2nd Channel for any games you want me to play!!

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  1. Ayman Sadiq

    5:05 2* weak foot

  2. Muhialdin Nasli

    You gonnna changeee the keeper nooow!!!!

  3. Yousuff Thayyil

    I love u si

  4. Yousuff Thayyil


  5. Hemanth Kumar

    I am starting to get pissed at the series cuz he loses everything even the easy games cmon Simon practice

  6. ACE_Beast

    We believe in you Simon

  7. Colz

    Why dose this recommend my videos?

  8. Finleyburchnall Burchnall

    Your supposed to chip when the goalkeepers out vardy would of had a hat trik if you did the right thing.

  9. Siem Samuel

    Who’s the girl on the right at 3:29?

  10. Harry Callin

    Simon: Di Maria is trash Simon is using Di Maria’s right foot with a 2 star weak foot

  11. Mr. Finntastic

    Aguero out

  12. Charlie Byrnes

    Big up villa

  13. King -

    Get the shapeshifter miktaryan( seria a) sbc he is really good

  14. Hadi Faisal

    Use lautaro Martinez up front if ur gonna do serie a

  15. Jude Griggs

    Ben yedder in for cavani like so he can see

  16. #Stop MorgzMum

    Aim near post on corners It should give you a little chance to score off the corners!

  17. SirPeso

    coping chunkz and filly

  18. Sheren Abdulah

    I think Simon forgot how it's like to win

  19. William Hancox

    All the comments: do more if these episodes simon. Simon: I'll do more episodes of Zidane Zone. Simon's chair after getting punched about 10 times every episode: Am I a joke to you?

  20. Astrokid 10K

    Make 1 zidane goal = 1 special pack 1 goal with other players = normal pack (please like so Simon can see)

  21. James Burns

    RIDDLE 🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸. A man fell off a 100 ft ladder and landed on concrete but survived the fall. How?

  22. Josh Tane-Wheeler

    whens the 2k coming back

  23. Joe Mama

    What game is this

  24. Elliot Hipwell

    What has two legs and two wheels?

  25. GamingWith_ Litavio10

    simon: im not gonna get angry today SIMON SMACKS HIS DESK LIKE 1 BILLION TIMESSSS

  26. James Rice

    30:16 could of chose the peppa pig one

  27. Usman Mahmood

    U think these teams are bad I'm in div 8 and I got up against teams with prime icons and totys

  28. Dylan Baxter

    Never thought he’d be stealing video ideas from deji

  29. Gummy

    I forgot sidemen were a thing

  30. Xside Trix

    Use traore for ur left mid

  31. Flame'n'star077 Bois

    Simon : this guy ain't good Us : you lost 3-0

  32. Tapiwa Muza

    That can opening sound is a mad ting 😂...big up Tobi 💯👊🏿

  33. Jonathan Wadenhov

    who watching this in 2020 for no reason

  34. Fiona Colreavy

    Where is the widemen

  35. Louis Ashton

    Simon: cavani is trash Nobody: Literally nobody: Me: agreed

  36. tabpro☺

    Simon please use Ben Yedder

  37. Nabil Sipor

    do you keep your icon swaps players till the next icon players? like if i packed 12icon swaps but i didn't like any of the current legends that i can get, can i keep these swaps till the next round ?

  38. isaac rodriguez

    play ben yedder he is very op

  39. Ruben Mackereth

    Get raul

  40. Bobby Thewierdnutter

    Who’s watching this in 2020 and thinking please play this again

  41. TJ Edwards

    To lob you have to press LB+B

  42. Joseph Flight

    Get Raul

  43. Tobias Vassallo

    Use ben yedder hes op

  44. Thomas Anderson

    Sometimes he needs to dummy so he can get passed defenders. Press Rb when the ball goes to Ageuro

  45. George Bullen

    I’ll never know how he edited a 12 hour episode into 20 minutes😂😂💪

  46. Ola Rode 07

    Do Raul🤪

  47. omar Perez

    is there a point in watching these episodes where he uses different teams and loses 3-0 every time

  48. Ghost Umer

    Why is it always the players fault

  49. Rayaan Ghous

    Quick! Everybody get on fifa now! Garunteed wins boys. Simon is using up all the bad luck...

  50. jace MMVII

    12:20 America never forgets

  51. Saad Naeem

    He should really use the new ATAL shape shifter card because it is really a broken card

  52. FlexFN

    sorry bro ur just ass

  53. Parveer sinGH

    use ben yeder

  54. Gautam Vasireddi

    Miss this so much man

  55. Gaming With me

    Play Ben yedder and depay they are way better than cavani and IcardI.

  56. Massimo Iannuzzi

    Play Ben yedder

  57. Rafael Fantuzzi

    Simon Chip the ball

  58. FJobVGK TheJobster

    Get allan or sif ndidi

  59. Neti Lopeti


  60. Zayn Aslam

    Change your kit PLEASE

  61. Matty P

    Get seedorf

  62. AE Fifa

    Make Hierro and Van Der Sar icon swaps

  63. ISARI

    watching simon's zidane zone is an ego boost to my fifa 20 gameplay

  64. TheSimpleRedChicken


  65. James Lazzara

    use ben yedder he is so good

  66. bokchoyboi231


  67. Gia Bảo Trần

    U should turn back to the EPL team

  68. albertsarkis


  69. syakir hamizan

    This is so frustrating. Just put your winning matches please.

  70. Rybred the Great

    What’s brown and sticky A stick

  71. Ivan Lorenzo

    Wtf I cane for packs and that’s all I get????!?!?

  72. Muhd Rais

    We all feel u simon..the struggles hahahah

  73. Adzrin Ikhmal

    I swear Simon crumble under pressure just keep calm bro

  74. Luke Fielding

    I cant wait for Simon to forget to use the icon swap tokens before the season ends

  75. Killerkiddy X

    I’m not watching you till you win games 🤣

  76. MrFelly311

    I hate the way hi says WSI!!! Just say it like the spell it! You wouldn’t say Way2S for Harry would you!!!

  77. hellgrinder 1

    Thought this was a Rocket League video

  78. EwxnJs

    Girl getting stabbed

  79. Ev0LiC_Zachyboy Gamez

    Do for debut goals a keeper has to get min of 6 saves and cleansheat

  80. Gabriel Tulugak

    The girl who is gonna get stabbed

  81. Teriq Beeston

    only 12 icon swaps total not 13

  82. Zac Hong Chen

    Anyone else finding difficulties when completing the online icon swaps?

  83. X D

    How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck looked like you? Yeah the woodchuck would chuck none.

  84. Anthony Meza

    What is this game???

  85. Minh Tung

    Buy Neymar and Mbappé

  86. MonsterMohamad

    Buy messi u can link him with aguero and zidane

  87. Aritra Chakraborty

    You could get seedorf

  88. Javson 04

    Rijkard and hierro

  89. ChickenGoy

    Chose van Dijk And turn right They rhyme

  90. InfinitiZX

    start ben yedder over icardi. won't regret

  91. B One

    playing fast build up leaves you exposed to counter attacks, it literally tells you that in the description of the style.

  92. Rob Espie

    I’d haul off Cavani before I took off Icardi.

  93. Mohamed Hakim

    Get a mid icon pack since the series is based off of opening packs

  94. Mohamed Hakim

    Get Pires

  95. Mohd Azri

    Simon is literally shits im just saying HAHA

  96. Fyn Norahim

    Why is Ben Yedder and Depay in the bench????? PLAY WITH THEM INSTEAD, DAMN

  97. Shahzaib Khan

    I always wondered what it was like to watch a fifa series where the youtuber wasn't that good and then i started watching Zidane Zone and realized i wasn't missing out on much... Good luck Simon! Hope you get better!

  98. lucas britos

    this is the boos

  99. yung bluhd cock

    you should do the trossard card

  100. BlueCheetah 01

    got an add saying the college is a scam...