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  1. Suady

    Thanks for song being tagged ✊🏽

  2. MazK Avidstar

    Just a mintue and 30 in and jj is trying harder then all other videos combinded😂

  3. Taron Jackson

    More ass

  4. Dimension 47

    Me: Only The Crew plays this, I wish more people did. Sidemen: We got you This wasn't supposed to be funny, I'm just happy, this is my fav game to watch rn. Dank you <3

  5. Agent 007

    Be logan because jake can box? No hate

  6. Eric

    smashed it

  7. DubstepDropper

    Not trying to be racist or anything.. but all the white people have white sox and then jj and toby have black socks.

  8. David Vasquez

    I don’t get the presents that Harry got

  9. Joseph Bally élève

    What game are they playing

  10. bananaisgood

    this video got claimed by like all the songs.

  11. Carsun Hall

    Does anyone know if it was Josh who payed for their Nandos? Idk if it was actually a stroke of luck or it was apart of their experience...

  12. TDEARY.


  13. Golden baldy

    bruh shit got mad boring after Ksi was kicked out

  14. Rahul Chaukat

    I love how Simon infuriates when someone goes against him

  15. Tom O'Neil

    Harry's was the best

  16. Hagano

    12:19 13:13 How Ethan's dad treated him before leaving him.



  18. christian bledsoe

    Alright so I liked this video until they put markipliar as a boomer now I'm a maverick see you dudes on the other side

  19. Joel Cutajar

    Tobi's robot wins: champ Sidemen: Me : lets go champ

  20. saucyy-

    Everybody spelling it like “Babatundé”, but the true spelling is CBV 😔😔

  21. Adithya Manoj

    How’s ol mate vikk more loaded than jj?

  22. Angel Morales

    Mom: tf u watching Me: men mooing at each other

  23. David Amoah

    6:47 when behzinga’s high five got aired 😂😂

  24. Meg

    10:01 this fucking game is a jOoOoke

  25. Connor Dudhdjdj

    Does that alarm give anyone else anxiety 😂😂

  26. Joshy eu


  27. Gurtaj Dhaliwal

    This song needs to be on Spotify

  28. Dubs

    How did the rapper of the group lose

  29. Heroic

    Damn, it’s been 2 months already?

  30. Alexander Beltran

    Play some agar pls

  31. Pathetic Panda

    JJ roasted James corden 😂

  32. I Eat Chicken

    Ethan changed

  33. qaerth Gaming

    What is this game or thing that they are playing lol? Someone explain ?

  34. WildBoy NM

    Nah JJ's team won, JJ don't take L's

  35. Artemis. exe

    Tobi looked like a whole hot Cheeto

  36. celtic_1888_edits_ youtube_

    I love tobi genuinely the nicest man you will meet , took care of ethan so well❤🙏🏿

  37. ima nub

    Ngl u cant hate on josh He did create 3 vids which boosted the sidemen channel alot like the 10k vs 100 holiday 10k vs 100 roadtrip 30k vs 200 holiday Didn't put on Christmas one cuz it didnt pop as much

  38. Humza Yasini

    Simon was definitely looking at Ethan's glasses on the last round

  39. Raging9Golem Gaming

    Harry for over half the video: 😐

  40. Tejalkera_Msp love

    Harry 0:02 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤔😅😅😂😂😂

  41. Fyce Nice

    Tobi: Draws a picture of an orphan Simon: I thought it was Ethan! Ethan: Fake laughs Ethan: 14:45 crys

  42. Davis Vlogs

    Ksi hair lookin like. A hole mt Everest

  43. Zair 7

    "ohhh nooo the chair is gone" 😂😂😂😂😂😂 5:00

  44. Code AlexYT

    12:34 rip tobi’s kids

  45. Lu Lu

    Wow, some of these girls were arrogant and need to take a look in the mirror before being so dismissive. I especially didn't lie Lea's attitude or the West Ham girl. They were just rude and cocky. It's not cute. No one likes arrogance. And there was a girl who said humble goes a long way. It's humility.

  46. Davidsuth2005

    Ethan: the fucking mini men Me: I wish

  47. Davidsuth2005

    They didn’t think of tracing stuff to make it appear

  48. Rijool Bajaj

    Hi we all saw you u cant hid it

  49. Cherry-blue LOL

    Sticky Vikky 😂😂

  50. GreenEyedDemonYT

    Ethan talking in the second activity counter : 1000000000000

  51. Euan Kilbane

    Did anyone notice that Harry went to go fist bump Ethan and 6:30 but released that Ryan was just punching the air

  52. Aryan M

    Plot twist: Vik is JJ's ghost writer.

  53. Nicholas Rueda

    Without Vik

  54. Nicholas Rueda

    I know this comment old but if y’all played together big views

  55. Nicholas Rueda

    More of this lads

  56. Nicaise GUEGuinda

    Ethan got left hanging by Toby 6:46

  57. k

    Should've played FWB for the outro :/

  58. Kintler11

    Moresidemen > Sidemen

  59. Blackskullboy9

    Simon is so much louder than the others in this video.. Sounds like he's constantly shouting.. It's a bit frustrating lol

  60. Awesomer X


  61. Conn Benn

    Disliked once I heard ‘done now’ (glad there was no ‘de ting’ after) and moment of silence for all the twats who still write ‘vikk’

  62. creator Space

    This is fun.

  63. Ken Fink

    Why did the audio mute

  64. Andrew Coupar


  65. DARA

    The voting for this game is trash

  66. 10,000 subs in one month

    Can we reach 10,000 subs in one month? That’s up to you guys! Let’s make this happen!

  67. cutty plays


  68. Monkey Gamer

    Idk if when he kicked the dog if that was real but i didn’t laugh for that one

  69. Samir El-Chami

    Do another one

  70. ChiDaCheeseGod

    What did the girls messages read 16:48

  71. Tejalkera_Msp love

    So sick

  72. ROMAN YT

    You can’t even do a clean push-up got me dead😂😂😂

  73. Zayden Carpenter

    wait why does the camera guy look like ethans dad. Wait nevermind he doesnt have one

  74. Elijah Agaiava

    That’s bs, blacked should’ve taken the L

  75. Haku

    Each time I see a sidemen thumbnail I take a step closer to suicide 😐

  76. Jacks Bad and so is Jacob

    Lettsssss gooooo

  77. Arios_DK95

    2020 went back to check if anything from this video happened xD

  78. Tyler Hutchison

    2:45 isn’t even funny

    1. Tyler Hutchison


  79. Ben Davies

    KSI on a Top Gear episode....never thought I'd see the day

  80. AdamShmadam 2020

    2:09 His face though

  81. Harrisonm2906

    I have watched this so many times and i still think vikk ruins it ngl. Sorry vikk

    1. Heroic

      I agree

  82. tarsal chalk

    Dam tobi

  83. shurikill23s6

    invest in some mics

  84. Mo TheHuman

    This came on my recommended and I thought it was new, then I realised when JJ was in customs, I knew I had watched this video before.

  85. sehaj pahwa

    25:10 thats me

  86. _ollie_200612 _

    17:28 and here you walk in to a bottom set maths room

  87. Blox

    Pitbull: I ain’t playin I’m here fo food



  89. Fluffy Pancake

    This is the most emotionless crowd ive ever seen if i saw someone club his friends on the head i'd be dying from laughter

  90. Fluffy Pancake

    4:19 lol watch everyones face go from a smile to absolute shock then laughter

  91. Jake Allen

    Do this again

  92. DooM naTiC

    Who's gene?

  93. Edgar

    20:01 ; the ✅ point at Harry’s bumhole. Can’t be unseen

  94. fenti micro

    7:05 since when was ethan mr tumble

  95. fenti micro

    What's the point in jj having a tattoo, u cany see anything

  96. Misty maretzky

    Who kick that dog because who ever did I’m calling the cops lol animal cruelty

  97. Fluffy Pancake

    I love how harry just hits everyone including himself with the damn guitar

  98. Samu Rissanen

    F*ck var


    Why dont i like josh and vikk. I legit seen so many videos but i just cant like them

  100. Nico.44

    Pls rinse the linse next time :/