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  1. Boitumelo Phenya

    "i mean my gaaawd"

  2. #71East Productions Co.

    RAPTORS VS BUCKS IN THE ECF. Celtics more likely!!?? Philly!!?? NAHHHH

  3. Willie Gordon

    In the end next two to three years he's going to be what Giannis is today.

  4. Kip Gibbs

    Pride comes before the fall

  5. jose cruz

    Why did this man look into my soul like that 5:45

  6. Melanated God

    Ain't no "to a certain extent" Luka would be number 1 on anybody's list.

  7. Daniel Ridore

    Zion only had a good game because the 19 ft attempts compared to 2, I repeat TWO attempts for Lebron. That’s the biggest story. Lebron is shooting the least amount of free throws since his rookie season.

  8. Brandon Clarke

    Paul George: That's a bad shot

  9. Paul M

    He's only going to be there for maybe 3 years then demand a trade. Pelicans suck

  10. frank brown

    why does that white dude comment on BB about which he knows absolutely nothing?

  11. T.M. Will

    Apparently he does this yearly according to Vikings Twitter, but dude is a drama queen. He was going back and forth, whining last season. He's clearly not happy, so trade him.

  12. J P

    2 of the 3 players of all time played last night 👍💪😀

  13. Rick Rijuana Productions

    Ball was still spinning so there was no gather until it stopped 🤷🏾‍♂️

  14. Joe Griffin

    Once Zion learns use his right hand its over

  15. Meredinio nuts

    Lebron knew how powerful zion was and went all out,They are both incredible players and i cant wait for what the future has to bring.

  16. Mark Swift

    I just came here to read all the New York hate because that’s the in thing to do when BSPN drops a video.I like the fact that Gettleman doesn’t follow the narrative that the media tries to throw out there he does what he feels is best for the team.A lot of you fools that watch BSPN videos and watch first take don’t have the mental fortitude to form your own opinion.A lot of people watch first take and take their opinions as if it’s the end all be all and it’s comical to me

  17. Maestör Rasanen

    "No one ever could have stopped." Stephen. Wilt blocked it. Twice.

  18. Marcus Dixon

    I hope we play them first round, gone be the most watched first round playoff game since idek, and it’ll be an easy sweep, entertaining but easy for LA

  19. Brandon Clarke

    0:55 "What?!" 😂

  20. Broken King

    19 FTs. Are they really fouling this man?

    1. Youngest MVP

      Refs missed a bunch too

  21. ZZ L

    "chicken wing" to be one of the most unstoppable moves after the skyhook

  22. gangs ta

    Old vs young PENGUEN vs king ...even old LeBron but he still playing like a young

  23. iLL Soprano

    Lakers def got a chip on their shoulder when they play tge pels lol

  24. Spell Legacy Like Death

    What Scottie said word for word the very first time, the Freudian slip that it was, was absolutely correct. I don’t get why it’s irreligious to say he was over mike. Simply put he was. He had a better jumper than mike his field goal percentage is based mostly off of jump shots people need to get it right. Mike is .496 off lots of inside Kobe is .447 mastering the Jordan fade-away. He was all about the jumper. Yes he has posters and inside game but Kobe was a shooter. Most missed field goals in NBA history ain’t coming off layups

  25. Isiah Ellsworth

    Zion could’ve had 35+ if he made his free throws... still a beast tho

  26. Dark Knight

    Somehow the word 'asterisk' remains unpronounceable by sports media 😂

  27. Dean Mauro

    Daniel Jones and Dexter Lawrence were more than just alright both were top 20 rookies

  28. James Magee

    thanks for keeping it real Perkin, white sports analyst don't know how to keep real, I knew he had Luka Doncic number 1 before he started that B.S.. under 21 Coby White, Deandre Ayton it few more under 21 players Luka Doncic don't make his team better when he was injury the went on a winning streak without him, it's not like Dallas can win without him

  29. Stratman-UK

    I still think Lennox Lewis would have beaten Fury (the ultimate fantasy lineal champ fight :-) ) (wilder wouldn't have stood a snowball in Hell's chance lol!)

  30. Javnup

    KD excels in isolation. Teams who can space the floor have a 90% chance of winning. Nets have no PURE SHOOTERS. KD AND KYRIE ARE NOT A MATCH.

  31. David Tierney

    If you actually attend Astro's games, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  32. Small Incisions

    OMG! Did Jay Williams really say that Lebron James is what Zion wants to be? I think he meant to say that Lebron James is what HE wanted to be, not Zion. Zion is in his own class.

  33. Siilent_Wolf

    shout out to Brandon Ingram since the media forgot about you

  34. asapsage

    “When you watch his highlights”

  35. Karl Lorenzo Babiano

    Wilder should have not included GOD in his statements

  36. _TRL!TH _

    I want my Bengals to draft Burrow, and trade AJ right now and move up and try to snatch Chase also!!! 100 percent time to get something for AJ and give him a shot somewhere else

  37. Dr. C

    You are all so hating on black athletes of foreign decent. What a shame!!!! Stop this black on black hate!!!!

  38. swiftor and goku,s biggest fan

    Anyone else wonder why Zion looks like he limps a little bit look at the strip by green u see him hop to take off 😂 but why is he not fully healed n just his weight is the reason 🤔 any one comment reply asking for opinions on this

  39. Yo Mama

    That boi still the King

  40. TOYA Lewis


  41. rafi sarhan

    Kevin Durant being guarded by Rodman will be interesting to see. Build a time machine please or clone old players or something or build ai that can generate this games.

  42. Armed 3 Dangerous

    I mean Zion dropped 29 on ad whos 6 inches taller than him and zion defended him, lebron scored 40 on someone 5 inches shorter and 50 pounds less then him, no hate but you can’t glance over that

  43. Teddy West Side

    In college Zion looked huge and outweighed most guys by 30 lbs. In the NBA he looks average.

  44. Sunnyboy97

    5:45 lololol

  45. djw80158

    Perkins make hella sense. Dont wanna see them big azz tears this yr mf. Win dammit!

  46. E:U Biased

    Tmac: "Utah and Boston are the only two good teams they beat in this stretch." I'm guessing he forgot that they beat the Lakers. You know; the odds on favorite to win the championship.

  47. KVAA10

    Pels really tried to play bron by putting lil guys on him loool they didn’t wanna win like that lool

  48. MAGA 2020

    Even if it was true and his legs were weak you don't say something like that! You suck it up and concede that your opponent was the better fighter that night!

  49. Gemini Jenkinz

    Zion will be freaking amazing.. Everytime he dribbled the ball in this game he lost control of it. Once he get his dribbling coordinated that's another skill that will help him score and make plays

  50. TMerkury

    rematch needed to end it all

  51. Kunj Vyas

    If anything I thought it messed up his jaw, they way he was clenching it after he took the helmet off

  52. Kaden Brown

    I’m surprised the pelicans only lost by 9

  53. Matthew Jennings

    Zion is great hope y’all media sources don’t drain his sanity

  54. Bintang Ardiansyah

    Why everyone always compare Lebron and Zion it's different class level...

  55. CWelsh

    I totally agree with Perkins. remember last year when my Raptors were playing the 76ers in the finals and they had a game at home and Embiid act like a fool the same way he did in this game, but then walked out crying when they lost the series? He needs to settle down and become more humble. I used to like Ebiid but now I cant stand the guy. Hes done that to himself with alot of fans I think. Its too bad. my 13 and 16 year old sons play bball and they are the big men. If they ever got on like that i would pull them from the game. there is no place for it.

  56. SPHoCkEy918122

    He lost me at "nobody thinks about baseball anymore"

  57. Javnup

    Perkins is a hater bro you were a softy in the paint


    Brandon Ingram is clearly the best Pelican and showed why he is and getting no love.... Lmao

  59. Adam S

    Zion is an iconic figure and Luka is not?

  60. joe terry

    Americans really can’t take an L

  61. Mad Dog

    I swear Daniel Jones looks like Bruce Campbell.

  62. Leonel Thomas

    Who put a gun on his head to wear a costume??? 🤔

  63. Andrey Enev

    It is ridiculous even to discuss who is the GOAT...

  64. Manuel Reyes

    What is this title?

    1. Broken King

      BBQ Chicken

  65. Officer Orange cheetolini


  66. Billy Hill

    but you expect somebody to draft tua number three let him sit for a year or two what's the difference oh I know

  67. Josh J

    Floyd “answer👏🏻the👏🏻question” Mayweather

  68. Umberto the Hooper

    I don't like Karl Anthony Towns

  69. nootnoot7

    I love Jrue but why was he guarding Lebron?

  70. Kory K

    Im waiting on Piccolo comment 👀

  71. sevenrats

    I think these comparisons are stupid. I grew up watching Bird, Magic and Jordan and I can't say one was better than the other at each players best. Bird at his best was crazy. Magic at his best was magic. Jordan at his best was shocking.

  72. Fish_er_

    Astros cant stop stealing signs.

  73. Ethan Williams

    Vince was back at his school and my school about 2 weeks ago to talk to the basketball players he’s really one of the overall best people in sports

  74. 黃偉剛

    Zion: Lebron ,Don't you know there's a new kid in town. Lebron:63FG%,40PTS ,35 years old.

  75. Romulo Alcantara


  76. Robert Dominguez

    Its not about what you theoretically CAN do, its what you ACTUALLY do when it counts. Lebron with all his athleticism proves that he is currently in 3rd in ,if that, in the all time conversation.

  77. James Corsey

    Perk right tho 💯

  78. Berta Sanchez

    He is not introvert. He is a real tough.

  79. KL Chambers

    Zion got so much more to show y’all don’t realize he is only doing things we KNOW HE CAN DO. He really hasn’t started shooting or use his ball handling or even playing defense hard

  80. HuskyWarrior 0029

    Man occasionally you see glimpses of Miami Lebron. Time flies....

  81. Jack Barnes

    Someone remind Stephen A. Smith that the Saints defense didn’t have Sheldon Rankins and Marcus Davenport during the playoffs. Those two players were having incredible seasons till they got injured. If we had them the Vikings game would’ve been a different story.

  82. Voose Lagina

    Well this title aged well.

  83. Jeremy Cerullo

    Lol who the heck is this guy doesn't even know him n i think no one knew him before this lol none is better in basket ball other than kobe n michael none could defeat kobe 1on1 kobe went against players in their primes mj tmac ai etc n some of today's era players is awful in def before theres shaq dennis scottie none of this era could go up against the old era LMFAO


    LeBron literally gave him a preside of his secondary weapon *Scoring* and welcomed him to the league with it.

  85. 2 Train

    any time a man ta$te ya blood... it$ over fam

  86. Fiction or Nah

    To be putting Zion and LeBron in the same convo in any kind of comparison "right now" is a disrespect to LeBron. Rookie Bron and Rookie Zion is a good comparison though. Zion is a bully. Got them guys giving up on plays lol. But Bron has been on another level this season, man. He's feeling good with AD. And it's also a disrespect to Giannis to say Zion will be the face of the league soon. Giannis is so far ahead of Zion in terms of skill, effort, energy, leadership, etc., that Zion will never catch up unless Giannis gets hurt. God forbid.

  87. Charles Cheng

    Stop try to increasing ratings by promoting future players through media. Lol. Soon more people will realize that they are watching millionaires play a child’s dribbling game. Also by watching the NBA makes these millionaires richer. Lol. Come on. You will be an idiot spending more than 5 mins watching the game.

  88. Jason Collins Jr.

    I don’t remember Davis making a single shot when guarded by Zion

  89. JayBallin_ AllDay

    Kevin Durant still the best player in the league

    1. JayBallin_ AllDay

      @Nick Schultz he is in the league, idc about what he do on Twitter, he is the best player in the league

    2. Nick Schultz

      JayBallin_ AllDay he aint in the league right now hes crying on twitter as we speak

  90. Typical Zach

    Daniel Jones -> Eli Manning 2.0

    1. Jeffrey Abbey

      Without the clutch and fumble gene

  91. J.D.

    White men can't jump Says the black supremacist

  92. Robert fordjour

    She beautiful . If your husband ever leave . I’m a short man that likes climbing tall trees 🌲

  93. kabagema yannick

    Lol... first round sweep. Chill out on the pels and give them time

  94. DoNotName

    Still don't seem like this man-boy was in High School two seasons ago 💪🏾🤯... gonna be super scary "when" he finally get it all together

  95. Justin. P

    BI dropped 34 & 7 but espn would never tell u that


    Giants getting obj back confirmed. 😂

    1. tito thomas

      shrek x phiona ok and?

    2. shrek x phiona

      @tito thomas sus

    3. tito thomas

      TFKEDGEMUSIC i hope they get him back so i can watch him in those tight pants again🤤 he a got a nice lil booty

  97. Joey Torres

    That costume is definitely going to be on "when talkin trash goes wrong"!..

  98. Mikeiy

    zion exposed lmao jk kids gonna be insane if he stays healthy i dont have alot of confidence in his body and playstyle type tho long term wise

  99. Ahmed Alam

    That reporter in the back tho 😍

  100. Ryan's Motorsports

    Zion...I am your father.