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  1. Silvxr

    2:48 (for personal use if you were wondering)

  2. Chris jT

    If you do 10-12 pullups is that considered Advanced level???

  3. Casey Belanger


  4. Judah Trimmer

    Thanks Jeff

  5. 4fksake

    1st exercise = 5 rounds done then fail on next 4ex. Before completing 1st round and then 4 rounds of last one. Should it look like that or there is something wrong with me xD ?

  6. john lennon

    Good stuff

  7. Philip Evans

    Chillen vid

  8. The Bearded Seeker

    i can't find a pull up bar anywhere. no matter where i look they're all out of stock.

  9. AustoEverywhere

    I didn’t have a weight so I just used my 6 month old son, thanks Jeff!!

  10. Jules

    Stretching on a pullup bar or some sort of height just hanging there feels so good in the morning right after you wake up

  11. Trail Runner

    *I still say the best ones are in **_Bulletproof Your Shoulder_** at amazon.*

  12. Wallace Bertolaccini

    Why do i have to train to failure? What's the advantage?

  13. Matthew Johnson

    Been doing the towel facepulls for a few days now. This morning I had a 35 wrapped up and it came loose and broke a hole through my floor oops

  14. AM MUSIC

    dis shit hurts

  15. Nizgoob

    Nice video. Downvote for clickbait as fuck title.

  16. Zac McCoy

    He looks like Freddy Mercury

  17. lucas terry

    What do you think about running in the effectiveness of it

  18. Fausto Cheng

    what about some stretches/exercises for internal rotation? TIA

  19. Chris jT

    DAMN this dude is the shit! He really knows his stuff! Now, what if you do them using the "Perfect Pushup?" Which is what I do. 5 sets of 25, 25, 23, 18 and 13. 45 sec rest inbetween. I'm pretty sure I do them decent enough as I fail hard on the last pushup in the last set. BUT, I do not touch the ground...I'm about an inch or inch and a half off. Hmmm, no question it's working for me. It keeps me lean and fit for sure even without the gym.

  20. M159 Adrian

    Corona tips

  21. Injury Fit Pro

    Love this video, so much truth here. Take note people (Keep up the great work Jeff).

  22. Mik Janakiev

    Love the Jessie Jokes :)

  23. Brandon Perini

    This is incredible, I have bicep tendonitis and this proved to be a great warmup and a shoulder workout without pain, how many recommended reps for the lower weight exercises tho?

  24. Carl Anton

    Can you do a home workout video when you have access to dumbells?

  25. anne bosire

    This guy is just so extra

  26. TheCommercialBreakk

    Stretching makes you more athletic, increases vert and speed accompanied by stride length and upper body stretches can fix a dodgy spine and help keep your posture straight.

  27. Caracarton

    I've got a big problem athlean. I don't know why my body always itches me when I do workout. When my ABS burn my body itches me, It's horrible. Can you help me?

  28. Vwap Trader2019

    Awesome vid

  29. Sodium Cast

    Great teaching Thank you so much😍

  30. Juan Palacios


  31. Simon Sezz

    Fantastic explanation cheers Jeff

  32. god knows

    Pls don't talk too much

  33. Christian Teoli

    Best way to build MUSCLE: shrinkme.io/bBev

  34. jarisfury

    The door facepull is legit haha! It hurts my gamer hands though 😅

  35. mandeep negi

    Ye Baba raamdev ki technique chura raha h sasura

  36. Ricky Welch

    Starting this today, I'm 6'3 167 pounds really skinny guy, will keep updated and even post picture results Day 1: check

  37. Sujon Ramani

    I ended up wasting half an hour just finding the perfect music

  38. keyur vavaliya

    Please sir give solution of leg fat My legs are very fatty like women's leg Please

  39. Colin Fell

    Great video,my body fat is 7 percent,I’m 60,i do your 7 minute abb session every morning just hope my abs start to show

  40. Abed Hamdan

    bruce lee do it better

  41. Sebastian P

    Once gyms are open again pleaseeee do an ultimate push pull leg

  42. Aaron Jiang

    i will never be able to get that out of my head

  43. LizzardMoto

    Awesome video as usual!

  44. PetBeard

    Everyone else: *He EaTs WhIpPeD cReAm?!??!* Me: 6:46 This man eats raw chicken.

  45. bilal salim turkan

    I love how he talks to himself. I imagine him doing that off camera..

  46. Abraham Campos

    I agree with you. I'm now 35, and with the proper food and the appropiate routines and perseverance, I'm achieving more the when I was 18 or 20. It's just about discipline, in the food table, in the resting and last but not least, in the gym.

  47. Steven J McNeil

    Thanks for the advice going to focus on this

  48. condemnedeye

    JEFF!!! I have a 7 foot wing span, should I still touch my chest when I bench or should I pause slightly above? I keep my elbows at 45 degrees but when touching my chest my elbows are way below my body.

  49. Dominic Inglese

    This was great! Thanks

  50. airfantahir

    Been doing this 2-3 times a week since almost 4 months and today was the first day I did the whole thing without a single break. It be might hard at first guys but trust me you will improve. I can also see the outline of my abs for the first time in my life!

  51. R_A_I_D_E_N 786

    jeff maaan! just next level stuff there!

  52. Nicholas Martin

    Quarantine squad where y’all at

  53. Sukhveen Lamba

    Can you please do a video about jai tiger shroff

  54. Joe Nahum

    I was rolling on that skit in the beginning 😂

  55. b müller

    4:18 "you're probably going to be too focused on thinking about how shitty the music is" Happens to me all the time

  56. TheGuess2D

    2:23 Yeah let me just drag my own shit across the ground. No toilet paper anyway

  57. clement henriet

    Isn't it too much for a beginner to do à full body workout 3 times a week ? It will not give the body a lot of time to rest.

  58. j flash

    Jon Stewart got ripped

  59. Benjamin Ellam

    Nice video bro keep up the good work l love your videos 👍👌

  60. Soulja Brxdz

    What's the program.switch after the 22 days(you get 1 2 days break ) then what u guys start to do ? Can someone link me another jeff workout for abs

  61. harjinder gill

    Good video. I can't stand lazy out of shape losers that see a jacked or ripped guy and say he must be using steroids. No, it's called putting in work.

  62. Dj Rickey Ricardo

    Yes totally awesome !!

  63. kourey wheeler

    I know what you want jeff but I can only do what I can push myself to do and it going through these workouts once for now until I push myself to go through it twice I'm trying but im a beginner I'm glad I'm doing it atleast once its absolutely brutal. THANK YOU !!!!

  64. Ronnie Hellie

    Im 46 still building muscle

  65. Navy seal

    Give us a home workout for bodyweight and elastic bands please!

  66. Emilio Serkin

    How would you schedule this in a week ? I e rest days and when to do lower body

  67. viva la pachanga!!

    Question!!!...do I need to have no shirt on??

  68. Saratchandra MV

    Imma do this for a month and see what happens. Muscles , gains , and some other technical terms are secondary to me, cuz i am new. All I wanna do is be consistent for a month and not trash it after a week. Win = consistent for a month. Lose = Lazy bum after a week. LETZ DO THIZZZZZ

  69. Charles White

    Love It...

  70. saltydawg

    Gonna do this today!

  71. Master

    My mob was definitely not as sturdy as it looked.... well didnt use it much anyway

  72. Bert H

    good stuff as usual from him, but disagree somewhat on his recommendation to be able to pull-up 25% more weight than to bench. Considering how imbalanced many people are, I think a better barometer is simply being able to pull up in the general ballpark of what you can bench. I don't think it needs to be necessarily even exactly equal, as long as it's close. Further, the movements aren't in the same plane either: a more accurate barometer of symmetry between front and back would replace the pull up with, say, some kind of row and test that against the bench press/chest movement.

  73. Luuk Damen

    My father is allmost 55 yrs old and is as jacked as Jeff. Ok, maybe not Jeff, but at least as Chris Evans. That quitter can eat sh#t.

  74. Manuel Reverie

    I am really glad I read these comments. I thought I was in shape also. Thanks Jeff

  75. DS Sifter

    Disagree on Sissy Squats. I find the pistol much more injurious to the joints, sacroiliac, lumbar area, etc. Airborne lunge/skater squats much better alternative. But sissy squats, if balanced, are a joy. Hindu Squats even better. IMO. Pain is my teacher.

  76. Alex Cossee

    Great intro! More of this please!

  77. kroyford

    Don't knock the twisty thingys

  78. BeatTheBieber

    haha i love it :) looking forward to buy your course :)

  79. tornike toradze

    Jessie is the best guy

  80. Massive Iron

    In this state of crisis I believe we need you to provide us weekly ab follow along videos, it’s time to bring back the washboard Wednesday

  81. Brian Sloane

    How many days a week do you recommend doing this work out while incorporating the 3 day a week at home work out you provided?

  82. Y CL_UDY RED

    Poor jessie is gonna to snap one day. Calling it now.

  83. rahul bora

    Hey Jeff, I am a big fan all the way from India. Must say your almost doing a social service putting such amazing videos. Cud u make one on duck feet. Gud luck Bro

  84. CookedSushi

    Started on march 30 Quarantine prob gonna extend here in Manila so in the mean time: day 1 ✅ day 2 ✅ (sore already) day 3 ✅ i'll keep updating this ty jeff

  85. Gengonglike Arbukle

    Even as a junior I would not want to be humiliated to those shitty sketches. Poor Jessy

  86. kevin dotson99

    I just get a 20 lb dumbbell and sit and twist and make sure my feet are not on the ground that s*** will tear your abs up but I'm going to try all these nice video

  87. frtt free

    How many sets and reps should I do?

  88. MasterChiefYT 117

    Jeff isn't doing push-ups he's benching the earth

  89. midocrimsonfate

    It's crazy cause saw your ad about this stretch and I just got the worse chest cramps from those muscles (pec minor pec major) I'm relatively new to powerlifting but I've deff got into it a lot lately and I didn't know that you had to foam roll and stretch things out Lol chest is super tight. Bought a roller and it seemed to help but still tightness there. Gonna try this now. Thanks for the info jeff! Was wondering why my shoulders were hurting. I'm an idiot ×)

  90. Rob Davies

    The third leg exercise, jump squats or lunges, ruin me. Cud fry an egg on my legs 💪 hopefully I'll got to a full minute one day

  91. Atharv Gowerdhan

    Let’s confess... We came here because we were indian

  92. Khaya Siya

    Been watching your channel for 4years....I didn't realize I was not subscribe 😂😂😮

  93. Christopher DelGaudio

    This dude is cool but now I have to listen and do it correctly thank jeff

  94. Miss Bookworm

    Great advice Jeff. Thank you for sharing the embarrassing stuff especially. All of these helped me in varying degrees. Some to stop what I was doing and others to make a mental note to avoid doing.

  95. Garrett D

    What is quality food

  96. Stand Sure

    Do this 💉everyday results are insane 🤣

  97. Kevin Bunn

    Thanks Jeff! I can't pass the Janda movement pattern for trunk flexion because of hip flexor involvement, so I'm definitely going to try the sit-up with the band for recip. inhibition of them

  98. NobleWizard

    When I do the back widows, should be feeling it the most in my neck or am I doing something wrong? Plus, at the end I can barely do 1 reverse hyper. It's my first time doing this exercise so will I get better? Not sure if I'm activating the right muscle groups


    Just subscribed please return the fav I’d luv a six pack.

  100. Flora Rivera

    Thank you!!!!! 😊 I am finally relieved from my lower back pain I had for 2 wks after a slip and fall in our ER