Overwatch™ is a highly stylized team-based shooter set in a future worth fighting for. Every match is an intense multiplayer showdown pitting a diverse cast of soldiers, scientists, adventurers, and oddities against each other in an epic, globe-spanning conflict.
ESRB rating TEEN for Blood, Violence, and Use of Tobacco. Visit esrb.org for rating information.

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  1. Daniel Contreras

    At certain points in this he kind of reminds me of Sander Cohen from Bioshock

  2. Julie

    I still want a cinematic short for lucio

  3. Samuel Stallard

    5:55 that thing coulda launched those missiles earlier and killed them all.

  4. Julie

    I need a lucio animated short!!

  5. goose

    how come he isnt all rusty

  6. Noah Brinkman

    Coming soon they said........

  7. ColeSlaw


  8. gabe. TheDivisionGuy

    echo's not on PC

  9. Lord Drakkon 7367

    "Live with honor"

  10. Choi San's an Artist

    Why does Echo speak Singlish?

  11. Dat1default7

    Cough cough when on xbox

  12. Munif A.

    Black Thanos.

  13. Νικόλας Χαλάτσης

    Hello people from 2015...i want to share with you that echo bad

  14. Gamer_Drawer Chill boi

    *tracer Going in first in elimination and dies straight away is something we will all know and love*

  15. I main Mercy and my life is pathetic.

    Day 32: Another day!

  16. hemanth kamana

    2/3/2 would fix dps queue times. It’s so obvious. Just add another player. So ez. Then make changes to tanks or support if needed.

  17. 유오


  18. Superbrains324 Apex

    The news is a lie

  19. Gustavo Lovaglio

    Someone knows where can I watch the shorts with subtitles?

  20. NawaFox -555

    Can you tell us why the characters eyes looks weird🤔🤔

  21. Natsu Dragneel

    I’m praying that it will have better aim settings than The first one Also, THAT WAS EPIC

  22. Wee Woo Wee Woo

    1:44 “I have harnessed the harness”

  23. Quinton Boyer


  24. Annett Trehjørningen


  25. Annett Trehjørningen

    When Ecoh com to PS6 why dos it take so long

  26. Полина Солодко

    I hope, Junkrat will be there..

  27. Полина Солодко

    I hope, Junkrat will be there...

  28. Neptune

    broken character

  29. Xavier Salaices

    I’ve harnesses the harness

  30. 알렌아레스카

    여기 한국인손? 🇰🇷한국인 흔적남겨요.. 🇰🇷

  31. samppa_yt

    Mccree just leaved echo in the desert

  32. jassim abdulrhman

    Me: I hope Jeff add a cowboy lucio Jeff: new lucio skin Me: ehh close enough

  33. jassim abdulrhman


  34. Luciano Ferreira de Oliveira

    Nop You really Hate Marcy Jeff.

  35. Daniel Chung

    this brigitte shield is pre-nerf. the post nerf shield would've let everyone die.

  36. Gavin Rhodes

    Is anyone else crying watching this

  37. Gunshy Dylandt

    Jeff, please remove the goofy eyes from Overwatch

  38. Vexon Empire

    A meme is born


    April Fool

  40. Travixos

    Its better version of Amazon Alexa or something like that

  41. m

    I dont care what role she is, I just care that she's finally out!

  42. Zanar Naryon

    *Blizzard* Hello, I like money!

  43. Martin Tan

    6:53 sweet baby jesus. that voice could grind coffee...

  44. Zaki

    5:26 2020 and there's googly eye. Absolute state of OW.

  45. Rainbow L.Z.S

    Can we get a misson in Budapest? (map) [because it's in my country]😊

  46. PavarottiAardvark

    The moment you realise that quirky happy D.Va is a fiction of government propaganda...

  47. MrPorkingson

    Her legacy. Her promise. Her Echo.

  48. penjiji

    I love how bastion just gets vietnam flashbacks.

  49. Cody Smallwood

    the game is so much different now

  50. X39 OnMixer

    Pls can echo coming to console

  51. Annette Funnell

    I play on switch Jeff but Echo is not a thing on Switch can u help Jeff?

    1. Annette Funnell

      〔 05w 〕 I have, but like she came out For Xbox players a week ago and now I’m thinking do u gave to buy her?

    2. 〔 05w 〕

      Wait for the update

  52. WiggsOnTwitch

    The actual title: “Gamer girl fights flying squid and ends up falling 3 kilometers into the ocean”

  53. Deshaun Delain

    Y’all seen that pause after he said it was quarantine😂

  54. Jon Gega

    Bann moira

  55. Percussion People

    Am I the only one that thinks the news presenter looks like sombra

  56. Arifin _

    Well I guess you could say he BLEW the plan!

  57. iq_ c0de

    I hate how overwatch stole the fame off team fortress 2

  58. proxley wirdvo

    6:10 I could felt that his grin is showing right now

  59. Patchos 11

    Will Echo be in Overwatch 1?

  60. Tracy Moore

    Good god 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  61. Raymond Park

    she do be trash now tho

  62. Red Pilgrim

    Heard that Singlish is a thing in the character, not sure if it's a compliment or a passive aggressive jab.

  63. InsanityInspector

    0:59 they made Mei freeze the water so that the animation would be easier and not having the bubbles go everywhere which will be intense for them

  64. tim liefferink

    I got the skin, the Lego sound really is the finishing touch

  65. Vežimas

    They release more Overwatch games, than Riot makes Ornn skins.

  66. CamoKoopa182

    2:50, why couldn't THAT be orisa's melee?

  67. Fesh

    Mccree looks like jesus

  68. ScaryCellar 5153

    ScaryCellar5153 Has Arrived

  69. F A

    Today morning I say: Hmmm… I play overwatch! And the heros eyes is …is WHAT?

  70. oodyswe

    I love the character design! She looks supercool!

  71. Agent 6666 The wildling agent

    This is not close to echo but on the hero’s why are they googleeyes

  72. Jack Griffin

    Winston is dumb, just drink a mini

  73. 5aiga

    This is just a time stamp for me every time I’m sad I can just replay this two second frame 5:49

  74. Owen The Boss

    Omg I cried! Noooo!!!

  75. Lucas S

    Widow could have a thing called over drive that would let here shoot at 100% multiple times

  76. Dylxz2

    This is still and will always be the best animated short

  77. - Kaspies -

    I don't play overwatch but I pictured her to sound different

  78. SovietOnion Russia

    Tbh the summer games event game mode is not that good but the skins are good

  79. Emiluv B

    I’ve watched this so many times I almost completely have the last scene memorized.

  80. 서민형

    So when does she come out at the game?

  81. Cheeze Boigas

    I wish I could let everyone know how much I love this community

  82. LEGOboy 360

    LEGO transformers on steroids

  83. KnightHiller

    Esports girl gets PTSD from piloting a mech

  84. Torrestein XD


  85. Jasmine Tyes

    Say hi to the monkey is a referance to when he trained along side reaper

  86. Jasmine Tyes

    Poor Zenyatta echos designed to destroy him

  87. Lagg_lr 48

    Weird plot twist what if junkrat and road hog came from the truck instead of Brigitte and reinharet

  88. Fainted dead inside

    did anyone notice that they leeked every single hero such as echo

  89. Idk what to say Doesn't

    cool you can hear Widowmaker and reaper busting him out of prison 1:09

  90. Idk what to say Doesn't

    This guy was supposed to be so mysterious everyone forgot about him

  91. T. G. Wolven

    How tall is the Titan Omnic? The big one they all worked together to destroy? 30 ft.-ish?

  92. Zemsaar

    why have overwatch not made a film !!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Andrew the Cosmic Guardian

    Who's rewatching this video after Echo has been (PTR) released? I am. 😅

  94. lostdoge08 The Meme Master

    Why does Widow sound like Ana?

  95. Tr1Gg3rEd B1acKBeard

    just play tf2 mvm

  96. KnightHiller


  97. Francisco The Disco

    Checks back to see what’s new with overwatch after quitting a year ago: well doesn’t look like I’ll be hopping back on anytime soon :) Real talk tho, rip healers and tanks

  98. Galaxy_ Gem

    One question why can’t you see what behind you in the actual game when playing as widow

  99. GS Veteran

    When he made that noise with his mouth and then said is this on was so satisfying to me and idk why