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  1. Landon Brumbaugh

    why did you get more dislikes

  2. tommy boy 830

    The Real way to say her name is Tana Mongoloid

  3. Katie Sompel

    -Him: “No body wants to see this” ~ Me: 🥺👉🏼👈🏼 *scrolling back to see him shirtless again*

  4. Shadow Skully

    7:46 best part of vid

  5. Skankhunk42

    Can the next episode be called we need to stop my dad from leaving me

  6. Julian Muratore

    Did everyone see it had 1 view

  7. n5225playz

    NOsel has become a pandemic. 2020: 👁👄👁

  8. Leggy

    I haven't seen anyone in the comments mention this but she doesn't have a carboard cut out of Boromir or Gimli.

  9. Nettie rage Crockett

    I went to tanacon and it was a ripoff I got scammed I didn't get to see tana and I got a sun burn

  10. Harry Dodd

    Anyone else notice at 3:25 he didn’t upload the vid to ig.

  11. Arcana Aura1

    That...was painful to watch

  12. Gooseman and Hornabear

    10:54 why did i laugh so hard when he started crying

  13. Justpick Something

    She got the hairline of the macdonalds sign

  14. Harry Dodd

    1:08 thou shall not touch thyself😂😂😂😂

  15. Sophia Zambrano

    Hate you and your content azzy is the best and do you not like gloom cause she likes azzy also want to say again hate you and your content plus you will never be richer or anywhere close as rich as azzy or have as much subscribers or views or likes or anything as azzy hateeeeee youuuuu

  16. Dean Luna

    The way ur mouth moves is extremely annoying so everytime u talk i look away,but i love the videos bru good work

  17. Mogul Boi

    It’s honestly heartbreaking to see a normally happy funny person in such a state of disrepair

  18. Jasmine kuwonu

    I saw that video. Very creepy and cringy and hard to watch

  19. ej101

    Bruh. 50k likes chop chop fuckers

  20. anabelle sophia thompson

    Wait what was the point of this video? Btw I never laughed...

  21. Mai Tea

    Yo for real every time i meet someone online i google, reverse search and do some fbi check on facebook😂

  22. Oliver PEARCE

    What happens if you p,any on mobile pc and console am I still a gamer

  23. Ergs

    I live in LA and I live in a crappy duplex 😂

  24. Mia Bennett


  25. Sam Dallas

    Wait, I remember the second one lol

  26. Isabelle Shepperson

    I'm laughing so hard at this and it like 2 in the morning so I won't be surprised if I get shouted at by my mum for being up so late 😂

  27. Aaron Conti

    Big ed is built like a Lego brick

  28. Mia Bennett

    to sell a few more mcchickens

  29. Ariana Tolbert

    this is so staged how is she not fazed by the camera

  30. I'm not high. You're low.

    Its just a normal Airbed, yet the commercial advertises it like its the holy grail. Except its not shiny. Or full of blood

  31. Kalina Dartact


  32. lachlann hourican

    Image some lad walking up to you and just throw a strange liquid at you then scream acid attack then he runs away in all seriousness then when you catch him he just says just a prank bro. I mean the terrorists will just do that

  33. Luke Saunders

    She’s right tho

  34. Kalina Dartact

    Good morning baltimore

  35. Via Rose

    James Charles look looked liked Cameron Boyce 😭😭😭

  36. YourMomDotCom

    I hate her~

  37. Alex Miranda

    Just did some research, they are still married, and they have a daughter, if they found love then why the f can’t I?

  38. Ava Jane

    the fact she was *12* at this time. girl that is *baby* *fat* .

  39. Wabbit

    We need more Totally Obsessed vids, man.

  40. Devin Bynum

    You are deceiving many.

  41. Jazzy oof

    That was so nasty!😫

  42. FallenBlast

    Usually these people have mental disorders. Simple change of plan, instead of cooking or baking things for your idol, make something, a Teddy, a drawing or whatever. Don't make food they eat and forget, make something they can keep and enjoy. What's your home address Alex? I want to send you so many things 😈😈😈

  43. ohitzjustrylie

    *just bring your own goddamn shampoo, no ones gonna use that shit anyways its n a s t y*

  44. William Smee

    My little sister watches her videos and shes 6

  45. Jaedin Watson

    My guy you got a hickey on your neck on the right side

  46. Gloria Nagel

    She must like danganronpa

  47. evie loves blackpink

    Hailey: I bought you Belgium for Christmas Justin: cool but did you help get yummy to #1

  48. moonxluna

    bruh i was just listening to the video while journaling and i look up and hes shirtless lmaoooo

  49. Orla O Donovan

    I’m not trying to be rude or anything but she kinda reminds me of Jojo siwa like omg

  50. Asher Rhodes


  51. Mika PP

    NOselr Alex Joins Antifa With LGBT

  52. Shamara Lewis

    2-D from gorillaz

  53. weird science the 2nd

    We're they pranks or practice tho how many of them would he be able to do with a 1.5l jug of brick acid.... Scary times

  54. Clashed

    Alex accidentally put mayonnaise in his left eyeball

  55. Celise Cupit

    We all know that when she actually turns 16 she is going to come out as being her real age just so she can have a real sweet sixteen

  56. FallenBlast

    Jaystation going through people's things in suicide forest is no different than graverobbing to be fair. As for his message to Alex, pretty sure jaystation fucked up more than a couple of times. Every video is a new fuck up for that sicko Pretty sure NOsel has enough evidence to take down Jaystation channel but he brings in too many views to get rid of that scum

  57. Celise Cupit

    When I saw the title I was like,”which one?”

  58. Amelia Ponywild

    omg i died when u started talking about lotr, i think u can tell why by meh profile pic

  59. lorna agito


  60. Harry Dodd

    I’m transsexual and proud

  61. Leah Rose

    Destroy the earth look st 2020 I think your prayers have been answered 😅

  62. Tofarati Odunlami

    Honestly I thing this guy is weirder than them. He is just depressing. Sorry but dislike dropped

  63. magic g

    Please do another British one 😂🙏

  64. Little Kat

    *Alex is such a good person.*

  65. nibbles on mobile

    What has YT came to 😄😃😄😃😄😅

  66. Lara Croft

    lol alex is so jelly rn lmao

  67. Aubree Martinez

    One of the only people I knew was vanoss

  68. Yung Aquaria

    I’m sorry I know this is a year ago but calling riff raff a viner is so funny lmao

  69. satanic falafel

    That poor child, I have a big problem with shows like this and dr Phil. Private issues involving minors have no business on TV, how this must affect the kids as they grow older- I can only imagine the embarrassment, bullying and subsequent emotional trauma this must cause

  70. hey there little mama let me whisper in your ear

    I can't believe this video was 1 year ago

  71. Rachel Searles

    Abbys a dick dude

  72. TaLea Carter

    i really thought she was gonna say B stands for beastiality i-

  73. Agebqj Abbwq

    Casually sitting here crying bc rona messed up my whole senior year ending and my parents have been stressed asf bc they are basically elderly at this point *they had me when they were older* and have low immune systems and all these other complications and they are so negative and hateful without meaning to be and then they feel really bad after and I understand they are just stressed but dude it still hurted anyways thanks for my rant tbh I have literally no one to talk to lol Update this video is making me feel better

  74. Bee

    For once im on logan paul's side

  75. katie scallon

    Rose is so hardcore I have no choice but to be up her arse

  76. Tejalkera_Msp love

    Fam I love your channel

  77. Juju Beans

    Still waiting in that good luck

  78. Paulina Caraite Centralskolan 6B

    He said he doesnt really think about much cause he makes reaction videos. But uhm alex dont u do the same?

  79. Gabrielle Jones

    The reason she didn't think anything of it is because the van wasn't white.

  80. Rachel Searles

    I love you Alex

  81. * q u i n n l y n n * * b e e *

    Alex: They've painted their face the colour of an orange Me: No they've just painted their face orange...

  82. The bunny is coming for you

    Nobody: Not even the birds: Not even the Alex’s skeleton fren: How mojo siwa talks: *sccreeem*

  83. Natalie Campos

    These comments are mental.

  84. Dark Zul

    *Hotel Shampoo Is White Privilege* *Me, Knowing Having Hair Is Suddenly A White Privilege* Welp, That's A Oop.

  85. UnderWood

    alex is blazed out of his mind

  86. Debra Taylor

    Have you seen joe?

  87. Eboni H

    First time hearing this disstrack... not bad...

  88. Alora Marie Kiser

    Does she not know that trans women can sit down to they don't have to stand if they don't want to

  89. 별들 아래서

    I..use both depending on how I feel and it’s because I’m not really genderfluid but..I’m somewhere along those lines. But when I use the women’s restroom I sure as hell don’t want to use or see a urinal.

  90. YeetMaGeet

    Tpu know he got that default roblox gun sounds bro

  91. Gyro Central

    Who’s here in 2020 😎

  92. Meme Gacha

    If you don't like the shampoo from hotels then bring your own from home or buy some that you love for your hair and not blame other people 😗✋

  93. Alex Willis

    I have to say this is probably one of the best hair styles to date

  94. Leah

    So many people get dogs and end up not being able to take good care of them. Your all just hating on them cause their a well known famous family if it was anyone else I don’t think people would be so mean

  95. Željko Goršić

    Thats mean

  96. BRANDON 23

    Don't you think Jake Paul looks like a younger John Lithgow.

  97. Georgina Nuttall

    U and James are my favorite from the eboys

  98. slaaperoni

    She is my school councilor

  99. Alpha clan

    He pushes you down a flight of stairs. Me: lady you are the dumbest person I have ever met break up with him

  100. 별들 아래서

    So to date people want to be: Black, Hispanic, and Asian.