Hello gais it's ya boi Anomaly from Sweden.
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  1. pallandoya

    Ugh, this operation was so shit and people keep stuffing money in Gabens ass for that.. x)

  2. ThatSalesGuy

    Doctor Evil : One million Dollars Papa Nomoly: Nice

  3. Mustafa Yücel


  4. Sir Cygnus

    6:30 das sind die deutschen direkt dabei xD

  5. It's Raul

    Im from romanian:)

  6. Marnic Putter

    pls stop saying pappa ffs

  7. Ceon

    sad that the operation is ending :( i wanted to suggest to do a drunk star buying and for every bamboo garden u get papa has a shot

  8. Jiaming IPLAY

    Shes confused didnt she

  9. Kmuud

    2:08 boroque sand, boroque saand, all she wanna do is party all night

  10. William Andersson

    mp5 bamboo garden giveaway?

  11. Stepan Sokolov

    In Russian it is snowing...... Again......

  12. Jesus here

    Is your dad from the tv show Vikings ?

  13. The Karop24

    4:31 why would ever say that. I want to shoot my self

  14. Yassine Hedada

    ok so u leak papanomaly face and not urs shame

  15. GreenStrqfe

    lets be real, if youre stupid enough to have thought that buying an index with hl:A is ok JUST FOR THE CSGO ITEMS then you deserve what you get, that headset is incredible + the game = a day of nonstop entertainment (more like a year). I feel like your video was shitting on it way too much since it was only going to be a slightly bigger incentive to buy th index.

  16. d 1

    only good part of this series was part 1 pls do more penis video with papa its so much beter :(

  17. posiuuu

    4:31 i googled it. Now i've seen everything monkaW

  18. Jaish Singh

    Do trade up contracts with all the shit skins like so that Anomaly can see

  19. Berend De Jong

    Best trade up ever!! This hasn’t aged well

  20. Sjabblen


  21. War Feather

    people who sponsored anomaly might kinda regret it XD

  22. Utkarsh Pandey

    I wish my parents were that supportive

  23. real life goth boy.

    Anomaly: *buys stars* MP5-SD Bamboo Garden: Hello my friend.

  24. Knuffelhasi


  25. ñe

    10:29 Never stoppink men go videogames men

  26. blake

    gd i had random numbers and ive never made one i deleted it thank you so much <3

  27. Elias Søborg

    Anomaly: Don't google blue waffle Me: Googleing blue waffle Also me: "Scarred for the rest of my life"

  28. 4g0ttn

    Anomaly got bamboozled

  29. diko2000


  30. subscribe me if you are not gay

    Not even 7€ lol

  31. Gabriel Cua

    Gambling lord with his drunk master papa

  32. RSteve_L

    Papa Anomaly looks like Santa Claus, feel like he's gonna give out an expensive knife or something

  33. GreenStrqfe

    anomaly be the only one bringing money to tha csgo team at valve

  34. Captain Jack Sparrow

    I see he is friends with sync, the gamdom legend himself

  35. Genzoo

    Opening cobblestone expecting to drop lore has more sense than buying levels on this shit operation

  36. Velvet

    This skins don't look bad

  37. Никита Гаврилов

    ебаный рот

  38. Lambie

    This was a huge waste of money

  39. Louis Vanchorn

    Drunk case opening! ( Shattered web cases )

  40. Mulinej

    omg i googled a blue waffel it was grandmas blue waffel

  41. The_ Hell_Lord

    trade ups ma dude

  42. Max Ordnung


  43. Ondra Dubsky

    Seems like ,,Bamboo'' is a new ,,Grotto''

  44. Louis Vanchorn


  45. Erik Strømsnes

    -Papanomaly all the bad skins = YEZZZZZZ

  46. peterpandetimmerman

    ur dads beard is hella swag

  47. Иолаполр Полр

    REDDER Пфф 12345 лвл

  48. Hugo V.

    Fano already did 5000 stars

  49. FPS_ horalka

    Can i get one doctor

  50. Gareth Sujanto

    whoever bought the agents at over $50 is so unlucky

  51. StingR

    4:31 should have listened to streetman

  52. AERO_Eclipse

    i bought that one in real life

  53. That One Guy

    You have to buy the X-ray ?

  54. TheDinoGod

    Just looking at the title I was thinking what a rip off.. 30sec later is were the sponsor comes in. 1000k euro man wtf thats 10,000k Norwegians kr

  55. Agus Rinaldi

    Hello Im from indonesia Edit : 4:58 Hey that indomie chicken broth flavour One of my favorite noodles you should try it, its *SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO* Delicious😊 And that Chitato You have to eat it Its *SOOOOOOOOOOOOO* Delicious too 😍

  56. Man Whispering To Mandarins

    You should have bought valve index.

  57. NevNev

    largewillyman420 apparently got banned forever

  58. Slauj


  59. Nex Nexon

    trade up that useless items

  60. Atte Leppälä

    papa looks like cheap santa

  61. Dhanosh Rao

    Fuckin papa with the *Pumba* shirt, where can I get it

  62. senseify

    what’s up guys it’s (un audible) from uhhhhhh sweeden

  63. Ragme elAS


  64. Melyn tovsky

    So basically, papanomaly transformed in papa smerfnomaly :D

  65. SlaweE

    1:05 OH NO NO this didnt age well anomaly xd

  66. Horizon06 from Saturn

    5:42 lmao

  67. fathomsofhiddenseas

    when is it gonna end?

    1. lalbiaknunga fanai

      hey pa mapui im nunga


    Hahaha hahaha that was good=) check mine also

  69. triledink

    Anomaly favorite food is 13:05

  70. Jakub Spěšný

    i love you shithead

  71. Eushawn kataw

    @anomaly are u the one u played the steam market by buying lot of agent skins and selling with more Money: ))

  72. martin vrabel

    one like, one vote for anomaly to go to adiction center

  73. Maciek L

    fuck me paracord oceano needs to look so fucking amazing

  74. Alchemist RL

    I luv u anoomly can I hef a mr dr romanoof

  75. Liam Savoir

    The ghost he saw in the background was the mag ten

  76. Cabbage KX

    Can anyone help me.... I can't bind my gmail account to skin baron and it won't Facking work

  77. Znows Pappa

    pappanomaly looking hella lit with his slick mustaches and beard

  78. cr34t

    "she is not gonna help me pay the 80$ i just lost" steam market: u what?

  79. Putu Star

    Papanomalys bumba shirt tho:D

  80. xiiRageZx

    Yo is there a difference between buying the keys off market and buying them in-game?

  81. Some Pepeg

    13:56 Those Yeezys on the closet tho. Maybe Anomaly has real clout?

  82. Shirtyy

    well the prices got really high

  83. sHksr

    Valve make some profit with player skin.. He made on the skin camuflage for good looking.. When players gonna use this camuflage.. valve :( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)->( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)

  84. i-bruh

    4:36 r/onejob

  85. OrhanDaLegend ,

    is good that they changed them so that we can make callouts for guns


    Lightning strike over graphite, well played

  87. Rico's World

    Yes but how do you cash out?

  88. Mr Skip

    OPEN the box Man 😂


    after opening 20 cases: This is a scam im just wasting my money moments later* gets a yellow: are you kidding me? what? Ok bye

  90. Marvin Sarmiento

    And suddenly got scammed...

  91. Jurger Burger

    The agent skins are now 50-80 euro soo anomaly sell the and make a new video

  92. mx derp

    I googled blue waffle and just sat there thinking about the horrors of life itself

  93. BasicSnooze

    16 hours later?! Why did I just see this now? Ok.

  94. Ido Boker

    Hi Anomaly, I wanted to ask you where do you do your trading?

  95. JreastGaming

    Man I missed alex

  96. ბარბარე იაკობაშვილი

    Doing A Meme Of A Person After He Died *24 Year Old btw*

  97. xXGhoulGamerX x


  98. czkocur6

    Plz make more baba g. Vids plzz😩😩😩

  99. czkocur6

    Morw baba more me!!!!

  100. Travis Halley

    I haven’t watched you in a long while now and I deeply regret this. Fucking crying Jesus Christ