'Pawn Stars' follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas. Learn more: www.history.com/shows/pawn-stars
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  1. fuckoff dick

    I love how he always leaves the items there and just walks away without picking it up

  2. Kevin Beirne

    Glad he walked. Rick could have come up some more.

  3. jociah

    Wife: Rick i'm waiting for you in the bedroom to love you all night long Rick: let me call in a buddy of mine who's an expert on making love

  4. johnhunyadi

    Update: that guy sold the contract for $2.5m in December of 2019

  5. Damani Johnson

    28:08 Lmaoooooo

  6. Fernando

    "And find out what it really is." Was the big give away. Odd thing to say if you know it is a Stradivarius.

  7. alex ojideagu

    "Rick, do you also have pre coital and post coital?"

  8. Tendies


  9. Damani Johnson

    “Alright let’s do it” it sounds so out o place when he says it😂😂

  10. Nikul Prasad

    Should have kept it

  11. HereFishyFishy

    I would have bought this had Rick not drove it.

  12. George Phan

    The only dime is Rebecca.

  13. Nikul Prasad

    Chum.. the type of guy to see boobs in thin air

  14. Wild Bill

    I'm a metal detector and if I run across any of these, you're my first stop

  15. Jake Cooper

    That dude went full simp for Rebecca. He even went in with the slow double handshake so he could caress her hand.

  16. Ezekiel God is strength

    I didn't see the most expensive pokemon card there i belive its the first edition Japanese version from the first set produced by the company and i belive the makers of the cards have the first printed set of the cards highly doubt that he has the first print edition in there

  17. Paul McCharmley

    It's just D. Cooper

  18. Big Dee

    there are like 10 on ebay.

  19. tyson atkins

    Wtf there is a pes community?

  20. Pickyy TTV

    The man is a simp

  21. johnhunyadi

    *brings in item asking $50k* Rick: let me call in my expert Expert: Rick told me you wanted $50k, so I'm going to say $45k Rick: best I can do is $15k take it or leave it. Seller: *takes it* Me: *facepalms while also having an angry expression*

  22. Steven 2gen


  23. AdamGamerTV

    So where was the “tough” negotiations?

  24. Hamzah Ahmad

    Ricks laugh makes me laugh😂

  25. Luis Contreras

    100% respect to the guy was offered 50000$ for the gibson guitar. Loyalty

  26. David Robert

    1:30 chick in background be gettin' her freak on.

  27. SoH Stoked

    Love the show but The disrespect to Eleanor is not okay. Baby girl is a GT500

  28. Iron Cote

    0:31 DAM, why did they have to edit it, we could’ve seen that jiggle.

  29. Logan Nordstrom

    40:06 🤣

  30. Frank Bowen

    Gotta appreciate Rick just for bringing these maps back home, I would really like to get a look at that dutch map, can we get a link to a 4k picture guys? Would appreciate it a lot!

  31. Fruity JuicyGaming

    Can't believe no one wear mask 😷

  32. All Noob

    Rick would probably be asked to donate to a children’s hospital and try to haggle the minimum donation.

  33. fuckoff dick

    Who also thought it was a book full of rare dimes

  34. lucifer hellscream

    My favourite part is that the proffesionals always take literaly seconds to show up, you can tell by the position of the customers in background

  35. Daniel M.

    Reminds me of Mr. crab 🦀 dollar 💵

  36. king james488

    "let me call my buddy, he knows a lot about heads." - headless horseman rides in

  37. Sean Idland

    Rick: is the customer still here? Corey: Yeah. Why don’t you tell him he can’t buy it. Rick: I will. Rick really told him.


    Bring on Rebecca baby!!!!😅😂😜😷

  39. Mac Guffin

    If that's his dream car then his dream woman must be Gladys from Laugh-In.

  40. dfy goh

    $20 he should of taken the offer ,,, it looks like a very basic SB

  41. Seppo Nolan

    The only time I was hoping Rick would rip the seller off.

  42. pro EYE

    He prob got it for 30 bucks why won’t he take 15

  43. Fupa Squad

    This coin is the most rare and valuable in the world. I’ll give you 4$ for it

  44. Mujtaba Hussain

    Yo I’ve been look for those HMU $1500 I gotcha

  45. Cleetus Flimflam

    8:00 that looks like the guy from forged in fire

  46. zero

    why there is a funeral car outside the pawnshop?

  47. Eternal Mars

    2:22 The sole reason I like this video.

  48. Ulises Anguiano

    I love ❤️ Rebecca!

  49. Ryan Crago

    Brings in an important part of America's history* Also worth about $4000 Then some man brings in about 50-100 Charizard cards Worth almost about half-million dollars

  50. valentino00o

    All of these items belong to the Egyptian Govt. They were stolen by locals and sold to foreigners in Europe & United States. It should be seized

  51. Mateja Đedović

    1:06 "Clammy Jane"? What an awful hero!

  52. j lara

    Lol just went to google and i can find them for $10-15 😂😂😂

  53. Lucas Misclevitz

    I can’t believe more of these people don’t just decline the offer and go sell it on ebay after learning its worth.

  54. Chris Wyatt

    If you were in a dime novel you could be shrek, that day they showed your fingers looked like jimmy dean sausages.

  55. Gabriel Hernandez

    Rick is a low baller

  56. Aedan O’Kelly

    All these guys have so many frickin buddies!

  57. Aedan O’Kelly

    Finally a guy who didn’t let rick basically steal their thing from them, most people will basically take a fraction of the value just to get a little cash but this guy didn’t and I’m satisfied

  58. Joe Putnam

    Yeah he's happy n the wife too, but no not 55,000 . Dude !!!

  59. Scott B

    Corey couldn’t drive a 3 on the tree I bet

  60. Aedan O’Kelly

    “This is the meteor that killed the dinosaurs. I want $1 million for it. Gets buddy in “yeah that’s real. it would be worth $50 million at an auction.” Rick-“I can give you $1,000 for it” “$1 million he said its worth 50.” Rick-“$2,000 and I’m taking a big risk.”

  61. Mark Guerrero

    wow these guys are idiots

  62. Rr1027 Hey

    I get a weird vibe from the seller.

  63. FlatFifties

    I think he would have got more for it from Mike Wolfe at American Pickers.

  64. The Great Watubi

    Who sells a collector car to a pawn shop

  65. sheriFFjeFF gaming

    Is this scripted? I just noticed the girl in yellow hoodie and the old man wearing blue polo. from the start these customers are already in there, and then Rick call some books expert and when Rebecca is there, the two customers are still there? I wonder how far is Rebecca.

  66. Naeloo Pardayan

    400$... poor fellow's "clock" stopped for a second or two...:))...

  67. Master Chief

    Rebecca now has a company called Type Punch Matrix... she started the company last July 2019

  68. jordi pluto

    Man with baseball: It doesn't mean a lot to me it's just a baseball Also man with baseball: I think the ball is well worth 3,000

  69. Joseph Fierro

    Pretty sure this dude was in Uncut Gems

  70. Mekrabb

    This was like the Holy Grail of Dime Book Collections.

  71. Hassan Al gaaod

    its j so said that supreme t shirts go for 500 dollars

  72. Mclovin 2018

    Whati hate is when people bring thngs ito the pawn shop they know ahead of time there not going to sell like this d bag if he really needed the money LIKE MOST PEOPLE WHO PAWN THINGS HE WOULD HAVE LEFT WITH UMM ABOUT $24,500.

  73. Freddy Cantu

    Here for Rebekah.

  74. Greg Evans

    I see why rick cheap

  75. David G

    Just buy an airbow it's the same thing but for on land use.

  76. Carnell Galloway

    I like how they spend more money on newer modern things then antiques that’s hundreds of years old

  77. Eduardo Castro

    I wouldn't pay a dime over a dime

  78. Benjamin Jones

    I think he jizzd in his pants when he shaked Rebecca's hand

  79. L G

    i would give my left lung for that Frostmourne.

  80. Andrew T. Burt

    Those handshakes though.

  81. Ayan Motilal

    I hv some Asterix and Tintin books... Rick can u ask Rebecca to come over and have a LOOK??

  82. Mickey S.


  83. Andrew Hudson

    The big question. Where is Rebecca?

  84. alex ojideagu

    1:45 Created Science Fiction? Frankenstein was written in 1818, 50 years before by Mary Shelly and acknowledged as the first science fiction novel.

  85. donkeyshot

    @0:44 the buyer is such a pro, he called the tsuba "the tsaboo" xD

  86. j r

    Rick + a book = me clicking and waiting to see Rebecca. ;)

  87. alex ojideagu

    In the UK they were called Penny Dreadfuls.

  88. neutrino78x

    Katie Couric is pretty hot, I would give her any deal she wanted :)

  89. Mark Henry

    “They’re made of wood pulp.” Yep, they’re made of paper

  90. steve Kos

    Can you imagine what the customer would be like if the bill really was valued at around $15,000 or $20,000 like the expert though it might be at first? Rick: Well it's more valuable than you thought. I'll give you $9,000 for it. Customer: No. I can't do that. Can you make it $15,000? And yet he his asking price was $1,500 upon walking in. In the rare occurrences on the show where Pawn Stars actually offered the costumer more than their asking price, I don't think I ever saw the customer be grateful enough to take the deal instead of continuing to haggle on the price.

  91. Alexey Bakh

    wtf is this guy talking about the bazooka... the projectile is basically the same lol

  92. alex ojideagu

    Why isn't the expert wearing gloves?

  93. mic jam

    The guy looks like may have borrowed it from his cousin..." my car got broken into Sorry"

  94. Mikey Alexander

    Is it true your guyses warehouse is haunted lol?

  95. user died

    Stolen treasure sold for cruise. Our ancestors died defending them.

  96. Juke Box

    Rick keeps his experts in the basement stored winter soldier style

  97. Scottsdale Security

    USMC stands for united states marine corp would be sunited states navy!

  98. Geo Three

    Did y'all see THAT??!! Dude copped an EXTRA feel from Rebecca with the hand shake

  99. Eduardo Heredia

    1750 for some head