. So entertaining

  80. meloD30

    6:21 Brad, whatever you did to Hunzi JUST APOLOGISE. He's not to be trifled with.

  81. likeapuma251

    Brain: real life youtube cooking tutorial

  82. Brooke Hollister

    i can't believe Chris and Brad talk about leather strops the way frat boys talk about cars

  83. Lucía Herreros

    me: :( brad: Take care of your stones, take care of your knives, take care of yourself. Most important thing okay folks? me: :)

  84. igising orsomething


  85. meighan a

    ok the one direction bit really got me

  86. Rachel Canning

    why was that 100% one direction not even a picture of 100% of one direction

  87. Gabriel Martinez

    If anyone needs any tips on waterstones and knife sharpening I really recommend checking out "burfection" on NOsel. Watching his videos helped me get my first waterstone and make my knives super sharp

  88. The Matadore

    Never had a Combo in my life.

  89. Gavin Warner

    It’s Not Alive Because It’s a Knife With Brad Leone

  90. Densilh May

    That was actually quite informative :)

  91. Private Number

    I forgot my headphones but I should have known better than to try and watch a Brad episode with subtitles on.

  92. Aaron Copperberg

    Brad in the background!

  93. Nia Clark

    She should definitely do some British snacks, like a Cadbury's creme egg!

  94. Jan Pa

    Those are really expensive stones...

  95. Siggy in CR

    Brad's entertaining but for those looking to sharpen their knives without spending a few hundred bucks on sharpening stones, a dual sided sharpening stone with around 400 grit on one side and 1000 on the other will get you sharp enough for 99% of people. If you really want to shave the hair off your arm, I've found that 2000 grit wet/dry sand paper will get you there in a few strokes of the blade once you've finished getting to 1000 grit beforehand. 10,000 grit is just being pretentious. The steel used in kitchen knives isn't hard enough to hold an edge fine enough to justify that level of sharpening.

  96. Jacque Norris

    14:30 I'll follow you anywhere

  97. Joseph LaLota

    Watching Brad in the morning with my breakfast is a key part of my day. Keep killin it man!

  98. Dominique Bailey

    Combos absolutely are the best gas station snack. This is the episode I didn't know I needed.

  99. Andy Gosson

    For Easter please do Cadbury Creme Eggs!!

  100. goyim

    He teased it so I want Life Tips with Brad Leone