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  1. Tutifrutti O5

    That was Magnus Karlsen from norway. Playing Chess He is worlds best Chess player

  2. Fabio moreira gomes

    "science discover kraken is real"

  3. Akoinu

    DDOI : Hello Everyone this is your Me : Daily Dose of Internet DDOI : Yearly dose of Internet Me : fuck

  4. SnoopyYT!

    Maybe it’s ever dry

  5. Kirian


  6. ΛΙΞϪ

    0:12 IS SO SAD D:

  7. _ᴏʙʟɪᴠɪᴏɴ

    This video helped me poop, thank you

  8. Ludwig Mjörnemyr

    That's when little doge realised he f*cked up

  9. Pridest

    That first one was so a sad :( poor doggy

  10. C-Red

    2:27 so ffx's blitzball exists now?

  11. Hadzoni

    Can i marry a dog?

  12. gaming inc

    “Hi guys ......... I’m just walking through “

  13. Mikey Dooley

    The bird is just groovin

  14. Nick DeGugs

    0:32 to be fair, there are times when service is so slow that I wish someone would do this. I’d call it a Good samaritan

  15. TechnoTurtle222

    3:00 someone's minecraft world

  16. Soujanya Hegde

    3:12 Top ten anime betrayals

  17. Eat Your Cereal

    2:22 why couldn't kobe have that on his helicopter

  18. Sindre Ansnes

    Magnus Carlsen

  19. Diego Garcia

    Damn that poor old woman almost got merked. And the way that man screamed had me dying lol

  20. SuperRobotnik

    9:54 Michael Birdson

  21. GojiBoy 85

    Tokyo: 33 million people living in it. Godzilla: Im about to end this country's whole career

  22. OG Paul

    mad lad mad lad maaaddd laddd

  23. Mr Epic

    1:38 every man dream

  24. Olivia Fun Kids tv TM

    Poor dog, I hope he's fine because he looked very sad :(

  25. Veronica’s Life Time

    Aww, poor doggy. If I was the person recording, I would totally get it for the dog

  26. Floofy Potato :3

    *rip burger*

  27. Enclave Solder

    Well the Switzerland still netral

  28. Cookie Crumble

    I remembered feeding the squirrels by my mom's co-op. It sucks that they took their homes by cutting down the trees.

  29. Frøzed

    the turkeys are probably spilling some hot tea about that bitch rebecca at school

  30. Jonathan M

    manipulating your doggie is not cool

  31. TheBueno's

    Man, I don't even like cats but your dedication was beautiful. I'm sorry you lost your friend. My condolences to you and your family

  32. Aino Mango

    When the dog lose his ball Me: 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😭😢😢😢😭😭😭


    That’s not any chess champion, that’s Magnus Carlsen

  34. Aww So cute

    The otter smuggling and sqeaking on it’s owner’s head makes my heart melts.

  35. Aww So cute

    Lmao that Zack King’s Pool table.

  36. Unknown

    I thought he was gonna draw that Samsung QLED TV

  37. MJ_GamingV

    The airplane part took plaece in greece

  38. Lillian Linton

    The dog was probably a trained dog specifically for anxiety attacks and such to calm the person down, stop them from harming themselves and get help.

  39. Alexandra Kaidan

    You sound ceeepy

  40. annie use your telescope


  41. subkbot

    My dog would have jumped her happy ass out that car to get that ball

  42. Minty Mango

    0:16 Awww, after the seizure the Igunana put its "nose" on the toy

  43. Reyvano Djojodiwongso

    The beat boxing sounds like I was falling down stares while I had a stroke

  44. stack 1284

    Poor little buddy please go back for the ball!!!! I'm Soo glad he didn't try and jump out after it 😭😭

  45. Cody Chloroform

    The lady faking out her dog is a needy, mentally unstable psychopath. Get some help loser.

  46. 【AniOtaku 《Watch》】

    Happiness can drown people

  47. Mr Epic

    2:54 When you stay at home for a long time then your mom force you to go outside

  48. Jeffry

    i feel bad for the dog cause she/he loses the ball.

  49. Frøzed

    2:29 *in tiny font* "bright light go away 🥺 :("

  50. Justin W.

    Everybody crab ravin' until the parent starts eating

  51. Grumpy Cat

    I work for the council and is it’s top soul reaper, I’m here to say that the cat isn’t blind. It’s what we call a (Z Class) reaper. They’re known as the ( Kel Reth) means “those who see all yet are asleep” now I can pick up souls across countless dimensions and reality’s but these guys know before anything even happens. Like they’re the milk man for death itself. Now you may be wondering how im the top of I’m not like them and can’t do what they do....well that’s for you to hopefully never find out.

  52. Stopify Gaming

    Why do I feel bad for the guy who lost his dogs ball

  53. New Conqueror


  54. Mr Epic

    *"is designed to provide safety from the outside world for up to 5 years"* People in the bunker after 5 years: WE ARE DEADDDDDD

  55. MG Shenanigans

    0:33 this drone video gotta be sped up there's no way it can go that fast

  56. BrainCoral

    I think i’m taking to may doses of internet.

  57. Marmar Macarambon

    Empire admiral: the men are ready sir. Darth vader: why is a TIE pilot flying through them? Empire admiral: apparently he's retarded.

  58. Mr Epic

    The *ONLY* con of cutting trees

  59. Frøzed

    1:15 "help me hooman i cant *choose*"

  60. Antonia Dominković

    Me: sees the title Me again: this girl is on FIREEEE-

  61. sou sith

    1:25 see if that elephant was picking up anything? Our consciousness

  62. Mr Epic

    2:14 China be like: *MY TIME TO SHINE*

  63. Frøzed

    3:00 the doggo was like "omg what is this small creature i must protect 🥺"

  64. E Askvig

    So sad

  65. Charles Bennett

    Hey those peoples cars got a free cleaning from the ocean.

  66. Translator-kun

    0:49 i think i've seen this before but where?

  67. ScorpioSoul13 90

    Why can’t I be luck enough to find a baby otter that needs a mama?

  68. Bubba Zanetti

    The yoda dog looked more like salacious crumb

  69. Rifai Dwi suseno

    Block out-Flex seal

  70. Anthony Z.

    Why does that look like the girl version Mark Zuckerberg

  71. JoJonS

    Me: sad My dogs: oh ok


    🔥🔥🔥 1:28 ❣🔥 👇 👇 👇 👇💓

  73. Mr Epic

    There is 1 in 125,000,000 people death by vending machine so this is why

  74. Erika Bonnefoy

    Omg I can recognize that cat cause a "cursed image" of him watching a chicken in front hahaja.

  75. Frøzed

    that doggo at the end really thought he/she is a birb huh 😔

  76. 28 stabwounds

    Owl: mum left me in charge ....fick ip one time boiz * haz stick*

  77. Gunguy3658 Robloxz

    Deer is forget get his phone

  78. xPencilLink

    me on monday: 4:37

  79. Fra 02

    Me that heard "oh no" My mind: jojo's reference.

  80. ErdiTM

    Everybody gangsta until Jah starts shopping

  81. Gur - While I'm Here

    I just watched a week's worth of internet doses, does that mean I traveled to the future?....?.?.?....

  82. Austin Jheric Vlogs

    if that golf stick hit my balls it will go 200 yards...


    Imagine if the dude swimming under the ice was pulled down by something

  84. 4 & 20 Black Birds

    Trump Jr can't wait to blow away these baby bears brains across the road. MEGA AMERICA

  85. Ire Nomine

    Poor dog losing his ball

  86. Jimins_ Jams

    Okay but please tell me he got it back 😭

  87. Eero Sillansalmi

    Do you happen to know the word " ZOO" ? 1:19

  88. moon light


  89. ガイ・フェルナルニ

    you wouldn't download a steak

  90. Baş Belası

    2.23 Navy Seals on break /vacation.... 😎

  91. Frost The Player

    That looks like the easy way to drown

  92. Mikey

    Those dogs got time stoned by Thanos

  93. Forever _Gachaz69

    The driver has kind heart

  94. Kreacher777

    1:30 i thought it would attack at any second 😂

  95. Valentina Deer Thing

    Duck:*happily swimming* Waves SURPRISE MOTHER F***ER *slaps the duck down* Duck:*is still fine and on the surface* that's was werid...

  96. NiceFury

    Bleh just leave peoples shit alone.