One summer can change everything. Stranger Things 3 arrives July 4, 2019 only on Netflix.

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  1. I love life

    If something happens to steve im gonna stop watching

  2. DanyeL

    i need seson 4 pls

  3. DanyeL

    plz seson 4 now plzzzzz

  4. Aiden Drew

    Everyone: Omg can’t wait for season 4. Will: Can we go play D&D now?

  5. Jesus Lira

    Season 5 season 5 season 5 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Mickey Fall

    ITS TOM WLASCHIHA !!!!!!!!

  7. Renata Vh


  8. Eleven Byers

    Есть русские?☝️🥞обожаю этот сериал

  9. Jacob Armstrong

    Words of inkslasher, “if we never see the character blow up he’s still alive” and well he be right tho 😂

  10. Oleni Peniata

    Me:mum don’t skip it Mum:*skips* Me:🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  11. gro7pats

    Let's not forget, this is a story and so far its 🔥. I can't wait to tell my kids about them ♥️

  12. Tiernan Espiritu

    It’s your grandma


    Billy was tough after all made emotional on his death he was my fav❤

  14. hannahczc

    2:39 Millies sudden voice change-

  15. Daniel Ifie Sekibo

    Netflix: Skip intro HARDSTOP LUCAS: I’M NOT PLAYING THESE GAMES!!!!!!!

  16. Szymom zaklikiewcz

    Hello evryone good to see you in poland goods friend!

  17. ImHereee

    My character: *Surges forward* Me: *Uselessly tries to go backwards*

  18. Jeremiah Raphael Widjaja

    Before i watch this series, i often heard this song Now i know, that is stranger things intro

  19. Laxman Bohara

    please tell me when will be season 4 is coming? big fan form nepal

  20. Nathanael Yoga

    now he's the bald eagle

  21. Marshmallow Sketches

    2:49 I hate to be the one to point out your editing mistake but you misspelled mom. Its M-o-m not b-a-b-y-s-i-t-t-e-r Again sorry to point out your editing mistake but someone had to

  22. Елисей Тудовши

    Where is Stranger Things Evolution??

  23. Exentybyte


  24. Girl in a pub

    Season 4 is coming out on Christmas

  25. Prajjwal Mathur

    So , its a Red Guardian crossover

  26. Zuzia Gandyk


  27. Vitória Moreira

    Cadê os brasileiros

  28. TechDrag


  29. Krybaby Games

    I put milk first to prevent my cereal from getting soggy while I move around...

  30. Issie Burke


  31. all about you

    Snack packing for 3 season marothon.

  32. JOHN Smith

    Will Byers : underrated ; Noah Schnapp : overrated

  33. XXXSophie XXX

    Noah-it’s a day full of girls 😂

  34. Marcos Peralta


  35. Umut Yıldız

    I love stranger things ♥️♥️♥️👌👌👌

  36. balpreet singh vevo

    I am the only stupid who want to suicide after end of stranger thing I really miss stranger things . 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  37. Marcos Peralta

    Stranger things I want to be in stranger things 4

  38. Caroline

    Maybe billy is also in russia ya know

  39. Mery Oz

    People from haunted Hawkins going to Russia: we r not in Hawkins anymore Russia: oh no we need to get ready demoshadowflayer

  40. Nolis Chatman

    legend has it gaten still has the balance bird on his finger......

  41. Mery Oz

    Who wants to see the IT cast and Stranger Things cast meet one day after the corona virus

  42. 不滅

    Yep, ice is totally the best gift.

  43. Anandhu p.s


  44. Anandhu p.s

    Steve Fans Like Here❤🔥✌

  45. Jecka Freniere

    3:30 is just so cute!!😍❤❤

  46. Aishwarya Rao

    I love how Steve use his bat😎

  47. PolskiPlayerek

    Welcome to Gulag! Hopper:What?! *Soviet Soldier cuts Hopper hair* *Hopper works* Demogorgon:ra aaa Hopper:Oh tawarij Demo

  48. Manojology

    Thuk wala bond of Netflix and stranger things - Lucas

  49. Pamoju Tero

    A cool intro I love stranger things a wish it would never end

  50. Alfa Sports 1684

    Bruh her hair got shorter every season

  51. Carolina Hualda Aguado


  52. Hermione Doronio

    Season 1: Demogorgon and the Gate Season 2: Demogorgon, Mind Flayer, and the Gate Season 3: Mindflayer, and the Gate Season 4: Russia vs America?????

  53. Leni Henrique

    Tivi um infarto

  54. sesí

    damn boi 3:05 I just cried bc of what happened to u but that wink of urs got me

  55. - mrpuppyfan -

    I’m 2 days late notifications are messed up

  56. Touring Bewdley

    Evolution of will: S1: stuck in the upside down subsequently having the cast have a good character progression S2: furthering said character throughout the cast and will S3: aight, we can forget him now.

  57. Aastha De

    He's a sweetheart!!

  58. Rachele Serafini


  59. livi_ shane

    when they break their character but not the accent

  60. HOLO Stuti


  61. Ö Z G E

    Please seoason 4

  62. Emily Zahovic

    My NaME iS KeTuP AnD My NaME Is MuStArD aNd ToGtHeR wErE KeTuP AnD mUsTaRd

  63. •KANSH •

    The "Ewillution"

  64. Saravana Kumar SK

    I knew it... Red guardian will come...

  65. Anna-nas

    my mom is japanese :)

  66. SeiZeR乙DivyansH

    Hey i want a role in st5 pls... I wanted to be an actor

  67. Ana Haxhiaj

    Is anybody else sitting down or laying so they just move it with their fingers

  68. Kaja Cica

    Charlie bit me

  69. Yeshpoto & Chiter Legends

    T H I C C

  70. Natasha Bhate

    Why was this clip so informative??

  71. Priyanka Dhurve

    Awesm series...waiting fr this to cm soon

  72. Exentybyte

    What the Caleb Mclaughlin looks like a popular rapper

  73. Alen Kozina

    1:48 i will have nightmares for the rest of my life 😂😂😂

  74. Alen Kozina

    ok 6:40 WILL HAS A DOG !? where is he in following episodes 😂😂

  75. Naila Ghassani03

    i literally always like ALWAYS cried when i saw this:')


    Hello strager things i want to say sonething u live ur serie i love it but i wish the stranger things cast came to my birtday on july 26 2020 that will be my dream thst that the stranger things cast came to my birthday becuase i love your serie so much

  77. jxvkie_

    80s vibe

  78. Big Dog's yard

    Karennnnnn !!!!

  79. [DYNC] GalaxyGamer747

    “My names ketchup! And my name is mustard! Together we’re ketchup and mustard!!!! #millie+sadie the best girls of the crew

  80. 2j fan


  81. KostLost

    I want SEASON 4 I CANT WAIT UNTIL 2021

  82. Aarav Rahtole

    I love watching couples, started watching this because its scifi. No regrets.

  83. Dino Dine

    4. Sezon😔😔

  84. im a cancer on the youtube

    Lets be hontest, everyone love Will Byers, and hes best character in ST :)

  85. Jasmine Clark

    Love this

  86. Angelika Joy

    i’m so glad that stranger things resurfaced winona because she used to be one of the biggest actors in the industry until she vanishe

  87. Matien Azemy

    Stranger Things Crew: *about to start shooting season 4* Corona virus: allow us to introduce ourselves

  88. WTF TV

    "We are not in hawkins anymore" I think in season 4 there are no people in the earth because of the corona virus i think all will go in the upsidedown

  89. OPT_E X E

    Poland! Polska!

  90. William Nash

    everyone gangster till the Demogorgon makes a Russian scream

  91. cherry

    is that sarah cameron’s step mom?

  92. Gelo Balagtas

    OMG, I'm so excited!!!! :D i CAN'T Wait to see them!! Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls!!! Welcome to USSR

  93. Moon Moon

    Plsss let Alexie go in the next season plss😭😭😭

  94. Zaina Alsharaeh

    I have a question about Millie and her magic ,will Millie have her magic back ??

  95. millie edits

    *"goodbye mike"*

  96. Owais Ansari

    Wating for next part

  97. FS Landon

    Erica was right when she called Lucas a nerd

  98. nima hossienbor


  99. XXpugmasterXX 1123

    Girls: walk into bathroom Joe keery: uh, what's up?