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  1. Jorge Martinez

    Take action now or you will regret later. Lockdown Florida!!!

  2. Angela Siegfried

    When a young person comes to the realization that they've infected a loved one, who then dies, it will negatively impact them for thee rest of their lives. :(

  3. Love AndLight

    This has caused disrespect to the elderly this has caused wackos telling people to get back 10 feet people are not contagious with ebola you ought to be ashamed of yourselves all of you politicians you are monsters that's all you are to us are monsters destroying our world we don't need you we don't want you you are doing nothing for the citizens all you're doing is causing chaos idiots out here acting like they are the virus police this makes me sick to see my country bow to the Beast

  4. Wildman

    to much to little to late what a loser vote him out!!!!!!!

  5. S. Garr.

    OKAY! He's a perv.

  6. 12w0

    Will a gas mask help? Srs question.

  7. Jeanne Hering


  8. Sway Guevara

    Ron_Desantis is a sellout to israel

  9. Thanh Tran

    Man, thank goodness for Cuomo. His messages and information put a lot of things at ease. Great having a strong leader during this time.

  10. Axl Axl

    "Extreme speech has extreme consequences"

  11. Richard Partin

    Looks like the map indicates port states are where it starts and then infection spreads from travel within.

  12. Sway Guevara

    Rick Scott should be in jail

  13. Goat

    she's literally crazy

  14. Jeffrey Eick

    Still they have not told us some of the Most important information about C-19. 1) If you get it will you be immune to catching it again ? 2) People that don't show symptoms , but have the virus how long before they are no longer a threat? 3) Will health care givers that die from the virus receive Survivor Benefits for their families for the sacrifice they gave to our Nation?

  15. code && code

    God Bless USA! TRUMP 2020!

  16. Brigitta Fazekas

    Why don't you put Bill Gates and his helpers in jail they did this and you all know it

  17. Feena Zheng

    Did you try eating iron or beans and vitamin D? Try it if it works. Blood plasma works.

  18. az barak

    You need out need spray the clother as shower easy

  19. Daniel Melon

    I love how NBC puts these videos up to try and hurt Trump, when it only proves how right he is.

  20. TheStarbreeze51

    FAKE NEWS!!! 🤔

  21. J J

    They need to disinfectar the suit too with hot water ,because they virues is there.

  22. Robert Simon

    Well duh.

  23. Eric Colon


  24. Christine Wenzel

    He talked about roads being less traveled and not as busy to do road work. Is he kidding me right now how about you take a trip to Charlotte Co and tell me there are less people on the road and staying at home. I don't think so.

  25. Diana Khader

    What can we do to lesson the economic damage? YOU LIVE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE IN THE US...""UNDER THE QUARANTINE""...IN ORDER TO SAVE LIVES...OR YOUR NOT GOING TO HAVE ANY PEOPLE TO BUILD THE ECONOMY BACK UP WITH!! Maybe when he watches his family die.... 😡

  26. Goat

    I wouldve ran her over

  27. Herp Derp

    Oh good. I have 2 separate suits and masks at home I've had for years. I will enjoy watching all the elites, and libtard media suffer and expire from the safety of my suit. All because they were more worried about trying to make corona trumps fault instead of reporting news that may go against their commie authoritarian narative.

  28. Daryl Njambilo

    prejudice man it doesn't end for any race brugh that ain't right power to my boy for not folding and trying to be respectful even though she's was clearly in the wrong even when he showed her the key in the lock she still reatilated and he was able to not lash out even though he was clearly annoyed

  29. alice mcneil

    This doofus is finally announcing restrictions?

  30. B Miller

    5:58 I definitely prefer the sign language interpretation of social distancing

  31. Leslie Rendflash

    Responsible people are doing the right thing. Irresponsible people are not doing the right thing. That’s the way it is and it’s not going to change. Get a clue.

  32. Parkour Kid

    bruh that lady tryin to change the topic in the elevator that she wanted to meet him

  33. Bianca Michelle

    California was the first state to order a lockdown. Governor Gavin Newsom ordered 40 million residents to stay home. Almost two weeks prior to that he banned large gatherings that would have brought in lots of revenue. He chose lives over money. I felt very protected when he took early action. I am so angry for all Floridians. You all deserve better, we are watching and won’t forget this. 🙏🏼

  34. Janette Fahnbulleh

    Thanks cous please tell Chris hello I’m praying for him

  35. Brad Samplis

    Gates foundation funded..... OMG

  36. Serious Fireworks

    Grim milestones lol everyday..anybody actually have this virus? Or know someone who does

  37. MAF USA

    He is a bad copy of gov cuomo of NYC ....

  38. Blankie Ruiz

    NY is so BS that maybe they are letting republicans to die, be careful don’t trust demons.

    1. Daniel Beauchamp

      Republicans Democrats same boat.

  39. John Ohr

    He knows more about North Korea like no one else. HAHA

  40. Kakeru Orange

    Me trying to be smart Still a dumb kid to the moon and back to the earth

  41. Ryan Wagner

    i wonder if maybe heliox would be a sufficient replacement for patients who arent able to be ventilated until a ventilator is available ? as well as iv steroid and an oxygen mask ?

  42. Peter Alexander

    Another genius in the Trump stable.

  43. Ron's Opinion

    I called & My landlord need that rent on time no questions asked

  44. jacen cade

    Please watch the video before spreading mis information through your ignorant opinion. Thank you -someone trying to get back to normalcy

  45. iCkEdMeL

    Is it really a fact if it changes on a daily basis?

  46. Statler N. Waldorf

    yikes!!! ALL this talk about addiction..... I NEED A DRINK!!

  47. Betty c

    Let's please not b selfish people let's stay home and stop the spread 🙏 don't you watch the news? Doesn't this break your heart ? Please stay home

  48. Sway Guevara

    florida is the most corrupt state besides california NY and DC

  49. Dvora Reeve

    Perfect timing. Perhaps trump will give him a medal of honor.

  50. Long Jimmy

    Your road project is over

  51. frickin Tony

    Establishment republicans are some lazy sick currupt people/trolls period

  52. steve ducell

    so he was a Florida Congressman before he was elected Governor???

  53. Sen Luo

    It's simple, they do not want to listen to Asian countries CDC, American First. rather wrong than listen to wong

  54. Bubu Bibi

    stop crying you fat cow , and do what you are supose to do .

  55. Brotha1984

    My gripe is they charging people high price monthly medical premiums and they running low on supplies where's the money too

  56. Terriann Salazar


  57. Elaine Chaix

    He’s talking about fixing the roads??? Ah!

  58. abdiaziiz mahamed

    Hello, my name is Abdiazeez. I want to tell you that corona virus is came by Allah The only Great God we trust. And it can be back and stop by the order of Him. So everybody must be trust that. No one can stop it by fighting. No one can end it by treating. So the most way you can stop it is to make yourself to back with it its Allah. Then it wil stop soonly.

  59. Zenzler

    what about the spanish flu? or the hongkong flu? or the russian flu? The media is so delusional, come on!

  60. ron greene

    So if you build roads and bridges or upgrade them aren't the people going to be together so how's that isolating or 30-day isolation when people are still together it makes absolutely no sense just going to continue to spread the virus especially when people not being tested because people are not showing symptoms and unaware that they are infected with the virus

  61. Raphaela Botticelli

    He talks about people as if they are mature, rational, intelligent beings. What percentage of us fit that bill?? And, to make matters more naive, the day of a collective culture where we think of ourselves as a united family no longer exist. Please hire a competent sociologist who can explain how value clarification is necessary to understand people´s behavior today. There has been a shift to individualism for many, many decades and you have to understand this mentality in a different way. BTW., I love this guy even though he needs an update.

  62. • Makoto •

    I’m pretty sure this can be filed as harassment

  63. Ya Qaim-e-aal e Mohammad Anjuman

    The covid-19 virus defernt from china پاکستان میں موجود وائرس چین سے مختلف ہے nosel.info/video/video/rHCqgIbTmqdl25Y.html

  64. Alex B.

    Te queda grande la camiseta de gobernador, tu no gobiernas ni en tu casa. Tu pobre carrera artística en el mundo de la política debería ir loma abajo luego de esta elección. Please si alguien adquiere Covid-19 y tiene la posibilidad de tener delante a este bufón péguenle un moco en la cara🤣👉🏻🦠

  65. Gggls844

    We need testing in Homosassa Florida and Crystal River!

  66. Tracybeme

    1 dead every 2 minutes would be 720 dead in 24 hrs. Shall we check the numbers with the state? If the numbers are correct, half of the total nyc deaths happened yesterday; which is doubtful. As of Wednesday afternoon, health officials have confirmed at least: 83,712 total cases in New York State 1,941 deaths from the coronavirus in the state facebook.com/ToddStarnesFNC/videos/2465228077063594/?t=0

  67. Sway Guevara

    The rumor was true Ron DeSantis put Martial Law on florida

  68. Touring497

    Who is this Dr. "Doom and Gloom" Fauci. He should offer more concrete steps to mitigate other than stating the obvious problem!:( which in almost any instances easier to do that coming up with a solution!

  69. Myolny Pie face

    Let’s all start praying That this works it can save humanity pray yal

  70. Robin Cote


  71. Chase Iphone


  72. Gravity*Ninja

    Uh, YES🤦‍♀️ I always do the opposite of what they say anyway(unless it's SocialDistancing) EVERYONE should have a mask.

  73. doodskie999

    Thieves and looters: Boo Men with cameras doing the same thing: Yey

  74. Ragna Eyjadóttir

    lol, war of the worlds .. the mightiest army brought down by the smallest of living things.

  75. Raul Rodriguez

    I hope this guy does not get reelected! I can't believe its taken this long to do something in the state of Florida! North Korea? wtf!

  76. Tony Tiger

    anyone notice how close the translator is? Welcome to conservative america.

  77. AbsentWithoutLeaving

    OMG, the light bulb has suddenly gone on at the CDC - "Hey! Maybe everyone SHOULD be wearing masks!" WTF????????? Yes, we KNEW that. Why, in the face of the countries that managed containment with masks, among other strict measures, didn't YOU know that?

  78. Kelly F Livingston

    Did Kamala give her famous line"Joe I was that young girl!"..........That you had up against that wall

  79. Denisse Garcia

    3:15 still did not know how to shake hands 30 years ago

  80. daniel Hernandez

    National guard , reserve , active they all go through the same training. SO THEY ARE ALL MILITARY.

  81. Kelly F Livingston

    Did Kamala give her famous line"Joe I was that young girl!"..........That you had up against that wall

  82. FlyingMonkey916


  83. sexy Piece

    im so glad i don't live in Florida because hes stuck on slow motion!how dare you dont put an stay at how order,accept for essential.workers,jobs,&food,thats not representing any good leader at all,people are still going to go to beaches,etc, i get wanting to get people back yo work but, the numbers are steadily growing from the coronavirus, so not manadading a statewide stay at home order,numbers will rise,because there are people that are not going to listen to just a social distancing order,smh

  84. Rob Van Gessel

    Yet, the discretionary budget has gone more to Trump's 2 trillion dollar tax cut to himself and his billionaire cronies back in 2016, than anything else. And how proud if not complacent so many American taxpayers seem to be about that great use for our money! news.yahoo.com/trump-confronts-reality-expected-wave-122537482.html

  85. Bill Muff

    Which one is the Governor?

  86. Thakur Pawan Dogra

    Don’t forgive to china 🤬

  87. Jennifer Ward

    So, were the spring breakers that essential?

  88. Sthembiso Mthembu

    She wants him

  89. Rene Waralin

    What happened to Trump's slogan of America first , when everything is still made in China even the ventilators.

  90. Mary Hoinville

    Learn stay home stop ordering take out

  91. AbsentWithoutLeaving

    Masked customer at 12:06... Seriously?

  92. FYI Sahara/YOUTUBE


  93. Ben McCay

    April Fools! It's just a cold!!!!

  94. FYI Sahara/YOUTUBE

    Crappiest governor in the history of Florida... wish I hadn't voted for him. I'm feeling bigtime voter's remorse. He should have shut down our state weeks ago. I hope we ALL ban together here in Florida and vote him OUT!

  95. Rocky Roads

    When you hear stupid stories in the news it usually comes from FL or PA. Sad the governor is trying to out do them all.

  96. Jeffrey Eick

    He just had to give Trump his Sycophant butt kissing.

  97. Laddso

    Crazy 😱😭

  98. yeti

    Really Governor? You looked at Trump, not the science or the deaths of your citizens, for cues? Not good. Then the gleeful discussion about roads? North Korea range? Wow!!


    Oh God! Enough of Cuomo already! If he did his job in January, we wouldn't be hearing him cry 5 times a day every day...

  100. Timothy Chamberlin

    Hang in there governor.....God bless brother...