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  1. Skirdus

    Meanwhile Rick does the exact same thing to Morty and Summer on a regular basis, dragging them along on adventures they often want nothing to do with just so that he can show off how ahead of the curve he is. The only difference is that they're more dangerous than boring in Rick's case

  2. Argus

    God I hate this a lot. I swear Jerry is only still in this show so people can direct their hate towards him instead of having to realize that Rick's not a good character

  3. TheRayVerse

    Damn...that s'more actually looked pretty good too.

  4. Illia

    it's sad Jerry can't defend himself

  5. Jack Green

    I felt sorry for a cartoon character.

  6. BlackBot know, I seriously don‘t like Jerry. He‘s useless and incompetent and the very definition of pathetic...but I kinda feel bad for him after his own daughter yelled at him like something wrong with me?

    1. Peter Griffin Moments


  7. Yils

    Ok she go too far :(

  8. Maca Pyon

    Damn Summer, that's one spicy meatball

  9. Karl P. Horse

    I thought we told you fuckers last season to stop the Jerry abuse. I am going to have to contact Jerry protective services.

  10. BE C

    Summer going full Mean Girls on Jerry.

  11. Dr Angel's Law

    Actually Jerry deserves that for ruining Morty's good time with his new girlfriend

  12. Ballah lmao

    1:05 that face looks like one of the rick council members

  13. bignoob roblox

    The fact that the helicopter arrived that quicky is really wierd

  14. Jorge Serna

    Really hate summer, she's as insulting as Rick but without being smart or funny.

  15. Kim

    This is the one moment where I feel sorry for Jerry.

  16. Troy Hilario

    Jerry deserves it , even though summer did go a bit to far but last episode with Morty’s relationship. He needs a bit more than a yelling

  17. Stephan Sekulovski

    Jerry: sees Morty have a great life Also Jerry: rewind time on morty

  18. Ryujin Kidd

    This is why summer is my favourite

  19. annie the animator play stories


  20. Federix 7

    I was 100% sure I would hate Jerry... fuck I loved how it was going...

  21. Fingol firn

    Is that Summer? Woooiw Summer is hot now

  22. Julius Fetingis

    I cant lie but she is speaking the truth

  23. Eshan Herath

    That moron morty thought the controls to the ship were video game controls 😂😂 disney channel shit

  24. x

    go vote? really? we haven’t learned by now, ...class 🗣📲🔥...bring that comet. Edit: but please holy spook highness of truth, don’t bring a Carrington event.

  25. Elliot Duby

    All he did was give her a smore, damn

  26. Kirkland Meeseeks

    Am I the only one who likes jerry

    1. Nianios Nianioglou

      i like him too. Not as a person in realistic senario, in fact from a realistic lense, there is not a single likeable person in this show. i like him for the laughs!

  27. Bernie Katzroy

    Man once again RAM really goes full savage.

  28. Worldly_Angel

    Jerry ruined everything XD

  29. geardog24

    Jerry was better off living alone...

  30. 6400loser

    That's actually a really unhealthy view because you could apply Summer's logic to trying anything new/learning from someone else about stuff.

  31. Srijan Varma

    Which season was it

  32. David Gameplay


  33. Stan Lem

    Jerry is not the obnoxious character in the series. Summer is.

  34. Mikey Forrester

    stop bullying Jerry pls

  35. silver warrior

    Search up don't care still don't care meme

  36. ODSTSniper68

    "you promised" Gary in his mind: fuck

  37. Aika K

    "The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree"

  38. Rtsons

    1:02 I guess Gaia has Sandhill cranes on her

  39. Akil Tircuit

    ....f#ck Jerry.

  40. Scooby Doo

    Exactly what his ass get.

  41. Emmanuel Moreno

    When we all thought Morty was becoming like Rick, but really, it was Summer.

    1. md banan

      This somehow sounds like Dunkey talking

  42. OmniCausticInfidel

    i love the director who has a kindly mom vibe directing this beloved dumpster fire of a show

  43. Joseph Ocasio

    Summer went full on bitch mode. I really felt bad for Jerry.

  44. Xavier Christian Urbi Cubangbang

    Summer yells at Jerry / Daughter yells at Dad / Same Face yells at Same Face



  46. Noah Flatt

    Adult swim I ain’t even an Adult LOL

  47. lastoflancas

    I’m not sure if Jerry is brave or stupid to not having killed himself already.

  48. DameN RostiS

    Jerry is like trump without money

  49. Jiren in your recommendations

    I can bet Rick would feel proud if he heard what Summer did to Jerry

    1. Lorist Norton

      He wouldn't because only morty is conciuous enough to know that they don't have what it takes to berate someone like that.

    2. Gustavo Mustafa

      Makes me happy to see a comment by this guy love me some jiren in the comment section

  50. This Zoo Baby

    Don't Morty hang with Rick too much cause he been acting unusual lately

  51. Jochem

    If Brad Pitt was adopted by David Bowie you get this.

  52. 1001yngwie

    People in the comments be like "Is okay that I feel bad for Jerry? :(", bro, that's the point of the scene, Summer was just being a bitch, even Morty who can be an asshole was seeing it. The creators keep telling the audience that is not ok to be like Rick all the time yet people seem to be missing the point.

  53. AMonsterNut

    Would have been better if Noob Noob was there to give one of his famous “Goddamn” reactions. I guess we’ll settle for this.

  54. Benjamin White


  55. Padparadscha

    Wow, Summer really softballed Jerry & he still struck out

  56. Jose Sanchez

    Anyone feeling bad for Jerry needs to remember the whirly dirly episode. Jerry is a fucking scumbag that uses pity to lure in his victims.

  57. • q u e n t i n •

    Camping king

  58. Samantha Alessandra

    Summer's right about Jerry though.

  59. KavinCatastrophe

    The Fact that Jerry sticks around with a Family that disrespect him is a Mystery. Rick and Beth I understand but now his Kids. But I guess he just so Pathetic he can't leave right? That the joke.

    1. Aidan

      @Nianios Nianioglou I tell that to myself every time I watch this scene ;(

    2. Nianios Nianioglou

      its just for the laughs. There is nothing realistic about the show and thats fine

  60. Louis Ruiz

    Summer went way too far on this one, god damn

  61. Mohammed Ijas

    I hate jerry

  62. Broc Cook

    Now this actually got me depressed

  63. relrel310

    @3:04 is that.... michael from VSAUCE?

  64. Aniket Maurya

    If I ever become a father which I most probably won't I would probably end up like Jerry.

  65. Noa

    Lmao what a troll

  66. Amy Fan

    "Camping is just being homeless without the change." Preach, Summer.

  67. El Flaco 89

    Puto papá de morti siempre la caga

  68. Ben Matt

    I actually felt offended for jerry.. xD

  69. Maktuf

    Suddenly Rick and Morty animations are getting too fluid and more realistic. Dont know about you but I liked it when it was one single moving thing in the scene with static backgrounds. Still the best tho.

  70. John Titor

    damn .......summer killed jerry.!!!!!!!

  71. Ztamz

    Hes smart enough to know hes stupid :(

  72. Don Martin


  73. Noomz Owo

    I was confused because there was only 53 comments then I realized the vid was posted only 3 min ago

  74. OwO

    Camping sucks... the campfire doesn't even reduce wifi. We can't live in this world today without wifi

    1. brawmanker the decepticon demon

      Yep true

  75. star lightning duelist

    He deserved it

  76. Tigris


  77. Cole Lyons

    *and then Jerry proceeds to raise an army of his liking, gain a staff with divine powers, and kick their ass*

    1. Ignoramus the Zetetic

      @notdevin Accidentally kill him. And they were shown to have been pretty much completely in the wrong for thinking just getting high and playing video games were all they needed. Summer is a dumb druggie who thinks she's a smart, independent woman who don't need no man to tell her she needs to cool it on all the drugs.

    2. notdevin

      then Morty and Summer kill the god who gave him the staff, meanwhile Jerry uses his staff to make bugs and lasers instead of actual power.

  78. Брейнюбер

    jerry king of stone men

  79. Adam Eheart

    I actually kinda feel bad for him. He gets yelled at all the time by people. (His kids) maybe in a episode he’ll kill him self😭

  80. Art 2K1

    Hey dreamcast

  81. Représente La nation

    I feel bad for jerry now

    1. Amaru Ifayemi


  82. Armando GARCIA

    XD is beutiful

  83. Frydroponics

    Just hit her with the Morty's Mind Blowers

  84. Benny De La Rosa

    After seeing how Summer yell at Jerry, I can definitely picture her as the new Rick. Because of how much she spends time with him because they're family.

    1. Ignoramus the Zetetic

      She's too stupid to be the new Rick. She chewed him out because she was angry that she couldn't run off and do a ton of drugs. She thinks she's smart and independent but she's so stupid she huffed some unknown gas thinking it was just some drug that would let her get high and know how to work the ship.

  85. HotCat

    *Wow I Felt Bad For Jerry For Once*

    1. brawmanker the decepticon demon

      @Amaru Ifayemi you really want him to die aren't you

    2. Amaru Ifayemi


  86. Dylan Stantson

    Destroyed his ass

  87. Truest Tea

    I actually feel bad for Jerry in this scene

    1. Altars of Blandness

      Oh boy.

    2. Amaru Ifayemi


  88. King Treedede

    Somewhere in deep space Jay is shaking and crying

  89. Succubi Pie

    Can I be First too?

  90. DIO Brando

    Daredevil: "what happened?"

  91. Mr. sleep

    Jerry would be considered as a “Karen”

  92. Sir Young

    Haven’t been this early since birth ...

  93. Jax the white kid


  94. Adam Harlan


  95. bill thomas

    God damn... I started to feel bad for Jerry for the first time

    1. Sanj


    2. megazoid

      @Amaru Ifayemi how dis he not see the real tv remote!!?

    3. Kash Register

      @Amaru Ifayemi Yes. Yes he does.

    4. Amaru Ifayemi


  96. H A N N A H ._.

    Rip jerry

  97. Cesar Arana

    Like daughter like grandfather

  98. המימר המפחיד


  99. Mr. sleep

    why does everyone hate jerry so much

    1. Amaru Ifayemi


    2. Nianios Nianioglou

      because the writers made him dumb far more beyond just exaggeration.

  100. Perry Hunter

    Geez 😂