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  1. MeltDownYT[TF2]

    Oh no I will go blind

  2. Zachary Sasser

    It's a sad day when JonTron is doing Swagbucks ads

  3. the queen with tea

    Jontron Walked so katy can run 💅

  4. Sharkattack

    Food Editor: A food editor, also customarily referred to as a food writer, is the person who pens and edits articles and columns on the subjects of cooking, baking, restaurants, recipes and culinary techniques.

  5. JN SA

    Oh my god this man needs his own channel and or an interview at Cold Ones

  6. prodbyfvllen

    3:52 hOly sHiEt wHaTs tHaT tHiNg iN thE bAcKroUnD

  7. Marshall Green

    Does anyone else think that andy from the last episode looks like a young Jon Mulaney?

  8. Nube Gamer

    2:53 “I want vanilla twist” “Well you’re getting strawberry” I’m dead 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Monty Plejaki

    Hey, did you know, that they build a ship based on this legend?

  10. Claire Bee

    If Jimmy cures some type of cancer, we can thank that scary feudal child show!

  11. Amerli

    14:03 i love her style shes so cute oml

  12. Mica's Domain

    Why did the Dino kid explode? what is that from? I need answers

  13. Kamen Raider117

    Can't tell if movie is satire or not

  14. Addison Chambers

    That was so good Mr. Tron. Please make more!!! :)

  15. Samantha Amy

    I’m with Jon here, NETFLIX GIVE HIM A FUCKING SHOW!!

  16. Ioki

    When Jon shot the clown was that a p08 Luger

  17. Kyle Khaiwjd

    When they are all just orphans they adopted

  18. Citi

    While they were spending their time in the ghost town, Walt was spending his time making some of that sweet sweet stuff 15 miles away from them.

  19. darthjc4

    Jimmy, did you READ the contract that your parents signed? They knew you could've died and they couldn't sue.

  20. Brendan McArthur

    6:11 the voice of the which from left 4 dead 1 and 2 weard?

  21. CD Smith

    What movie does he use when the cat talks the first time?

  22. ONI 3D-Arts

    Jimmy: My memory is a bit fuzzy. Also Jimmy: *Literally explains everything in great detail, including the quantity of poop in an outhouse*

  23. This Is Patrick

    I'm actually really sad about Yonny...

  24. demetrius9533

    Who else shipped the two boys?

  25. a person

    This is just a timeline... Young -> Adult -> Midlife crisis.

  26. Tornado Productions

    Thought William Osman was in the thumbnail

  27. UthersonL

    I love how the URL contains TVSuhs

  28. Addison Chambers

    JohnTron (tm) predicted Tony Hawk Remastered. Nice. :D

  29. Megan Marks

    I really thought this show was a fever dream of my youth

  30. trash man

    Your apartment looks like a Zach Schindler film

  31. MeltDownYT[TF2]

    11:41 how am I supposed to react to any of this

  32. Thing With Chlorophyll

    That was so cringe

  33. GreyCouch

    did no one notice that jon used clair de lune?

  34. big boss bob ross

    For anyone interested, the reason the film looks THIS bad is because they're using assets that they originally had no intention on seeing the light of day. These are called "animatics" and are placeholder models, textures, sfx, etc. that are inserted to get a sense of what the scene will look like before the finished assets are done. It's common industry practice. The final assets are what were stolen in the burglary of the film, so rather than sink twice the projected budget into the film, which had grown grossly over budget trying to get licences for its characters, they opted instead to release it with the animations only as a sort of "lost piece of film history". The result is like taking a souffle out of the oven too early. It maintains its shape just long enough for you to recognize what it is before completely collapsing in on itself and becoming an inedible mesh

  35. Traditionalist Doomer

    10:00 - 10:05 Somebody needs to crop this bit and make it its own reactionary video

  36. Bobbi Jo Hannu

    anikan i have the real power!, you underestimate my shadow!

  37. Kevi Keretz

    I heard Katy Perry made a cover of this song

  38. BP44470

    #10- THE GIRL NEXT DOOR- Only sort of creepy one-Read atleast 30 of em between 96 and 97. Read a summary of it.

  39. EvZedInfrared

    As if jon doesn't do more music stuff... Ngl I like his voice

  40. Raven TheShill

    J Karsh is the new Joe Exotic

  41. Justin Wyatt

    Fun fact, Anakin never had the high ground.

  42. Umm look at this YT

    i know arbic she said every thing wrong

  43. Allfreeandhappy79

    so many good actors trolling the star wars

  44. NeonMarioStudios

    no bouys alloud

  45. BoomSkelly

    You can watch every episode on NOsel my brother watched the whole series

  46. That one guy Who does stuff

    “I believe in my own true beliefs.” Ah yes, the floor here is made of floor

  47. Feroze Khan

    12:20 Aurora Borealis? At this time of year? At this time of day? In this part of the country? Localized entirely inside of that cave? May I see it?

  48. Anton Ellot

    That is probably the worst DM I have ever seen, and I myself did one or two sessions.

  49. The Doc Block

    "This is Anna, our Food Editor-" Anna: I don't believe in psychics "... This is Anna, our Former Food Editor-"

  50. Xharia

    Let's all just take a moment and think about that this shit was directed by freaking tobe hooper you know TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE like wtf xd

  51. Meggaman 999

    this is what quarantine brings me back to

  52. Ezra Roscoe

    *i chose b*

  53. Nathan VanLaningham

    Jimmy is Jontron son

  54. Sash13

    I feel so bad for laughing at kids cleaning/drinking bleach randomly, it feels wrong, but i just could not help myself.

  55. Joan .G.S

    This dosen't look like 65M Dollers. A fucking Homeles person with 10 bucks can do better.

  56. EatYourCereal

    hold on jon, we dont want people to think youre uploading regularly again

  57. Oisin Daly


  58. Bixxy.

    i miss the old jon vids

  59. shuuiki

    2:24 probably Billie Eilish's mom

  60. bofooit gojo

    conditions in place ✅ Chaos ensuing after a few days. I mean it’s tame compared to the prison experiment, but the parallels are still kinda off putting

  61. Allfreeandhappy79

    wonder if she had ahard on when she jumped on top of him?

  62. Oisin Daly

    potential threat

  63. Jaxon Rice

    “Stage four diabetes”- Jontron staff

  64. John.Deacon's. bASS

    He has a picture of John, George and Paul... WHERE'S RINGO

  65. Schmitt Inc.

    Jon Tron has no excuse to be as funny as he is

  66. James Aziz

    Is it bad that I watched this show as it aired?

  67. Casey Short

    So you’re telling me my “Rwanda: The Legend Goes On” movie might be in poor taste?

  68. vtr0104

    "Crushed snakes: gotta be vitamins in there somewhere" needs to be bumper sticker or a t-shirt or something, man...

  69. Fae Mermaid

    Petition for Jon to review every Phoenix game

  70. Kevin Mullins

    I can’t watch this without thinking about the Phil Swift Has A Mental Breakdown video 🤣

  71. Dat Boi

    Who’s here during coronavirus?

  72. Kevin Mullins

    JonTron should have a singing career on the side honestly!

  73. hardworkingretard

    hey Jon your link in the description for part 1 is broken just FYI.

    1. bofooit gojo

      Hvad er det du har i gang i altså tænker det er sådan på lige hør det er kun dig der handler det er jo igen det var kun

  74. Jay Phoenix

    Looks like laundry couldn’t deter this gent...

  75. robert linke

    This was five years ago. Wow

  76. Averon god of Fire

    Just got back from a kid nation marathon and the blue team is basically the states for a while but yellow is basically north korea

  77. Joshua Hanson

    The only redeeming qualities are Christopher Lee and the bell skeleton.

  78. Jake Swanson

    next up on jon tron, jon watches spiderman elsa videos

  79. gguk

    A Talking Skateboard!?! - JonTron

  80. Zachary Johnson

    He stuttered so much you can see the trauma

  81. caberwikijack

    5:59 Well if Ethan wasn't sponsored by Kool-Aid before, he sure as hell isn't now.

  82. snoopy super

    so I actually binged this show after i saw this video (I really couldn't resist) and it gets so much worse, I haven't had such a good yet disturbed laugh in my whole life, there are so many questions I have that will probably never get answered... All i'm going to say is... there were scorpions... also there was a fire... and a twister... and they were basically forced to kill chickens to survive... also their water source froze and they had to figure out a way to get it unfrozen by themselves, or they would literally have no water... also a kid got injured in the middle of a mission and John just kept yelling at the kids that they have like 10 seconds to finish the mission without stopping to make sure he is okay, and the kids had to carry him to the finish line in 10 seconds... and I can think of so many other things.... holly crap....

  83. Shade


  84. Gareth Teggin

    "combating worldwide plagues" he was right

  85. paxton matteson

    “Phil you make me angry Phil” still kills me

  86. willshipman456

    How am i just now see this

  87. Jay Phoenix

    What a cheese ball, just a total lamewad...

  88. D4N73

    Such a shame Jaqes doesn't appear anymore.

  89. MrCynicalOptiMystical

    Though I adore modern WoW, I do still recognize that people prefer classic and that they should be able to play it that way

  90. DemonMaster

    4:02 jontron predicted JOKER 2019

  91. newmind media

    As a Baptist Christian I can whole heartedly say that the guy who came up the theory that dnd or rpgs are somehow evil is just flat out wrong I mean come on its a game games are the devil now lol

  92. Kian Rafati

    Holy shit Jonathan i just found out that you're half Persian, good to see my same race fellow being so successful, hope you reach the heights of success. درور بر تو ❤️

  93. thefloppydriver

    JonTron is just mystery science theater on cocaine.

  94. Sean Spencer

    The moment Ethan got Corona on the streets of New York 😔 2:07

  95. Jay Phoenix

    OJ didn’t get fit but, if he did get fit, then this is how he did it.

  96. Tarawattie Tihul

    I was lying down.

  97. Chief Avocado


  98. Trank Bank

    14:44 O oh stinky

  99. Ultrathemeus

    “I’m a boy with a dream” “I, Giorno Giovanna have a dream” Is this a coincidence