We take fictional ideas from movies, video games & comics, and make real working prototypes!
I quit my full-time job as an engineer and product developer to make only the coolest inventions -- just for you guys -- right here on NOsel. We show the engineering process of making our projects to inspire others into STEM fields, and to show that anything is possible with science!
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  1. Emiliano Bailon

    What about an elbow rocket Like in “Pacific Rim” 🤔

  2. Honoka Killer

    How the hell you give away the lightsaber?

  3. Liam McCormack

    make the infinity stones

  4. EthanTV USA


  5. Buccaneer Baldhead

    You guys should do a Collab with styropyro so you guys can make the lasers

  6. curtyct {ct

    Did dum e put beer in your coffee

  7. Cadinator

    You. Should make a henry danger weapon

  8. Tox Gaming

    Fence Em in fence Em out

  9. Trentp _Outdoors

    I just watched the doom fist episode and what if you attached the doom fist to the exo skeleton🤔🤔🤔🤔

  10. THANOS

    Iam inevitable

  11. hari shankar

    Normal people:jumps over fence Hacksmith: cuts it with plasma..

  12. Rugersmooth33

    2:35, Knife the watermelon.

  13. Harish Ragavendar

    Try to invent web fluid

  14. Gameboy YT

    i knew it

  15. luca Eane

    They said they don't need to plug it in the wall but they do have to plug it in something else, what?

  16. Satire Drums

    If I had the materials to do that, I totally would. Ur amazing and keep up the good work!!!

  17. DatDude Trei

    Just want to point out that the f150 was in 2wd

  18. Aaron Hall

    Oh no next episode he’s making ultron

  19. Hiase 6630

    Can you make a Nomade airjab that would be nice!

  20. Phishy

    Mentioned those bad NOselrs who "OrDeReD mYsTeRy SaFe" and somehow being dumb to stretch out the video for the cash doe

  21. Marcus Wong

    Which would be better in a fight. A protosaber or the gauntlet?

  22. Yashwanth.M. Swamy

    You can do black panther suit.

  23. Andy Kooyer

    Hi love overwatch

  24. Sams Galaxy j3

    What davie504 must be proud

  25. Mohd Shakil

    So cool

  26. I dont make videos so yea Thats a thing.

    Remember the $1000 box? Imagine having this

  27. pasha pa

    You guys are very inspiring!

  28. scello_pino_ Boi

    isis cybertruck 2:50

  29. Stxfiz

    could you make octane legs from apex legends

  30. sarita singh

    Mom slap is more power full

  31. Verna Burton

    Make the bow and arrow from Hawkeye

  32. Emerald City

    Can you do a master sword that is fingerprint recognition that only lets one person lift it out

  33. Sans The skeleton

    Mei is Pyro just colder

  34. C Massarini

    U should build stuff for the military

  35. Menta Uchiha

    To those wondering the thanos copter was an actual thing in the comics I forgot the comic but if I remember dead pool was bringing him the gauntlet or one of the stones

  36. LAMA - Jump


  37. Prince Diaz

    Try to cut the bedrock !!

  38. Alec Nauboris

    i love the video but how could you not like the red and gold

  39. Flipping Apple


  40. Asbin Gurung

    that was really cool

  41. MULLER !

    Put a spring on the top hach to prevent it from falling open

  42. I like trains Kid

    They should sell those to the fire department

  43. Cody Brown

    Hi hack Smith here is a idea take a natural gas lamp with a case for the filter wick mount it to the gauntlet with polio brace and connect it to two butane bottles

  44. Big Country

    Very cool. Good luck to all on the GAW!!!!!

  45. XvG DooM

    Sad that this only has 1M views

  46. Tom 007

    Yo should finish the whole suit

  47. katsuki One for all

    You should make bakugou's gauntlets from my hero Academia they shoot explosions

  48. katsuki One for all

    OK last time I was here you were making stuff like shield's and thors hammer but they didn't generate anything you've grown

  49. Vandy Ban

    Nice intro

  50. Exitz

    Love your channel keep up the great work also I have entered the giveaway

  51. Hitesh Garshaniya

    You are Awesome, love from India ♥️👍👍

  52. Zakar Hussain

    Less veiws why ❓

  53. Sam Browning

    Other game companies: make this sweet car for us! EA: make us a lightsaber.

  54. Justin Lionardi


  55. Caleb Shutt

    How much you selling it for I really want it please

  56. Angel jaeger

    Lord sithees

  57. Asin Daddyy

    10:08 what did they blur out behind James’s head?

  58. Foxy's brother fox

    The last thing we need is Jarvis

  59. Bk Pm


  60. Colaaah

    A good hack would be to reverse that box to be able to use a normal plug and covert to the plug type for an EV, then you could essentially charge your car off a generator if you run out of power in the middle of nowhere?! Unless you already can? IDK anything about the EV charging set up haha!

  61. L3ad3dR3ap3r XoXo

    The hacksmith is nothing but a hack!!!

  62. Jasanpreet Nagra

    Use phone phone gap to make a app

  63. Cleon Lupis

    Can u make real venom

  64. BunPug 3000

    I’m telling you, the military needs these guys.

  65. Aiden Bagshaw

    How about a can of butane?

  66. Aekkum Marwah

    If you are showing a weapon like this and fighting with it in NOsel, I wonder what you are hiding, or made for the military. 🤔

  67. Luke Swartz

    New subscriber here😁😁😂

  68. Irene Javelosa

    Dustin: I don't think it's gonna break it. Thor's Hammer: Are you sure about that?

  69. Gregory Gilmour

    Those things would be awesome with the bose audio system built into their glasses, and also with a second holographic display for the other lens for bifocal displays (3D displays)

  70. KD Labs

    I think that they should make a batman costume with all these gadgets and totally kill it at a costume party

  71. Klucky HD

    Ah new smoke granade wich works on range

  72. vHypothxtic

    i didn’t know maverick got a buff 😂

  73. Bindass Jibon

    You look like tony and sheal

  74. Dammley

    a few years to go guys..

  75. Carey Piggott

    With the magic

  76. B4njam1n

    Is it just me who is Waiting for the plasma lightSaber video

  77. peter parkkar

    Bro why you are not using two jet in a bike it gives you more thrust

  78. Carey Piggott

    Make the thanos gountlent

  79. Roland Gonzales

    Everybody i hope you all had a good day Read more

  80. Lithium

    Make a hard breaches tool (i.e thermite charges, hibana pellets, mavericks torch)

  81. Infinity Power

    Sir please make endgame's Ironman two finger plasma cutter which he use to cut the locker to get the tecaract or space stone

  82. Grant Davis

    Does the dial go to 11??

  83. Karthik Nair

    He looks more lik thor than iron man

  84. Mundy Boyz

    This guy is Tony stark irl

  85. Rishi Parmar

    can you make more for me plz sir i will give you rupess

  86. dolimi jotoo

    Burglar: *Breaking in home Me: *Ignites Lightsaber in the dark room and starts playing duel of fates on speakers

  87. Piggy Gamer

    it'd be silly if you had to plug your lightsaber into the wall.

  88. miko foin

    When he cut the door I was waiting that he says "Here's Johnny"

  89. Kurt

    I know thats deadly or can injured someone

  90. Lucas Knight

    Neuralizer don’t work on me bro

  91. Zodiac-TDS10 GMR

    Can he make like u rocket punch?

  92. Korlan Kozhakhanuly

    Can you plz sale it

  93. Random Faggot • 69 years ago

    Just remember, he's super rich.

    1. miko foin

      can you get another 10K box and try to open it with this instead?

  94. Korlan Kozhakhanuly

    Can you sale it plz?

  95. Araceli Perez

    Aang s glider from avtar


    I really want light sabers but its expensive...

  97. Epic Fedora

    He should make spidermans auto-kill backpack

  98. loka

    Hacksmith:“i really wanna cut thru a steel door” me: oh so they bought one? Hacksmith: “so we MADE ONE” me: these mfs

  99. Suresh Sharma

    How is I Thor hammer VS thanos hammer 🤔🤔🤔🤔???

  100. Whoofian Brony

    The engineer in me is soooooooo jealous rn