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  1. Ste Shar

    got them goosy bumps from the CEO of One. Little man stay strong

  2. Ricky ThaDon

    I hope the kid bullying the little boy gets what's coming to him

  3. Topher Doucet

    Joanna got sum bewbz now

  4. mita pala

    Joe Rogan it’s a commentator, can you get it? Commentator! He talks about fights and everything related to it. What now when you see some terrible thing, you are not allowed to talk about it? Come on Diego!

  5. Marten Dekker

    Conor is such a petty scumbag.

  6. Gluteus Illuminatus

    I always shake my head at umpteenth generation Americans who claim to be European.

  7. ZR1 LT5 Chris

    Well this is the kind of kids we are raising when we allow the president of the United States to call people names and not even flinch about it. It’s horse shit. If my kid called other kids names like that guy does then trust me when I say I would make sure that issue was resolved.

  8. Chris B

    Sanchez vs Cerrone in a loser retires forever fight

  9. Chuck

    Go on JRE Diego so we can really understand why your doing this weird shit you did the toad didn’t you a little DMT changed you didn’t it

  10. Here's Why

    Hahahahaha i DIEDDD at the ending 😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  11. David Rye

    I'm sorry, but Diego Sanchez was going to end up losing that fight if it went to decision which is where it looks like that was going. I used to be a really big Diego Sanchez fan. Ever since he hooked up with this guy, he hasn't been the Diego Sanchez everybody loves to watch.


    That kid really hurt my heart! I'm at work right now, and I just want to go home and hug my kids. This damn world man!

    1. Druth

      R3ALCLARKI3 it’s a scam look into it

  13. Slow Ride

    Joe is constantly talking up fighters...just shows how weird that camp is

  14. Matthew Donaca

    Steven Seagal- "Noone does fake guru better than me!" Edmond Tarverdyan- "Noone does fake trainer better than me!' Joshua Fabia- "Hold my snake oil!"

  15. Jus Cree

    That poor little kid. Needs a big hug.

  16. Paul Bergevin

    Yeah Diego was always gone but now he's flying over the coocoos nest

  17. Michael Brown


  18. Paul Uhl

    Anyone that has fought or coached mma can tell this guy is a lil looney and wtf??? Bullying??? Hahaha now he needs a tissue n a hug!!! Diego needs to be checked for CTE

  19. Nicolas Ruvalcaba

    Joe Rogan has three daughters then for some reason he thinks it's a good idea to have Ted Nugent (an admitted pedophile) on his show. Joe should worry about his own lame life choices before slamming Diego for his, maybe start with not having people on your show that you wouldn't trust around your own children..

  20. Tulio Conter

    He's right about one thing. JAWDROPPING !! These guys are looney, Mister Satan level.

  21. Casino Man

    Even the Connor dick sucker Rogan Connor s so great wen he beat Cerone the diver most beautiful fight ever more like the lousest fight ever no more you should not talk about fight we should all boycott rogans show he s no s nothing about MMA just big name from Loring all the time get off all these dicks Rogan your jaw and but must hurt by now

  22. Jrock topdawggg

    honestly that was the biggest dub for Josh and dueho

  23. Javier Clark

    Diego vs tony in straight jackets in a padded room

  24. 2020 Vizion

    Smh these guys are really salty about the truth, regardless if something is weird if it's effective then nobody cares. But when it looks super weird and it's nowhere near effective it is what it is and if you that sensitive to be told the truth and take criticism you don't need to be in this sport ijs 🤷🏿‍♂️💯

  25. Brent Jacobs

    Maybe next fight he will knock out someone with his chi ball! One crazy fucker misled by another. Wow! Sanchez must have gotten desperate.

  26. Horacio Gomez

    Chris such a great fighter back on the days , now hard to see him coming back , easy to see him get knocked out

  27. gabmig mago

    Diego's new coach is worse than Edmond Tarverdyan.

  28. Casino Man

    Rogan an idiot no nothing about MMA at all just how to suck the fans in so he can help sell wolf tickets he even said juice Jone was getting Reyes tired by getting punch Ed in face 100 times in first 3 rounds of fight jones was knocked out on his feet in second and third Rd but that's his boy the juice but look at his other boy who he blows all the time Askren he the greatest of all. Time at gettingknocked out and choked out 0 and 3 in ufc lucky he didn't t get killed in game read fight Rogan knows so much his boyfriend got the best record in ufc knocked out on 5 seconds wat a record keep listening to idiot rogan

  29. D H

    Fucking dude is the shitty devil on Diego's shoulder. Fuck this guy. Someone beat the fuck outta him asap!! DIEGO NEEDS TO SHUT THE FUCK UP AND RETIRE ALREADY. CTE FUCKED HIS BRAIN UP!

  30. Brett Wilson

    Damnit Reyes, stop trying to talk shit about other guys who've lost to that cokehead and focus on him. Maybe if you shoot a couple picograms then snort a few lines, run into a car with a pregnant woman inside, and get banned from comoetition in a few states, the UFC will start favoring you too! Seriously, does NO ONE ELSE still find it utterly ridiculous that Jones held the title this long, ESPECIALLY after ALL the bullshit he's pulled? God forbid anyone else fail. Jones failed?? Oh, wait...lets move the venue from Nevada to California less than three weeks before the fight because California doesn't care if a fighter is a fucking cheating cokehead who runs into vehicles carrying a pregnant woman, then runs away without even grabbing his weed and used steroid needles.....OH YEAH, THEN THE FUCKHEAD COMES BACK WHILE THE COPS ARE STILL THERE, and he is so twacked that he didnt realize he left his info(and coke) at the scene of the crime .

  31. Gus Martinez

    7:38 this dude lying Diego was not doing nothing like that he just did the force field

  32. Draxaveli XVXI

    I hate when Grown ass men try to pull the bully card your not a little ass kid if Joe Rogan was so called a bully you can address him like the grown man you are personally Dm him or Talk to him face to face instead of going on a Espn Podcast and claim the bully card.

  33. METO U

    no...I absolutely did not see the dwarf reading from cue cards and move his head patterns exactly like you would expect a actor to do ...


    Guys and girls I am not trying to be funny or comical, this is real talk. Something odd is going on with Diego. I would not be shocked if some weird sexual thing was going on. Again, I am not trying to be funny. This is some weird shit going on.

  35. MentalWarFare

    Dominik who?

  36. Nomad Heros

    Whoever that fucken asshole is that put the words of death in that poor kid's mouth, you are a loser and know nothing of how to handle bullying you reprehensible wanker!!!

  37. Mahesh Bhenchod

    Conor has whiskey Jorge has tequila Cowboy has P3 Nate has CBD blunts Diego has tarot reading cards

  38. Michael Higgins

    Has everyone lost their God Dam Minds???? Diego STFU and go away already you are no longer relevant and no one cares! To the mother who filmed her son crying! Put the camera down and hold him and comfort him and explain that this is Life and it’s tough and hard and people are shit! Stop making excuses and everyone getting their fucking feelings hurt!!!! God I am so sick of all this Pussy Ass living going on!!!!

  39. rid7 rid7

    Diego vs Nick Diaz

  40. GOURNEAU 701

    that lil kid crying is fake looking for handouts he a adult and does that shit all the time

  41. S MCcay

    Bully SCAM!!!!!! Bullying video was a scam that 9 year old is really 18. He already scammed $344,000 on go fund me Dumbass people do research next time Dwarfs an actor rocking gucci on social media!!


    Joshua Fah-bee-uh didnt appreciate the truth that Joe spoke.

  43. KnightofTheWhiteLight

    Lots of people do follow Rogan blindly. Eg. When Dominick Cruz said Conor wasn't trying to get up from the khabib fight so he could save energy and khabib tire out. People were saying Cruz was an idiot because of it. But Cruz has the most knowledge.

  44. Jack Of None

    Diego, give it up, you did some stupid shit while you were out there. You looked foolish and you took the easy way out of that fight...don't blame Joe Rogan. The force is not with you!!!

  45. DrGanja99

    “Bullying” bro you are a grown man

  46. Cowafungus

    "he took DMT in a hyperbaric chamber" LOLOLOL

  47. Mad Mike0082

    Do you know how fucking unbelievably ignorant you have to be to think Joe Rogan is being a asshole ?


    Joanna is a fucking machine. Honestly, if you dont love Joanna you dont respect womens MMA.

  49. william stoliker

    Yes let's be real and kind

  50. KnightofTheWhiteLight

    What was Triple C whining about? I couldn't understand him with all the crying.

  51. __

    Sanchez vs rogan. Are you with me?

  52. Nicolas Ruvalcaba

    I really don't get everybody slamming Diego and his coach, Fabia has made it very clear that he's not an MMA coach and if Diego asked him to corner him then that's Diego's choice. I'm not saying that Fabia doesn't have a few screws loose, but to be fare Bruce Lee's ideology would probably be laughed at in modern MMA culture. The word "Mixed" in Mixed Martial Arts is completely open to interpretation, and even fighters that train at the most prestigious MMA gyms with the best MMA coaches in the world still lose fights, so who's to say what's the right or wrong way to train ?

  53. william stoliker

    You're a piece of shit for honoring lies

  54. the Notorious

    Diego shut yo mouth you quit on live TV

  55. Cowafungus

    Should they be showing that poor kid in his worst moment on the internet? The worst place in the entire world? & She was just talking to the camera while he was sobbing saying he was gonna kill himself....

  56. Big Dawg

    What happened to this being about mma.. turned into gremlins at about 3:20

  57. william stoliker

    Your full of shite

  58. Case-Dawg 100

    Chatri Sityodtong is a wonderful human. #Respect

  59. Mr Guapoe

    The coach look more like a yoga instructor or something

  60. Mr Guapoe

    Why did that guy have Diego hanging upside down🤔 and then start hitting him with a stick😐 and then start jabbing him up🤭

  61. Jack Of None

    Whoever bullied that little boy...shame on you!!! Do that shit in front of me and I'll beat the living shit out of your parents...ASSHOLES!!! WTF!!!

  62. Sharing Lungs

    Cowboy needs to hang ‘em up if he doesn’t want to be a slurring, stuttering mess for his son. Give the head trauma a break while you can.

  63. Oksana Gilroy

    Wow cage fighter diego sanchez crying rogan is a bully wtf has the world come to ..the rogan is correct his trainer is a phoney

  64. frank time

    Sanchez trainer is his boyfriend.

  65. Michael DeBusk

    5:00... had me crying... much love and respect for helping lift little man's spirits.

    1. Druth

      It’s all a scam . Look into it

  66. Reload Gaming Videos

    It's too bad because diego was one of the greats and now he doesn't want to listen to the people trying to tell him the truth, kind of like how Rhonda Rousey's coach had her believing she was a great boxer.

  67. Mr Guapoe

    I’ve been a fan of Diego since the ultimate fighter! I gotta say, it makes me sad to see him like that! I truly hope nothing is wrong with his mind! Best wishes to him and his fam!

  68. Love Yourself

    I was kinda giving Diego the benefit until his coach drops the bullying card. Boo freaking hoo, you took it too far.

  69. Secretary Not Sure

    Diego looked like a bum. He was a good fighter in the beginning of his career but now no way. He was scared of that dude. The dude was beating him up the whole fight

  70. Jrock topdawggg

    we need this kid on beyond scared striaght. hes very naughty

  71. kidagave1

    I couldn’t understand what the little retard was saying

  72. Tim Ray

    Them ppl jus used tht kid to get a quik bag. Tht was jus a scam n ppl fell rite into it.

  73. Jrock topdawggg


  74. Jrock topdawggg

    wtf was that bullying shit? you're a fckn weirdo for posting this. that kid needs to lay off the meht

  75. Agua Flow

    sounding exactly like khabib... i cant wait till his streak is ended in such a fashion that his wrestling streak dont mean squat

  76. Shinra Tensei

    Cmon cowboy... no shame in giving it a rest for now.

  77. Oksana Gilroy

    Poor little midget

  78. Clyde The Bulldog

    That’s fucking awful. It’s heartbreaking listening to that kid. There are some serious pieces of shit in this world.

  79. frank time

    Cowboy is washed up

  80. Mr Guapoe

    Much respect to cerrone!!

  81. Lemuel John Rodriguez Carranza

    Smear campaign? Its all fact diego looney sachez fighting out of mcdojo

  82. Meh Meh x2

    Dead set REYES needs to give it a rest u should have kept the pressure and tried for a take down u only have youre self 2 blame so stfu carrying on like a bitch

  83. Samurai Steve

    So Diego found someone as crazy as him to coach him. Diego should not be allowed to be hit again. Pull his license. Wow...the room full of students trying to move goofy like that. How his coach saw any of that crap in the fight as the only time Diego was You have to wonder what some people see.

  84. M Miguel

    Maybe didn't scroll far enough down but looking at comments like wtf.. Am I the only one who saw that kid crying getting bullied, his pain it's so sad man so fxck sanchez he fought like crap, needed tha dq.

  85. Niobium 23

    He looks like he is fake assed salsa dancing, ‘jaw dropping footage’.... Hokay then...

  86. Mario Torres

    Diego acting like a straight bitch your a fighter have tough skin pussy

  87. william stoliker

    That's not a child. He's an actor. Proof has already been proven

  88. TooSmooth

    that thing with that kid was absolutely heartbreaking.. hope nothing but the best for that kid

  89. Niobium 23

    Diego, listen up, fire coach Labia, get with Matt Sera, embrace fighting, reclaim what’s left. That clown is not a fighter nor is he a worthy coach of anything. That’s not just Joe’s opinion, that’s pretty much everyone’s opinion.

  90. Ackley Adventures

    Your memes are amazing

  91. Agua Flow

    izzy gona gas him; too short to reach clean. Izzy by knock out 3rd

    1. Agua Flow

      diego vs conor; shorter stint than cowboy without throwing ;) "my familia in video, 'im good' but i want that conor money"

  92. BFONK23

    Poor kid, that’s so sad that a 6 yr old even knows what suicide is

  93. Datwuzfun !!

    Diego needs to retire, has brain damage imo

  94. Saints Warning

    let's go Cowboy !!

  95. very good bad boy

    Guys stop bullying Diego Sanchez already.

  96. william stoliker

    That boy is an actor

  97. Pro Cow

    I cant really understand whatever the little kid was trying to say

  98. Bradley Thomsen

    Breaking our hearts, man.

  99. DJ

    I assure you Conor, there are thousands strong in Grays Ferry and much of Philadelphia, that strongly disagree.

  100. Adam Badali