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  1. Ulle Staaf

    Byt my name on insta is theastaf i think❤

  2. yasmine aziz

    I'm just here for the satisfaction

  3. RTV Gurli

    I dare you 2 give me a custome iPhone 11 PRO with dax on plzzzz

  4. Hahhshs Gahah

    I subed i have an iphone 4s it dose not have any chargers they dont make them any more i need a good phone you are a good artist

  5. Smail pi2po67

    the twenty nine is my birthday make me happy😄😄

  6. Liel Danan


  7. Singh Babbanjot

    Bro I dare you to give me 2 50 euro's gift cards because I hawe to give a surprise my girlfriend

  8. Marleny Restrepo

    Alguien que hable español like si no like jajaaj

  9. Soniya Chhetri


  10. Soniya Chhetri

    Let it be me

  11. its jada

    Entering the and my favorite phone was Chase is because the colors were so cuteeee

  12. Ryan Kim

    Done 🤘 Ido really want an iphone, Ive been saving since release. Hope I get the chance to win. Bless you and More power!


    Just give me iPhone 7 don't put art on it I'll accept it

  14. gwen shepherd

    i said u have a cracked iphones bro u earned this money make your own :(

  15. Abdulla Adel Al Blooshi

    And you are a fat grown-up Zach aka ZHC

  16. hurricane tortilla


  17. kpopper na área

    Kkkkkkkk CHARLIE

  18. Deema Hamad

    I never win anything I wish I win one day I love u so much I hope I win someday

  19. Oscar Torres

    give me a iPhone 11 Pro Max

  20. arsen etarapan

    I hope I get the iPhone 11 I'm from piliphines plsss I hope I get

  21. Ulle Staaf

    I have do it pls its my dream phone

  22. Alice Jolies

    I'm love your Video 😍😍

  23. Arish Avenger

    what about the rest of us

  24. TheMystic_Player 666


  25. Zuza XXX

    Omg i Really want one of these iPhones! It s amazing. I m in love 🤤❤️

  26. salahldine amin

    hi all my epic username is berry_77 add me and join my partyy because if i got 5 likes i will gift you guys sub to my chanel and you will get gifted ADD ME BERRY_77 THX

  27. Two sisters cool style

    omg ur such a good youtuber i love youuu ur THE BEST artist i know and the best youtuber ur soooo nice! i wish i could win the giveaway i dont have a phone i wish i had an 11 pro!!

  28. Vicky Sca

    Corona virus

  29. Claudete Santos Oliveira

    Pur favor

  30. zNxghtmare

    "So I bought an ordinary pen..." **buys $1000 pen**

  31. Romie Achay

    pls pick meeee i have no phone i m honest plsss I live in philippine in mendanao city in oroquieta city and may las name is Achay in pines plsss pick meeee i have no phone honestly i have no phone pls pick me im already subcrab your channel and like pppplllsss pppiiiccckkkk mmmmeeeee

  32. Amber Jones

    I wish I had an iPhone ll

  33. Lomotif brasil

    Tem que ser rico né kkkkk Quem é brasileiro curti (se quiser)

  34. Soda Incan

    I really really want to win :< but bruh let's just hope that we can win

  35. Abdulla Adel Al Blooshi

    ZHC is Really Fatty

  36. Claudete Santos Oliveira

    Eu quero u iPhone

  37. Gabriel Labrin

    Im only ten and i want a iphone 11😂

  38. Nanouskæ Vlog

    Me please🥺 it’s beautiful 😍

  39. Anna 163

    His phone are broken but buy 20 iphones for friends lol 😂

  40. Oopie._Maddie_.Doopie

    It should be a dunkin donut drink

  41. Maxuel Mercado

    Did em!

  42. Lauri. ophelia

    Omg it Looks so nice and cool i wish I had on of them

  43. Salwa and lulu Alfares

    I’m Salwa and I am a big fan and you are so cool

  44. Bangtan Vkook

    So amazing 🌌🎀

  45. Oopie._Maddie_.Doopie

    2nd riches person after Mr.beast

  46. Enis Cosic

    Can you give me a 1,000 to google

  47. Emily Gradinariu

    I love all you videos there amazing and you are so talented too🥰🙈

  48. Charithy Adugyamfi

    I followed them and sub and liked what do I need to do more ?