Hello gais it's ya boi Anomaly from Sweden.
This is the ONLY email I use. I DON'T use any hotmail, gmail or yahoo adresses. If you have recieved an email from another email adress claiming to be me please report him to me.
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  1. Black_Hawk.C

    Very knife

  2. Lukas Pettersson

    If i'd sell everything i own, literally everything, i would probably not even come up in half his inventory worth..

  3. axure

    give me damascus navaja knife

  4. Viral Greek

    its 5:40am... where tf did my life went wrong...? ;-;

  5. Rafiqachu_YT

    Wouldn't even care if I had one of them shitty knives oof 2 poor

  6. Parking Sons

    well too bad im poor.

  7. ROCKY g

    I really want a knife but I'm broke😭

  8. Trung Lương

    I have seen siletto full blue

  9. _MewMew

    9:33 i think anomaly broked his leg

  10. Mytbi

    You know ludde is a true gamer when he can’t do 11,000-8,300

  11. Stimpy

    When u know his m4 worths more than ur whole inventory

  12. Oscar Jr.

    Hey anomaly I wanna have a knife I have a knife wanna trade m9 bayonet night for a butterfly ?

  13. Teevy

    hold up im super baked right n ow this man buying csgo knives like a guy buying h ondas for 8.3k and reselling em for 11k.

  14. beausef

    Where do you buy/sell your skins?

  15. Felix Tverdal

    I wached when you did this on twich

  16. goldenducky12

    0gp to Max Cash Stack

  17. Muzammil Khan

    Anomaly is trading skins worth thousands of $$$ and getting profit. *Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos are scared*

  18. Eddie Hernandez

    Title says oceano

  19. Поцblк

    In Russian meme community "biba" means: dick

  20. Bjidnx Bdjdbd

    This is weird but street man reminds me of Faze Teeqo

  21. metal injected

    It's a fucking toothpick ugly af

  22. Jason D

    i unboxed a stattrack classic knife from one case and i don’t know how to trade it or anything help

  23. Ay lmoa

    its cheaper to order to be hand made Damascus(people dont even know ho to replicate it correctly) steel exact same copy of knife then to get 5 pixels in internet...crazy

  24. irked-

    you encourage us to get into trading but it is usually just people asking for ridiculous prices or scammers in my experience. Also r/globaloffensivetrade is filled with the most toxic people ever.

  25. TurboBG

    You should do the trading challenge from an anonymous account. Because people are willing to lower prices and stuff because ur popularity

  26. Silver Coyote441

    welp i just unboxed a stattrack urban masked skelly knife anyone think i should sell or keep? its worth about 400$ cdn

  27. RReprah

    Man this sucks, I look at your inventory then I look at mine, I dont have a single knife. I hope one day I can hit that 0.2% chance but thats gonna take my entire wallet lol.

  28. Mr_Jelly99

    Anomaly, we are the trading community. We hear you

  29. JohnnySins fan#69

    It's a lot easier for you to trade because you are a csgo icon. Your 100 Euro challenge is nothing like what a normal trader would have to do

  30. Sefax channel

    Петр бля

  31. Patrick Rasic

    11:01 AYY my moto gloves pow! i traded to you <3 thanks again for trading them together with my bayo tiger tooth <3

  32. Julian Jorganovic Haug

    13:14 when u see your crush naked...

  33. Iulian Sacuiu

    Whyyy you sold them 😱😡

  34. Otgontugs Erdenee

    Man what happened in China ?

  35. Clinto

    14 dollars damn anomaly thats alot

  36. Azurine

    The Emperor, The Empress, The Price next will be The Princess.

  37. teuqram

    how do you sell your skins

  38. Rosey's Place

    Me: flexing my 250$ inventory to my friends thinking I’m cool” Anomaly: pretty good 20000$ inventory

  39. Isaias Montecinos

    Im not a mifl by mAM

  40. Henry M

    lol Anomaly's inventory is literally worth 3,500X what mine is (I have about $24 USD of CSGO stuff)

  41. Reforming ATM

    Hehe anomaly I steal ur karambit night 0.16 so u cannot show in this video prankdddd

  42. RNGesus

    Anomaly hmu if you would be interested in buying my hand wraps cobalt skulls mw (0.12) Best gloves for sapphire knives imo

  43. mushfiqur rahman

    Anomaly pls donate to me I am a brown man from Bangladesh that earns only 0.50 cents a week pls give me something from your inventory so I can provide my family of 10 kids with food

  44. casper ou

    good thing you love spearmint, my fav combo is spearmint and ak aquamarine revenge

  45. Holy Beast

    Anomaly goes japan Naruto theme start:Alex well,well,well looks like they force to fight

  46. Goran Novakovic

    fat man flexes with lgbt weaponry

  47. K L

    Were do you sell yur skins?

  48. TW MS

    Skin: finds it's way into Anonaly's inventory. Skin's price: Stonks

  49. WoT G


  50. sdad1 balqwds

    No.. Trading isn't fun. Trust me, this comes from another trader. People try to fool you into actual scam deals all the time, and even when you see someone honest they demand too much. Just because you had fun Anomaly, because you're a popular youtuber people will be more agreeable with you, doesn't mean we'll have fun.

  51. Liam Steadman

    the thumbnail could be misinterpreted as $14 not $14K

  52. TheReal_ Freezy

    Anomaly has so many knives that he can give me one xdd

  53. benja3812

    I wish I could just pick one thing

  54. BurningPower

    I heared that u will give me a free knife my steam is Grandpa

  55. Moca ツ

    Oh my god..too many knifeess my dream is to have knife

  56. Unknown_R

    isnt it weird csgo knives cost 15x more then real knives

  57. Sasha Fradkin

    14:38 It's confirmed, Anomaly is German

  58. Kizza

    All stained knives should be called nut knives

  59. MyNameJeff

    Why does this video go for so long when the point of the video is finished in like 4 mins

  60. Nikola Svitlica

    Yo bro gift me something man

  61. Jonny Knoxville

    Anomaly: "Title says i sold my oceanos..." Me checking title: "Ah yes.....autist"

  62. Johan47

    Some good site for trading?

  63. Big Draco

    You sold it for 14 dollars????

  64. Jake

    Remember $14,000 for pixels. Drink that in.

  65. Kappa

    10:39 thats the m9 i sold him 😅😃

  66. Elin Lundholm

    u get corona yet?

  67. Elin Lundholm

    u get corona?

  68. Jacob Becker

    me looks at my inventory looks at yours ....my depression rise 100 percent

  69. Meow

    can i have that bayonet sapphire cause it my favorite knife

  70. Dr. Derek

    youre fat anomaly fat

  71. Originalcereal YT

    Whole video anomaly flexing

  72. kzhN1

    Anomaly, check your instagram. I own an AWP gungnir MW 0.74 float, my ig is @stefan.kzh

  73. ThArInD{u} online

    I bye it

  74. ThArInD{u} online

    I want that

  75. Abdeslam Charif

    dude spending $8000 on Pixels while people starving :(

  76. Elin Lundholm

    Anomaly vill bara säga att jag älskar din FAR! haha

  77. hahhaa lolxd

    Lil Obesity, *DROPS* The Beat. Get it? Cause He's so fat.

  78. Ananas Studio

    _Hello guys, it's ya boi Anomaly from Ancapistan_

  79. Joey Drerup

    gimmie skin

  80. pine

    me: "someone definetly got fingered in the bum with those" anomaly "THESE GLOVS ARE SO CLEEN"

  81. 【R o b o d e a d a l u s】

    He sold them for 14 dollars and 0 cents

  82. Blue Yeti

    Csgo predicted corona virus

  83. pecorA

    AGHHHHHHHHHHHH **giveaway?**

  84. doge kellie live

    I just got respectful flexed lol

  85. BarkerBombs

    Funny thing is those guns they where lookin at where airsoft guns 😂 real guns are basically illegal there 😂😂

  86. Mar

    Anomaly can I have that other Butterfly knife De. Steel? Lol JK great video man

  87. Matt Gee

    I just watched 16 minutes and 38 seconds of anomaly flexing his csgo inventory when I have a about 16c worth of skins Niiiceee

  88. Swirly

    I thought u died from corona xd

  89. edi matei

    lol when ur girl is home alone 9:01

  90. applebees employee

    anlomaly you fuck, you dont need that many knives. youre hogging all the good ones. you should give me one, im sure you dont need allllll of those XD

  91. virus464

    more like skin warren budget. ha haha haHA HAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  92. Vicious Peddie

    those amphibious go well with ak47 vulcan

  93. Mr. Opinions

    Where do you trade?

  94. Catman

    Giv me kniev ples

  95. Doener_Boy

    Hi Anomaly are you intersested in buying a Talon Marble Fade FN or an Stattrak Talon Tigertooth FN?

  96. Some One

    this is literally the only Swedish accent I can listen to without grinding my teeth lmao, no hate tho <3

  97. Martini K

    I have watched this video so many times, but i just relized that he said papa 16 times the first minute, lmao🤣🤣🤣

  98. Bubba

    14:48 chrona virus?

  99. Cosmo7

    Mr bean

  100. AuX_juul

    Do face revele at 3m