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  1. ja

    That sipping noise made me angry.

  2. James Thomas

    what you americans call cheddar isnt cheddar come to england see what actual cheddar is

  3. AwkwardMuch?

    I can't cook salmon for my life :/ always comes out raw in the middle...

  4. Dani Mota

    I am allergic to all of that... and yet I now know how to get the good meat. :)

  5. Hector Colin

    6:20 ugh he had my heart 😢

  6. Kareem Aladasi

    He forgot one...

  7. Vinit Acharya

    I wish Frank was frank and would really explain to the rookie how they can improve.

  8. James Thomas

    woahhh wheres my guy frank

  9. Claire Landers

    Can Lorenzo adopt me please?

  10. Hector Colin

    I say the amateur is Hersey to all ACTUAL tacos

  11. Emanuel Brown

    This episode is Goated Emily, Lorenzo, and Frank !

  12. Hector Colin

    0:24 so damn true

  13. Michael Martorano

    He’s missing the normal banana and pears

  14. Christoff Gresse

    Who also just skips the end with the food scientist

  15. Fred Stephens

    Me when I die: wow where am I? God: 0:07

  16. Nancy Lai

    Loved this creative swap!

  17. RandomPopsicleCat

    Lorenzo: catches the virus, "Don't you worry, because I have...pineapple juice!"

  18. Jimmyjamjohnson42

    Frank what happened buddy you just said "I'm level 3" instead of "hi my name is Frank, I'm at the institute of cooking and I've been cooking for a bajillion years"

  19. hi ness

    unpopular opinion : crabs arent even that delicious and took alot of work to eat

  20. M G

    Lorenzo (level 2 chef) is so relatable. It's so great and wholesome also his "I just like cheese" is something I would say completely. Now I want tacos. Lorenzo's tacos look the best.

  21. Debarun Chatterjee

    Anyone else feels that the entire level 4 food scientist segment is unnecessary?

  22. Capi

    king is like an evolved version of lorenzo, he kinda reminds me of blastoise

  23. V.V. VLOG

    thank you for showing this,i do realy like it so much, hope someday to be good as you.

  24. ItzSaraaa

    Do I like eating shellfish? No. Did I still watch the whole video? Yes😅

  25. Laura Keating

    Okay so does anyone else pronounce it "bol-a-nays"

  26. Katie Akin

    Lorenzo’s sandwich looked like a Guy Fieri sandwich 😂

  27. jacob nunemacher

    Dudes please keep this up, I like the pro chef and I like the contestants consistently positive attitudes, I’m learning a lot and we all appreciate it.

  28. Mr. K

    *The entire video sounds really wrong to me*

  29. Mr. K

    *How to crack mans nut?*

  30. Velma t

    i use my gfs head to crack the eggs tf y'all mean

  31. Maggie Guo

    And then there’s me.. never made it before ;-;

  32. • dramahannah2 •

    why does the audience sound like the mii’s from wii sports?

  33. Thomas Willard

    Lvl 1: Dad Lvl 2: Grandma Lvl 3: Wife

  34. god hates salma

    as a mexican,,this is soo painful to watch

  35. 于亚柱

    *_I tend to eat fish a lot, this could help._*

  36. CQHS

    If you don’t have a tool to froth milk, Just put milk in a plastic water bottle, hold the neck and shake for 1 minute.

  37. Hawraa Amer Aljanabi

    Is this a joke the level 1 salmon looks like it came from a posh fish that goes on vacation to a private island every weekend

  38. Corsair259

    COTIJA my dude not COJITA

  39. Lunar Flips

    Frank vs rose i wanna see tgat

  40. MrStealYoGirl

    Drink everytime she says 'nut'

  41. zanyquack

    why did none of these use bacon. Whats a breakfast without bacon?!

  42. Nicholas Mascagno

    lorenzo is a frightening caricature of a personality.

  43. Jon Kirk

    What the hell is stadia that add geez

  44. Jamie Rutherford

    Tomato @linklamont has left the chat

  45. Angelicc

    Palak has such a dry sense of humor and I love it! You guys should bring her back more often (even if her recipes are far beyond what I can do at home lol)

  46. Shannon Rosenberger

    You guys did an amazing job ! My 9 year old son and I enjoyed watching your representation 16 vs 500 steak making dinner. 🥰🧚‍♀️💖

  47. Itz 4Jmaster

    Frank i dont see any tomatoes or cucumbers

  48. Ashley Riedel

    When you speak Chef and are like daaaaaamn

  49. The jolls 089

    I saw Lorenzo on a tv commercial.

  50. Angry Applesauce

    The thumbnail of this video says 10,000 years of BRAD. That's a lot of Brad!

  51. Norbee Mad

    John ur eyebrowns are cutted off bc u had big a** eyebrowns not being rude thats what my friend said

  52. Its Febreeze

    Can the level 2 chef PLEASE be my grandma 😌

  53. violinplayer101

    0:55- YAS I love those purple/ blue chips :D Also, can I just say...Stephen's funny! I like him

  54. its ya gal Summer

    This video should be called “an autonomy lesson on every shell fish”

  55. Carroll Lightell

    Did he say good googly goo goo?

  56. KencY

    Level 1: "I buy my salt." Level 2: "I buy high quality salt." Level 3: *"Everyday, I travel to the moon, collect some rocks from it. And then i turn them into salt"*

  57. Odium Pugnator

    Hey Chef, you cheated. There is no coffee nor brown sugar in your ingredient box. Disqualified! :) Also, the producers of this show need to break down the actual cost of each omelet. That ridiculous over $100 omelet has a lot of ingredients that will be largely left over and can be used in many other dishes. So, that fanciful omelet isn't actually $100 One more thing, asparagus is not part of an omelet, cause it is not inside. It is a side dish. Chef, you're disqualified TWICE. LOL! Emily WINS!

  58. Clara Grants

    Best team yet👍

  59. sara sara


  60. Patty Dee

    Gimme that level 2 roll

  61. Simon 1225

    a'm i the only one that want's to know who drank all of those

  62. Lorenzo Giorgio

    G jamais vu autant de message de bienveillance qui mes destinés 😍

  63. VJ APPLE

    Why does the gooeyduck go from looking like a penis to a vagina and a penis?! Wtf

  64. Pandorify

    this is all my recommendations can find. i dont even eat food

  65. Ava Noel

    man: *fillets fish* 13M people: interesting

  66. Brendan Colgan

    Did anyone think Penny said Vodka when she said Babka?

  67. Nigel Marvin

    Fam, some of these lunches were better than what I had.

  68. Coole Socke

    Real legends peel a lemon

  69. Makala Wade

    HEYYYY random person

  70. -Stormy-

    They are running out of people, because this woman was called an amateur chef in tje burger video

  71. Temirlan Snedden

    Finally, the trinity of the 4 levels. Thank you universe...

  72. fairibb


  73. M rayache

    I want to taste level 2 rolls...

  74. Cy Cyril

    I want to know what Chef 3 did in his pervious life to earn those prison tats on his hands.

  75. cynotops

    Frank’s burger looks dull

  76. Michael Peck

    He just stuck his finger in the jar

  77. Alex Bruorton


  78. Mr NiceKnife

    I disagree about sous vide. GREAT way to cook a steak, but it does need a sear after.

  79. Muhammad syaf

    Onion ? Feet ? How rude..

  80. DumB AsS

    *Vegans* : Hitler, last version .

  81. STP Music

    *vegans been real quiet ever since this was posted*

  82. James Thomas

    The word herbs BEGINS WITH A H Americans need to learn how to talk

  83. Natasha Le

    Him: Just cut the fruits, what the worst that can happen. Me: Wait, wheres my fibgers tho!

    1. Natasha Le

      Im sorry i tought it was funny

  84. Lucinda Yarweh

    Yum. I'm watching this on a Tuesday! #TacoTuesday


    "Chef superpower"

  86. Saumyadip Kumar

    Here I'm eating 15 cents omelet

  87. name

    13:17 I love these videos mostly because the pro-chef says don't do something and the home cook immediately does it. :D

  88. Morph Target

    and the FATEST one is....

  89. Rhapsody Ice

    ownself cook, ownself eat, ownself praise

  90. Ethen Klemencic

    Whenever I’m hungry i watch this then I realized what a mistake this was

  91. Daniel Dai

    Julie: we’re gonna put a *drop* of honey Honey: naw, I ain’t gonna split

  92. Hansuke Hiroto


  93. Jambalaya Jake

    Now let’s make a roux and cook some rice!

  94. Spitznock

    Just a knife expert randomly swinging knives around while explaining things.


    The level 2 is the biggest pretentious f ever..

  96. Yeop Azman

    Gotta add also that she is gorgeous.

  97. Lauris Patmalnieks

    She has sound like a 100 year old smoker and loks like she put 2 kg of makeup on her face

  98. Jadon Murakami

    Ann: *Uses a hammer and a knife to open a coconut* Us Hawaiians: That’s cute we use our bodies.