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  1. moon wolfie

    I love this dong

  2. Arushi

    When Priyanka chopra flipped her hair at like 1:30 I was like oop ok another head and shoulders shampoo ad lol

  3. Antonio Magno

    Son los mejores 🥺🙏🏻 Gracias por volver a estar juntos 🇲🇽saludos desde GUADALAJARA, MEXICO🇲🇽

  4. gingle kitty

    The blonde looks like a drag queen.

  5. Itzel Zaragoza

    Hey look the Jonas Brothers started out in Biological order!!

  6. Sadeed Musabbir

    Remember the first week of their hit

  7. Fera Situmorang

    I hear first time from radio, very easy listening and want to listen more and more

  8. Matthew Hawkins

    dear jonas brothers, If its yellow should I let it mellow? or if its brown should I gobble it down?

  9. NikMartineez

    Wowww take me backkk

  10. Andrew Fitting

    Animation is trashy

  11. Elweese

    Never been a Jonas Bro fan but it seems more like Nick Jonas and his two brothers than the Jonas Brothers since they got back together.

  12. Nicole Ward

    I think their running out of ideas And hair styles...

  13. Nicole Ward

    Actually its 2020 right now and so far there's pollution, green house gasses, and even a guy named Trump...

  14. TheYurecca7

    2:54 damn, priyanka's spin tho

  15. Sergio Danvers


  16. Iracione Magalhaes

    Quem mais chegou aqui por conta da propaganda do Spotify?

  17. DropsofJupiter

    I barely discovered this song and I freaking knew it was The Jonas Bros but didnt know what the song was called:0

  18. Adrianuhh05

    If you ever feel left out how do you think the 4th Jonás brother feels.. lol

  19. alexa McCormack

    I love this song so much I listen to it a lot

  20. Mirielle Alce

    Why we're taking a bath outside?!?!?! What about privacy and at the end some lady ruins the photo

  21. Linda

    I like it when old school make a come back and blow the competition out of the water! Talent is forever!

  22. Naruto Yami Ryu

    It's Only Demon

  23. S.J. Morrison

    Kevin is turning into the most handsome of the three...

  24. Ali D.

    i was so in love with joe like frrrr he was so attractive in aml the disney shows

  25. Kyra Caldwell

    Anybody else cams here after watching Zoeys Extraordinary Playlist?

  26. Baile Biddle


  27. Baile Biddle


  28. Baile Biddle


  29. Baile Biddle


  30. KY Lim

    The MV feels so 80's, the music has an "All Rise" vibe!

  31. Baile Biddle


  32. Sir Power


  33. Rúbbia Raphaelle

    Amei !!

  34. MrDiablo

    Their Vocals that night god they were GOOD!! I spent my day trying to find a 10 hour version of dis lol

  35. Gamer Plays

    Nick looks like Shawn Mendes

  36. Karra N K

    2:21 favorite part with Kevin ❤️

  37. I’m just a stupid bitch but

    This was a warning

  38. Tommie Baham

    everyone: miscommunication nick: miscommuniCATIONNNNNNNNNNNN When all fangirls go crazy over Joe's "Ooo" at 1:38 XD

  39. grace eufracio

    me watching this while watching jonas l.a. :)

  40. Gabriel Monroe Rodrigues

    Essa música é muito Maroon 5 início de carreira 👏🏻

  41. Aiden Tej

    It looks good🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🙄🙄

  42. Shelby Cozart

    love............................ u guys

  43. Awesome pen Thrower and shooter

    They totally ripped of say anything at 2:22. They alwsy have one pop culture thing in their vids

  44. Al Pacino

    Alan from the Hangover is enjoying his very much.

  45. Awesome pen Thrower and shooter

    Who noticed at 2:26 when Nick Jonas sent the people down like in Elton John's I'm still standing video?

  46. Rose Mary Carrasquillo

    The Jonas brothers love their wives dearly. They support them in concerts too.

  47. Erica Harder

    Nick fans: I love him Joe fans: I have a crush on him Kevin fans HE NEEDS MORE SCREEN TIME! Ps. I’m a Nick fan, love you Nick <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  48. V Persaud

    Everybody sings this songs better than nick. He struggling. I love u tho

  49. Sean Wood

    What a joke these lot are. Just a bunch of soft pretty boy's 😂

    1. Barry Obama

      Sean Wood the pretty boys have more money than you

  50. Anniya Dixon wilson

    Jonas brother was the best music all time my favorite music was love bug, 300 under water, sos, burned up.😘😘

  51. Chloe Edrienne

    February 2020 anyone? :(

  52. AK Podcast


  53. Wilfrido Garay

    Jonas Brothers bbs

  54. 𝔾𝕠𝕆𝕟𝔸𝕟𝕕𝕊𝕚𝕟𝕘

    Damn their wifes must be so proud🔥🙏🏻

  55. Adam Channel

    Great video

  56. Manoj Gupta

    The drummer in this video is a member of dnce!!! How didn't anyone notice that?😢😢😢

  57. gosia Gruca

    Zarabista piosenka

  58. sofi br


    1. Barry Obama

      sofi br wassup sofi😘😘💃💃

  59. David Murray

    All I hear is Michael Jackson black or white

  60. Cristian Gomes

    Perfect in plain 2020😩🤩

  61. Nick Vadella

    Is that drake bell in the blue short sleeve with the red pants???? Boutta lose it

  62. Unknown unknown

    Who else came here after spinach interview?

  63. MasterDni

    Director: How good should we do the drop? The Jonas Brothers: Cool!!!

  64. Shawna Bates

    When Nick kissed Priyanka....soooo cute😍😍😍

  65. Issis Ferrera salgado

    Soy la única española 😒☺️

  66. Stylinson X P L R

    2:25 joe I can’t 🥵🥵

  67. Judit Escuin


  68. Judit Escuin


  69. Dominic Padilla

    This song better be a bonus track on their 7th Album

  70. Katica Urban


  71. Leticia Speuma

    2020 😍😂

  72. Unicorn Glimmer

    They dance like in the movie Grease. I mean the clothes and the dancing moves are really similar to the movie💃🕺

  73. Stylinson X P L R

    Swear joe is just porn my eyes and ears

  74. adribaby9610

    2020 and still my fav😍

  75. Kylo_Ren19

    Did anyone notice Dr Brenner🤣

  76. Manoj Gupta

    Are we gonna ignore the fact that the drummer in this video is a member of dnce?😢

    1. Barry Obama

      Manoj Gupta true true 📠 💯

  77. Yaneli Sanchez

    When I heard it on the radio I didn’t think it was Jonas brothers

  78. Royal Garcia

    Showing my bf this song bc he doesn't understand why I want to watch the voice so bad

  79. Maddy-chan

    The only thing that i will remember of this video is that we saw Brendon Urie at 2:24 :)

  80. Lady Principe

    I'm just like the lady in 2:40.

  81. Alyssa Ortiz

    Me and my cousins used to fight over who was our boyfriend from the Jonas Brothers.. just me?

  82. Kétura Smith

    I missed cool music sooo much thank you men

  83. Nathnn Paul

    People really sleep on Kevin he's adorable & handsome I mean Nick and Joe are too I'm not thick aha 😂😉

  84. Jose 3p

    Jajajaj temazoooo

  85. Pája Holubová

    1:29 Guys I love Priyanka but at first I just thought it was Nick with a wig 😂❤️😂

  86. Karina Gómez

    Palabra clave innovar.

  87. Angelina Liedtke

    Moin leude

  88. Gláuber Halfen

    i like :)

  89. Vennela 03

    Jonas Family 💯❤️🔥

  90. Michael Molnar

    Now you

  91. Hama Kannan

    I like their whole family.....

  92. Christine F

    this song grows on you and then you are singing it in your head at work or in the shower. Just wait.

  93. Xx.MilkShake.x X

    1:17 ReDdd DRrrrrEss

  94. Royalty MSP

    Not really my style, kinda too fast but it’s fun and uplifting. It’s okay but it’s annoying sry. I’ll give it a 6

  95. Waed has left the chat

    Who's watching this in the year 3000

  96. storm le cat

    Whats with the white shirt and bkack sunglasses

  97. Braedon

    didn’t they just release their album and already have new music?

  98. Brisa Acuña

    Ame los subtítulos en español

  99. Aleksandra Popovic Ivanovic

    Love the song, dancing like crazy in my pajamas the whole week :))))