Mighty Car Mods is an independent automotive series created by a couple of friends, Marty and Moog who started filming videos on Martys mum's driveway in 2007. They've come a long way since then but still have an unwavering focus to show their viewers fantastic automotive projects that they can do themselves at home.
The MCM boys make cars, and they make movies. In fact they do it all, including the music, editing, and automotive with some help from their friends along the way.
Being completely independent, the boys don't have to answer to anyone except their own creative spirit and their focus is on quality over quantity.
It doesn't matter if you have a brand new turbo charged beast, or an old banger found in your grandfathers shed. Mighty Car Mods openly embraces anyone who wants to better themselves and their cars through involvement with the MCM Community.

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  1. Martin Boyden

    Have enjoyed the Yaris build so much, Very funny cracking me up love you guys keep up the great work and don't change a thing. Sad to see her blow...RIP :-(

  2. Steve Murrell

    A fun project with a predictable ending......loved it!

  3. Karl Gamble

    Need to put a k20 a2 in it

  4. Raul V San Diego

    how much it cost?

  5. TinaisHere

    the falcon sounds like an m3 gtr jesus christ

  6. The Scrapyard Podcast

    You should modify a Honda Fit/Jazz

  7. Daevster 666

    Put a Subaru engine in it 😂


    ..... probably a really dumb question but can u do this with stock everything? Like even a stock ecu?

  9. PoorManRC

    I've always wondered, being a long time fan of the Show... WHAT are "Tick Screws"??

  10. Nate W

    Please do a teardown and rebuild/k-swap!! LFG!

  11. Jesse W

    They're buying a Tesla, aren't they?

  12. White mage

    next time you run an engine with no oil, run it until its about to die and then pour oil to see what happens

  13. emerick lamont

    That final was sick

  14. Murray Ball

    Marty: Can you slow down! Really, after all the work you have put into this thing? Great to see it rego'ed and on the road, ahh track.

  15. Ask to seduce Miss

    i'm still amazed that quality content like this is free.

  16. Phoenikz Avtaniz

    since i have my golf iv i got pulled over 4 times in 2 weeks

  17. Nazim Uddin

    4fte 😆😆😆

  18. Michael Hunter

    I put an old cassette in my 1991 Honda Civic

  19. Sly Dawg

    Omg I dedicated every moment on the shit stool to Yaris Hilton lately and you just let her die like this.... nooooooo!

  20. Sean W

    How does NOsel know it's time for me to start drinking? It just played a Patrón commercial 3 seconds before the end of this video.

  21. Frazer Guest

    It’s been a great journey guys, and one which many of us can relate to. Many thanks fellas. It’s been a joy to watch.

    1. Adam B

      Indeed. I can relate to it well, having done basically the same thing. I hope Yaris Hilton lives to fight another day. nosel.info/video/video/039mfnbHhIx2lZ4.html nosel.info/video/video/mJx-jnjYmY1gtbc.html nosel.info/video/video/yH2qraHRmWRptMk.html

    2. Ask to seduce Miss

      this feel like an end of a era :'(

  22. Mike Trian

    I think I like it.. in the way you made my mum's car fast and I might need to lay down and talk to Frasier kind of way

  23. Reece G

    Rod: “knock knock” MCM: “who’s there”

  24. Watch My Videos

    Engine is done

  25. Watch My Videos

    Timing chain Tensioner

  26. Moosipallike

    I watched it years ago,and im happy its not a evo

  27. Kevin C

    Nice mellow car meet I like it...I’m getting old lol 😂 Also, I would love to live in Australia, the people seem so nice and all rhd cars 👌🏼

  28. dreem walka

    Could someone tell me the cost of all the parts used? Also amount of hours to make YH the sub minute machine she was?

    1. Adam B

      Mine cost around $6000.00 for the low mileage engine swap and turbo kit. I did all the work. If you want a close estimate, I have build threads linked in my vids (which are crap quality, by the way) nosel.info/video/video/039mfnbHhIx2lZ4.html nosel.info/video/video/mJx-jnjYmY1gtbc.html nosel.info/video/video/yH2qraHRmWRptMk.html

  29. Shadow Bisping

    They keep quoting a triple hp improvement but yaris stock is 103 hp?

    1. Adam B

      Yes, but they are claiming that the car came with the 1.3L which produced about 85hp. At the wheels, it would likely make 70 or so. They dyno'd 200 wheels, so that's where they came up with that estimate, I guess. It looked like a 1NZ (1.5L) that they pulled, but I could be wrong. With engine swap and turbo, they probably did make close to 3x the power compared to the original car. I started with a 1NZ, swapped in a 2ZR and turbo'd it. I am getting about 180 wheel hp. So, overall, I probably doubled my power from the original car. nosel.info/video/video/039mfnbHhIx2lZ4.html nosel.info/video/video/mJx-jnjYmY1gtbc.html nosel.info/video/video/yH2qraHRmWRptMk.html

  30. BubbaGTi

    RIP Screaming Squirrel. 1 lyk = ¹ pray

  31. ネプギアGO

    4:49 "Villagers rounded up and massacred"

  32. altan inanir

    Man you guys are living the dream

  33. Tribal Dragon

    Dont tell me this sound was the shuttered turbo blades inside the engine?!?!

    1. Adam B

      I don't think there was blow off valve installed, so compressor surge may have done it in. I really want to know what failed as I did a very similar build. nosel.info/video/video/039mfnbHhIx2lZ4.html nosel.info/video/video/mJx-jnjYmY1gtbc.html nosel.info/video/video/yH2qraHRmWRptMk.html

  34. shawnwade302

    Turbocharge it

  35. maximilliaan 04

    8:38 poor cheryl

  36. Maxx

    "budget build" yeah right. Can't even afford the wheels or tyres on that car if I saved up for 6 months on my current wage...

    1. Adam B

      My budget build cost about $6K and I did all the labour. Many people would consider it a big waste of money and time on this car, but I loved every bit of it and love driving it. It's definitely unique too. nosel.info/video/video/039mfnbHhIx2lZ4.html nosel.info/video/video/mJx-jnjYmY1gtbc.html nosel.info/video/video/yH2qraHRmWRptMk.html

  37. purple guy.

    Omg,it's dick and dom

  38. Gio Rossi


  39. Zack Whalley

    When you are getting $32,000.00 per video, I guess you can afford to spend the money on shit cars like yaris hilton.

    1. Adam B

      Wow, with that budget, I could have built about 5.3 swapped and turbo Yari. Mine cost about $6000.00 with me doing all the labour. nosel.info/video/video/039mfnbHhIx2lZ4.html nosel.info/video/video/mJx-jnjYmY1gtbc.html nosel.info/video/video/yH2qraHRmWRptMk.html

  40. Nicaprince89

    That song is life 😂 it's on Spotify too btw

  41. KleamBrapison

    Please do a boosted B16/18 build, yous could easy make 600 and be the fastest thing yous have done? and will still be under 10-15k

  42. tyee4u

    I’m here after watching him tear it apart to put a Vtech in its place because , speed 😎

  43. lynxking03

    '' and it does absolutely NOTHING''

  44. Craig Lopresto

    I would drive the fuck outta that!!!

    1. Adam B

      It is fun. I do that occasionally with mine. nosel.info/video/video/039mfnbHhIx2lZ4.html nosel.info/video/video/mJx-jnjYmY1gtbc.html nosel.info/video/video/yH2qraHRmWRptMk.html

  45. DJ Jiff

    And this is why I watch you guys 👌 what a journey 😊

    1. Adam B

      I'm really glad they did this series. If nothing else, it brought awareness to what is a very viable performance platform. nosel.info/video/video/039mfnbHhIx2lZ4.html nosel.info/video/video/mJx-jnjYmY1gtbc.html nosel.info/video/video/yH2qraHRmWRptMk.html

  46. Red Red

    this feel like an end of a era :'(

  47. Roy Yang

    Swap it with a 2zzge please 😀

  48. Ilya

    I challenge you guys to do a B5S4/RS4 build.

  49. D.E.R.P. Desert Exploration & Research Project

    Music sounds like Fartbarf.

  50. mattinwinkymg

    Die dinosaurs die... Oh wait.

  51. Gustavo D

    gold warp intake ? work ?

  52. Michael O

    Please give it new bearings and boost some more? :D

  53. Alex L.

    please let us see the engine damage in the next video!

    1. Adam B

      Yes! I have a particular interest in what failed though I have my suspicions. It shouldn't have failed if done right. Mine's worked fine and get some abuse too. nosel.info/video/video/039mfnbHhIx2lZ4.html nosel.info/video/video/mJx-jnjYmY1gtbc.html nosel.info/video/video/yH2qraHRmWRptMk.html

  54. Nate H.

    TEAR DOWN THE MOTOR!!!!!! Im curious as too what failed and i wonna see the carnage :) great video guys

  55. Driving Through Life

    In all fairness I did tell you your shit was haunted...

  56. De-bodgery

    OK...yes it is a shitty Yaris. BUT...you HAVE to get it running reliably.

  57. Bryan Davis

    I love watching all your videos!!

  58. Alen B

    That song at the end #grammies if it wasn’t gloriously r rated.

  59. Eric Bonneville

    Yaris ballad will go to one on charts.

  60. eaglejohn09

    Kind of ''Venturi'' effect

  61. Michael Closson

    7:45 Jesse, and his pos integra

  62. Exavia Gordon

    Here for VR Drone Guy

  63. Erik Larson

    Flashback to when Finn and Frei were indignant that folks dare claim a day would come when they would not put out free content on youtube.

  64. Rahul Harilall

    Do a 2zzge swap in the yaris

  65. Jonathan Evans

    Watched all episodes and visited web site. What wheels/offset are on the supercharged mx5 please?

  66. halleffect1

    rotary would look right in this build but i wouldn't want to live with it.

  67. Jan46


  68. cascade

    4:56 - I'm not a race car driver" You've got so much sunk into Yaris Hilton that you'll need just one more engine so that it can at least hit the streets.

  69. Eric Lees


  70. Blair Kullaj

    Tesla needs to get on this

  71. Kalvin One

    As there's no battery... you can take it everywhere in the world inside an airplane. Don't forget to empty the petrol before.

  72. Yağız ÜNSAL

    18:26 orgazming

  73. Tom Abraham

    Kinda looks like an Abarth Grande Punto with them arch extenders!

  74. Dead Sols

    I want this song 😍 perfect song for my del Sol rolling around this summer with the top off🤣

  75. J W

    Didn't seem like the block got trashed, probably broke a rod. I would rebuild with low compression forged stuff and really rip her good. She really was a impressive little car.

    1. Adam B

      An engine build and a bigger turbo would be good. An LSD would be needed. The stock 2ZR should have handled this. Lotus Cup 260 @250BHP used the same stock engine. I suspect an unhealthy engine from the get go. Also no gauges to monitor vital parameters (AFR, boost, oil pressure, intake and EGT). No BOV and crazy compressor surging. My car works fine and it's basically the same build. nosel.info/video/video/039mfnbHhIx2lZ4.html nosel.info/video/video/mJx-jnjYmY1gtbc.html nosel.info/video/video/yH2qraHRmWRptMk.html

  76. theeedragonseye

    The music and time they put on these build give these cars emotional attachments.

  77. robz fourtweenty

    2ZZ-GE swap it

  78. Jason Campbell

    Did everyone here the bad news. Another NOsel channel was hacked last night. Neebsgaming. 2 mill sub channel gone. All there hard work destroyed. Unfortunately It wasn’t the first and won’t be the last. There has to be something we as a community can do to pressure Google to do more to stop this or to set it up to where u can freeze your account so you don’t have to watch it be destroyed while they don’t respond until it gets fixed. I know your a car channel but I’m a subscriber and it could happen to you too. For the good of everyone please try to help in someway.

  79. Killaplayers

    Just wanted to stop buy 2020 from Colorado! What legends!!!

  80. TunedS2K


  81. newhuskytwenty

    A 2 time stroke engine has not a lot of future on our streets, make it electric and we'll speak about its price

  82. Ievgen Siryi


  83. juliosachump

    Please be a mustang

  84. Steven Ellis

    Take the engine out and rebuild it stronger!! Bring back Paris Hilton!

    1. Adam B

      Yes, I think that's a great idea. Even a less "used" 2ZR. Mine handles the boost and gets used hard at times. nosel.info/video/video/039mfnbHhIx2lZ4.html nosel.info/video/video/mJx-jnjYmY1gtbc.html nosel.info/video/video/yH2qraHRmWRptMk.html

  85. Scott Johnstone

    So what happened? Bearings, rods? I find you should fix it and make it stronger and really push it hard.

    1. Adam B

      Hopefully we find out. I'd love to know since I did basically the same build. nosel.info/video/video/039mfnbHhIx2lZ4.html nosel.info/video/video/mJx-jnjYmY1gtbc.html nosel.info/video/video/yH2qraHRmWRptMk.html

  86. Dan cycles

    Forge it .

  87. Saksaas

    Fuck! This song os so catchy. My whole family is listening to it.

  88. Рамиль Г.


  89. Weekend G0lfer

    I found mcm by chance I wanted to put an iPad in my car and found your video. I was hooked since then luv the videos lads keep up the great work

  90. soner harizanov

    Greetings from bulgaria. Watching you since honda s2000 nos install video and i havent missed an episode since. Thank you for making me laugh for so long. Becouse of you everytime i see a yaris i rememmber about the track preparaion episode :D

  91. Diamond be laughing

    Yall still need those wheels?

  92. N0TE

    2JZ rear engine swap next? Dont let ms Hilton die.

  93. IceInMaWeiner

    Slap a new engine in the trunk RWD conversion lets goooooo

  94. Alan Green

    The quality of this show continues to impress me! Top job lads, as always.

  95. Volume Dealer

    Nobody wants that generic trash T-shirt.

  96. Volume Dealer

    Poo fighters!

  97. rb240tuner

    That was epic!

  98. Nick Canham

    You Aussie lads are spot on..

  99. Alexandre Albergaria

    saw the intro - already gave a thumbs up. See the final - wanna give another thumbs up!

  100. V V.

    I love how it has a helmet lock... That’s the least of the worry when you can just pick the whole thing up and literally run away with it.😂😂